Scream Queens Recap – Episode 5 – The Good, The Bad, And The Bloody



Wait, does this mean she was buried in Ugg boots and a hoodie? I question this zombie’s believability.

We begin this week’s Scream Queens with the ladies returning from elimination. Gabby returns to the house after another close call, but she’s not particular happy about her return. Really — can she be? She’s been on the chopping block far too many times. She just keeps coming back from the dead week after week.


Coincidentally today’s skills challenge has the ladies pretending to be zombies. Jaime tells the girls that it’ll be about something unique to horror — camp. Jessica’s reaction sums up my feelings too:


… because camp is a hard thing to master. It requires just the right amount of self-awareness and seriousness. In fact, I predict that everything leading up to this episode will prove campier than anything in this camp episode.

For their challenge the girls will need to bust out of a grave, get shot, and fall to the ground. Jaime brings out this guy…


…to explain why they should be careful around the explosives. “They explode on your boobs,” seems warning enough.

Jaime tells them to play it scary or play it silly, just make a choice. The best actress for this skills challenge will only win “praise” because there are no more guaranteed callbacks. Jaime’s icy, minimal praise seems hardly worth it, but the actresses throw themselves into the challenge.

Jessica goes first and plays her character pretty straight.


Sarah says she needs to make bold choices to get the judges to notice her, so her character is a zombie rocker.


It is too bold for Jaime.


“I know it’s camp week. But I know that the funniest moments in camp are serious. So I’m not going to try to be silly,” Tai says before her scene. She just gets it:



Gabby frets over not hitting her mark so much, that she does nothing except hit her mark:


Tai wins the challenge, because she was, as Jaime said, the only zombie that was believably “brain hungry.” “Callback or no callback, I felt awesome,” she interviews. Indeed I believe that Tai always, always feels awesome.


Back at the house Sarah has an emotional breakdown because she misses her young daughter, who is her support system. Surprisingly (if you saw her fight with Gabby last week), Tai is the kindest to her. “My daughter is the one person who accepts me with all of my flaws,” Sarah says between tears. It sounds she doesn’t know very many nice people.




At the start of class, John Homa tells the ladies that camp involves being funny, but that being funny is hard. Also, you know who doesn’t seem like a very funny guy?


So Homa brings in a guest comedy teacher from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in L.A. They’ll do various monster-based improv scenes in pairs. The basic premise? A world in which monsters are regular people.

Christine and Tai are up first. For their scene, Tai will play a meter maid giving Frankenstein — Christine — a ticket.


Tai’s main complaint? Christine keeps bumping into her. “Even if you’re Frankenstein you’re supposed to be a normal person…” she interviews. It’s hilarious that the thing she’s upset about is the logic of the scene. Nothing’s funnier than a logical series of totally normal events, right?

Sierra plays a mummy getting fitted for a wedding dress by Jessica. Mummies can’t get married (illegal). THIS SCENE ISN’T LOGICAL.


Actually, even within the context of the scene, this mummy doesn’t make much sense. There are laughs when they switch roles, which Jessica’s happy about, though Sierra really pulled out the scene’s funniest line.

The next is Gabby as a werewolf, and Sarah as a worker at a taco stand:


It doesn’t work, mostly because Gabby keeps cracking up, which Homa hates. I don’t know, it worked for Dom DeLuise. They switch roles, and Sarah once again makes confusing choices for her werewolf character.


They get their script for the Director’s Cut, and it’s a “western vampire thriller.” One good indication of camp — two genres full of stereotypes, just mashed together haphazardly. You know, like a sci-fi werewolf noir, or a vampire buddy road movie (Interview With A Vampire). The ladies gush warmly over the chance to all work together in one scene.


Tai decides that Christine should know that she’d be a great actress if she stopped wasting time taking care of Gabby. She also decides to tell Christine to her face.


It’s to Gabby’s face as well:


Goodwill erased. Moving on.

Their scene, which will work as an extended movie trailer, features two outlaw vampire ladies verses the four others. Sarah and Christine play the outlaws. They’re supposed to be tough, but their first take seems frightened. And really, what could outlaw vampire ladies be scared of?


A few takes later, and Christine still looks more scared than anything.


Sierra’s playing a nerd (though I believe back then they were called “spinsters” or “umarriageable”). As if the archetypes weren’t piled high enough for you, that makes her a Western vampire nerd. Fortunately she loves her character. Unfortunately it’s not quite the character Tim the character he wants.


Technical details threaten Gabby’s performance again, but she pulls through on the second take.


Next Gabby has to dunk Sarah’s head in a trough. Sarah gets stuck on a technical detail of her own, namely: trying to breathe underwater. Namely, she shouldn’t do that.


Sarah’s anxiety gets to her, and that, combined with the water and the cold, kills her performance.

