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Last week’s reveal of the list of VH1′s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time (to be counted down on air starting Monday, September 6 at 10/9c) caused plenty of chatter and dissent regarding rankings and omission. Hit back with your own opinion via our 100 Greatest Artists Rally Machine, which allows you to vote for and rank not just your favorite artists of all-time, but your favorites of hard rock, hip-hop, the ’80s, the ’90s and today. Hit the site, sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account and start projecting your digital voice today. Additionally, you can submit a unique message in their Tweet or Facebook post – we’ll be watching and we may retweet and the best messages may end up on the VH1 homepage.

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  1. Tim Wintjen says:

    I’d just like to say nobody ever mentions Head East. they are one of the best good time rock bands ever. and Roger Boyd has kept the band going. “never been any reason” ,”love me to tonight”,”since you’ve been gone”and “fly by night lady” just to name a few of their great songs.I think this band deserves more credit than they are ever given.

  2. Emma says:

    someone please expalin to me how Mariah Carey is only #94 on the list

  3. Terry Thomason says:

    How can any list of the greatest artists not include the Eagles? In fact every band that had an impact on modern rock and roll was left out in favor of Abba and the Beeges? Not on the list….Buffalo Springfield, CSN, Byrds, Pocco, Flying Burrito Brothers. The artists in these groups set the stage for the combination of rock and country….Grahm Parsons, Chris Hillman, Rich Furry, Randy Meisner, Glen Fry, Don Henley, Daved Crosbey, Rogger McQuin, Kenny Loggins, Jim Massina, JD Souther and Gene Clark. ALSO how can you have Lenard Skynard and not have the Almond Brothers, dickey Betts was/is arguably one of the best guitarists ever. Then you have Cream but not Eric Clapton or Steve Winwood not to mention Blind Faith. YES B.F. only had one album but oh my lord what an album and what a line up. Sorry we are forgetting our past when the likes of the Beasty Boys are on a list that does not include the Eagles. VH1 blew this. I won’t watch because most likely they gave the top spot to MJ. The Beatles, Lennon & McCartney make the list and with out a doubt are number one. I’ll give MJ two. BUT this list is so flawed and put together by people that have no concept of the history of Rock and Roll and personally too much credit to rappers and punk. What about the Moody Blues, Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick?) and the Grateful Dead. The California sound (except the Beach Boys) of the ‘60s &’70s were left off. They did get Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix so I’ll give them some points as well as The Band. But, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…

  4. Jay says:

    Yes need to be in the top 50 for sure.They have been around as long as pink floyd and zepplin. Ask any of one of those artist and they will mention yes.

  5. mike. d says:

    good job for including Depeche mode but what about Nine Inch Nails they are one of the best rock bands more so then some of these others i see making the list!!!

  6. jobey says:

    Timberlake is higher than REM? For people who are really excited about getting their drivers license. Come on.

  7. Jay Wes says:

    Ok time out, the Temptations is not on the list but Justin Timberlake is, what the heck? The Temps changed music and was the best r&b group ever!! Timberlake didn’t change nothin but copied black artists like Elvis did, the list sucks!

  8. Mike B says:

    How the hell are Journey, Judas Priest, Rush, Def Leppard, and Kiss so low!?!?!?!?!?! those are 5 of the greatest, most influential bands of all time in their owns ways. This is disgusting!!!

  9. Jereme says:

    the greatest arts of all time is John lennon

  10. Happy feet says:


  11. PAYDABOY says:


  12. Ed says:

    No, “The Smiths”? How does that make sense, When a good portion of the artist that did make the list are clearly enormously influenced by them. That goes for the “Sex Pistols” too for that matter. I’m not one to complain, but how do you overlook those two groups? Anyone?!?!

  13. Ed says:

    It’s also like to add that i didn’t see Smokey Robinson on the list in any form, it’s possible i missed him, but if he truly has been left out, this list is truly flawed.

  14. peetMOSS says:

    I’m tired of everyone handing the title of greatest artist ever to the Beatles! Yes, the Beatles are very good, but they are overrated. I’ll say it in another way, the Beatles are not head & shoulders better than everyone else like many think! Led Zeppelin & Jimi Hendrix are two that are better! Sgt. Peppers & The White Album are drowned in filler material. Why is it the Beatles can make a song like Rocky Raccoon or #9 & everyone calls it genius, but when Led Zeppelin makes something like The Crunge, Achilles Last Stand or Trampled Underfoot, critics say it’s self indulgent or filler? That’s a bunch of crap!
    Where is UFO, Stevie Ray Vaughn, CCR, Grateful Dead, Soundgarden or Willie Dixon?

    1. Led Zeppelin
    2. Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsies
    3. The Who
    4. Beatles
    5. U2

  15. lynn says:

    Michael Jackson greatest entertainer of all time point blank period!

  16. Malik says:

    The Temptations is not on the list? That’s a tragedy. What about Sam Cooke and Smokey Robinson? What about the Four Tops? This list was okay, but not good. These four artists should definitely be on the list. They made an impact on music.

  17. Malik says:

    The Temptations changed the game. They are the greatest vocal group of all time, period. I’m upset that they ain’t on the list.

  18. Malik says:

    Also, how come Santana is not on the list?

  19. Sheena says:

    Hands down Michael Jackson is the greatest artist of all time

  20. Joe Burns says:

    Not having the Eagles in the top 100 is insane and thus disqualifies this as being anything worth seeing. Timberlake in the top 100 is like putting Bob Uecker in the top 100 baseball players of all time. What a laughable list, it’s horrific. LL Cool J., Geez. Why not DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and New Kids on the Block?
    The Eagles should be in the top 20 minimum.

  21. Shawn says:

    The Eagles?

  22. Bella says:

    Bon Jovi should have made the list.

  23. Kristin says:

    Ok I am done with these countdowns. how do you have a greatest artists of all time and not have the allman brothers band or Bon Jovi. I am honestly annoyed. There will never be a better group of artists like the allmans.

  24. Jason says:

    I’ll bet anyone that the artist who holds the world record for more #1 hit singles than any other artist in the history of music on any chart or in any genre is not even on this list.

  25. Bennet says:

    I love how Nirvana is #14 and Pearl Jam is #93. I wonder why they chose it that way. Even though I am a huge Nirvana fan. Also, Justin Timberlake is better than Elvis Costello? Really? Wow.

  26. jason york says:

    ok the Temps? really they had the greatest voices sung such good harmoney and had great stage shows.
    And ok no Motley Crue? one there would have not been anything come off sunset street like GNR and other bands Poison, bon jovi, skid row. And if not for them Aerosmith, KISS, Heart and other bands from the 70′s would have not had a come back. And beside Zepp who had more headlines in the papers? they were true great artist both the temps and the crue. i cant believe eddie trunk would even appear on this show its a disgrace and god wheres Smokey just side his one of a kind voice his songs were up there with john lennon. Is Buddy holly on there? if not geeze! ok done venting

  27. Roxee says:

    I absolutely can not believe Bon Jovi didn’t even make the list!!! He has been my personal favorite for the last 26 yrs. and is still selling out stadiums!! I don’t even know why I bother watching these so called “Greatest” because I’m always disappointed!!

  28. michael says:

    this list is very disappointing. motown was barely mention, no temptations, surpremes, four tops, smokey robinson. where is bon jovi? where is sex pistols? where is the eagles? but they do have justin timberlake, are you serious? what a waste of time!

