Scream Queens 2 – Episode 6 – Green-Eyed Monsters



Even the sound guy’s overacting this week.

We open with Scream Queens‘ strongest (if only by the number of times they haven’t been on the chopping block) contestants, Jessica and Tai wondering if Gabby will once again avoid the axe.


But Gabby returns, and Tai’s friend in the house, Sarah, does not.

“I love Gabby, but I’ve got to maintain my focus here,” Christine interviews. As you recall, she told the judges that her high-maintenance friendship with Gabby was holding her back. Probably not a problem anymore.

You know whose focus is just fine? Tai. She observes that she doesn’t see a room of five potential winners, she sees a room with four losers in it. If she wants to see a winner she’ll look in the mirror, thank you, bye, etc.


This week the ladies will act in front of a green screen, playing a character who faces a giant, Godzilla-type monster. Jamie shows this simulation:



And then tells the girls to make it “as real as possible.” As in, not like the animation they just showed, which looked as real as Max Headroom. Jamie also tells them they need to hit their technical marks to make the scene effective, and that worries Gabby.


Christine is up first. According to Sierra, she plays it safe. And boring:


Note, however, that “boring” is sometimes a bad thing, never a worst thing. “Unforgettable” leads to the axe much faster.

Jessica is next, and she talks us through her choices, which, while subtle, seem smart. For instance, she stands perfectly still when the monster first sees her. As we learned from Jurassic Park, dinosaurs, and their Godzilla cousins, only see movement. Clever girl!


We also hear from Jessica during Tai’s performance:


Or see from Jessica.


Sierra uses words for her critique; she says that Tai’s cockiness has led to overacting. And if Sierra thinks you are overacting… then you are overacting.

Gabby’s up last, and she nails her scene, at least in Jessica’s eyes.



… and in Jamie’s eyes as well. Gabby not only wins the challenge, but gets to watch Tai criticized for her over-the-top performance.

Back at the house, Tai is determined to — if not win Scream Queens– at least beat Gabby. “Yeah Gabby did the best today, so what? I won’t let it happen again, though,” she promises. Or threatens. This sounds like a threat, but Tai’s so tough, everything kinda sounds like a threat coming from her. Either way, this doesn’t bode well for her “focus.”


Brick Homa!


The class begins with Homa raging at the class for their weak performances. Next Homa throws a brick at the girls. It’s fake, but the girls didn’t know that. He’s teaching them a lesson about reacting convincingly to pain and torture. A lesson they will never forget, apparently.




“Next time I’m in a scene and I have to play scared s***less, I’m going to think of the time Homa threw a brick at me,” Sierra says. Just think of Homa, period! The man is black and white and scary all over.


He teaches them how to control their movements so that their fake, foam props look like they have the weight and feel of the real thing. Fun class!



Next they have to attack each other. Sierra does a convincing attack on Gabby. “I’ve held shovels before” is Sierra’s way of explaining why her scene looked good. Stop bragging!


Tai and Christine are up next. You feel something changing with Tai’s great momentum on the show. She starts overacting again, prompting Homa to get frustrated. Then she forgets to maintain the weight of the pipe she’s welding. “Get your s*** together,” Homa yells. “I’m terrified,” Tai says later, because, if he’s unhappy, that means two out of three judges are unhappy with her today.




Their Director’s Cut instructions arrive via haunted… magnetic letter board? Hard to inject pathos into something kindergartners play with, but it worked for Child’s Play.


Their Director’s Cut challenge is a scene involving a ghost, who will whip them around the room. Wires are involved. Hilarious arm and leg flinging will most certainly be involved.

The ladies immediately recognize that they’ll have to work on their movements. “I’m very in tune with my body,” Jessica says. We know, at least from above, that’s she’s got an expressive face.


Christine and Gabby isolate themselves from the other girls, and from each other while they prepare.

At the Director’s Cut, Tim tells them that they have to make him believe that something unseen is terrorizing them. Imagining Homa should work nicely.

Jessica’s up first. Her first take drags, but she gets it right on the second one. And for her harness scene, Tim has just two words: “Holy s****!” The girl can fling, for sure.



Christine knows she has to “kick ass” going into the challenge. Even without wires, it looks as if a ghost is pulling her around the room.


Being that flexible makes her stiff, so she has Tim shake her before her last scene.


