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Rubi takes it! Despite rumors of Chad turning both women down, Rubi pulled it out and scored as the “winner” of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. And here’s what’s more: she says not to believe the hype about Chad dating Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada — Chad’s her man and they’re actively pursuing a future together. Her somewhat surprising words on their enduring connection, the competition, her new ring and her time on the show are below…


Thank you.

In a way, your win is not surprising: you were Chad’s number one from the beginning.

Exactly. It wasn’t really a super shock, but at the same time I did see a big connection with him and Brit. Also, she and I were similar in a lot of ways.

Besides that, was there any point where you felt uncertain?

The point where I really was like, “Oh my god, I’m in trouble,” was when Brittany came back from her overnight with him. I was like, “Something’s up,” and that’s where I was really worried.

She paused deliberately, as though, “Something’s up,” is what she wanted you to think.

We had a conversation. I don’t know if the cameras were there but it was sort of me asking her, “Hey, did anything happen?” She kind of alluded to it being pretty hot and heavy. She didn’t not tell me no.

It must have been reassuring that you won anyway.

Definitely. I was like, “Wow, I stuck to my guns and he really just wants to pursue it and get to know me.” I was like “Wow, this could be for real.” Brit was upset about it. I was like, “Since you did what you did and he still chose me, are you OK with that? How does it feel?” She was like, “I’m hurt and embarrassed” and all I could do was sit there and apologize to her.

What has it been like since the show? Is this, in fact, for real? Have you been pursuing something with Chad?

Yes. We’ve definitely been talking. We talk all the time, everyday. And we definitely have an amazing connection. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but we do get to see each other and it’s been way more intimate and way more real since the show because you don’t have all these other women getting in the way. You get to have real conversations. There’s no stress, no time limits. There’s a lot of a possibility.

What do you make of the rumor that he’s dating Basketball Wives‘ Evelyn?

Even while we were on the show a lot of girls were saying he was with her. There have always been rumors. It wasn’t a huge shock to me when I heard that it was out there in the media. But just like with anybody, when you hear a rumor you just ask like, “Hey what’s going on?” I asked him about it. He said Evelyn’s a friend of his, they didn’t have anything and they’re friends. And that’s all. If someone tells you something, you just have to believe them. I’m not gonna sit there and ask him every two seconds. I asked him once and he answered it and that’s enough.

When he gave you the ring, I thought it was so telling that you said, “I forgot about this.”

I totally forgot about the ring. When he presented it I was like, “Oh my god.” It was the icing on the cake. I got really really nervous when he took the ring out, I was shaking. I guess because Brittany and I were friends from the start, for me to compete against a friend was very stressful for me. In all of the stress I did forget about the ring.

So did you answer the stress with any strategy? Did this feel like a competition to you?

The only strategy I had was, “I’m not gonna let the stress of what I feel break my connection with Chad.” Even when I was arguing with Tara or just going through drama in the house, it was just like “I’m just gonna keep focusing on what we have.”

Are you wearing the ring now?

No, I don’t have it. They took it back and told me I’d get it later. They were scared of people seeing it during the show’s airing.

Regardless of what happens with Chad, it must be nice to know that you get something tangible out of this experience.

Of course. I mean why not? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so it’s like regardless of what happens, it’s a memento of everything I’ve been through in the house. It reminds me that you can just constantly be yourself and at the end of the day, come out on top. It’s a reminder of that besides the gold and the diamonds. [Laughs]

Chad voiced concerns over your naïveté and whether or not you had a sense of Chad’s career and all that it involved. What do you think about that criticism?

I understand it ’cause a lot of girls in the house questioned his fidelity: “Is he gonna be faithful? He had a lot of issues being unfaithful.” I understand that, but what can you do? Are you gonna go into a relationship with this negativity, always thinking, “Is he gonna cheat on me?” I can’t think that way. If he says he’s ready and open for a relationship, I have to believe him. It’s not me being naïve, just open.

Has communication gotten easier with you and Chad? Much was made of your awkward silences.