  29. Will D'Arcy says:

    Maybe I am not sure on how this list works, but what happened to all the Country Artist. You know like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and lets not forget the Artist with over 50 #1 hits George Strait. You mean to tell me that no Country Artist should be in the top 100 of all time. Come on, George Strait deserves to be in the top 10. And Johnny Cash, he’s the Man in Black. I’m sorry but this list is just no were being close to acceptable. I know it was voted on, but there had to be like a list handed out to pick from. I am happy to see that more hip hop acts made it, but the list is lacking Country Artists that should be in the top 100 of all time.

  30. William says:

    Can someone tell me how 2 Artists with over 50 #1 hits don’t make this list. I mean Conway Twitty held the most #1 hits in country until George Strait broke it, and George Strait holds the record for most #1 hits period, in any genre of music. So how do they not make the list.

  31. Tom says:

    Where’s Santana?

  32. CJ says:

    Santana? Eagles? Temptations? Not really a country fan but not represented at all. Justin Timerberlake has come a long ways since NSYNC but not top 100, wow.

  33. Mike Steel says:

    Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley, Simon and Garfunkel, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hank Williams, Santana, Creedence Clearwater, Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre(separate from NWA), Miles Davis?? Fats Domino not on there, Neil Diamond, country not represented. Yet Justin Timberlake at 67. Eminem over 70 million sold, mutiple grammies, and an Oscar, 79. Where’s Buddy Holly?

  34. Sorrel says:

    I can’t believe that Foreigner isn’t on this list anywhere. With the hits they pumped out over two decades they should have been here somewhere.

  35. Jeff says:

    Any list that has Justin Timberlake on it, has no credibility. The Beatles are still number one. Justin Timkberlake but no Temptations, you are kidding, right? No Eagles, Santana, Jeffewrson Airplane, Pink Floyd but you have ABBA, come on! No Smokey Robinson but LL Copol J, no way! Top 5 1) The Beatles 2) Bob Dylan 3)Michael Jackson 4) Led Zeppelin 5) Rolling Stones. If Michael Jacksaon is number one I am Johnny Carson’s aunt.

  36. Chris Blevins says:

    I have to agree with the majority on here, the lack of the Eagles or at least Henley or Frye is just a poorly formed list. This list reads more like a iPod list for a contestant on For the Love of RayJ than it does a true list of influential artist. There are several on the list that are way too low for the list to be subjective or taken that seriously. It is a shame, I had watched the list up to now and was telling a co-worker about it. We stumbled on the list results and needless to say, I won’t watch it further.

  37. Michael says:

    Where is Creedence?
    Where are The Animals?
    Where is Buddy Holly, Bob Seger, Mellencamp?
    Did you forget Motown?
    This list needs some more thought.

  38. Malik says:

    What about James Taylor or Carole King? the list was kinda okay but a sham at the same time? They so missed the boat on other artists that deserved to be on the list.

  39. richard says:

    what this list is horrible you have justin timberlake but no temptations no smokey robinson what about the greatfull dead eagles and you have coldplay in there WTF? i like coldplay but there not one of the 100 greatest yo should replace them with Iron Maiden or something.

  40. Richard says:

    wow this list is bad no Sinatra,sex pistols no Dr.Dre who arguably put out the greatest rap album of all time (The Chronic) wow also aerosmith over Sabbath what thats stupid

  41. Annoyed says:

    i hope you understand how bad you guys screwed up. you’ve made a lot of music fans upset. not giving artists such as KISS, John Lennon, Paul MacCartney, Metallica, RATM, etc; all the credit they completely deserve?? not even including artist like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, TOOL, so many you missed. so many you should have never included. this list is a joke. a complete joke.

  42. adrienne says:

    The Beatles r the greatest band of all time and thats that! The Beatles r music genuises and rock n roll legends. Beatles r #1!!!!

  43. Carlos S. says:

    What kind of douche bag judges did you hire? Eagles,Santana,CCR,CSN,etc etc not on the list, are you f’ing kidding me?!@# You just lost a regular viewer of VH1 cause you have zero credibility anymore.

  44. Dave says:

    How is Lionel Richie not on this list ?????? That is a crime…Over 100 million albums sold..9 straight years with at least 1 Number 1! hit… I don’t get it….

  45. Rick Hendricks says:

    The BEATLES are the GREATEST of ALLTIME Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!!
    Followed by Rolling Stones, Kinks,Led Zep,Bob Dylan,Elvis,Jimi Hendrix,Johnny Cash
    Michael Jackson should be on the top 100 list around 55 to 65 range,Definetly not in the top 10 thats for sure.

  46. David says:

    Not having Lionel Richie on this list is a crime…PERIOD…

  47. Carlos Mac says:

    I have some bones to pick with VH1 for this list!!! Here are my reasons 1) Tina Turner has been rockin the stage NON-STOP since 1960!!!!! She should have at least been in the top 20….along with Fleetwood Mac, who released one of the biggest selling albums of all time….2) As much as I have respect for the artist that Justin Timberlake is, he has NO BUSINESS being on this countdown..AT ALL….and finally 3) There are two very essential artist that are missing from this countdown and they are The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and BLONDIE!!!! How can they leave out Blondie!! They paid homage to all the other CBGB acts (The Ramones, The Talking Heads) but they have COMPLETELY forgotten how Blondie made punk-rock accessible to the rest of the world…they made punk rock FUN….and their musicality was genius!!! I hope in the next countdown that they are recognized!!!…..And another thing, people tend to forget that in the late 80′s and early 90′s Janet Jackson’s popularity rivaled that of her brothers…so why isnt she on the countdown?????….

  48. Rob says:

    Big surprise. VH1′s list is dominated by acts from the 70s and 80s. Most of the pioneers from the 50s got the shaft and there is hardly any Motown on the list. We could go into it in great detail, but I’ll just scratch my head justifying Journey making the list when Sam Cooke is nowhere to be found.

  49. Carlos Mac says:

    Oh, and another thing VH1, you left out three of the greatest pop groups in history and they are The Eagles, The Temptations, and THE SUPREMES, who, lest we forget, were neck and neck with the Beatles in the 60′s……and where is Pink Floyd????…As a music LOVER I’d like to give a word of advice to VH1….NExt time you decide to have a “Greatest Countdown” PLEASE let the PEOPLE vote..The ones that buy and listen to the music, not just those who make and record it!!!….and whats up with Ray Charles at number 43??? He is EASILY a top 20 artist….I love you VH1, but I agree with others, this list is a joke!!!…..and I still cant get over Justin Timberlake even BEING on the countdown!!!

  50. Eva Porate says:

    I can’t believe that anybody is surprised at the glaring omission of some of the artists already mentioned. It is VH1 after all…every time that channel comes on I lose another brain cell.

  51. Paul says:

    Jethro Tull. Where is Jethro Tull?!?!?!?!?!

  52. fionapage says:

    Artists INCLUDED on the list::
    Justin Timberlake
    Alicia Keys
    LL Cool J
    Green Day
    Artists NOT INCLUDED on the list::
    The Eagles, The Germs, The Sex Pistols, RHCP, Patsy Cline, CCR, The Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, The Guess Who,Bob Segar, Cher, Frank Sinatra, Joan Jett, Selena, John Mellencamp, Garth Brooks, Buffalo Springfield, Jethro Tull, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Miller Band, George Straight, Shania Twain,The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Denver, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Loretta Lynn, Alice in Chains, Meatloaf, Joan Baez, Santana, Carol King, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon,Diana Ross….

