Fantasia On TMZ Photog: He Pissed Me Off



Last week, TMZ put up a post that featured video footage of Fantasia at an airport, in which she was essentially baited into talking about her suicide attempt. Hypocritically, the piece simultaneously criticized Fantasia for making light of the incident (the title of the post was “Fantasia Barrino — Crackin’ Suicide Jokes”).

We talked to Fantasia today for a two-part interview about her life and the upcoming season of Fantasia for Real (premiering Sunday, September 19 at 10/9c). As a preview, here’s what Fantasia had to say about being thrown under the bus by TMZ:

“I’ve been saying this in every interview and every show I’ve gone on: they don’t ever try to give me a break. They don’t ever try to say anything nice about me, that’s not what they do for Fantasia. I’ve accepted that. When [the cameraman] came out in the airport, he was being very, very nice in the beginning. And then, all of a sudden, he tried to throw me a blow, like, ‘So, have you taken any aspirin lately?’ I don’t find anything funny about that situation. Like I told Wendy Williams and Rickey Smiley, I’m not even going to talk about that situation anymore, because it’s not anything fun to talk about and it’s not easy to talk about. I want to just move on and take every step at a time and gradually get my life back and myself back together. But when he said it, I thought he was trying to be funny, and I looked at him like, ‘Hell, you wanna be funny, it’s not aspirin is Tylenol, how ’bout that?’ He pissed me off. But they way they edited it, with the the smiles and the laughs that me and him had, it was like, it is what it is. They’ve always done that to me, so it is what it is.”

Check back tomorrow when we’ll post our discussion about media scrutiny and Fantasia’s perpetual “open book” status.

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  1. Sanya says:

    TMZ is trash! I never once thought Tasia was making light of her situation.

  2. Angel says:


  3. Jill says:

    It’s a shame that she’s so sad and over a guy, too. She’s so talented and has such a beautiful voice. Fortunately she was unsuccessful in her attempt. She needs to drop that family of hers back to the house they lived in before, distance herself from them. They distract her and her show is unbearable to watch.

  4. darknight says:

    Stupid girl… gonna try kill yourself over a married man…… That’s some dumb pshyco s*#t. Don;t look for any empathy from me, you knew he was married and you actually believed that fool. Let me sell you a bridge since your stupid enough to believe anything.

  5. lindsay says:

    i agree with sanya! i cant stand tmz or perez hilton! (but i love vh1!) its like they love to tear these celebrities down and see them in turmoil. you have to be a real piece of s**t to want to see other human beings suffering and to make light out of something like a suicide attempt. im glad that vh1 reported the TRUTH and i pray that fantasia finds the true happiness and peace in her life that she deserves.

  6. rainb0wnme says:

    People are saying it was ALL about a married man, what they don’t consider is that there may be a deeper reason and more to it than that is said or told. Maybe that was the breaking point in her life at the time. To me she a courageous person to go on TV and admit it and that she now see’s where she went wrong. It takes a biger stronger person to stand up and admit to suicide attempt. TMZ IS WRONG FOR WHAT THEY DID!!!

  7. ladee says:

    It sad that TMZ would allow a team member to act this way. We are talking about a human life. Have some type of respect! Tasia hold on baby wait on God to handle all these evil people. You know God and what he can and will do.

  8. pappssuck! says:

    Papps are frickin losers who have no skills so act like little trolls thinking they are doing some good for society because honestly they need a minute of a reason to live. If it wasn’t for these celebrities they would be living in their mother’s basement playing with themselves doing meth and trying to molest their cousins and nephews. Oh wait, I’m sure they’re doing it already!! Papps are frickin losers!!! We don’t care for your stupid photos!!!! And your fabricated stories and lies!!! GO AWAY LOSERS!!!!!!