I felt the most awkwardness with after the elimination with Tiphani when we were on the boat. I was really hurt by Tiphani on the date that we had. It didn’t really air, but we had a date where we cooked for Chad, and I felt like she threw me under the bus. I didn’t expect that from her because we were all so really close. When he eliminated her I was sort of hurt for her because I know how she felt about Chad and she wanted it really bad. I felt sort of emotional at the time so I think the lulls in the conversations were because of that. Now it’s totally different because I don’t have to worry about anything else, any other girls and I think we sort of moved past that. I get to act more crazy with him now than I did on the show.

Did Tiphani throw you under the bus by saying you were on the show to help your career?

It was that and she had mentioned that she was further ahead in her life because she knows how to run a business and stuff like that. In the house and in person, she was always like, “Hey can you sing me this song?” Or, “It’s good that you sing.” Everything was positive and now it’s, “Oh, she was only there for her career.” That’s something that I learned throughout the process: some people are willing to do a lot of things to compete. They’re willing to cheat, talk behind your back. I mostly stayed who I really am throughout the whole process. When I won, that was one of the things in my head: “Wow I won and I didn’t have to be a jerk to anybody or be fake.” I wasn’t gonna compromise who I am as a person or my realness as a person just to be able to win.

Was your career as a singer ever a consideration for signing up for the show?

You always think about your career, wondering if a given situation is gonna be a negative or a positive. I wondered, “Hey is this gonna be something that’s bad for what I do?” Obviously that’s a no. I’d be a super lazy person not to take advantage of the things I’m reaping now because of the show. It’d be dumb. And what I do of course depends on fan base and popularity and if this helps it, great. And Chad absolutely has no problem with it.

What did you think of your portrayal overall?

I think it was great. I have no complaints. The show didn’t really show my crazier side, though. You saw me more as being quiet, but I have no complaints. When I do appearances or MC events, people get to see my funny or crazy sides. That’s something you can always add later on. Something you can’t really take away is when you’re vulgar and when you’re angry.

What did you think of Chad’s mom saying you dressed “floozy-like?”

[Laughs] When she introduced herself, you saw me say, “Oh wow,” but that was more like, “Oh wow, what am I wearing?” And I’m at the age where I know what’s appropriate for what. I thought we were going out to dinner, then maybe out to a little lounge or something. I wanted to change but of course there was no time. But when she did mention it, it was not a shock. I agree with her. She’s a mom — I understand her concern. I can laugh at [her word choice]. And it just goes to show you a little bit about her personality. She’s a very honest person. She’s just like Chad in that way.

Right before he chose you, Chad asked, “Can you be my best friend?” Can you?

Definitely. I think lately we’ve sort of been proving that to each other that it’s more than just what we had on the show. It’s more than just a physical connection. We laugh so much together. It’s like the connection we have just totally grew. We’re more friends now than on the show because obviously we’ve been getting to know each other more. It’s a lot of phone conversations, text messaging. It’s a lot of that communication that’s important. It’s super vital because now it’s not just a physical thing as to how it was on the show. It’s more like, “Can we still maintain it when we’re not together?” And we can. I think we definitely proved that to each other.

Would you go as far as to call it love?

I think love is a super strong word. Do we have the material and the hard work to make it to love? Yes. I think we definitely have the material to get there. But should we say love love love as of right now? I don’t know. It’s a love. Like I luv him, like L-U-V. He probably feels the same way about me. But we definitely have the potential to be able to get there.

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  1. Peaches says:

    I think this whole show was trash, how can Chad talk about some on with baggage when he has a bunch of children himself. I think he was very self in his pick and thought with his other head.

  2. Kim says:

    The winner TYPICAL, no surprise there, men who have kids don’t want women with kids. What is wrong with that picture??? Maybe that’s because women are always the ones taking care of these kids while men, try to find women who don’t have any.

  3. Kim says:

    Rubi, if you have any kids with him, hate it, I beat you won’t have ANY chemistry then.

