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Rubi takes it! Despite rumors of Chad turning both women down, Rubi pulled it out and scored as the “winner” of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. And here’s what’s more: she says not to believe the hype about Chad dating Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada — Chad’s her man and they’re actively pursuing a future together. Her somewhat surprising words on their enduring connection, the competition, her new ring and her time on the show are below…


Thank you.

In a way, your win is not surprising: you were Chad’s number one from the beginning.

Exactly. It wasn’t really a super shock, but at the same time I did see a big connection with him and Brit. Also, she and I were similar in a lot of ways.

Besides that, was there any point where you felt uncertain?

The point where I really was like, “Oh my god, I’m in trouble,” was when Brittany came back from her overnight with him. I was like, “Something’s up,” and that’s where I was really worried.

She paused deliberately, as though, “Something’s up,” is what she wanted you to think.

We had a conversation. I don’t know if the cameras were there but it was sort of me asking her, “Hey, did anything happen?” She kind of alluded to it being pretty hot and heavy. She didn’t not tell me no.

It must have been reassuring that you won anyway.

Definitely. I was like, “Wow, I stuck to my guns and he really just wants to pursue it and get to know me.” I was like “Wow, this could be for real.” Brit was upset about it. I was like, “Since you did what you did and he still chose me, are you OK with that? How does it feel?” She was like, “I’m hurt and embarrassed” and all I could do was sit there and apologize to her.

What has it been like since the show? Is this, in fact, for real? Have you been pursuing something with Chad?

Yes. We’ve definitely been talking. We talk all the time, everyday. And we definitely have an amazing connection. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but we do get to see each other and it’s been way more intimate and way more real since the show because you don’t have all these other women getting in the way. You get to have real conversations. There’s no stress, no time limits. There’s a lot of a possibility.

What do you make of the rumor that he’s dating Basketball Wives‘ Evelyn?

Even while we were on the show a lot of girls were saying he was with her. There have always been rumors. It wasn’t a huge shock to me when I heard that it was out there in the media. But just like with anybody, when you hear a rumor you just ask like, “Hey what’s going on?” I asked him about it. He said Evelyn’s a friend of his, they didn’t have anything and they’re friends. And that’s all. If someone tells you something, you just have to believe them. I’m not gonna sit there and ask him every two seconds. I asked him once and he answered it and that’s enough.

When he gave you the ring, I thought it was so telling that you said, “I forgot about this.”

I totally forgot about the ring. When he presented it I was like, “Oh my god.” It was the icing on the cake. I got really really nervous when he took the ring out, I was shaking. I guess because Brittany and I were friends from the start, for me to compete against a friend was very stressful for me. In all of the stress I did forget about the ring.

So did you answer the stress with any strategy? Did this feel like a competition to you?

The only strategy I had was, “I’m not gonna let the stress of what I feel break my connection with Chad.” Even when I was arguing with Tara or just going through drama in the house, it was just like “I’m just gonna keep focusing on what we have.”

Are you wearing the ring now?

No, I don’t have it. They took it back and told me I’d get it later. They were scared of people seeing it during the show’s airing.

Regardless of what happens with Chad, it must be nice to know that you get something tangible out of this experience.

Of course. I mean why not? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so it’s like regardless of what happens, it’s a memento of everything I’ve been through in the house. It reminds me that you can just constantly be yourself and at the end of the day, come out on top. It’s a reminder of that besides the gold and the diamonds. [Laughs]

Chad voiced concerns over your naïveté and whether or not you had a sense of Chad’s career and all that it involved. What do you think about that criticism?

I understand it ’cause a lot of girls in the house questioned his fidelity: “Is he gonna be faithful? He had a lot of issues being unfaithful.” I understand that, but what can you do? Are you gonna go into a relationship with this negativity, always thinking, “Is he gonna cheat on me?” I can’t think that way. If he says he’s ready and open for a relationship, I have to believe him. It’s not me being naïve, just open.

Has communication gotten easier with you and Chad? Much was made of your awkward silences.

I felt the most awkwardness with after the elimination with Tiphani when we were on the boat. I was really hurt by Tiphani on the date that we had. It didn’t really air, but we had a date where we cooked for Chad, and I felt like she threw me under the bus. I didn’t expect that from her because we were all so really close. When he eliminated her I was sort of hurt for her because I know how she felt about Chad and she wanted it really bad. I felt sort of emotional at the time so I think the lulls in the conversations were because of that. Now it’s totally different because I don’t have to worry about anything else, any other girls and I think we sort of moved past that. I get to act more crazy with him now than I did on the show.

Did Tiphani throw you under the bus by saying you were on the show to help your career?

It was that and she had mentioned that she was further ahead in her life because she knows how to run a business and stuff like that. In the house and in person, she was always like, “Hey can you sing me this song?” Or, “It’s good that you sing.” Everything was positive and now it’s, “Oh, she was only there for her career.” That’s something that I learned throughout the process: some people are willing to do a lot of things to compete. They’re willing to cheat, talk behind your back. I mostly stayed who I really am throughout the whole process. When I won, that was one of the things in my head: “Wow I won and I didn’t have to be a jerk to anybody or be fake.” I wasn’t gonna compromise who I am as a person or my realness as a person just to be able to win.

Was your career as a singer ever a consideration for signing up for the show?

You always think about your career, wondering if a given situation is gonna be a negative or a positive. I wondered, “Hey is this gonna be something that’s bad for what I do?” Obviously that’s a no. I’d be a super lazy person not to take advantage of the things I’m reaping now because of the show. It’d be dumb. And what I do of course depends on fan base and popularity and if this helps it, great. And Chad absolutely has no problem with it.

What did you think of your portrayal overall?

I think it was great. I have no complaints. The show didn’t really show my crazier side, though. You saw me more as being quiet, but I have no complaints. When I do appearances or MC events, people get to see my funny or crazy sides. That’s something you can always add later on. Something you can’t really take away is when you’re vulgar and when you’re angry.

What did you think of Chad’s mom saying you dressed “floozy-like?”

[Laughs] When she introduced herself, you saw me say, “Oh wow,” but that was more like, “Oh wow, what am I wearing?” And I’m at the age where I know what’s appropriate for what. I thought we were going out to dinner, then maybe out to a little lounge or something. I wanted to change but of course there was no time. But when she did mention it, it was not a shock. I agree with her. She’s a mom — I understand her concern. I can laugh at [her word choice]. And it just goes to show you a little bit about her personality. She’s a very honest person. She’s just like Chad in that way.

Right before he chose you, Chad asked, “Can you be my best friend?” Can you?

Definitely. I think lately we’ve sort of been proving that to each other that it’s more than just what we had on the show. It’s more than just a physical connection. We laugh so much together. It’s like the connection we have just totally grew. We’re more friends now than on the show because obviously we’ve been getting to know each other more. It’s a lot of phone conversations, text messaging. It’s a lot of that communication that’s important. It’s super vital because now it’s not just a physical thing as to how it was on the show. It’s more like, “Can we still maintain it when we’re not together?” And we can. I think we definitely proved that to each other.

Would you go as far as to call it love?

I think love is a super strong word. Do we have the material and the hard work to make it to love? Yes. I think we definitely have the material to get there. But should we say love love love as of right now? I don’t know. It’s a love. Like I luv him, like L-U-V. He probably feels the same way about me. But we definitely have the potential to be able to get there.

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