Fantasia Breaks Down In Tears On Wendy Williams


Leave it to Wendy Williams to ask the question that’s been on everyone’s mind when she hosted Fantasia on her talk show‘s couch earlier this morning: “Did you think about your daughter?” She was, of course, referring to Fantasia’s August suicide attempt, and that’s all it took to have the singer reaching for the tissues. Check out the moment above, wherein the perpetually honest to a fault Fantasia explains, “At the time I wasn’t really thinking about anybody…” Fantasia also discusses the stress she experienced supporting multiple members of her family. Since that was such a major part of the first season of Fantasia for Real, this conversation in turn bridges into a small preview of what to expect from the second season of Fantasia for Real (premiering Sunday, September 19 at 10/9c).

In happier talk-show moments, on yesterday’s Live with Regis and Kelly, Fantasia talked about finally getting her GED — her desire to pledge the Delta sorority had something to do with it! Watch that clip below.

Finally, TMZ has a clip of Fantasia at an airport, in which they claim “It’s been one month since Fantasia Barrino attempted to kill herself with Aspirin and a sleep aid — but now, the time has come to crack some jokes about it…at least according to Fantasia.” Actually, this is not according to Fantasia but whatever paparazzo was bothering her — he asks her if she’s taken Aspirin recently and she responds she’s switched to Tylenol. Basically, she’s goaded into playing along (lest she not answer and be branded uncooperative) and then accused of making light of her life-or-death situation. Apparently, being thrown under the bus is for all kinds of reality stars, not just those on competition shows.

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  1. janet ramsos says:

    Wendy is a useless piece of crap…This poor woman has to sit and ans. her questions…who the he%# is Wendy Williams…

  2. Drae" says:

    love you!

  3. kaykay says:

    personally i am so very proud of tasia for doing her thing. she finally got her ged, and i know that was a huge task for her. i dropped out in the 11th grade and i went back for my diploma and i got it in 2006 and now i am a student of virginia college majoring in criminal justice, so i know how hard it is. and for those that have found themselves in the same situation, don’t give up keep pressing forward with your dreams because it will all pay off in the end!!! congratulations to u fantasia for a job well done…..girl laugh at your haters and let them motivate you!!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Tasia, I wish you the best life and God has to offer for you and your family. I would encourage you to seek some type of spiritual counseling or a therapist that will help you deal with what got you to this point before so you can helped as a whole. God Bless

  5. Darcus says:

    Hanging in there, god has your back…

  6. LaFaith says:

    Thank You Fantasia and Stay Strong!
    Be proud of who you are and let people know none of US are PERFECT…PEACE ALWAYS AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  7. Jackie says:

    My prayers remain with you. Keep your head up and do your thing because you are the best, and there will always be haters out there. Take time to enjoy life because you only pass this way once.

    Much love and admiration


  8. Lindy says:

    God bless Fantasia she is such a sweet soul. But I do agree that bless her heart she is “honest to a fault.” This is a trait I hope she reigns in. Not that I want her to be dishonest I just want her to save some of her for her not share so much.

    She is a lovely young woman who deserves the best. I felt for her as she talked to Wendy Williams but she held her own. Good for her.

    Fantasia sweetheart keep your head up God is blessing you. You know the enemy gets busy when God is getting ready to bless. Keep being you because you are wonderful.

  9. Acappellla says:

    Wow, Fantasia is so honest about her personal business. Honest to a fault is exactly right! I hope you come back big with your singing career because you truly have a beautiful voice. May God bless you and keep you safe!

  10. lindsay says:

    fantasia is the epitome of a survivor. i cant say if i went through what that girl went through that i would still be standing. we all saw her lazy, mooching, ghetto family that used her and just expected to be taken care of. it makes me wonder how they survived before she won “american idol”. i hope they realize now that fantasia is NOT superwoman and she needs to be taken care of too.

  11. Ayesha says:

    They say suicide is a selfish act im believing that everyday when you see a suicide victim and you know he or she got a spouse and a child(ren)you automatically think without trying that how could they do this when they have dependents? they didn’t think of them and that’s incredibly sad

  12. Michelle says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone is so happy to make money off others pain. Wow wendy was that really worth it to what end will you go for a buck. Fantasia you keep your head up everyone has made some mistakes. Just don’t make another one like going on wendy whatever show. I am praying for you, you will make it

  13. Lisa M says:

    Fantasia is the best, keep up the GREAT WORK baby .

