The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2 Finale


The T.O. Show takes a huge right turn for its finale, ending up in a place that you couldn’t have predicted, even if you watched every episode this season. The biggest surprise? Terrell ends this season by proposing to ex-girlfriend Kari, who’s been absent for the nearly half the season. All along the show hinted at either a new relationship with Kita Williams, or a renewed one with his ex-fiancée Felisha Terrell, so all this is a bit of a shock. And it must be for Kari as well. We don’t get to hear Kari’s answer (she spends about 10 seconds trying to figure out if Terrell is serious). But here’s a bad sign: During a girls’ night out, Kita and Monique Jackson tells Felisha that Terrell still has the ring from their broken engagement. Is it the same ring he gives Kari later? We don’t know for sure, but it’s not a good way to start out a new engagement.

The finale’s other surprise is the end of Terrell and Monique’s professional relationship and friendship. It all starts with Terrell coming over to see Mo’s new baby. She tells Terrell that he should try to reconnect with his own son, which bothers him. In the above clip, Terrell hints that Monique should focus on doing her job instead of telling him what to do with his personal life. He also mentions that, because of her pregnancy, Monique’s “dropped the ball” on a few of his appointments. They start arguing, while Kita tries to calm each of them down. It doesn’t work. Could this episode be the series finale, as well as the season finale?

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. Disappiointedfan says:

    I can truly say that I have lost all respect for T.O. I was a huge fan. Truly he has great skills on the field but in life not so much. He talked so highly of his grandmother but shows such little respect for other women that have come into his life. The biggest thing you how can u call yourself a man when you can’t stand up and take care of something that you created!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Baby Mama” situations can be difficult but if you didn’t want to deal with maybe you should have some protection.

    Wish I would have never seen the show at least then I could respect the man for the game.

  2. brandyonmylips says:

    look mo he does like himself because his dad did like him. so he does the same to his son and knows he is do it. just because that is his child means as much to him as it did to Terrell dad. get over it and my your own bees wax.. and your the type of women he hates black and telling the truth, what his son? black. what is he? what the baby mom? he was getting a quick and landed 18 years of payments..

  3. A Rose says:

    Grow up Terell….Getting engaged will not make that lonely feeling you have go away and please tell me you had the sense o buy a new ring for Kari. You need to find out who you are and fight the demons inside of you. Once that is done, your life will fall into place. Gwetting engageed will only add more pressure and w=she will walk off woht half….LOL Good Luck….boy you and Chad are really slow…..I am shocked and expected a bit more from you both….

  4. Tiffany Hill says:

    I understand where Mo is coming from and he should also. He did not like the way his father treated him and Mo understands that because they have that in common. Terrell will at some point have to come to terms wth that child and his mother because when he grows up and approaches him as a man, Terrell will have to answer him as a man, and the excuses he is giving now will not be acceptable then. It will seem as though he is coping out and putting the blame of no relationship on the mother. Mo is right and he needs to recognize that and move on.

    Also, I hope that Kari says no. She is not the one for you, she wants the power, money and all the perks of being your wife. Player was played by a nothing on National TV. She is going to get what she wanted all along, a ring, wedding, money, house and a child in 6 months and you will continue to argue and she is going to divorce you and get alimony and live well. Think about it playa.

  5. Mrs. Choice says:

    T.O. I was a huge fan until this last episode you really showed your true color. Mo high five because you are a true friend, because a true tells the truth and not what you want to hear. In other words Terrell Owens you have just announced on t.v. you are a dead beat dad. Your grandmother need to whoop your a**, that child didn’t as to be here Eddie Murphy Jr. This is not BURGER KING “Have it your way” man up butt hole.

    Another disappointed fan

  6. Mrs. Choice says:

    by the way I meant “a true friend will tell you the truth”

  7. Mrs. Choice says:

    I meant “a true friend will tell you the truth no matter what”

  8. leah says:

    There is no way in hell this show is not scripted!!! Why else would he propose to Kari?