    Someone needs to give this list some extra thought, SERIOUSLY!!

  53. John D. says:

    WTF! How could you guys possibly have left out YES! Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White! Not to mention Bruford and Moraz. This list is absolute BS without them…

  54. Patrice says:

    Madonna number 16?! You must be kidding me!!!!

  55. DustinWohio says:

    WTF, Cher is not on the list list and Justin Timberlake is number 66. I Love this countdowns, buth this is BS!

  56. John D. says:

    WTF! How can you possibly left off YES! Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White, Bruford.. This list has no credibility without them. I don’t see Santana or Clapton on here either and about 10 others that should be on here. NO F’in WAY! You guys need to rethink this, start over!

  57. Stacy says:

    Did I miss the Eagles? Nine Inch Nails?
    AND Same Cooke?
    If so VH1…Boo!
    But Beyonce and Timberlake are here?
    What’s next, Justin Bieber replaces Marvin Gaye?

  58. Robert says:

    WHERE THE HELLLLL ARE the eagles i kept waiting for them after. a while i was like o good they got the place they truly deserved. I honestly thought they were going to be # 6. WHATS Going on VH1?? An apology should be put out.

  59. steven adler says:

    yes the beatles are number one hells yeah =D

  60. Destiny says:

    This list is such a disappointment so many outstanding performers have got left off that it is a joke.

  61. Grocke5 says:

    something is drastically wrong with this list when one of the greatest performers of the last 2 decades did not make the list ……Where in the heck is BON JOVI?
    VH1 you need a reality check and fast!

  62. Amanda says:

    One thing, how is PRINCE better than ELVIS??? or Mariah Carey better then Journey??? or Prince better than Queen or Pink Floyd??????

  63. Mattias says:

    That was the worst list of all time. Nirvana 14th??? Are you kidding? They were part of genre that is dead, sorry but Grunge is dead. Black Sabbath who are still playing today and who invented the Heavy Metal genre that is still alive and well today is 32. No Neil Diamond? No Pantera? Eminem on the list? That was the biggest most angriest waste of time and television. VH1 shouldn’t do these things anymore. Despicable. Absolutely vomit worthy. Did they have a slow bus fill out votes or maybe that Octopus that predicted the world cup?

  64. Melissa says:

    come on this list really lacked essential artists. It is supposed to be a list of artists. meaning that they write their own music, perform their own music, sell albums wayyyyy after they began their careers, and made concerts feel like their fans are experiencing something so unique as not to feel it again. Justin Timberlake is a joke! Where are the eagles, grateful dead, pink floyd, eric clapton, red hot chili peppers, nazareth, zz top, hank william jr. It is crazyyyy that Lynyrd Skynyrd was #77.

  65. Talsette says:

    Ok… This list is completely biased. How can only 1, count them ONE, country music artist make it onto this list? What about George Strait, the artist with the most #1 hits of any genre? Or how about Hank Williams, Sr., the man with the most haunting yet beautiful voice of all time? If you want to know know what really started rock & rol, llisten to his music! Or how about Garth Brooks? That man has sold 123 MILLION albums to date!

    What about Celine Dion? There is no denying that woman has an amazing voice. The Temptations? Diana Ross? Bon Jovi? What about 2 of the most famous guitar players: Santana and BB King? How can you have Black Sabbath without having a spot for Ozz himself? That man had an INCREDIBLE solo career! Smokey Robinson? Buddy Holly? How can you not include the man whose death is called “The Day the Music Died?!” Where’s Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Alice Cooper?

    I’m usually not that disappointed with VH1′s lists, but this is a serious letdown. Too many acts have been left off this list that without a doubt deserve to be on this list.

  66. Freddie says:

    How in God’s green earth could this list not have the Guess Who? How could Rush be at 75? No Buddy Holly? No Stevie Ray? John Fogerty? Dire Straights? Boston? Kansas? Hell, I’d put Reo Speedwagon on the list before a lot of these yahoos

  67. Tom says:

    this list ok at best. For Frank Sinatra to not make the top ten can be understood if it’s packed with some good artists, but to not even make the list is absolutely ridiculous.

  68. Saltsgk says:

    Okay… This list is completely biased. How can there be 1, only ONE, country artist on this entire list?! Not only should Johnny Cash had been in the top 20 at the VERY least, he should not have been the only country artist on the list. What about George Strait, the artist with the most #1 singles of any artist in ANY genre? And if you want the man who truly influenced every rock band on this list, listen to Hank Williams, Sr., the man who created the earliest form of rockabilly music? Listen to “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and see if you don’t shed a tear! And while many may laugh about it, you cannot deny that Garth Brooks deserves to be on this list. He completely dominated the 1990s.

    What about the Temptations? Diana Ross? And you can’t forget Patti Labelle! And then there’s Celine Dion. And there’s Joan Jett. And then there’s Cher! There is a serious lack of female artists on this list, but that’s a separate issue.

    How could this list NOT have the two best guitarists ever: Santana and BB King?! And what about Lionel Richie? Or Smokey Robinson? Louis Armstrong? Motown has been seriously overlooked. How can Jerry Lee Lewis be left off this list? And what about Buddy Holly? How can VH1 leave off the artist whose death is known as “The Day the Music Died?!”

    Where are the Eagles? The Four Tops? Whitesnake? Ozzy as a solo artist? Jethro Tull? Bon Jovi? Bon Jovi ruled the 1980s and are still going strong after all these years! There are WAY too many glaring omissions from this list. VH1 seriously need to redo this list to include ALL genres of music. There’s hardly any act from the 1950s on this list, not to mention the fact that most of this list comes from the 1980s on.

  69. carol says:

    You people seem to forget that michael jackson had way more than 100 million albums sold. What is wrong with you people. He was the best entertainer of all time. Some of you are acting just like the press does about him. You believe everything you read in the tabloids! He was the most giving artist of all time for giving his money to charties. He paid for liver transplants and all kinds of surgeries for adults and children that could not afford them. No one topped mj for his humanitarian work. He cared for everyone

  70. Jillian says:

    Why wasn’t Frank Sinatra on the list at all??? And Michael Jackson was number 2??? Someone has clearly lost their minds!

  71. Crystal says:

    Michael Jackson should’ve got #1, instead they gave it to the Beatles. Y’all left PLENTY of artists out such as Santana, the Temptations, artists that actually MADE their mark in music, and this is coming from a 22 year old college student who appreciates music and KNOWS HER STUFF!! Next time you do a list of the greatest artists, let the PEOPLE do the voting, the ones that actually save up to buy the music and who appreciate it!! MJ is the greatest artist of all time in my books, #1 forever!!!

  72. Laurie says:

    Where are The Eagles?????????

  73. Cordie Ray says:

    Well, OK, The Beatles win. Still, somehow it’s fitting to know that each and every time a Beatles tune is publicly plaid or sold, MICHAEL JACKSON gets paid (since he OWNS their catalogue). Hmm… wonder how he got the money? Don’t forget, no album ever made has sold like THRILLER, and it achieved that lofty status long before Michael died. I wonder if Michael knew he could never exceed the Beatles legacy, and that’s was part of why he had to own their music? Perhaps he knew that was the only way he could ever be “one up” on the Fab Four. He was known to be extremely competitive about stature, remember he proclaimed himself “King of Pop”.