It works! Want a good performance from your actress? Shake her or throw a brick at her. Works every time.


Sierra tries to go for big movement, but ends up with big laughs.



“Less might be more,” Tim says to her. She does better, though her moves still aren’t subtle enough. The same goes for Tai’s performance, which is too energetic and high-pitched for Tim.


Gabby is up last. Watching the other girls go before her has built up her nervousness. She takes it out on her forehead.


But she decides to not worry about her marks and just go on instinct. Her basic instincts? The best instincts:




Back at the house, Tai starts criticizing Gabby’s performance, calling her the worst of the day. None of the other women step in, leaving Gabby to defend herself. The argument gets ugly quickly, even though it’s basically semantics. Gabby says Tai is “talking s***.” Tai says it’s “just her opinion.” Hey, it can be both.

You’d think beating one another up in Homa’s class would have gotten their aggression out already, Tai looks as if she wanted more weapons practice.




The list comes, and it says that Jessica is leading lady. Here’s her celebration:


“I’m afraid to show how I really feel in front of the other girls,” she says. There is enough showing of feelings in the house already. Christine and Tai are also on the list, but Gabby is not. Tai is furious. Not at herself, but at Gabby. Tai interviews that Gabby couldn’t out-act her under any circumstances. Except maybe…this week’s circumstances?


Sierra begins crying because she’s been in this position too often. Christine, who was in the bottom last week, can’t even talk to Gabby while she’s packing, lest Gabby distract her once again.



Christine’s up first in the Grand Ballroom. They compliment her great Director’s Cut performance. It’s only her earlier week’s work that keeps her from becoming Leading Lady. So she had less to worry about than she thought. Finally, a smile from her:


Tai is up, and her facial gestures and movements get called out by the judges. Homa says there’s something “innately strong” about her, but that her performance was “low end.” Fine line, the one between confidence and over-confidence.


Sierra too, gets called out by Jamie and Tim for her over-the-top physicality. Homa says she’s shown a great deal of personal growth, but that she may have hit a plateau. Jamie says (twice) that this is the first week that their decision wasn’t unanimous. So Sierra gets the axe, just by simple majority.


Sierra is tearful again, but her closing interview is optimistic and hopeful, just as she has been since the beginning. The house is a little bit colder without her.


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  1. Ed says:

    The one thing that Sierra lacked from day 1 was talent. She has said that she deserves to stay because she tries so hard. Is that from the new parenting practice of telling your kids they can be anything they want to be if they want it bad enough? That’s not true. Few have all the abilities needed to do anything. You have to try a lot of things and then pursue ones that you both enjoy and have some aptitude for.

    Anyhow, I didn’t think they’d cut Tai, although her talent is not obvious, because she brings the conflict that directors/producers of reality programs like.

  2. lissc says:

    once again Tai gets knocked off her high horse. Love the way she gets mad again at Gabby for her own failure. I wish Gabby would grow some thicker skin, although I do give her credit for standing up for herself today. She is right in her bonus footage, there will always be girls like Tai, thinking they are more then they are, and being horrible jealous and hateful of those who do have the talent. Tai has no clue what an idiot she looks like. She saw Gabby as her biggest competitor from day one, and has been trying to get her since then. Tai is totally the kind of girl who would do anything to get to the top, she will back stab and step on all the other woman because of her jealousy. We have all had our own Tai experience. The best thing to do with her type is ignore her, and let her do her own self in. Which all loser types like her eventually do. Gabby allowing her to get to her just gives Tai more fuel. What she should do is just laugh in Tai’s face. That would send her over the edge. Losers hate to be laughed at. It lets them know they have been exposed, and they can’t handle that. And we all know that after Gabby wins this show, Tai will still be talking smack, and then likely blaming he judges saying they don’t know what they are doing. She will never see herself as the problem, and therefore will live a life unfulfilled and unevolved, which hey Gabby, if your listening, really is the best revenge.

  3. Sara says:

    “Green eyed monster” is the perfect title for this episode. Tai is so jealous of Gabby, it’s disgusting…and for what reason has she decided to make her the target? I’d be happy if anyone except her won now…all three of the other girls are talented and sweet. I’m sorry, you can’t blame ALL of her negativity on bad editing.

