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  1. Dwayne says:

    Congratulations to Rubi. Chad reaffirmed in the season finale why you were drafted as his number one pick when he picked you. You’ve got it all Rubi. Style, class, a sense of humor, you’re passionate about life, and you’re beautiful as hell. I hope your relationship with Chad blossoms into a warm, strong, intimate relationship, and I wish you the both in your future endeavors, as you seek to build on the foundation you’ve both established for yourselves.

  2. jessica says:


  3. pop says:

    did she say yes

  4. debbie says:


  5. tia tam says:

    of course, we don’t see everything in the real story, but from a viewer’s standpoint, i sensed more chemistry with Felisha than Kari. kari came off as a brat and way too young… a game player. i was really rooting for Felisha.

  6. Krystallynne says:

    Did Kari say yes? Hopefully NOT!

  7. PAT says:

    please keep mo i like her more than keda

  8. Deizel says:

    So did she say Yes or No?? What happened with Monique are you two still friends and working together??

  9. BJ says:

    I hope the proposal was not a knee jerk response. Mo and Victor just had a baby, t.o.’S career was in limbo until recently.
    The love between Terrell and Keri does not come across. I hope she says no because I don’t think she really loves him. She does not seem to “have his back”. She is still too young and inexperienced in life to deal with a man as complex as Terrell, especially with all of the life baggage he will bring to a relationship

  10. MsTiki says:

    I totally agree with Jessica. Afterall these guys are in it for the publicity. I think both TO and Chad should stick with football…..they are better at that. Hope this is their last season. Both shows were very predictable. By the way the only reason I watch TO is because of his publicist….great strong women of Color.

  11. Teresa Barreras says:

    What did Kari say?

  12. Jan says:

    Why do you black men forget where you came from when you start making money. You forget about the black sister. You and Chad both have 4 kids by different women. Where is your morals. According to the word. That is called fornicating. You should appreciate Mo and Keda. Mo was just being real. A real friend will tell you the truth. Do not Marry carrie. You are not ready for marriage. Spend more time with God.

  13. Yvette says:

    Wow! Interesting episode tonight! I think Mo needs to be put in her place because Terrell has to deal with his young son on his own and in his own way. She needs to remember who she is working for. She isn’t the boss of Terrell. Now on Terrell and the women in his life. I think he needs to break off things for good with Kari, no hooking up, no booty calls, or nothing like that. He needs to continue with the therapist because he has relationship issues. He shouldn’t be proposing to anyone right now. I do think he should take a look at what went wrong with your ex girlfriend who you proposed to 5 yrs ago. There is better chemistry there to the point where if you both talked it out and went to therapy you could possibly start a new relationship and learn from past mistakes.

  14. Nicole says:

    If the T.O. show comes back I will boycott it, I can’t believe people are more worried about him marrying the young Kari (which was just publicity for the finale;not happening) than they are about him not being involved in his young son’s life. After shedding tears about his own Dad on the first season, how dare you T.O., you are egotistical, self centered, and couldn’t even acknowledge Mo’s pain about her own father (which is why she felt so strongly, along with having a new baby) that makes you a selfish creep T.O., and in the future I plan to ignore you and your show, just like you do your son!

  15. Nella says:

    A guy that has 4 kids by 3 women is certainly no ultimate catch, he’s an ultimate looser! Besides, he’ll be broke shortly after his career is over. (Mark my words)

    A guy that is having a hard to seeing his son for the first time in the kid’s 3 years of life is probably difficult, considering he already has 3 other kids spread throughout America.

    Vh1-shame on you for televising garbage that perpetuates and rewards repulsive behavior that continues to plague our community.

    To Chad and Terrell – you guys are an embarrassment!!!

  16. Trulaydei says:

    I have never blogged but heard of it. I had to do this. Didn’t watch the first season. Pretty much watched the second. Did anyone else see how T.O trashed Mo. She admitted she was wrong and came off too strong..and he trashed her..Said maybe she was spendin too much time on her family and kids and not him…It broke my heart. This comes from a man chasing women and not his kids. Havent even seen his son. HIS SON!ATLIN. He trashed a friend of several years, who opened her soul to help him understand what he’s doin to his child after jus havin a child herself. I thought he would see…and run to his son and ask for forgiveness..but he ran to a white girl and got on his knees and asked her to marry him. Not on his knees begging Atlin for forgiveness for not being his dad, there for him, guiding him. Why? Can anyone tell me why this black man, trashed a black woman, thru away his son, and ran to a white girl to fulfill his life, to complete him. I think I saw it wrong.