  74. Beaucephus Jones says:

    Yes, this list is a joke! The Beatles being #1 is about the only thing I can agree with. Elvis #8? What? If I were to list all the “artists” that don’t belong in my opinion, I could be here all night. Let me leave a list of those who should be here in order of the most ridiculous omission;

    Buddy Holly – Are you kidding? Where is Buddy??

    Roy Orbison – Again, Are You Kidding?? the greatest voice and one of the greatest songwriters OF ALL TIME!!!

    Gene Pitney – My personal Favorite, and Single Most Underrated Performer/Songwriter/Voice of All Time!

    Dusty Springfield – The Greatest Female Voice OF ALL TIME

    Eric Clapton – Do I even have to ask??

    OK, there is my top 5, now for some others;

    The Temptations – DUH!
    Diana Ross & The Supremes
    The Eagles
    The Everly Brothers – The Greatest Duo OF ALL TIME
    Herman’s Hermits
    Sam Cooke – Again, DUH!
    The Hollies
    Rod Stewart
    Mama’s and Papa’s
    Three Dog Night
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Marty Robbins
    Frank Sinatra
    Patsy Cline
    Neil Diamond
    The Carpenters

    Wow, you guys REALLY BLEW this one!!!!!

    Oh, and for anyone wondering, i’m 33 years old and know how REAL music is supposed to sound. Not the imitation that made up at least half your list!!!

  75. Kristina says:

    How is it possible that Rush didn’t even make the list??

  76. Kristina says:

    oops – my bad – i didn’t see them at #75.

  77. Woody Retro says:

    Beatles at #1. They are the standard that everyone is attempting & has been attempting to reach. They set the bar for high quality music. On songwriting alone they deserve the top spot, but their performances were brilliant as well with a naturally cohesive sound. The ingenious harmony in their arrangements. Their sound was simultaneously slick & raw. The perfect balance of both. The ability to genuinely convey whatever genre of music they performed, be it rock & roll , show tunes, latin flavored ballads , folk , country , rhythm & blues, reggae, hard rock, blues, classical & even jazz. The rest of the list is moot, but I’m happy to see many of favs make it that I thought might be left off…in particular Cream & Billy Idol.

  78. Matt says:


  79. Matt says:

    HOW IN TH WORLD WERE THE EAGLES NOT INCLUDED ON THIS LIST?…..How in gods name can bands like “The Band”, “The Flaming Heads”, “LL Cool J”, “Elvis Costello” and a number of other artist be on the list but not The Eagles?……I am very dissapointed VH!….The Eagles should at least be Top 20 and anyone who disagrees can continue singing one-hit wannabes that made the list somehow

  80. Steven says:

    Sam Cooke was not on the list. How do you exclude him from a list that proclaims to represent the best of all time? Ask an artist about Sam Cooke. The list has no merit without the inclusion of Sam Cooke.

  81. Matt says:

    HOT THE HELL ARE The Eagles not on this list?…..bands and artists such as “Rage Against The Machine”, “LL Cool J”, “Cheap Trick”, and “Abba” of all bands made the list but The Eagles didn’t?……major dissappointmentand “Lynard Skynard was what 77?….How the hell can people say that Justin Timberlake, Guns N’ Roses, and Beyonce are better than Lynard Skynard……NEXT TIME YOU DO A GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIMES…ASK THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE MUSIC THEY TALK ABOUT INSTEAD OF YALL PAYING THEM TO SAY SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT A BAND

  82. Ines says:

    Where was:
    Dave Matthews Band
    Simon and Garfunkle
    Eric Clapton
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Frank Sinatra
    The Rat Pack
    Nat King Cole
    The Temptations
    The Supremes
    The Eagles
    John Mellencamp

    I like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce…but they have not proven themselves enough for a long enough of a time to be on this list…really dissapointing. Although I totally agree with the Top 5!

  83. Ines says:

    p.s. I think it would be awesome to do a list of top 10 bands that didn’t make this list that SHOULD HAVE according to the viewers!!!

  84. Maya says:

    I think it’d be a great idea to make a list of the top ten artists that SHOULD HAVE made the list according to the viewers!!!

    Please consider this VH1!

  85. milodon says:

    Really… I mean Really… No Toto? 1983 Six Grammy’s including > Album of the year. > Record of the Year. > Producer of the year. 30,000,000 Records sold. The band inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2009.. but not good enough to make the top 100? Have you ever heard “Hold the line”? “Rosanna”? “Africa”? And have to agree with John D as well… “Yes”..Has to be on that list. Toto and Yes were the first 2 bands that popped into my head as missing when I saw this. But “Iggy Pop and the stooges” made it!!…? Are you mental?

  86. Milodon says:

    Ha!!! Just found this on Wikipedia >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Nature_(Michael_Jackson_song)

    “”Human Nature” off Michael Jacksons Thriller album.. was written by Steve Porcaro of Toto”

    But they weren’t influential or anything… Pfft…

  87. Colonel Ingus says:

    I finally got around to watching the top 100 on vh1 and I’m flabbergasted! LL friggin cool J & outkast ranked above depeche mode? are you kidding me? jay z ranked 47? I got nothing against rap/hiphop but the topic is top100 greatest artists of ALL TIME right?

    I will say most of the list is legit, yes. but what exactly is the criteria? you have madonna at 16 but deborah harry/blondie didn’t even make top 100? you have bands like depeche, u2, radiohead etc but joy division/new order is nowhere to be found? seriously? what about kraftwerk, the progenitors of electronic music? the list is disappointing for those reasons.

  88. Colonel Ingus says:

    no neil diamond? where’s meatloaf? I really dig alicia keys but top 100 of ALL TIMES? really?

  89. Colonel Ingus says:

    I’m still laughing at the fact that douchebag LL cool J made the list. unbelievable.

    what about KLF? the knack? devo? motorhead? why wasn’t 90′s dance represented or even hi energy dance? what about some jazz greats?

    I’m still wondering why blondie didn’t even make the list!

  90. Colonel Ingus says:

    no commodores? no cher? ultravox? the jam? the stranglers? come on peoples! LL cool J LMFAO what’s up with that seriously?

  91. Jordan says:

    And Nine Inch Nails is nowhere to be found. That’s ridiculous, Trent Reznor is certainly the greatest artist of our time.

  92. lou says:

    No Santana?! Come on please! Madonna better than U2?! Where is Bon Jovi? Celine Dion? And all the artists on Fionapage list? This pannel of Vh1 have a serious case of amnesia. They need more coffe!

  93. Danielle says:

    How in the world is Mariah Carey at number 94? Why are Justin Timberlake and Beyonce even on this list?

  94. Roxee says:

    Ok, so you have Richie Sambora commenting on the bands and the band he is in, my all time favorite BON JOVI, isn’t even on the list. WTF?? How can some of these losers & has beens even make it on the list? Nirvana at 14? Sorry Nirvana fans but the Foo Fighters are waayyyy better!! Elvis at #8? I would have thought he would have been in at least the top 5!!! Who voted on this anyway?? Musicians? I don’t think so!!! I always think these “greatest of” suck…..think I’m going to stop watching!!