  4. Jackie says:

    I really want to hear what Brittany has to say, not Rubi. What a waste of time, so typical. I am pretty sure the same “excruciating, painful moments of silence” have not gotten any better.

  5. South Texas says:

    No WAY!!!! Ruby…. is your “DISASTER” when you were kissing her on the Yaht she didn’t even close her eyes…. that tell’s us she wasn’t in to you! You let the right one Brit get away : ( Yaaa Right! She forgot about the “BLING” In those momments of silence why didn’t she ask you about your kids?

  6. tweetybird says:


  7. Amanda says:

    WHAT CRAP!!!! Chad your stupid for that one, you should have totally picked Brit!!


    Chad is a total loser!!! You are so damned confused about who the hell you are it is sickening!! How do you bring on your Mother and Grandmother–two important black women to help you decide on a future with two women who obviously aren’t even comparable to the influence of your Mother and Grandmother. Chad you know you were not looking for a serious relationship; you seek any white trick that will kiss your ass and put up with your many children, but dissed Brittany because she had a son?? Are you SERIOUS?? I am so sick of our black men being weak and cowardice when they face a challenge and always trying to take the easy way out–grow the hell up!!! Chad you are not attractive; you look like a bald-headed salamander and I wouldn’t allow my “dog” to date your sorry ass!!!!

  9. barbieblonde says:

    Purple crayon just wanted some out of ruby and she was happy to give it. you rock flav flav

  10. Tutu says:

    I am not surprised that you picked Ruby her beauty is undeniable. I don’t know any man that would have turned her down.For that matter, I don’t think any woman could have turned her down. But beauty is only skin deep. Sure she looks good on your arm,and your friends will admire you greatly for having such a beautiful trophy. But does she really have more to offer? You constantly talked about your physical attraction with Ruby on the show. Yet never said she has a great personality. Or she is so intelligent. Just damn she’s fine. And she is so family oriented.Your loins let the decision in this one for sure. Not to sure she will be able to handle you or your lifestlye for the longhall. Still wish you the best no matter what happens. Best of luck.

  11. 4inchheels says:

    men do not want a ready made family…its not nice but you didn’t see chad father, grandfather, and or uncle he may have all three but I don’t think he grew up with strong figures. he wants the furthest thing from his mother and grandmother because he his not attract to that type of look (i mean his mom was no beauty and she choose ruby) it is so simple. let him be with his choices and see if he is with that same person a year from now. many baby mamas, and ex wives later and he may be broke.. ask mike tyson his 300 million is gone

  12. Janice says:

    I am so disappointed in Chad. Why are you looking at beauty on the outside. You and Ruby have nothing in common. You were raised by 2 beautiful black woman. It is time for you to grow-up and take life serious. You do have to stand in front of God one day and confess all your sins.

  13. Dwayne says:

    I congratulate Rubi on winning the show, but honestly I’m not surprised Chad predicted her. I think that Rubi winning the show tonight was very predictable.

  14. Jackie says:

    Okay, I am cured. No more relationship shows. Once again the dumb man picks the dumb hot chick. What a fool you are Ochocinco. Brittany I am so sorry that he did that to you. He deserves what he gets with Rubi, nothing.

  15. A Rosey1 says:

    There will be a Season 2. When you get tired of talking to yourslef…you will realize that you should ahve chosen Brit. It is a shame you felt like combing two famililes would have been a disaster….It could have beena really great thing if done with tact and care (and it’s apparent you ahve non). You’ve only solidified my thoughts about pro athelites….only going for beauty and nothing more. both you and T.O have made some really bad choices…..good luck with thos moments of silence-maybe it will give you time to think about how stupid you really are!

  16. Layla says:

    Wow! Chad you made a really bad decision picking Ruby. Why did you do the show if you were only looking for eye candy???? She has no substance and is def not a future wife for you. I guess you will learn the hard way:(

  17. Tara's #1 Fan says:

    And the winner is…..”RubiRebounder”

    Chad, obviously this show was meant for you to get over Cheryl

    Child Please……Tara was SICK…her laughter was your best medicine

  18. Mia says:

    I guess Chad is a step closer to being Hispanic. LOL!!

