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It’s evident from Brittany’s post-show interview below that he has little to no hard feelings about not being chosen as Chad’s ultimate catch (a lot of that could have to do with her enduring friendship with Rubi). Below, the Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch runner-up talks baby daddy drama, her connection with Chad and how the presence of cameras affected her mysterious illness.

How was your time on the show?

It was a really good experience. It was a great opportunity. It was something I’ve never experienced before. It kinda felt like going to college and being part of a sorority house but ironically, all the girls were dating the same guy. [Laughs]

What do you think it was that ultimately led Chad to choosing Rubi over you? Was it the baby daddy thing or did it go deeper than that?

The baby daddy thing I think was a scapegoat. I think that was just an easy way of saying, “I was gonna pick Rubi from the jump.” They had chemistry from the first night. He picked her for the first dance. His eyes locked with her. Rubi is actually one of my really good friends now. So she’s a really great person inside and out. I know this sounds really kind of twisted but it came down to me and her feeling like, “If he picks you, I’m OK with that,” and “If he picks you, I’m OK with that.” I don’t know. Our personalities were almost on the same level. Even though I know me and him had a little bit of connection, I think choosing her makes the story play out a little bit better. Her sister entered her into this show, and it was all so coincidental. It did kind of suck to lose but I’m very happy for her.

Do you think they’re going to last? Rubi says she and Chad are actively pursuing something.

I mean, I would hope that it would and I hope that Chad has changed. It’s media, so who knows what’s true and what’s not, but I heard he’s already back on his game! He already has his pimp game rollin’ like, this girl, that girl. For Rubi’s sake, I hope that it works itself out because she has too big of a heart and she’s too naïve to see any different.

In the finale, we heard you say, “I never felt this way about a guy in such a short amount of time.” Is that true?

I think I genuinely meant that, yes. You have to understand that on these shows, you’re pulled away from your family, you’re pulled away from your work, you’re pulled away from your normal life. You don’t have a cell phone, you have no privacy. I now understand being on a show, how crazy these women can get over this guy. When you’re watching, you’re like, “Oh my god, this woman is crying over this guy. She’s only been with him for two weeks.” You have to understand you are with these girls and this guy all day all night, everyday with no outside connection. No TV, no books to read, no computer, no cell phone. You’re not checking your text messages to see if your ex-boyfriend texted. You are solely reliant on this one fella. So if he just rubs your knee you’re like, “Oh my gosh! I got a little attention today!” If he gives you some little attention you’re like, “Oh yeah!”

Are you saying that with some perspective you look back and realize it wasn’t that deep?

I felt like obviously the situation had a huge role on [my feelings] and it played out really big. But at the same time, Chad is very charming. He has a good personality. He’s very funny. So yeah, the feelings are real, it’s just more highly intensified because of your surroundings and the kind of situation that you’re put in. But yeah, the groundwork was definitely laid because he is a great person and his personality, so yeah you are really drawn to that.

Did your son watch the show?

Well, when he’s with his father, no. His father feels that it’s inappropriate. But when he’s with me, he’s like, “You know, my dad doesn’t let me watch you on TV.” He’s like so supportive of everything I do. I used to play for this football league and he would come to all my football games and my practices and he was really excited with that. He was excited when I did Hawaiian Tropic, like, “Oh my mom does this calendar! My mom’s on this billboard!” I have him on Sunday nights, so we’ll cuddle up and watch the show. He loved it.

Is that awkward during the romantic moments?

When I did the dance for Chad on the second-to-last episode, I put my hands over my son’s eyes. He was laughing. He is not your typical 9-year-old child. He’s very smart. He’s in the gifted class. People talk about nature or nurture, and I believe how you raise your kid is how they’re gonna turn out. So when they do go out into nature, they have those morals and everything that was instilled at a very young age. I know he’s not going to be like, “Oh my god, I saw my mom do this sexy dance on TV. I hate all women, they’re all sluts!”

Chad’s main red flag was not your son, but his father’s presence in your life. Was that fair?

I actually don’t think it was fair but if that’s the only bad thing you can say about me, then I think I’m doing pretty well. I told Chad, “You have three baby mommas — who are you to point your finger to me when I have one? I have full custody and I say what goes. This is my past. You said you didn’t wanna judge anybody from their past. I wouldn’t judge you from your past.” He was just really shocked by all that.

You were sick for much of the finale and the episode before that. Did you ever figure out what it was?

I never figured it out, and I’ve never been as sick as I was as I was on the show. Probably an hour before Chad’s mom arrived, I all of a sudden just felt so lightheaded. My head was pounding. I felt so sick. I thought I had a migraine. And everybody had thought that I had drank too much, but I’d only had one drink the night before. I don’t know if it was just a bad virus but I ended up way worse than the migraine. I started getting sick from both ends, like violently. I started hugging the toilet. I ended up staying in bed for three days. Finally, by the third day, they brought in a doctor to give me a shot. And he gave me a shot that had a combination of three antibiotics and he also prescribed me five medicines. I had a 103 temperature. It was horrible.

Was it humiliating that the doctor had to come in and give you a shot in your butt?

A little bit but at the point it’s almost like when you give birth to a kid — when you get to that extreme point of pain, you don’t give a flying f*** who walks in. You’re so disoriented because you’re in so much pain, and you just don’t even care. I was so miserable and it was even harder because you had a camera in your face the whole time. You don’t have any you time. Like I can’t go to the bathroom and throw up because I got a freakin’ camera chasing me behind my ass. It just made it even more stressful.

When you returned to the room after your final date with Chad, you implied that things got physical. Do you care to elaborate on that?

[Laughs] Whatever happens behind closed doors, happens behind closed doors. That’s all I can tell you.

What did you think of your portrayal on the show?

I mean, I kissed my thumb? What the f***? Remember that in the sled? That was a pinky swear sealed with a kiss. So no, I don’t think editing always made me come off as true to who I was. I feel like when you’re in the interview spot and you’re talking about the situations for hours at a time, you get to be dry, so you kind of up your personality a little more. I came across way cheesier than I normally am. I know that but other people don’t know that. So it’s up to them. They’re gonna judge regardless. If I cared what other people thought I would have been in trouble a long ass time ago.

Do you have any regrets?

I never regret anything I ever do. I wouldn’t do it if I was gonna regret it. I’m a little more open, I guess. I know that people found a clip of me doing a sexy dance on YouTube. I was in a music video and my friend wanted me to do something for his music that he’s trying to put out. I totally forgot that was on YouTube, and the minute I came back from the show, somebody found it and retagged it with a new title. Then my ex-husband’s like, “I can’t believe you were on the Internet doing that sexy dance.” I’m like, “Listen, I didn’t take my clothes off, I wasn’t doing anything overly risqué.” I teach pole and striptease. This is what I do. It’s okay. It’s socially acceptable in L.A. or Vegas and stuff like that, but here, outside Chicago, they think I’m a porno star. [Laughs]

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