  95. Malik says:

    The 1998 list was far more better than this list for damn sure. When i think of the greatest, i think of the artists that had an impact on the music industry with their music, how much their music changed the music industry. I don’t think hits or albums that they sold makes them the greatest. Don’t get me wrong, some of these artists have great hits and greater albums. I also think how the artists made an impact on someone’s life with their music. With that being said, there’s a couple of more artists that deserved to be on this list:

    Miles Davis
    John Coltrane
    Gladys Knight and the Pips
    Lionel Richie
    The Eagles
    Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    Fats Domino
    The Byrds
    Sam Cooke
    The Temptations
    The Four Tops
    Roy Orborson

    I just name a few that deserved to be on the list. Just my opinion, folks.

  96. Laurelle says:

    Female artists definitely got ripped off when the likes of Carly Simon and Diana Ross, who were both pioneers in some ways, are left off–and Aretha and Madonna are both ranked so much lower than the top male artists. I also agree with others that Elvis and Queen are too low– and where the h**l are the Eagles and Bon Jovi??? Finally, it seems to me that comparing bands to solo artists is like comparing apples and oranges. They need separate lists. (This may be one reason why less female artists are represented… it’s hard to compete against bands and there are few all girl bands…). At least the top of the list is almost right– The Beatles and Led Zep are the greatest band; MJ and Elvis are the greatest solo artists.

  97. Makyo_kun says:

    ya know, i’m tired of turning to music channels and NEVER seeing the following artists/groups getting any recognition:
    Joe Satriani
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Steve Vai
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Buddy Guy
    Tenacious D
    Thin Lizzy
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Goodie Mob
    Cee-Lo Green
    The Neptunes/NERD
    Daft Punk
    Erykah Badu

    come on, people!! how can you leave them out?? i really think there should be an honorable mention special or something….

  98. mike says:

    i just want to say, when i think of great bands, i start with A… C/DC and i end with Z… Z top

  99. Elaine says:

    Carlos Santana should have been on the list for bringing Central and South American music to the mainstream, not to mention he’s an outstanding guitarist with a career that spans 4 decades.

  100. Tynisa Walker says:

    The only thing I agree with this list was 1. The Beatles and 2. Micheal Jackson who I definitely would not have balked if he made it to 1. But 3. should have been Elvis. IM not just going by record sales, im going by the fact that despite death (many of the beatles and of Elvis and MJ) their music continues to influence other artists and I feel will continue to do so. Prince is an good artist I will admit that much but he is in no way greater then The King. Who even though he passed in 77 is still selling millions today, who I even joked will be around in the year 3000 with rumors that he was cryogenic ally preserved and sightings will start again. I get that this was a popularity list done of people who are “popular” but I agree with the Country Music complaint to this list was to heavily geared towards rock, pop (especially pop) and hip hop then it was towards other genre’s there were plenty of musicians and bands Id have love to see on this list but I know in the end they probably wouldnt have cared much.

    To those who doubt Nirvana being in the top 20 because grunge is dead..I dont know what to say to you without becoming offensive yet to say that Kurt Cobain was a true artist in my eyes he suffered and turned that suffering into music that I still prefer over whats “hot today.” His music influenced my generation and its hard not to get choked up looking at his photos hearing his pain in his music. I am glad Nirvana made it that far and would dare say Id have liked to see them higher but that is just my personal opinion.

    But as I said before this list is nothing but a popularity contest and many bands and artists that I have and continue to listen to have made it on there despite many who were over looked so wont complain about that much just think they got Elvis wrong in his place. Because I feel the influence that he, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles made will survive even after many of us are not around anymore.

  101. Frank says:

    Justin Timberlake, and NO Frank Sinatra. Sade, and NO Temptations. Large Mistakes.

  102. J Reiter says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw all 100 selections and I have two questions…..WHERE were Stevie Ray Vaughn and Carlos Santana and WHY would neither of them be in the top 100 of all time??? If you have guitar pioneers like Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix in there, SRV and Santana HAVE to be included as well. I don’t recall Clapton, Creedence, or Lynyrd Skynyrd either, ALL of whom were pioneers!!!!

  103. Rick says:

    100 Greatest Artist’s of All Time????

    Very little Country, or Jazz, or Big Bands, how can this be called “Greatest of All Time”?

  104. Cher fan says:

    What about Cher?

  105. JAmie says:

    How in all that’s right in the world can the Temptations not be on this list?

  106. JAmie says:

    Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce but no Diana Ross?

  107. George says:

    Elvis should have been number one. The King of rock and roll. I could only see the Beatles beating him out. Elvis changed music period. The only artist who is a member of the rock and roll, country, and gospel hall of fame. He even inspired the Beatles when they were up and coming and Led Zepplin, Buddy Holly, and Roy Orbison after him. Bet U didn’t know that.
    James Brown should have ranked higher. Michael Jackson was the next biggest artist since Elvis and the Beatles. Led Zeppplin is the best band in my opinion and the Rolling Stones were great. They were right next to each other. Justin Timberlake???? Yeach right.

  108. mkgtweety says:

    y isn’t tori amos on the list!!!!!!! she’s a f’ning genius!!!!!!!! and a greatst painoist of all time!!!! how many women u know who can play play like she and sing like her and het away w/ it!!!! and how many women u know can wear red hair and get away it? RED HAEDS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! she should have been in the top 20 or 10 ten!!!!!!!!
    love and lippy,

  109. Amanda says:

    John Lennon at 31… WTF?

  110. rodman3972 says:

    Here’s a serious list of ommissions—–

    The Temptations, Four Tops, Lionel Richie, Barry White, Babara Streisand,Quincy Jones, The Supremes, Sam Cooke, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Isley Brothers, Theolonius Monk, Smokey Robinson,Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, George Strait, Glen Miller,Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Mahailia Jackson,Duke Ellignton,B. B. King,Gladys Knight

    I mean, seriously, how this can even be a legit list if you leave out people that’s not in a certain genre or time period.

    PS where are Bach and Beethoven–after all,did you not say ALL TIME????????

  111. Mags says:

    Your “experts” forgot Bob Seger, Creedence, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie, Carol King, James Taylor, Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, THE EAGLES, Doobie Bros, Chicago, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond. Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton-solo, Cyndi Lauper, ZZ TOP, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Buffet, Pat Benatar, JOHN MELLENCAMP, WIlson Picket, Mamas & Papas, The Righteous Bros, Salt n Pepa, Dusty Springfield, Barry White, Luther Vandross, NEIL DIAMOND, SANTANA, Simon & Garfunkel, Patti Smith, ROD STEWART, Heart, Meatloaf, Culture Club, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Temptations, INXS, Steve Miller Band. Most of the artists on your list deserve to be there…but if they are under the age of 30, should have left room for the real greats.

  112. carole says:

    wtf….there is only 1 greatest artist of all time and we all know who that is.Michael Jackson without a doubt! He was the only artist to break down all barriers of race,ethnicity,religion,class,gender, and sexual preference…He has the most fans of anyone and he was the first black artist ever to have a video on MTV! He had it all. He was one Amazing human being!!! And on top of that,he was extremely humble. And don’t forget the most giving,{money wise}of all musical artists. Rip MJ. We your fans know who the real “GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME is.

  113. Joe says:

    I want a real reason that there where no country artist on the list of 100. I would like some one from VH 1 to answer is possible. Not even Garth Brooks who sold more copies than ANYONE in the 90′s.