  19. Latoya says:


  20. MeanMe? says:

    I don’t like Ruby’s looks. I guess I’m the minority. I don’t think he looked at her face. Decent body although fake upstairs. Face is lagging. She’s boring. I HATE the flower. Yuck! She seems fake – trying to play the role. How can you be innocent with huge, fake implants? Sorry not buying it.

  21. Brad says:

    I heard Bernard Berrian may be getting his own reality show after this. After all, he’s on gonna be on Minute To Win It tomorrow at 8. Self promotion?

  22. Nox Sr. says:

    Chad, I enjoyed the show, especially to the challenges presented to you week by week. I agreed with your first choice and last choice. However, some of your earlier decisions I disagreed with because they may have given Ruby a much stronger competition without some of the obvious negative left among the last four. Sometime it take equally strong competitors to bring the “A”. Ruby knew her core strengths for the competition and she delivered. Consider this “haters”, when given the opportunity to shoot for an “A” vs “B” , always shoot for the “A”.

  23. Nox Sr. says:

    A lot of unfair negative comments towards your decision and Rubi. Those responsible quickly forget other positive attributes Rubi portrayed that made her more attractive and ultimately the winner. A reserved quality is highly admired in female especially from a males point of view, not to forget her consistently un-flawed presentation to her admirer (Chad), as well as his family accolades for her strong family values which is consistent within the Latino culture.

  24. grow up says:

    85..spend some media time by taking your kids out to dinner…instead of spending THOUSANDS on strangers on dinner..

    quality time is what will be remembered….maybe you don’t know how but now is the time to learn..and by going on a reality show thinking some women is really going to luv your kids like they should, is ridiculous..

    love yourself, your heritage, your name..this ‘ocho-cinco’ is a cry for ‘i really don’t like me’..and you didn’t even change it for religion reasons–ie’ muhammed ali..

    to be great is to truly accept DON’T..

    emmitt smith is great..kept his name
    gale sayers, i could go on…none of these brothas were/are not ashamed…why are you?

  25. Kobe's Lakers says:

    Although I think he and Britney would have had the better time, I hope he gets to enjoy Rubi as he would have enjoyed Britney. Jasmine, C’mon! How the hell do you think she would have been a good choice? I’m not saying she is dumb or anything, but C’mon!

  26. MeanieMe? says:

    Can you be innocent with big huge breast implants? I’m taking a poll. lol

  27. Dawn says:

    OK Chad, not the brightest move picking Rubi. Yes, she is beautiful, but she has no backbone and no voice. . . oh I get it, you want to walk all over her. You said that you didnt want your baggage and Brit’s baggage mixing, well you have plenty on your own and that was so selfish to say. You have multiple children with probably multiple baby mama’s – big mistake not picking Brit. Not sure that you even want to have a relationship at all with that level of immaturity that you are displaying. I watched the show with the hopes that you would find what you were looking for, however I was sorely disappointed and will NEVER watch anything Ochocinco again! What a disgrace!!

  28. Mobay49 says:

    Dear Chad,

    Playa player for life.

    How much is VH1 paying you too pretend?

  29. rick says:

    Chad I think you made a good choice by picking Ruby but Brit is a good girl too. You have 4 children by different women so how can you think of Brit having baggage or there being a problem with her 9 yr old son. What if your children does not like the woman you chose, will you get rid of her? Think about it son.

  30. Nae All Day says:

    I knew he wuz goin 2 pick her bcuz she’s good on the eye point blank but the show wasn’t nuthin but fun n games!

  31. frank says:

    First did she say she didn’t do anything with him and brittany had sex and still got eliminated. What a sucker chad is she wanted exposure for a singing career and didn’t get jiggy and still won. On top of that she doesn’t even love you. Man he got played heavy he may have the body and money but he’s an idiot unless he’s not looking for real love. Not trying to be negative just real but best of luck, man i would love to be in his shoes.

