Brandy Confirmed For Dancing With The Stars



As suspected, Brandy will be part of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars lineup when the show returns Monday, Sept. 20. Brandy joins fellow VH1 alumnae comedian Margaret Cho (The Cho Show) and Florence Henderson (The Surreal Life, Season 6) in a particularly reality TV heavy cast that also includes The Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and The HillsAudrina Patridge. Bristol Palin, David Hasselhoff, Jennifer Grey, Kurt Warner, Kyle Massey, Michael Bolton and Rick Fox round out the cast. [ABC]

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  1. whatup says:

    Brandy, I was wondering what happened to you. Looking forward to seeing you dance on the show. When out there, do your best, and don’t think about Ho-Rida..I meant Flo-Rida. I felt like he dissed you when asked about you. You can do better and will do better. I hope that the family is well and healthy. I feel a bond between you and I because I am an emotionally chic as well. We’re caring beings and the men that honor and respect that are oh so lucky.

  2. ya boi says:

    everyone knows brandy is one of the best vocal artist of all time this show will put a face to the voice that has influenced a generation of singers

  3. Bgirl says:

    I’m glad she’ll be on the show! Like singers Mya, Toni Braxton, & Nicole Scherzinger did, Brandy will bring some extra excitement to the show. It’s gonna be interesting since she has a background in dancing already…

  4. Don says:

    Brandy – You should really focus on taking care of your child instead of trying to make money off these reality shows. It’s understandable that’s all your family can do these days in order to make money because none of you have talent, however you should really try being a mother for once.

  5. Dinah says:

    Hi brandy, i just wanted to say that i love you so much and ive been supporting you every since i was 5 years old and still love you…but im going through really hard times and my mom died and im 16 yrs old..i just feel like my whole world is down now…i really need your dad isnt in my life anymore and neither is my mom..its hard i cry every day thinking bout her and brandy i just love you so much and i need a friend thats why im leaving this message…i wanna be just like you

  6. 1100999 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1100999! SCK was here

  7. 4457035 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4457035! SCK was here