Fantasia Barrino: Professional Survivor



If Fantasia has a career angle, it’s one of simple existence — or maybe, conscious, simple existence. Recently, both she and her rep referred to her as an “open book” (she in a New York Times profile, her rep in a letter to TMZ that followed her suicide attempt last month). Her career has always been about baring her soul (she didn’t stumble into the genre of that name by accident), and when we interviewed her earlier this year, we discussed how this ethos made her perfect for reality TV (and will undoubtedly continue to do so, as the second season of Fantasia for Real premieres Sunday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c).

In tandem with this confessing was drama to confess — drama that stretched back way before American Idol (concerning her rape as a teenager, dropping out of high school and becoming a young mother) and way after (her legal battle with her father, her financial woes and her affair with Antwuan Cook). But for now, it would seem that the storm has settled. In a recent three-sentence “exclusive” “interview” with, Fantasia told the gossip site, “I’m doing much better now. I’ve got my strength. I’m OK.”

But, of course, that’s relatively speaking as she suggested to the Times that while her emotional woes may have abated, her financial ones rage on. On her debt, she explains, “I created the monster myself. I’m big on family and I want to see everybody happy. That’s where I messed up.” On one hand, her accountability is admirable, if not unexpected (her team didn’t even attempt to shroud her suicide attempt in secrecy, taking just a few hours to lay it all out there in the aforementioned note to TMZ after initial news of her overdose broke). On the other hand, though, she’s something of a self-powered machine — creating (some of) her own problems and then tending to them. Most of us are similar machines, really, and that’s why Fantasia’s so easy to root for — her humanity is tangible, just like the pages of an open book. [The New York Times]

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  1. Sista Djay says:

    I just want to say to Fantasia. Keep your head up and be encouraged nomatter what you’ve gone through. There is always a ram in the bush. I am praying for you always. You have the victory over these trials of life. When you’re weak thats when you’re strong.The Saints are lifting you up. There is so many things God has for you to do because your testimony has to be heard so many can get delivered and set free from their trials. The lord is using you. Your voice is annointed an is a gift from God. Continue using it and don’t give up. Be Blessed! Sista Djay

  2. Roslyn Ryans says:

    Fantasia, God is with you. I saw you in NYC in the opening of Color Purple with you as Cele. You were so natural in the part. Every song and expression came from your heart. Your voice soared like an angel. No doubt God put you on this earth for a reason. Live your dream darling and don’t suffer fools. Sometimes we have to give tough love,even and especially to family. Take Lance Armstrong’s words a step further – “Live Strong and Love Strong” Sometimes when you really love something you do have to let it go. If the love is real, it will come back to you. Yes, I mean your brother. Don’t let him manipulate your feelings for him. Hold him to God’s truth for him too. God has a purpose for him. Ask him to search his heart and tell you what he knows to be God’s truth in him and the path God means for him to follow. If he doesn’t know now, he has much work to do. God will order his steps as he has yours. You must also believe this so you can help your brother be strong, not just for the family, but really for him. He will thank you later when he is living his dream.
    God bless you each day. You are a gift to the world. A few years back my cousin was in either Houston or Dallas and got on an elevator in an office building and you were on the elevator. It was before Color Purple. She said you were so sweet and greeted her like a true southern girl who was “raised right”. She could see the purity in your face. You are the real deal girl and don’t let anyone change you or take your focus away from what is real and good for you and your family….Be Blessed. Your struggle helps me each day meet my challenges as a single mom. My son is in college now in Macon and I struggle to keep him there. I have a good job, but it is still a struggle. I know my hard times will seem like nothing knowing I am helping my son realize his dream. Hearing you sing makes me feel like I can do anything! Stay strong Fantasia!

  3. applonia martinelli says:

    yeah, and with all due respect, God will also judge.i’m not on here to judge her, but she was completely wrong for going after another woman’s husband,and to hear her always praising God and crying on stage, jumping up and down, taking her shoes off! c’mon now, sounds a bit hypocritical to me.and then to try take somthing precious as “Life” which was given you by God? …hmmm i dont know about that. i wish you the best though because you have a great voice, but i dont feel sorry for you because if you are the christen you claim to be then you knew better.theres not a man, problem, or anything on this earth that would make me want to kill myself, you see, i love God, and life to much, and i have FAITH in him knowing that whatever i go through he will help me to over come, good luck fantasia i really do wish you the best but remember..the world is passing away and so is its fleshly desires, but those who does the will of God remains forever…..oh,tell VH1 that they need to give Aunt Bunny and Teeny thier own show, those two are sooooo funny, they really make the show.

  4. pat evans says:

    Fantasia’s brother Teeny makes her show very uninteresting. He has no talent. He only makes her look bad. I’m sure his living off of her. Very sad! Should find a regular job. I hate watching the show when he is on there. Please, please take him off. He’s going nowhere. Believe this! Yes, I know she loves him, but love him off the show. Would be much, much better without him!!!

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