  32. pam says:

    i did not think any of the girls were for him. ruby is pretty and the best choice out of all the girls but not for him.

  33. Kimy says:

    This show was so fake.

  34. ladyKC says:

    I wanted Brit to win…I was so mad when he picked Ruby even though I was not suprised because all he talked about was her body and they didn’t have much else! All she could say is I’m family oriented. SHe is so DULL!!

  35. Missy says:

    WoW Rubi, another man choosing beauty over substance. Women like Rubi and Tara don’t need substance when you have men like Ochozero. It was all about looks for Chad. Well, Chad did say back in the day women thought he was too ugly and too black but i guess money can afford him the prettiest women all over the world.

  36. Jane says:

    Let’s get real people, was there ever any doubt that Rubi was going to win. Like it or not, since the beginning of time, looks have always been the number one factor men use when selecting a woman. Men are visual creatures and nothing wows a man like a woman’s outer beauty.

  37. Kathy says:

    Very predictable, i knew she was going to win, when i watched the 1st eposide…made the show boring…cuz i knew she’d win….we need more I LOVE MONEY SHOWS with these girls and the other new dating girl shows!!

  38. Chad says:

    If you guys liked The Ultimate Catch then you’ll love the NFL-themed Minute To Win It tonight at 8pm. Tune in! Great athletes competing for a great cause!

  39. CantWeAllJustGetAlong says:

    A lot of undue hate directed at Rubi. Yes what Chad did is a punk move, he should have chosen Brit, but cmon most of u all are like the two girls fighting over the guy that cheated in high school with your comments. The real critism should be directed at Chad himself and his cowardly decision. All that being said, I guess I was one of the few that DIDN’T expect him to choose Rubi because the show in previews or commericial breaks always showed negative things about someone (i.e. Tara, Brit, and even Rubi) during different episodes only to keep them at the end…that is why I thought Brit was definitely staying.

  40. Shay says:

    I dont understand why Chad would think or believe that he could find TRUE LOVE on television. Everyone knows that, when you get a reality show, you get all the rats, gold-diggers and anyone wanting their fifteen minutes of fame. Chad went about it the wrong way. Doesnt Chad know that gold-diggers come in every race!!

  41. Lou says:

    Yo my boy b twice is on NBC tonight at 8 pm on the show minute to win it. Its for a charity we’re both really into: second harvest. everybody’s gotta eat. please support my boy!

  42. Pat says:

    In regards to Chad thinking with his other head,I feel that this is proof that men have 2 halves of a head,one at the top and one at the bottom,and both halves meet up in the middle And of course the one at the bottom is the one that drives them to the wrong choices.He will never be true to one woman.I’m sure every one saw the same thing coming.I wish you luck Rubi

  43. sweetpineapple says:

    Way to go Rubi! You were the most cool and collected girl on the show and I thought you deserved to win. I hope things work out!

  44. Jana says:

    I think that she answered each question very well. I also hope that she focuses on herself and take it slow with Chad because the history of these shows is that they usually have more than one season, which means that there is a strong possibility that this “relationship” wont work. I have to say that its sad that men in Chad’s position can’t really run away from their past, but the question is, is he REALLY ready to be in a relationship? Look at the people that he surrounds himself around, friends like T O, ect because men usually hang around people that do what they do. Now is T O somebody that is ready to settle down?? Mmm, Rubi..just tread these waters with caution and don’t get played sister. :)

  45. Lavar says:

    Rubi was a good pick, Between her and Brittany was a difficult choice. The women on here refuse to understand why he chose Rubi, they think their assumptions are 100% correct and its not. Rubi was classy, sexy, & beautiful Brittany as well Along with Tiffany I’ll add Tara in also. His top 4 was a very hard choice. I get so sick of these sistas shaming him for not picking a black woman as if its illegal to date someone of another race. Chad u would have made the right choice in either of those 4 women.