  14. Penny...Balto.,Md. says:

    Well, for the first time since all this has happen, i felt u, i could hear and feel how it effect u, andso my heart goes out to u…u answered ur questions with ur head up…learn from ur misstakes and keep it moving.

  15. charles says:

    getting a GED is nice but not that big of a deal . some woman act as if no other woman ever tried to teach them a thing or two , first off dont mess with another woman’s man he’ll tell you anything you want to hear. dont sell yourself cheap. Always carry yourself with pride and respect if you dont respect yourself nobody else will either. And most of all quit having these OOW babies as soon as you do without support from family you’re doomed and family aint always able Long story short keep your legs close till you get married and even then if you plan on futhering your education put those babies on hold.

  16. mcny74 says:

    She’s only 26? Damn? I used to not like Fantasia. What’s changed my mind is her heart.

  17. deborah says:

    fantasia, just look forward and keep on goinyou are awesome, you just went through now give God praise you know how we do, just don’t ever do that again! love ya

  18. Stacy says:

    Keep up the great work Fantasia! I hope she is getting treatment. Depression is no joke. I hope she is surrounding herself with positive people. God Bless!

  19. Fandebtasia says:

    God loves you girl.We all fall down at some point in time and that’s the thing about life.We have to get back up and go again.That’s what makes us survivors.Just keep praying,hold unto God and you will surely be blessed.Remember,when all others have failed you God is there to pick you up and carry you forward.You are a great person don’t ever think less of yourself.Bless up sister!

  20. Lauren says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t feel bad for this woman and I can’t sympathize with her. She’s trying to play victim and I just can’t respect that because she’s not. All the same, best of luck to her I guess

  21. MS. CASSANDRA says:


  22. Joyce Washington says:

    Why do people love to feed off of other peoples pain? Fan u r alway mine idol. U know who is ur master the Father n Heaven. Keep ur eyes on Christ Jesus and forget what others have to say. Christ was perfect and look what the people did him, so what about us the ones who have sin and come short of the glory of GOD. Much Love Fantasia.

  23. tasha says:


    you are amazing and God is not through with you! Although the tabloids and people may say negative things….. no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God is your strength and no matter what happens… when it seems that no one else loves you, and no one else cares… God does!

  24. Ms. T says:

    I am so proud of you Fantasia! But you have to always remember that God wont but you in any situation you cant get thru. Keep God 1st and you know everything will fall in place. Stay Strong and Focused.

  25. Ladee says:

    This is really SAD that Wendy would do that for ratings. The state of mind that Tasia was in, like she said she wasn’t thinking. Tasia has been on many shows no one has acted like Wendy. They have shown concern and love. SHAME ON YOU WENDY!!! Tasia stay strong and hold on to GOD’S unchanging hand. Be blessed!

  26. pauline says:

    Fantasia I just want to say we all love you here in Trinidad and Tobago, do your thing and remember GOD is right by your side always.

  27. garrison says:

    i feel like wendy williams is nothing but a gossping hussy. and she had no right to ask her that. but keep your head up fantasia you have fans who love you and who are there for you.

  28. Rocio says:

    Honey my prayers are with you

  29. ladielabelle says:

    I love Fantasia.I saw the entire show and I don’t think Wendy meant her any harm,because she actually loves Fantasia and has said it often.What I see is she asked a question that needed to be asked.There were so many people blogging that question and trying to tear her down because they didn’t understand how this could happen when she had a child to think about.After this show,people saw her as a person that was broken and they were able to feel her pain and some of those same bloggers changed their tune.I also believe that Fantasia neede to release some of her pain.I pray that Fantasia will seek professional help along with spiritual healing.I am in therapy behind some of the same issues she has and you can only hide behind a smile for so long.After the show Wendy even put up a page on her website askibg that people please leave words of encouragement for Fantasia and it warmed my heart to read nothing but warm and positive comments for her.When Fantasia reads those comments I know she will know that people do care.God bless Wendy & Fantasia.

  30. Jackie says:

    I love your voice and your photo shoots are amazing. Keep your head up, and always keep it real. As a fan I can relate.

    An aging fan

  31. mz sexy says:

    girl do your thang