Preview Fantasia For Real Season 2


Above is the first five or so minutes from the first episode of the second season of Fantasia for Real (premiering Sunday, September 19 at 10/9c). In it, Fantasia catches us up on (some of) what’s gone down between seasons: family members that she’s been supporting, including Teeny and her mother, have moved into their own houses (“My wishes came true!”) and she finally put her long-awaited third album together for release. “I’m taking charge of my life, so let’s see how it goes,” she tells us. We know some of what to expect, and frankly, we’re rapt.

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  1. Yo says:

    Go head Fannie… Loving the new cd… !!!

  2. Nicole says:

    The new CD is classic.

  3. vee says:

    Hi fantasia,

    I like you in the video “bittersweet” with devin thomas.
    He was so in to you. He thought of you on your birthday.
    I know you may not be home. In Carolina that is. But,
    what will you do for Devin for his birhday on Nov. 15,2010? Send him a gift or something letting him know he was thought about from you on his birthday as well.
    Please air it on one of your shows for VH1 so we can see
    it as loyal fans of yours. Please, we are loving you girl. Keep your head up and oh yeah Devin plays for the Panthers now. Keep your head up, Jesus loves you as well as you fans.