  9. denise says:

    please just leave her alone. wow……

  10. HATERPROOF says:


  11. Shanda says:

    TMZ & every other media outlet will continue to do what they do. It is up to the artist/entertainment to take a stand, set clear boundaries, and CONTROL his/her responses or what he/she chooses to disclose. Fantasia MUST learn how to be professionally friendly but tactful. She’s got to become more versed in business affairs, media strategies, and the like if she expects to maintain a long-time presence in the industry. Every artist/entertainer DOES NOT get this type of treatment. Fantasia is TOO transparent & it is healthy & professional to set some boundaries & maintain a level of privacy. She continues to be an open book so this is the “price” to pay when you feed the media pit bulls!

  12. Ronnie says:


  13. kari says:

    Fantasia, you are not being picked on…….they do that to everyone………always have and always will…….nothing personal; it’s all in the name of ratings and publication success……..water off a duck’s back………that’s all.

  14. Gayle says:

    Why did she Laugh and Say No I took Tylenol? She did laugh about it and the dude was nice to her.. She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself.. She’s the one who talked so ugly to that man’s wife who is suing her right now. I think the woman should come out and talk now… Why is everyone feeling sorry for this chick? Over some Asperin? What fools people are to fall for her ploy..

  15. Vee says:

    you can dress a pig, put expensive perfum on a pig, put 1,000 can of paints on a pig’s face to look like somebody, a pig will always be a pig.

  16. LaFaith says:

    We Love You Fantasia, Keep doing your thing Sis!!!

    People love negativity, because many of them are living in FEAR and that’s all they know. Just think, when they look in the mirror at themselves, they really HATE Themselves and say Damn I’m full of it and I don’t know how to release MYSELF…Well let me make everyone else around me miserable!!!

  17. Kori says:

    I hate TMZ like forreal,always posting false info.Damn why dont they just let the girl live her life…she still young yo.If it aint one thing its another.But trust there’s a better tomorrow.When one door closes abother one opens.I love Fantasia.My prayers are with her and her family

  18. escabar says:

    I love the lips on this girl! She can get with me and I will make it all BETTA!!!

  19. Brownie says:

    Pleeeeeeze please leave this poor girl alone. Why would an educated lawyer/CEO of TMZ allow such trashy things to happen to people who are not doing well mentally? Tasia is a beautiful, sweet, singer who seems to have a lifestyle that is just pulling her in so many directions that she is not even sure who she is anymore. She seems to have a grabby n’er-do-well family who thinks she is THEIR breadwinner, and Tasia doesn’t want to disappoint them. No wonder the poor girl went and half heartedly tried to escape this crazy life. Nobody will appreciate her for her openness and pure honesty. I think people regard her as a poor little projects girl getting a lucky break. Well she deserves all the huge breaks she can get!!! She is that talented. Embrace our girl Tasia. She is sensitive, loving, caring, and very talented. Appreciate her for who she is, not what she can do for you!! I love ya Tasia! I am so glad that you won AI because I certainly voted for you many times. Good luck, hon. You deserve peace and respect. :}

  20. warren Johnson says:

    Leave Fantasia alone to get her life back together, you freakin’ vultures!!!! Are you trying to kill her,you wicked, heartless brutes!!!!!

  21. Lindy says:

    I’m glad Fantasia is “hitting back.” She has had sh***t thrown at her from the word go. “They” which includes the media, internet, et al are relentless where Fantasia is concerned. No other former “American Idol” gets this type of blatant disregard and disrespect. People seem to believe they can say and write anything they want to about her with little respect for her. It is shameful. Hell, I don’t blame her for the desire to take a long, long nap. Nevertheless, I am glad she did not succeed. I wish people would find another target and leave her alone. What has she done that is so bad? Is wanting to make a better life for herself, daughter and family her crime? It’s getting really ridiculous and I for one am happy to see her striking back. TMZ please. Insensitvie bastard got as good as he put out. Fantasia you got them running scared. Keep your head up. Your blessing is coming.

  22. TANYA MORRISON says:

    I wish we were friends, I would just be there for you as a friend, there would never be a reason to judge you, because what you went though is just life we all have been wear you have been, I just has not be out in the opening cause we are not famous. Fantasia all my live I have wanted to meet someone famous to see how they live it has never happen, but one day I will have that opportunity. What I what you to keep doing is keep your head up and dont ever let a man take over your means of living cause it is not worth it. Take care and keep up the good work.