  46. chyna doll says:

    I think the show was good but i tired of seeing at the end off all these reality show they dont never pick a black girl like come on rubi&brit was cool but i think tiff should have stayed he talking bout she might be to independent wtf is that.You need someone independent cause 9 out of 10 ya gone break up.An she will have something to fall back on.

  47. steve says:

    he had to pick rubi. rubis gorgeous. ocho should just stay true to her, shes a keeper

  48. dj420chillan says:

    TARA espically was the best there but since chad IS dating EVELYN im glad RUBI won cuz she sucks anyway…also ERICKA AND LAURICE were the other best two…RUBI deserves chad lmao but TARA ERICKA AND LAURICE deserve better =]

  49. Kat says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YOUR TRASH CHAD? You of all people have a crap load of kids and you want to dis the women who do. Get a damn real life chad because you are all about drama. Your show is a joke!! Men that get on t.v. and try to find a “women” are soo insecure themselves. In other words Chad: “POR FAVOR DUDE!!” What makes you think a real women wants to take care of your kids? It’s about money and you chose the perfect women to spend it..

  50. kat says:

    “Ultimate Catch my a*s?” Please…

  51. kat says:

    I don’t know who is worse? Chad or T.O…. Both seem to have issues and dsyfunctional family problems.

  52. Alex says:

    Any of you guys see Minute To Win it last night? What a cliffhanger! Tune in tonight to see if Chad’s boy, Bernard Berrian can win $250,000, or more!! Then, watch Visanthe Shiancoe and Pierre Thomas compete for $1 Million. Tune in tonight at 8 pm on NBC. See you there!

  53. Lee says:

    If the rumor is true about “Basketball Wives” Evelyn; I say why not? She seems to have the personality that would fit Chad’s lifestyle. Plus she has her own business and does not need to rely on him. Also, she’s no pushover. I say put Evelyn on your team Chad.

  54. Lamiya says:

    I am so happy that Rubi won I was thought she was the one from the begining. You go girl!!

  55. Ruby Fan says:

    I knew Chad would pick Ruby. The others were too needy and quite frankly…… desperate. Ruby always managed to keep it cool and remained a lady through it all.

    Now this new talk about Evelyn? lol Money greedy woman. Sure, she has her own business BUT SERIOUSLY?? If Chad hooks up with Evelyn- WARNING, be prepared for super high maintenance living and a potential cheater.

    Momma knows best, Chad- the winner is Ruby, hands down!

  56. St. Louis says:

    I think that the entire show was set up!!! Chad had picked Rubi from day 1. She was always number 1. Where’s the entrigue and suspense??? We all knew that she would end up with the ‘ring’.

  57. Denise says:

    I knew Chad would pick Rubi. Why? She was the most exotic looking. I was surprised that his mother and grandmother was not more real. They should have told him and the world that women like Rubi only wanted money and fame. They could care less about his kids. Black pro ball players need to ask themselves the ultimate question. Would these women like Rubi, Tara and the other non black women want them if they were everyday ordinary guys. No. Additionally, I think that guys like Chad are afraid of educated and successful black women.

  58. xchellex says:

    Chai i knew u was going to win girl.they always turn black down and beside he wanted u from day one.

  59. monique says:

    congrats girl on ur win man i could see his lips was soft from my living room tv and dat britt had the nerve to kiss his hand dam girl do u know wat i wldve done 2 be in ur shoes mmmm…well dat why she didnt get him cuz if she watch da other reality shows da ones dat give it up them da ones dat dont make it they just there 2 screw just keppin it real wit u and listen even if ur rekationship dont go as far as u want it if da infidelity comes men can only hold out 4 so long until they get an opportunity a mans going to be a man if p$$$$ throwen in his face he going to f$$$ plain and simple whatever ur man likes read up on it support him go to games (i know i would) so u dont have these akward moments he loves and breathes football u take an intrest in it too to keep him intrested in u and whatever else he likes u gotta have more than chemistry dats the icing of a relationship cuz believe me honey their attention span dont last dat long they like new and intresting things so keep him intrested besides physical and intimacy ur bond grow even stronger…

  60. monique says:


  61. Adelina says:

    Why is it everytime a Latin or white woman win some type of dating show with a black man. Black women has sh*% to say??? For starters no offense to the white women but yes I can see maybe even agree with a black woman that it could be a little if (y) with the white woman. However, when it comes to Latin women is completly different.#1.Latin people come in all colors #2. We are a strong dominant race as well #3. We are both minorities there for can relate to black culture.
    Both of my brothers/sister are married/kids with black women/man. I’m HAPPY that Rubi won shes real and didnt have to be fake in order to win!!