  17. felicia says:

    I was really sad by what happen on the finally.I am really disappointed that you are not making sure that all your kids are apart of each other lives and growing up together. You no how this feels instead working on relationships with women first find a better therapist and a pastor to counsel you. You have help yourself to help your kids then maybe be a husband since you did then out of order. God Bless

  18. Heather says:


  19. Deanna says:

    I think Terrell was right to put MO in her place. She is unprofessional. As his publicist they need to draw a line in the sand and know their place. I think Kita understands this although she does overstep every now and then its not as bad as MO. He is their client one of there sources of income. Yet, MO is constantly biting the hand. She wouldn’t be a publicist of mine because she is way too nosy.

  20. D. Ferrell says:

    I think that T.O. and Kita should be together. They fit together like a glove.

  21. digitaleyecandy says:

    people who do not get the type of love they want from a parent have trust issues (with family members and friends) and always want the upper hand in the relationship. they never feel they have it because they are always searching for the love that only a parent can give. i wont be mean but i will say its not between a twenty year old legs.i am also someone with no relationship with my dad he wants one but i remember all my mom went through with him. she never told me bad things about him but she did say when i was five to my dad when she grows up and you miss everything she will remember you were not there and i do.

  22. Kind Lady J says:

    T.O., Why would you propose to someone that doesn’t trust you and that you can’t get along with. It doesn’t get better when you marry. The problems are compounded! You think you are unhappy now . . .Pray about it!

  23. Mary says:

    I really dont think that Kari is the one for Terrell…I really think that if you marry anyone you should marry Kita. She seems to know how to handle you..and the way you guys look at eachother…….I see nothing but LOVE…. I mean when I watch the show I loook at you through the television with the same look…LOVE! LOL

  24. Drama Free says:

    Wow!….Just because he’s “Lonely”….he ask this chick to marry him!…Wow! what low self esteem he has!….and it looks like she had the look of…”N…please!”…on her face LOL….

    If she marry’s the fool…I hope she does an ex mrs toger woods! on his ass!….TAKE EVERY! DIME!!!! LOL ….
    That makes the Sista’s feel soooo good! when that happens!…it serves the “Traders”! right…yea girl marry that desperate acting fool! and take em to the cleaners!!!!…..

  25. Drama Free says:

    Turned his back on his children Turned his back on there mother’s Turned his back on his community (that he came! from)….did you see where he grew up…damn! atleast he could have went back and built atleast a new! Play Ground!!! or something! to build up his old community…

    Do you guys ever wonder….what “Stars” go back to where they grew up….and tried to make it better!???? we all should Stop! supporting these folks who do not! support there old communities! that so sorely need the help!…Shame on allll the “Stars/Rappers/Actors/Singers/ect ect ect…especially from our communities…shame on you all who really don’t give back to where you came! from and many of you helped destroy! before you …”made it”….Sad Sad sad and remember …God…. is watching!

  26. lovegodfirst says:

    I think it is highly tragic that Terrell has chosen not to acquaint himself with the four year old son Atlas, who does not know him as a father. Perhaps, the mother is not an individual who Terrell can get along with however, the child should not be punished for his mother’s transgressions. I cannot understand how any man or woman who does not spend time with their children, can even sleep well at night, then again perhaps, that is why so many times, their lives are chaotic and peace is absence. I think that Terrell as many viewers here have posted, should take time to focus on his children more before he worries about finding a life partner. At this time, his life is still far from being trauma and yes, drama free therefore, the best thing for anyone to do in such a stressful situation, is to handle the issues at hand before choosing to pursue another challenge or goal otherwise, everything will become conflicted. Perhaps Terrell is concerned about the wrong things in his world for right now, his primary goal should be to strengthen his relationships with his daughters and build the one he has yet to cultivate with his baby son. I cannot imagine what it would be like not to know my own child and pray to the Lord, never to be in such a tragic place.

    Keep Love Alive!

  27. Chris says:

    Anyone know the name and artist of the song at the ending of the finale?

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