  9. SMH says:

    watching that last episode of T.O. made me lose sooooo much respect for T.O…one thing i can’t stand is a man that is sooo selfish and has not seen his own SON that he has brought into this world because of some trifling argument…it makes me very sick..

    the nfl may wanna think twice about putting these so-called high profiled playas on tv with reality shows..cuz we are seeing their true character and they are gonna lose a lotta fan base..

    T.O. and 85 have a lot of self reflecting to do (like the rest of us)..they are no better..i’m so surprised 85′s momma didn’t counsel 85 better on what ‘really makes for a good woman” esp when you already have 4 damn kids…and T.O–at least he has a therapist..but i got upset when he told Mo to mind her own business…which is sad–it only goes to show him and the world that the people/family he is around don’t REALLY give a ratz azz about him personally..cuz he should have been told that-(what Mo told him about his son) a long time ago..grow up T.O…95% of people around you are there for the fame and money..quit football and see/find out who will still be me on this one…Mo was keeping it real..

  10. SMH says:

    i meant to reference T.O…but with him, he is lost..but to white women, again, don’t matter..long as the money is there…

    the man is sooo can see it in his eyes..

    then post it!

  11. 2muchbootyindapants says:

    forget she is white… she is 20 he is 36 and its starting to show.. do you think when he is 40 and she is 24 they will be with each other.hell no he will be looking for his first baby mama hoping she invested those child support payments well and will take him back.. because his career will be over and black lips will be out of style.

  12. 2muchbootyindapants says:

    his body is young but the face is getting old. i think the men call it a butter face everything is good but the face

  13. ccrunner says:

    When you are fired up about topics that are probably the most sensitive to talk about. It is normal for ANYONE to have the reactions that T.O. had. T.O. I have respect no matter what. The only thing i do recommend is that you get your head on with your child. my father is trying to get back into my life now… and i don’t care to have that closure. Don’t blow away the finer creations that you have made. Take the love of the game to a whole different level. Be that great father.. the passion you have for your other 2 daughters def. shows that you have what it takes to be a great mentor

  14. vannie says:

    I am so shocked at TO’s behavior towards Mo, she only has his best interest in mind, she should be able to talk to him about such personal items as his son, grow up TO and be a father to your son, don’t treat him the way your dad treated you, you didn’t like it. Why did you propose to the woman from hell!! – Don’t you realize that she is a gold digger and the only thing she wants is your money, you two will continue to fight because you don’t get along, once she marries you you will lose the battle because I predict in less than a year you will be divorced and your pockets will be lighter!!

  15. SexyBlack81 says:

    T.O is out of line. How can you keep repeating the cycle. Just cause your relationship is strained with the mother, you don’t stay away. EPIC FAIL!

  16. Redbearwoman says:

    This man must have not gone to school beyond high school;either that, or he was asleep in his psychology class…he was truly played by a young, slick chick who just wants his money…real players recognize fake players – anyone could see her plan from the get-go, but not this idiot T.O. I hope she gets ahold of his checkbook, empties it, takes and pawns the ring, gets the car she dreams of, a new home in her name only (to prove his love, she will say, calls the police and tells them he beat her, and sends his butt to jail – that seems to be the only place he will be forced to listen and learn. He is pitiful. Somebody called it “butter face”; it is a poison bottle face, a Skeletor; could such an arrogant, shallow woman fall for him if he did not have money? Of course not. Mo will get the last laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh, yes, and Kari too! and, as a black mother of sons, I can’t hate her for doing what she does best!

  17. Lil Momma says:

    T.O. did you learn your lesson from O.J.. I have lost all respet for you now. I really thought you were a nice guy. But now I see it was scprited. I would not want my son to look up to you at all anymore. How you handled that situation with Mo was so wrong. I hope you grow up real soon. Having a 20 year girlfriend is not smart at all. It is like babysitting your next door neighbor and playing games with her.

