Remember Caviar? This Will Make You Wish You Didn’t.



Are you eating? If so, stop reading this or move on. In fact, don’t read this if you plan on consuming food in the next month or so. You’ll inevitably think back to the day that you read this post and your lunch will become your apparel. You’ve been warned (but I’ll warn you again, because there are some things you cannot unthink and the content of this post is one of those things).

Typically, we avoid discussing the forays into the world of porn by our fine VH1 on-air talent. We wish them everyone the best of luck, and a rash-free existence, but really, it’s none of our business. Like, literally, it’s none of our busine$$. We were content to let For the Love of Ray J Season 1’s Caviar to her on-screen penis-indulging in peace…until we read an account of her breaking a guy’s 11-inch thang thang on the set of a recent porn shoot. Seriously — adult performer Prince Yahshua reports, “In layman’s terms I broke my d***.” The terms get much more graphic below. I don’t think you want to read this, except, in my heart (and non-broken penis), I know you really do…

The 40-year-old porn actor’s harrowing tale (as told to porn-news site XBIZ) begins with Bethany Benz (Caviar’s porn name) on top of him. We’ll spare you the positional details, but it’s suffice to say that it wasn’t working out. Sayeth Prince Yahshua:

“Ten seconds into it, her rhythm wasn’t matching with my rhythm. As I put my head to the side to talk to her, the next thing you heard was…[crunch].

“She jumped off and I guess it’s the equivalent of going to your backyard, you know how you turn on your garden hose and it sprays out? That’s exactly what happened out of my d***. It was like five to six people got massacred in the room, not killed, massacred.

“I lost a pint and a half of blood. The reason why I didn’t lose consciousness is because I was shocked and I kept on biting my lower lip so I wouldn’t fade out.”

Are you throwing up yet? Yahshua underwent a three-hour surgery (in an unlikely turn, his doctor turned out to be a “fan”), because as Yahshua says, “my pee hole was ripped and the aligning wall muscle to my d*** was torn.” All’s well that ends with a continuing career in pornography, as Yahshua reports that he’ll be back on set in no time. “Everything aligned itself back up right. It will be a two-month recovery,” he says. “So I’m very, very happy right now. Because definitely as soon as I got to the hospital that day they were like, ‘Whoa, let us let you know now that you may never do porn again if we don’t fix this right.'” What a relief. There’s no response from Caviar in the XBIZ story. We’ll take a wild guess and say that it began with, “Oooh! Sorry!” [XBIZ via Bourgy]

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