  62. Tammy says:

    I am so glad rubi won. I thank she has the class and style to mingle with the type of people that Chad is around. She is not on tv shows getting drunk, cussing and kissing diffrent men like the one on basketball wives, she is a fresh face and chad need to keep her for his own candy a flavor that no one in his business has taste.

  63. Melvyn Ellyson says:

    My concern is where are the black women and men on these vh1 realilty dating shows whenever the focus person on the show is black? When the focus person is white there may be 1 to 3 black competitors on the show. When the focus person is black nearly half the competitors are white, why is that? There always is a white person in the final elimation episode when the focus person is black, but when the focus person is white all the black competitors are eliminated in the early rounds of the show, why is that? Just a concern I needed to express, is there an anwser for my concern?

  64. Bengals Fan says:

    Chad and Rubi Are no longer together!! He was talkin bout possibly doing another show at his press conference introducing his cereal (Ocho Cinco’s) at Kroger in Newport Ky. Sorry Rubi Maybe you will still get your record deal but Not on Chads Coattails

  65. DaTruf says:

    Ruby gave him the cookies. That’s all he wanted. Uh, duh. Bu-Bye.

    She doesn’t have much to offer and it has nothing to do with her ethnicity. Period.

    Britney was worse. She was REALLY ugly and trashy. A strong personality in one person’s mind is just an obnoxious, self-absorbed big mouth to another. Das da truf.

  66. kate says:

    wow some poeple are just jealous !!

  67. Net says:

    I watch the show and wish the best for them. It will work if they believe in each other and trust one another. You have to let the past be the past and focus on the future. I hope Ruby continue to be positive and true to herself. And I pray that Chad be the man he claims to be because your reputation is everything.

    Good Luck

  68. Kevin E. says:

    Rubi won, and was supposed to have won. She was clearly the best choice. I would have wanted her and Heather both,at the same time, together.

  69. babybro says:

    @ Melvyn Ellyson

    Most likely it’s because it has to do with demographics. Number wise, white males, even though they have the most numerous IR relationship with Asian females, actually perform the least amount of IR relationships. It has to do primarily with the amount of white males in IR in comparison to white males in total. On the other hand. 31 percent of Asians marry outside of their race in 2008, but Asian males are the second lowest when it comes to IR relationships. This has to do with their smaller demographic population, and with a lot of their women dating outside of their race.

    Statistics has also shown that black women are the least likely, female wise, to marry outside of their race, so a lot of the reasons why you don’t see black women on a television show is because for some reason, many black women aren’t interested in white guys.

  70. Dianna Davis says:

    this is how i see it. rubi say there is somethin there that can grow to become love. if thats your man it should already be claimed. it like u make seem like its a sometimes thing here there kinda relationship. if u have a connection with someone that is soo strong it not a l.u.v type thing it not real love its puppy l.u.v stuff. having a strong connection with someone that is real n can become love is like loving with yo eyes close.. u feel there body heat and energy from there present an thier voice warms your soul with a tone. a real true connection is feel what a mother feel or a baby when its in the wound u feel in have a strong connection with someone u have not seen. i think you are lost about you think you feel. i dont feel u have a true proper feeling about chad ochocinco, i do feel like u are in the moment an wanting fame. i personal feel u are not ready. when there a silents that mean that there not a natural connection of the soul is not there. just phyical thats something people get confused on. about how they feel. that why u are not suppose to impulse on your feeling because they can give off false not downing u but i feel like u are not sure of your feeling about him because your passion in this interview is not real to me.