  18. Reality,Really? says:

    Ok TO has made some mistakes…a lot of them, but haven’t we all. Don’t judge one person’s actions as being the absolute worse just because you aren’t guilty of doing the same. I do think MO was right to tell TO how she felt as a friend, but keep in mind she can be kind of brash. I wasn’t as disappointed with the finale as I thought I would be bc “didn’t we all expect that he would get back with Kari?” I don’t think they will be a good couple because marriage is not going to make their issues better…better not marry in Cali; their divorce laws are harsh. TO said it best “He never gives up” and Kari knew how to bait him…she is a challenge to him; it’s the athlete in him. He needs to realize that some games just aren’t worth winning. Kita does seem like the obvious choice but maybe she knows too much about his activity as a man to even consider him as a possibility and if it doesn’t work out…a good friendship will be ruined. I don’t think any woman should consider marrying him until he straightens out his “father issues”. To the poster, SMH, there is a disclosure after all his shows that state the NFL is not affiliated with the show nor any of the views expressed in the show. However, I do think the show has a potentially negative impact on their reputations as players. We get too much insight into their lives & we make judgments off edited material. The public makes the mistake of putting these guys up on a pedestal…they just happen to be on TV, but many I’m sure never asked to be a role model. If you put your trust in man, he will disappoint you every time. So put your trust in Jesus or self and have your kids do the same. How much do we really know about people on TV, yet we easily give them the title of “role model” and be ready to strip it all away as soon as they make one mistake. Please have a little more MERCY.

  19. LBrim says:

    I agree with everyone here that T.O needs to GROW UP! He has a lot of unresloved issues in his life, and its good that he’s in counseling, but the way he did Mo was wrong…..she poured out her heart to him and was honest because she cared about him, but obviously, he didn’t appreciate the truth coming from her and turned the issue around on her, which is pretty childish. I don’t blame Mo at all for leaving him!

  20. Joyce says:

    Marriage is not for T.O. now just like the dog was not solving his lonely, unfulfilled problem It was easy giving the dog back without a problem, but try getting rid of Kari as easyly. Try and see how she reacts with his daughters. She is so immature, insecure and possessive she would not want to share them with him either. So he will dismiss his daughters just like his son and Mo. You lost a fan T.O.

  21. jerine lewis says:

    he’s such a cutie

  22. Tiredfan says:

    I must say I loved T.O.’s show; however I don’t have any respect for him or his buddy Ochocinco. It’s ok to lay down with a black woman and have these black kids, but all you ever see them doing is chasing after these white women that wouldn’t give them the time of day if they didn’t have any money. I am sick of him running after this Kari chick. You would think she is the only woman on the planet. I personally like Felisha better. She seems to be more geniune. I bet you if he has a baby with Ms.Kari he will be in that baby’s life and showing the baby off every chance he gets. If black men think white woman are so much better. They need a reality check. What it says is you don’t like yourself. Yes, it’s ok if you are really truely in love with a person for who they are and not because it’s cool or the “in” thing to do when you become famous and acquire some money is to put a white woman on your arm. All these black men that have mothers, grandmothers and especially daughters what are you saying to them. They probally don’t think that deep into it. What you are saying is you are ok to make a baby with, but you are not good enough to put on my arm. I tell you what if alot of these successful black men were to loose all of their money I bet they would loose the white woman as well. They don’t give credit to sister that support them to thick and thin. All I ever hear is black women argue too much and white woman don’t. Get a clue! The black female really care about you and that why there’s emotion. The white woman and no not all woman, but you know who you are they don’t argue because they aren’t concerned about what you are doing because they don’t care about you all they care about is the money so of course there will be nothing said about what you do. I hope T.O. really takes sometime to look at his life and look within himself so things will become clear.

  23. Chris says:

    Anyone know the name and artist of the song at the ending of the finale? Thanks.