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As she had been all season, L.A. actress Allison Kyler was outspoken about her rather early elimination from Scream Queens last week. Part of it was because she had so much going for her coming in: a resume of acting gigs, plenty of dancing and choreography experience. And her early challenges showed she could take the advice John Homa and Tim Sullivan gave her to produce compelling, good-looking scenes. But her inability to control her eyes — both on and off-camera — got her axed far earlier than expected.

Below, Allison explains how a handicap turned her director’s cut into a “trainwreck.” But clearly she’s not a complainer. Allison is just as tough on herself as she was on the other actresses. She’s got an especially dry sense of humor, which didn’t always translate on camera. “Hopefully I don’t sound like an even bigger bitch off of this [interview],” she says. “I feel like I just say what I’m thinking and I feel like some people just take it the wrong way. Everybody needs to lighten up!”

So what have you been up to since the show?

I’ve been working. Same old, same old. I went to Madrid and I shot a commercial with Shakira for the European car company Fiat. A horror movie I was in called Maneater, starring Dean Cain, just got distribution through Lionsgate. And then I got a co-star on the ABC Family show Greek.

Congratulations on all the new work. You talked about your dance experience on the show, and, you’ve done so much in dance, you’re a singer, you’re a choreographer…I’m surprised you wanted to be in horror films.

I’ve always wanted to be an actress and that was always my main priority. But I just worked so much as a dancer that it kind of took over my life, you know? And it pays well, so it was paying all the bills. My main goal in life is not to be a backup dancer. What I really want to do in life is I want to be a singer and I want to be an actress. That’s been my main goal. So it’s just been hard making the transition out of dance into acting, especially when you have such a huge resume in dance. People automatically just think of you as of a dancer.

But you showed that side of you a lot on Scream Queens.

That’s why I kind of excelled in that point when Tim would give me a direction, I just changed it and I never was overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of being on set, because I’d done that a lot.

Speaking of being experienced, you seemed angry that some of the other actresses lacked experience, yet they were winning challenges.

There were moments on the show, when I was watching it, that I felt bad because a lot of it came off to some people as being bitchy. But it really wasn’t. I feel like a lot of the times I’m just saying what most people are thinking, you know? And I just happen to say it. I hope that everybody has a great career. So it’s not like I’m like, “I hate her.” I want everybody to work. I think I just say what everybody is thinking.

I did notice that when Gabby and Tai had their fight, you stayed neutral.

I hated high school. I hate girl-on-girl drama. I hate that crap. It’s so dumb to me. So when they’re fighting, I was just like, “Oh my God, who f***ing cares?” I don’t pick fights. So that’s what everybody said: “Oh, Allison’s a bitch,” or, “She starts stuff.” But everybody knows that I never got in an argument with any of the girls. I never had any issues with any of the girls.

You had some issues with some of the girls when you did the interviews! You seemed especially annoyed with Gabby and Sierra.

I feel so bad about everything I said about Sierra. She’s so nice. Sierra, Roseanna, Jessica and I went and did Comic-Con, which was amazing because we got to go and do the press and we got to go to The Expendables party and do the red carpet for VH1. We got to do a lot of great stuff and Sierra’s so sweet. And right after the show ended and everything, I hung out with Gabby a lot. So Gabby and I, we got to be friends.

You said what was on your mind, but you didn’t like it when Jaime criticized you.

[Laughs] That was like an “if looks could kill” look. That was really bad. When I saw that I was like, “Oh, damn, Allison, calm down.” No, I love criticism. I really do. I mean, that’s the only way you’re going to get better in anything. But I think it’s just that moment. The stress level of the show, and it had been the third week and I felt like I wasn’t getting noticed because I hadn’t been called down for Leading Lady yet and I was getting frustrated. I thought that I had that one in the bag, that I definitely was going to win…and then I didn’t. In that moment I was f***ing pissed, you know? Obviously I shouldn’t have made that face. I was horrible. I take that one back a hundred and ten percent. I know I was wrong for that one.

How about working with Tim and John Homa? Homa was so perceptive about what would make you cry.

Well, and I think that’s another thing that kind of bothered me, when people are like, “Oh, Allison’s had a tough-ass and this or that or whatever.” My thing is, I just don’t dwell on the past. I didn’t have it easy growing up, I did not have it easy by any means. I probably had it a lot harder than most of the girls in the house, and all of them are crying over it. You just get over it and move on. He went somewhere else with me, because I’m not going to cry over what cards you’ve been dealt in life. I’m not going to cry over it. I think that John saw that in me. John was really good.

How did he know that picturing your first child would make you cry out of terror?

[Laughs] So like, the baby? It was actually from the week before. You know, that challenge during the acting the class when we had to sit in front of each other saying what we were going to do to the other person? I was sitting in front of Sarah. He said to tell her something that was going to hurt her, so I said I was going to kill her kid. Because Sarah has a kid. I think that’s where it came from. Everyone was like, “Damn Allison.”

So you are no baby hater.

Yeah, I’m fine with babies, I don’t hate babies, I just don’t want a baby. I think there is a big difference. I like my dog. That’s my baby.

Let’s talk about why you were eliminated. What happened in that last director’s cut?

I’m legally blind, so I had to take out my contacts, which makes me practically blind. So I’m doing the scene with cheap-ass snake contacts in my eyes, I can’t see s***. I think I was trying to overcompensate because literally, if I don’t have my contacts in or my glasses in, I can’t see my hand in front of me. I’m not using it as an excuse at all, I’m not. I just don’t think they made that known. Someone actually had to guide me out to the set and bring me up on the stage because I couldn’t see anything.

You were doomed.

It was a f***ing disaster. I don’t know if they show me trying to put in the snake contacts because I was crying my eyes out. I don’t know if they showed that. I couldn’t even watch it because I was so upset. I couldn’t watch myself be a train wreck. I can watch other train wrecks, but myself I was like, “Oh s***, this is horrible.” Balling my eyes out trying to put those stupid snake contacts in, it was a mess.

I loved that your last words were, “A lot of the girls suck worse than I do.”

Well, yeah, because that’s literally what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn’t the best, but I wasn’t the worst. And I still believe it, I still don’t think I should have gone home fourth. And I’ve been here reading the blogs, and people that hated my guts are like, “I hate Allison, but she shouldn’t have gone home. Even though she’s a bitch, she’s a better actress that some of the people in the house.” So, even people who hated me can’t deny that I don’t think I should have gone home fourth!

Your feelings have changed since you got to know the other actresses.

Yeah, I’m rooting for all of them. When I left the house, I had a different story to say, but right now, I hope they all do good, and I hope everybody works afterwards. And I think this is such a good like platform for everybody. So many people watch it, and you actually get into the show, and you actually have real talent.

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