  71. shorty says:

    Do chad only date white or latina girls, because I felt like he let some pretty black girls go. Also we all knew that he was going to pick Rubi. And she really didn’t know who he was.

  72. Jas says:

    What is wrong with these guys

  73. Jas says:

    Why didnt he pick one of the black girls not being racist or anything but he had sum pretty one on he

  74. Karina says:

    I wish Chad & Rubi the best…i think Chad made the right choice by choosing Rubi…”Latinas do it better”(:

  75. Deanna says:

    I wonder if she ever got her ring back. I seriously doubt it. LMAO!!!

  76. queen says:

    please they are not going to be together after the show! this is just tv, wasn’t no connection except physical and you know that doesn’t last cause he get physical with anyone. If you can’t communicate their’s no real relationship period! Anyways he’s with that girl Evelyn from basketball wives. this is all just for tv a paycheck! look at all the other reality shows.

  77. Mickey B 101 says:

    why did he go through a show if he knew who he was gonna pick..ugh why put other women through that..its silly..and by the way Rubi isnt the one for him but if thats what he likes then oh well..

  78. nickie says:

    ochocinco need to stop there are natural black beautful woman that has natural beauty pretty brown silk skin why football player and basket ball player always look for woman out of there race i mean im black,white,indian so please dont think im a hater but to the world im 100 percent black hay brothers we are out there and we look good and we know how to use our muscles.

  79. tweety says:

    Chow boo kat stop hatin sound like to me you need to find your ultimate catch i wish them all the best luck.If there is a two chad you let a good woman get away. You should be thankful for love being found some of yall sound like hatters. Good luck guys Rubi keep your man and ocho keep your woman cause she been there for you since day1.

  80. Dontcare says:

    Ruby looks ugly with the 10 gallons of makeup. In some scenes I could not even see her face. I kept thinking: I wonder what she looks like it’s too hard to tell. A little makeup is good but why so much? She wears more than Kim K. but at least you can tell Kim K is pretty.

    Of course it’s not a real relationship. It’s tv dummies.

  81. vanessa says:

    WOW!! Congrulation RUBI!!! From the beginning YOU where the only TRUE LADY/WOMAN from the show!! VERY BEATIFUL inside and outside person you carry yourself very well!! Chad knew he did the right choice.. Good job. By the way Basketball Wives” Evelyn” She nasty she looks like a GUY!! and total GOLD Digger. So child please…

  82. maria smith says:

    i just want 2 say that when ppl make shows like this the relationship never last! I think chad should jst wait and that right girl will come 2 him bt if u have to do shows r whatever to find love thats stupid cuz yea u will get girls alot of girls cuz ur hot and got money bt u want someone that will be there for u even if u didnt have money r looked good for example its amazing when out n not worring about girls bt u jst happen to bump into someone and you guys started talking and click off the bat or feel there is something special about this one dont take her home and f**k her be a gentlemen take her hm and give her your phone number and meet up another day n dnt rush into sex cuz sex comlicates things.. With rubi yea she is pretty bt we all kw its not gona work out all hispanic women are jealous and crazy i would kw trust me chad bt we love to make our men happy tho!!!!!

  83. Tiara says:

    And he did do something with the Basketball Chick, because they show them together on the season of Basketball Wives… Sorry Ruby, but u can have better!!

  84. carolyn says:

    I think chad is cute if he does another show I’ll sign up

  85. Amanda says:

    This is kind of funny to read now that I just read somewhere else yesterday that he asked Evelyn to marry him…which would make her now a football wife right? LOL funny how that worked out.

  86. Angel says:

    I think Rubi is right she shouldnt worry about the rumors she should ask chad if he is cheating then leave his butt even though he is sexy

  87. Victoria Alexandre says:

    I like Evelyn alot, and I think she’s too good for Chad Ochocinco. She really can do better.

  88. 277050 says:

    What a lovely day for a 277050! SCK was here

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