  114. Mitch says:

    I know people have their genre of music but VH1 put some effort into a diverse panel next time. No Frank Sinatra?
    No Sam Cooke? and No Garth Brooks? I mean wow, and I’m sorry the Beatles are not greater than Michael Jackson. They influenced a generation for sure no doubt and still affect music today, but MJ was GLOBAL. Who the hell else can die and Jam Google? Not to mention people from age 10 to age 80 of every race know MJ to this day.
    Country, Jazz, and Blues were ill represented, period.
    Make it the top “Rock Band” of all time next run…

  115. CoolStuffZone says:

    Albert King
    BB King
    Bonnie Raitt
    Crosby, Stills and Nash
    Diana Ross
    Iron Maiden
    James Taylor
    J Giles Band
    Joe Cocker
    John Lee Hooker
    Rod Stewart
    Roy Orbison
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    The Commodores
    The Temptations
    ZZ Top

  116. drewjake says:

    No Eric Clapton, no Santana? Are you crazy?

  117. Erin says:

    WHY is there no mention of either Tori Amos or Kate Bush? Is this poll only about record sales? Does the Word “Artist” mean anything? What is ABBA doing on here?

  118. DarkStar says:

    Was I the only one who noticed that the Sex Pistols and the Pixies were blatantly omitted, but they did include Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Coldplay? Sex Pistols were the most important punk rock band there was, and the Pixies were massive influences on Nirvana and Radiohead, the two best bands of the 90s. This list more or less blows.

  119. r.a. says:

    As to how Christina Aguilera didn’t make the list when so many other artists who shouldn’t even be recognized as a great artist, let alone the “greatest of all time.” What a tragedy….

  120. Jadon says:

    I like parts of the list but there are a couple artists who deserve to be on there.

    1.Hank Williams- whether you like his music or not, you’ve got to admit that he is one of the best and most influencial songwriters of all time.

    2.Muddy Waters- music was covered by almost everybody on the list.


    4.Robert Johnson- Clapton and K Richards say he is the greatest of all time, even if you dont agree with me you have to agree with them

  121. JonGalt says:

    Major Omissions:

    Inexcusable…Simon and Garfunkel (totally inexcusable that they aren’t on the list), Eric Clapton (even though Cream is on the list), Grateful Dead, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, the Byrds

    Arguable: Bon Jovi, Santana, The Smiths, Willie Nelson, CSN, Creedance, the Eagles, James Taylor, Carole King, the Carpenters, Motley Crue, Mamas and the Pappas, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Oasis

    My top 10: (Radiohead is one of my most important and favorite, thrilled they made the list so highly but understand that they don’t deserve to be higher)

    10. Bruce Springsteen
    9. Ray Charles (should be higher than James Brown or Stevie Wonder)
    8. Jimi Hendrix
    7. Madonna (Deserves to be much higher)
    6. The Who (Can’t believe they placed outside of the top 10)
    5. Rolling Stones
    4. Led Zeppelin
    3. Michael Jackson (I’m not a fan but he deserves the spot)
    2. Bob Dylan (should not be #5)
    1. The Beatles

  122. Yo says:

    STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN?!?!?!??!?!?!??! Patsy Cline?? Buddy Holly?? BB King?? omg…Justin Timberlake & Outkast?? Really? wow. 1. The Beatles & Michael Jackson 2. Elvis. c’mon people

  123. Lee Ann says:


  124. Brian says says:

    Disappointed the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots were not on the list. The Chili Peppers are an amazing band that combine so many of genres of music that were included on this list. There is no band like the chili peppers and there never will be.

  125. Brandon says:

    Sade had no business on that list! Did she even have a single top ten hit??

  126. jb says:

    I can’t believe Red Hot Chili Peppers are not on this list, it is outrageous

  127. JB says:

    Also what about Smashing Pumpkins?

  128. kendra bethune says:

    who is nick carter greatest artist of all time
    i like nick jonas
    he has the elvis pressly look in v-man i saw on popsugar last month he seem to credit the black album metillca i used to listen to that all the time before i became a aunt i love nick jonas i have nick jonas earrings he has a neat sunglasses
    i’m not on facebook and twitter anymore i’m on my space i liked sad but true

  129. NADIA says:

    this list was beyond wack. So many amazing artists were left out. What about the eagles, steve miller band, Duran Duran.

  130. Barbie & Rudy says:

    Does VH1 not know the concept of what the greatest of all time means??? How did rap artists make it and country artists, latin artists, et al. did not, when they have been here for decades!!!!! They didn’t even make the list at ALL!!! How did Beyonce make the list and Diana Ross didn’t??? Plus what about Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Willie Nelson, Luther Vandross, Temptations and many many other legends that have been missed. Which some are gone and their music still lives on… And 50 years from now you will still here their music.

    I bet VH1 does a list 20 years from now and half the list won’t make it, so how does that make them the GREATEST?? The majority of the list should have made the list 20 years from now, then you can say they are the GREATEST, ( if they can hold their own like the greatest we have now in our era) when they are still new in the industry… Just because they have accomplished a lot in a short time in their career does not make them the greatest, you have to own it, just like the greatest in our era.

    How can Jay Z be #47 and the two greatest in rap are Tupak and Eminem??? and they were #69 and #79! WOW that is just WRONG!!!!!! And even so this whole group of rap artists should had not even been in the list since they started in the 90′s. AND TUPAK AND EMINEM ARE MY FAVORITE RAPPERS OF ALL TIME!!! Sorry! Try 20 years from now and they will definitely will be on the list. Now Run DMC, LL Cool J, NWA Public Enemy, et al. they belong in this list they owned it, they are the Greatest of ALL time in the rap industry.

    Just like me there are many viewers of VH1 that are very disappointed and ashamed that VH1 would put a list like that together with the greatest of all time. And to top it off the judges are artists themselves! I mean what were they thinking. SHAME ON YOU VH1!! You need to make a new list!!!! And really show what the GREATEST OF ALL TIME IS NOT YOUR ONE HIT WONDERS!!! I guess the reality shows are keeping you out of the music industry, I thought VH1 was for music??? at least as long as I have been a viewer that’s what I thought. Maybe I am WRONG… Like they say times HAVE REALLY CHANGED!! I hope VH1 proves me wrong and makes a new list for all the viewers that have been there since they started.

    Read more: VH1 100 Greatest Artists of All Time Countdown List

  131. Barbie & Rudy says:

    Sorry to comment on Mitch’s comment on what he said about the Beatles and Michael Jackson they both influenced generations and more generations to come but the Beatles were the first group ever to go global live on television in 1967 and were viewed by 400 million and in 26 countries, so if that’s not global than I do not know anything about music.

    There were a lot of legends that were left out, but the Beatles are first before Michael Jackson any day.

  132. amanda says:

    In the first hour, I was disappointed to see Journey so low on the list, until I saw that most of the greats weren’t even on it. Aside from Kate Bush and Tori Amos, who are my favorites, where was Heart, Styx, Bob Segar, The Eagles? I could go on and on about the omits. I understand that not everyone likes the same music, but this list should have been more aptly named “200 People’s Favorite Artists of All Time.” Madonna not even top 10, I’m baffled. Next time pull the general public.

  133. Bob says:

    Elvis Costello should be in the top 50 at least! He has changed music. He was McCartneys Lennon for awhile and did it right. He has done every style of music and has not failed. Cmon!