  4. Angel says:

    Yeah, the house will be colder without Sierra because she is sunshine and so much fun to watch. She is real, the girl next door, and definitely talented. She’s also the youngest of the cast so her talent will grow with her as she matures. We can all be couch judges but the fact is that even the judges couldn’t all agree on who to keep. And I believe Tai was kept purely for dramatic purposes to feed the ratings. And Gabby is kept purely for blondeness. Shame on VH1! I’m sure we’ll see lots of Sierra … those brown eyes, bright smile, and sweet personality. Forever Team Sierra!

  5. Jim D. says:

    Tai has to go. I don’t care if she thinks she’s better than Gabby, she’s just way too mean. Tai says on her Facebook page about her being mean to Gabby…Don’t believe everything you see on TV…or something like that.

  6. Charles says:

    I’ll miss Sierra! I can’t wait for Lionsgate or some other company to cast her in a major movie. I won’t watch SQ anymore now that she’s gone. Sierra was the life of that show. Terrible Tai can throw all the tantrums she wants, and nobody is gonna care or want to pay money to see her. Same goes with Christine, that boring waifish girl. Gabby is girl interrupted, just one handful of pills from an overdose. She is so depressing! And same for Jessica with that better-than-thou attitude with a VERY annoying bronx/latino accent. Sierra has the whole package, beauty, personality, talent, brains, and charm!

  7. Scalper says:

    Gee, I wonder if Sierra’s friends are writing on here. Hehehe.

    She was a sweet girl, but it was her time to go. She just couldn’t show depth and kept overacting. The four ladies left are solid actresses…although I’m only cheering on three of them. Tai and her jealousy can go jump in a lake.

  8. Jeanna says:

    Tai must go! Hello this is not some survivor-ish tv show. Get a grip… quit reliving your days in high school as the bully. Too bad the judges haven’t asked you to play the bully. You might be able to pull that one off considering you have real life experience.
    I spent 4 years in acting classes as well as improved in Chicago and I hate to break it to you honey but the only chance your ever gonna get is acting out a third rate script for some soft porn no one will ever see unless your some fat guy spankin’ it at 3 in the morning.
    Sorry Tai that’s my opinion… ya know like the opinions you have about Gabby and most of the other girls in the house that refuse to allow you to bully them. I so wish Gabby would grow some TaTa’s and bust you in your mouth.
    PS Do something about your face!

  9. Jeanna says:

    Jessica will take it home if she stops allowing Tai to get her involved. You want this Jessica I know it and you have real talent and a marketable look (latina). Keep up the good work and stop appearing as one of Tai’s quiet cronies. Your too good for that drama.


  10. Jeanna says:

    Christine is a decent actress. She needs some polishing up and a little focus. I think she looks more marketable for something other than big screen. Maybe theater?
    Christine… Tai’s only mad at you b/c you don’t pick on Gabby with her. Don’t give into her. Stand by Gabby but without getting too involved. Chances are you will not make it to bottom 3 so I think that staying true to Gabby (especially once she makes it big after placing second Scream Queens)you will look like the good person I can see you are and Gabby will remember your kindness when your out there trying to put your name in lights.


  11. KVS says:


  12. Jeanna says:

    Bye Sierra…
    The only thing scarry about Sierra is her crying face. Thank God she washed off some of the Tammy Fae Baker face paint.
    She is a nice-ish girl but seriously she should probably gone down to one of those children’s telivision networks and auditoned her goofy mannerisms for some show like Fresh Beat band.
    You got something girl but it ain’t meant for horror!
    PS Stop befriending the bully in hopes she will forget to pick on you…


  13. Danielle says:

    I’m sad to see Sierra go.. she was my favorite! I’ll probably stop watching since she’s gone now :(

  14. Erik says:

    Scalper…just because someone says something nice about Sierra it means her friends are writing on here? wow. grow up and stop being a hater! I loved Sierra and thought she grew so much on the show and could have won!! she has something about her that just makes you want to watch her! shes very talented. shes beautiful on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE and shell get LOTS of work after this show! im not watching after sierra got the axe. Tai only stayed because she bring drama which brings ratings. sierra did way better than tai this week. its bull. the four remaining actresses are just plain annoying…Gabby is Ms. Depressing, Christine is UNMEMORABLE, Jessica is cocky and conceited and Tai is just BAD! sierra got the axe but i bet you we see her in something BIG very soon!!