Jessica’s performance isn’t worth talking about. Only because, as you might have guessed, she nails it quickly.


Tai also nails her scene on the second take. It’s become clear that Jessica and Tai are the actresses to beat.



The List appears, and without wasting any time on drama or suspense, the scroll tells Tai that she’s this week’s Leading Lady. Christine, Sarah, Gabby, and Sierra are all on the list to appear before the judges. Based on this week’s challenges, it seems like it’s a race for the bottom.



Inside the ballroom the ladies learn that they are all on the chopping block. Kind of foreboding, that the judges needed so much time to critique the actresses that they didn’t have time to give Tai a proper congratulations.


They each get their critique.

Christine admits to playing it safe. “I feel like I’m spending too much time making friends,” Christine says. I can’t decide if it’s safe or incredibly risky to blame Gabby, who is standing right behind her, for her acting difficulties. Either way, I don’t think Christine will have to worry about making friends any longer.



Sarah’s not progressing quickly enough for the judges, and Homa worries that she’s “tapped out” and has reached the limits of her range. Gabby is chastised for her disastrous skills test. Sierra needs more “depth” to her characters, because they’re all over-the-top and one-note for the judges. Truth: her nerd vampire was all nerd.

Sarah gets the axe. She is so gracious and sweet when she says goodbye to the judges that I had to rewind to make sure she hadn’t volunteered to go home.


“I’m sad that I’m leaving,” she interviews. “If I was being 100 percent honest, I didn’t think I could take one more day without [my daughter].” Noted: having friends isn’t nearly as good as having family.


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  1. Dan says:

    I’m not sure why Gabby was in the bottom again. She messed up during the zombie deal, but did awesome during the director’s challenge. I dug Sierra’s performance, too, she just needed to put more menace into it. Seems kinda shady? That they’re no longer showing the full trailer that the girls do…how does one really know that Tai and Jessica did so well? You saw them perform for 5 seconds! Show the full trailer, and we’ll see how everyone really did in it.

  2. Dan says:

    Just saw the clip, and actually thought that Sarah and Christine did pretty well in it. Sierra might have been the weakest. I can still understand Sarah going home because of all her drama, but I don’t think Jessica even had enough lines to be determined “good” or “bad.” Weird.

  3. Megan says:

    So I was 50/50 about the bottom four this week. Seriously Gabby and Christine need to go NOW. The fact that Gabby can’t hit her marks is absolutely ridiculous.. it seems like Tim likes being in Gabby la la land. I wonder how many takes it REALLY took for her to get her scene right? Christine, well, there’s not much depth to her. Tai said it perfectly in her confessional, this girl couldn’t scare a vampire. I was extremely disappointed in her vampire performance. I feel bad that Sarah’s anxiety put her on the chopping block.. she is a much better actress than the previous tow mentioned. And Sierra.. how dare Tim tell her to be sexy after bashing on her weekly about being TOO sexy. This show blows my mind..

  4. Bella says:

    Sierra was perfect in her performance of the nerdy vampire! Simply precious and maniacal, dead-on nerdy. What’s up with Tim’s critique that it had no “sexuality” ???? For 4 weeks, they tell her NOT to be sexy and even cut her hair. Get out of Gabbyland, Tim! And take Gabby with you. She’s awful!!! She’s gotta go home. Christine is blah, simply forgettable. Tai played tough/mean well, because she played herself, not too hard. Jess is mediocre; she tries too hard and it shows. Still think it’s all edited to favor certain girls (Gabby). We’ve got our money on Sierra. She’s the only one we’d buy a ticket to see on screen :o)

  5. Sami says:

    Gabby’s in the bottom because she sux!! She’s a wannabee that will neverbee any good! I only watch now for Sierra. She’s got real talent and true character, and it shows! Loved the Nerd Vampire!!! btw, Tim, there’s no sexy in nerdy!! Hate the drama with Tai and Gabby. Send them both home!

  6. Christine says:

    to the publicist of this page…its to make “sure” she hadn’t volunteered to go home. Get it right miss perfect. And btw, in recaps, it shouldn’t be so biased…who is writing this stuff anyways? If its not the judges, we don’t want your input on everyone. You are making other people believe you and what you have to say, let people come up with their own ideas.

  7. toogie says:

    I would like to know whose great idea it was to give Sarah who has anxiety the scene where she gets her face repeatedly dunked in water???? It seems that was just a set up for her to be eliminated. I liked Sierra’s nerdy vampire it was great and btw they told the girl to tone down the sexuality and now from Tim he wasnt seeing it lol. Gabby did good in the bar scene but again this girl is constantly in the bottom every week due to not hitting the mark so why is she still here? I think Jessica did well. Tai is a negative person that should join the WWE.