  134. ben seattle says:

    Simon & Garfunkle, james taylor, doobie bros or the eagles any1? and some agreement on diana ross’s where abouts… there were more rappers & hiphop stars than i expected but not bad… i thought justin timberlake was high up there but once i saw him … im like, that means britney is comming up? but she never did… hall & oats deservse a much higher spot.. journey 2…
    big props to “rodman3972′s ommisions”… that needs consideration…

    just up the # from 100 to 200 & it’ll all work out

  135. ben seattle says:

    bon jovi por favor

  136. TAMMIE says:


  137. Lorenzo says:

    I am blacker than black…but OMG how did Journey end up in the bottom 10?????????? Alicia Keys, Mariah, Outcast…VH1 as a whole should be canceled for this alone…let me guess Michael Jackson is going to be #86 and William Shatner is gonna come in at a smooth #3 spot….

  138. thirteenburn says:

    If I hear one more person say that Michael Jackson broke down color barriers, as Carole did, I’m going to shove rusted scissors into my eye sockets.

    There are so many other Black artists (screw your BS PC garbage) who came BEFORE Michael Jackson it’s not even funny, but then again, when your main demographic is pre-pubescent 12 year old girls far more interested in looks and fashion over actual substantive talent (how else would you explain this joke of a list?), what else would expect but this sort of imbecilic drivel?

    And as to Michael Jackson being on this list, while his talent is undeniable (I happen to like the pre-freak MJ myself), the fact he’s a pedophile immediately disqualifies him from any and all lists. Well, with the exception of the prison roll call, that is.

  139. GREG BALTEFF says:

    elvis ..started it all ,read time magazine …life magazine….atlantic monthly…ppl are jumping on the band wagon because michael just died ….prior to his death he was not selling records …15 yrs lets say go back ….he was known for surgeries , molestation and dangling babies over balconys …read race rock and elvis

  140. Kimberly says:

    Where’s BB King? How did Beyonce make the list and not Usher? What about Grandmaster Flash, Smokey Robinson, and the Supremes?

  141. Kimberly says:

    What, no Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis?

  142. jean tucker says:

    I definitely agree with others that Bon Jovi and Simon & Garfunkle should be on the list, but am I the only person who is aware of what the Moody Blues did for pop music?

  143. TopDog says:

    It was truly amazing to see all those names and all of the responses you have receive deserve so much respect…
    Maybe if you create a rubric or criterion to what determines the Top “100″ Greatest Artist because just to echo a few of some the ommisions listed below with the earlier comments…
    You can’t have a Top “100″ without the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra. You can’t have a Top “100″ without someone/anyone from Motown? MJ was chosen as a solo artist. Finally, I don’t know if there is anough room to choose a number one between The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Elvis and yes he should have been there!

  144. Denise says:

    Why didn’t grateful dead or Mama’s and the Papa’s make it…seriously?

  145. rob says:

    How was janet left off when she sold over a 100 million records and have over 30 #1 hits , that makes no sense. the whole list is crazy.

  146. Hotlanta says:

    Was SO sad to see Rod Stewart (with or w/o Faces) was not mentioned also The Eagles. :(

  147. Destini says:


  148. marc says:

    tupac should have been the highest rap artist, eminem should have been the second highest, pearl jam shouldv switch places with rage, and stevie wonder is way to high, u2 and the boss should have been higher.

  149. Jason says:

    I heard a loud booming sound the day that number eight was announced on your channel. The sound turned out to be millions of viewers turning off their televisions at the same time. The sound was centered in the middle of the country and was not detected in outlining larger cities. (New York, L.A., Chicago, etc.) It was discovered that the millions of people everywhere else took great offence to Elvis being voted #8. While it could be argued that the rural fans are neither important to the voting or not familar with the modern musical scene, I do believe that music is a form of art that crosses the bounderies of race, beliefs, and geography. If the point of view of the rest of the country is not important or if the artists you asked are not aware of ….the rest of the country, then I can argue even from a simplistic historical point of view, a “prince” should not be ranked higher than a “King”. Shortly after the loud noise of all those remote controls being pushed, another boom was heard. The fans of Carlos Santana threw their TVs out of their windows.

  150. Jennifer says:

    The beatles! At number one, I dont think so. I am not denying the beatles their greatness but Michael Jackson is number 1 without a doubt. I would like to know what the criteria is for “greatest artist”.

  151. Terri says:

    Michael Jackson is and always will be #1. Singer, song writer, dancer, humanatarian, just plain and simple a musical genious. According to those who knew him best he was the kindest, generous to a fault, loving, truly caring and trusting human being. He was also vilified and demonized in the media. Why? Because mindless robots in our society eat that stuff up and the ratings mean more than a man’s life. You know it’s all about the Benjamins. The medialoids know the robots are too lazy to verify whether what they are being told the truth or not. Pedophile? No. Found not guilty in a court of law? Yes. Wrongfully accused in the past? Yes. Research it people!

  152. Ruth says:

    George Michael higher than The Bee Gees? Really? The Bee Gees at #88? Really?! The Bee Gees have sold over 200 million records and singles worldwide. At least 2,500 artists have recorded their songs. #88?

  153. kristin says:

    elliott smith is by far the greatest artist of all time

  154. kristin says:

    elliott smith is by far the greatest artist of all time and depeche mode should have been way higher than 98. and joy division should have been on this list

  155. Kent says:

    The Beatles have stood well against the test of time, far more than MJ. No offense, but The Beatles stood popular throughout the decades after they broke up. The Beatles have the greatest partnership in Paul and John, the ability to create some of the most memorable music with the limited technology, they are the best-selling artists of all time with over a billion and counting, and their influence has stretched across the world and through future artists. They even made a top five hit in the ninties with Free as a Bird, one of their two last songs recorded together (though John died a decade earlier). The Beatles deserve to stay number one because without them, Michael Jackson would not have been there along with them and Elvis.

  156. Petey says:

    top 100 “artists”… i assume that means all genres… and Johnny Cash (awesome) is the only country artist that made the list? wtf nobody at vh1 has ever heard of Garth Brooks?… or Brooks and Dunn?… Reba McIntyre?… just to name a few. Really?!

  157. Rhonda says:

    Prince should’ve been in the top 5, but at least he was close and above Elvis. There are definitely some artists missing (Jackson 5, Donna Summer, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, etc.) but only one that I’m shocked not to see in the top 100: Christina Aguilera!

  158. Larry says:

    Huge mistakes;

    Dr. Dre
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Wheres The respect for Country Music at all?

  159. vero096 says:

    If you Can’t come up with women artists here are a few, Dolly Parton(singer ,songwriter),Patsy Cline,Bette Middler, Barbra Striesand,Diana Ross,Celine Dion, & CHER!!!
    Other Horrible Omissions: ZZ top, Carlos Santana, Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilo, Barry White,The Temptations,Paul Simon & the great Sam Cooke.
    I call this some serious star power!!!!!!

  160. terry langkammer says:

    100 GREATEST ARTISTS of all time.Where the hell was FRANK ZAPPA?I will put his genius,creativity and talent over most of the artists on that list any day.

  161. Lexi says:

    Are you deaf? How do you not include artists such as:
    Eric Clapton
    Traffic/Steve Winwood
    Quincy Jones
    The Allman Brothers Band
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Grateful Dead
    John Lee Hooker
    Dave Matthews Band
    Frank Sinatra
    The Temptations
    Traveling Wilburys
    Deep Purple
    Buddy Guy
    BB King
    Jeff Beck
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

    Most of the bands you listed towards the end, but what about the bands you forgot that were the foundation of bands around today? They can’t be left behind- it’s an outrage. Do you really expect me to listen to Whitney Houston over the Allman Brothers? Mariah Carey over Santana? We need to educate our children with good music, NOT sellouts.