  8. Shauna says:

    I think that everyone is snap-judging Gabby. Yes, she does have technical difficulties, but, when she actualy acts, she is GOOD. Technical elements can be learned, and are more difficult than they look (I’ve done a lot of theater, and can say this for a fact). Gabby’s a stronger actress than Sarah, Sierra, and probably Christine (I can’t tell, because we haven’t seen too much of Christine haha), and at least on par with golden girls Tai and Jessica. Getting rid of her for technical difficulties only without noting her talent would be stupid, and I’m glad the judges have taken that into consideration.

    As well, Tim didn’t just want Sierra to be more sexy, he wanted her performance to be more multi-layered. He wanted her to be funny and sexy, but above all, MENACING-after all, she’s playing a vampire. Tai’s quote about Chrstine not being able to scare a vampire would definitely apply to her as well! Sh’s not showing depth in acting, that’s the issue they’re having-not the fact that she “isn’t being sexy.”

  9. Scalper says:

    Sarah’s been in the bottom 3 as much as Gabby, and because of acting issues as opposed to technical ones. So, she was the right choice to go home this week. Christine needs to step up her game, or she may be next. Sierra does as well…she needs to show some depth. I’d like to see Tai get knocked down a peg or two…maybe she’ll mind her own business and stop putting others down if she relizes that no one is perfect, no even her.

  10. Dana says:

    Whoever wrote this kind of stuck it to Jamie King a little. Good. I don’t like her, on this show, or as an actress.

    Any of the girls in the bottom four could have gone home, and I wouldn’t have minded. They’ve all been in the bottom four numerous times, except for Christine, who has been pretty boring. Gabby might be a good actress someday, but she needs more training and more maturity. Sierra, I thought, did okay this week, but she has been all over the board in her performances, and she doesn’t take direction that well. Aside from the panic attack and mediocre acting, it was obvious that Sarah’s heart just wasn’t in it this week. Therefore, I think they made the right choice on who to send home, but really, none of the girls were that exciting to watch this week. The two best actresses were hardly even shown this week.

  11. Erik says:

    Ok. First of all….whats with showing all of some girls performances and others we get to see a second of??? and then they write that so and so did the best when we didnt even get to see the other performances!!?? this show is completely edited to some girls advantages and r trying to make the audience root for a certain girl! its bullcrap! I thought Tai played herself as the vampire( mean and tough) and jessica did as well (the tough/tom boyish one)!they r good actresses but there was nothing exciting about their performances!! I have no idea who christine even is…shes boring and NEVER stands out! Gabby is so stupid and NEEDS TO GO HOME! Y r they keeping her around? her acting isnt even that good!! Sierra is getting better each week and the judges r always tough on her! I thought her vampire was great! what is with them saying she needs to be sexy when they r always telling her not too! shes natuarally sexy and that nerd character isnt as easy to create as it looks and y is it that she was the only one that got her hair cut, got a crappy phone prop last episode and then a nerdy vampire when all the other girls are always amped up with sex? seems they r trying to get rid of her but shes fighting hard and i like that. sarah was hott but it takes more than just a look. stick to modeling. obviously im rooting for sierra~!

  12. feenay says:

    Sometimes it’s all about STAR POWER, and that’s what’s keeping Gabby around, IMO. She just shines, and steals the spotlight, without even trying, and that’s why she’s gonna win this.
    You can learn the technical part of this and you can get better with memorization after practicing more and more, but what you can’t learn is how to have ‘the X factor’ it’s either there or it isn’t.
    I think Tai is very jealous of Gabby because of this. Sure, Jessica gets her scenes down alright, and Tai does, too, sometimes, but they just seem so straight up stuffy and like they’re ‘little Miss Perfects’ and that is what bugs me about them. Tai thinks she’s so perfect she can tell Gabby to change herself or give up the competition BECAUSE TAI SAID TO??? I don’t think so! Anyway Tai’s nasty domination-type of personality and putting words and emotions into Gabby’s personal space is making me want her out of there (I hate bullies and Tai is one big bully who needs to butt out of Gabby’s life).
    Ditto for when Jessica said ‘I control these girls’…nope, uh uh. That did it for me right there! How can someone believe it’s alright TO CONTROL SOMEONE ELSE?? They have their own lives, their own paths, and someone LARGE AND IN CHARGE is controlling things, Miss Jessica, NOT YOU.
    I haven’t seen Gabby pull such nervy tricks as Tai and Jessica and Gabby’s lovely spirit in that way JUST SHINES ON SCREEN. Like I said, STAR POWER!

  13. Pam says:

    Gabbys great…But Jessica Is definetly going to win

  14. 812650 says:

    What a lovely day for a 812650! SCK was here

  15. 762234 says:

    What a lovely day for a 762234! SCK was here