  162. matthew says:

    ray charles 43 and stevie wonder 10th? seriously. stevie ain’t fit to tie ray’s shoes, or strap them if they were velcro. respect to jay z but he is not better than biggie. and no rapper has been as real and relative to people like 2pac. 2 pac was a revolutionary. how is it john lennon is on there twice( himself and with the beatles) and not ozzy. and where are the country artists? garth brooks, george strait, george jones. hank williams sr bridged the gap between rock, country, and the blues. he’s in the country music hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame and not on your list. is he not new sounding enough? he’s too old school right. how about jerry lee lewis, he was puttin his leg on pianos and lighting them on fire when little richard was making peeps
    i got hard feelings over this

  163. matthew says:

    hank williams sr, left off the list, why because he’s too old sounding. he bridged a gap between country, rock, and the blues. he’s in the country music and rock and roll hall of fame. ray charles is 43 and stevie wonder 10th? how about jerry lee lewis, he was setting pianos on fire while little richard first stretched his leg on one. nothing taken away from little richard though. 2pac was a voice for an entire people yet he was 69th. eminem won an oscar and he is 79th, did the clash win an oscar?

  164. Dylan says:

    A top 100 Artist of all time????? Where are the Eagles – Hotel California sold as many albums as Dark Side of the Moon… if not more. Where is Dave Matthews Band and more so Where the Hell is the Grateful Dead…. This list is BS all the way.

  165. YNVNE1 says:

    Beatles obvious #1, glad to see Zep #3, Pink Floyd, AC DC, and Queen should have been higher. Does any one remember Uriah Heep? Don’t recall if they were even listed.

  166. Glenn Lee says:

    I watched the show and actually enjoyed it. There were many “one hit wonders” that made the list. But there is one group not on the list that defies any reason. The Eagles…. One of the biggest selling, successful rock groups of the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and still selling out stadium concerts today. When you look at the bottom 75 of the groups on the list, I defy you to find even one that is bigger (or in my opinion) better than the Eagles. Could someone explain this?

  167. Kathy says:

    Was Fleetwood Mac added to the list, because if not, they should be. Their songwriting skills were amazing! And for those tho think “The Beatles” should not be on top, what the freak is wrong with you? They shaped rock & roll even more than Elvis. They paid homage to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison & all of the pioneers of early Rock & Roll in their music & then took it one step further. They are TRUE LEGENDS! Not like no-talented Lady Gaga, Justin Beaver or Katie Perry. They aren’t fit to wipe their boots!

  168. Joe says:

    I agree with the top 5. Maybe they are the most important bands/singers of there era. Some of the other list is awful. Where are THE CARS, INXS, SANTANA, FRANK SINATRA, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, AND SIMON & GARFUNKEL… WTF THE CARS did not make it.. WOW who voted and what the hell do they listen to.

  169. james says:

    why was Cher not on the list of the greatest artists of all time

  170. Guest3984367555833 says:

    Where in the FREE WORLD are Garth Brooks, The Eagles, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, George Jones, Frank Sinatra, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Hank Williams, Eric Clapton, Kenny G, George Strait, Lynyrd Skynrd, George Jones, Jimmy Buffett, ABBA, Perry Como and Patsy Cline?

  171. Stephanie says:

    I can’t belive Brett Michaels wore his own stupid shirt when he hosted 100 greatest rock songs…..

  172. Yeshwin says:

    I am not a fan of Michael Jackson but he is the greatest music artist of all time(Not Beatles)

  173. don johnson says:

    I loved the top 100 greatest performers/artists of all time. I grew up in the 60/70s so knew of most of them. It was fun to watch and listen to. with one exception; PRINCE at #7 is just sick.

  174. Moses says:

    How do you leave off

    1. Janet Jackson
    2. B.B. King
    3. Frank Sinatra
    4. TLC
    5. Jackson 5
    6. The Temptations
    7. Diana Ross and the Supremes
    8. Santana
    9. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    10. Luther Vandross
    11. Cher

    All time groups/singers should reach ALL people black, white, brown etc.

  175. Moses says:

    I also forgot to mention Lionel Ritchie! Boyz II Men?

  176. Michael says:

    1. The Beatles
    2. Bob Dylan
    3. Dolly Parton
    4. Jeff Buckley
    5. Elton John
    6. Bruce Springsteen
    7. Johnny Cash
    8. Michael Jackson
    9. Aretha Franklin
    10. The Dixie Chicks

  177. amalia in ca says:

    I”m shocked too, where is The Eagles, Santana, and common Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, over The Bee Gees and Journey are you nots, thats not real

  178. claire says:

    they needed to include the white stripes

  179. Don says:

    The Moody Blues NOT in the top 100…….takes away alot of the credability of this list!!!!

  180. Christian says:

    Sublime is by far the best of all time I mean they did so much in the short time they had if Brad had not overdosed they would definitely secure themselves as one of the best.

  181. Chris says:

    How does Justin Timberlake even make this list?? Even worse is that he was 66 and Tupac was 69! Tupac is my #1!!

  182. Alfred Hussein says:

    Bob Marley? Anywhere above #50 is just politics. He never had a huge following in the US when he was alive, his 17 albums didn’t do as well as most artists in the US and still the average person could name three songs he performed, much less remember the tune.

  183. 2544439 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2544439! SCK was here

  184. Andy says:

    Where is Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rolling Stone magazine put him at #7 on the 100 greatest guitarist of all time.

  185. Paula says:

    Absolutely The Beatles, right on #1..but Prince? I love him but as far as the greatest, Steve Wonder and James Brown should have definitely been ahead of Prince. And I give props to Marley, but he was so strickly reggae, I agree with the person on Country Music representation, for that matter, many other genres of music and the Bee Gees very definitely should have been higher than #88??!! Yeah, loved the show but who rated this, very bias and misguided if you are looking at the variety of “Greatest of all Time”, rethink your title next time!

  186. cesar says:

    what the hell are hip hop artist doing in this list they are so untalented the real music is metal rock michael jacksons pop soul regae folk and classical why did god made todays gay pop gay rap and gay hip hop todays ugly music

  187. Sierra says:

    Where the hell are the Red Hot Chili Peppers on this list. Who the hell’s voting. They should be at least in the top 5.

  188. Sierra says:

    Cesar , I am totally with you, I think the 100 Greatest artists of all time should be reserved for Rock only because it actually has real meaning to it and also where are the Foo Fighters?

  189. CMB23 says:

    Top three should read:
    1. The Beatles/Elvis Presley
    2. The Beatles/Elvis Presley
    3. Michael Jackson

  190. Lloyd Kessel says:

    How can they comply a list of 100 greatest bands and not list the Eagles? I mean this band was so instrumental in defining rock in the 80′s. I can’t believe that they were over looked.

  191. Keith Gordon says:

    . . Gentlepeople:: to not include Elvis as the number one artist is outrageous . To exclude buddy holly, Roy Orbison, is a further indication of how out of touch your staff is. I will never watch your shows ever. Tragic commentary..Keith Gordon

  192. Cory says:

    What is with only having one country singer on this list grath brooks and george strait fall nowhewre close yet those two are some of the highest selling artists of all time …

  193. Nonsense Charlie says:

    2 names: Santana, Eagles??????