  23. Robert says:

    I am on the outside looking in and personally, I believe that by now she should have learned something. Why talk to TMZ and tabloids. This type of thing happens to her too many times. Which seems as though she should really make some changes in her own decision making process. Perhaps she should hire a public relations person. Try to set up planned media conferences and interviews with quality stations and magazines. Think more like a professional or better yet surround herself with professional personnell. Just a thought….

  24. Kimmie M Sharon says:

    Fantasia I have to tell you… first i will say this… i am a old white female ex-pro drummer… turned nerdy/geeky now doing Music Promoting/Music Critic/Internet Radio Scout I NEVER watched Idol except the year you were on it. Your vocal abilities are amazing! My son is now a pro drummer in a big name band… so i am quite familiar with how the industry works! I watched your movie a few times with my daughter and girl shake it off! You are strong and its time for you to think about you tell everyone else to F!@# OFF!!! By the time you get to my age you will look back and say “Why the heck did i care what so and so thought/said/did?” Take a deep breath and sing don’t let outsiders or even family members that are jerking you around get the best of you. In 15 years it is not going to make any different what head lines said… hell in 15 minutes the head lines will change! I have not followed your career but i do see the head lines and you can remove that target from your back by just stop giving a S!@t what anyone has to say… you do what makes you happy that is what counts and if you don’t enjoy what you have then none of it will make a difference when you get to be my age.

  25. sheron says:

    Fantasia don’t mind that guy always remember the devil fine idiots to break u u got to be strong don’t mind the haters that want to bring u down.

  26. Divaresss says:

    I think he was being sarcastic and then so did she.Whats the matter Lindsay got it together or Paris stopped the cocaine?? Next

  27. Patti says:

    Folks need to get off Fantasia’s back!

  28. charles says:

    in the old days they had what was called grooming schools where stars went and got training about how to conduct themselves in public I can name several celebs who could use a good class in how to relate to the public . Most seem to have not gotten home training growing up .Just because she won a bunk contest dont make her any better than what she was to began with….

  29. Tim says:

    You same people who always making these lame statements about Fantasis, let me ask a question: Did you care about who Fantasia or her daughter before idol? It’s funny how people sit around waiting to judge other people. Is your life so perfect? I hope and pray that you ( the fools who says she seeing a married man) never have adversity in your life. I wonder if you will handle it as good as she’s doing. Look, find a job and concentrate on it instead of finding sites about Tasia.

  30. louie says:

    shes such a big phony

  31. Boo says:

    A lot of things that have happen to Tasia was because she allowed them to happen. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Tasia, but when you are in the spot light like that you are welcoming danger to yourself and the people who love you. I have watched your show and I see how some of your family members lean on you for money and support. But at some point in your life you have to stop and stop everyone around you and let them know that you love them dearly but the train has stop and everyone needs to get off and go on. The only two people that should have been with you in your house is your Mother and your daughter everyone else needs to step. As far as dating a married man…….I blame him and you b/c you both knew the situation. I don’t care what he says, he knows that you are a star and you bringing in the money and so he will tell you anything. I’m leaving my wife…..we don;t get along…..but that’s just one side of the story. But life is what you make it.

  32. Kay says:

    Fantasia allows this drama in her life! If I know what TMZ is like, being an outsider, she has to know. Why not do like a few of the other celebrities, just ignore TMZ and others like them. You don’t have to skin and grin every time you see a camera, Fantasia, you are just asking for trouble. Most people on her are blaming others for what Fantasia is experiencing, but in the end, it all comes back to her. 1) Scrape your past and your past mistakes, 2) Get all of those leeches out of your house except for your mother and daugher, 3) Stop marking your body up with all of those nasty-looking tats, 4) See a psychologist, a stylist, and a hairdresser who cares about you, 5) Move forward into a good place for you and your daughter. That’s only my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

  33. Alicia says:

    That’s why I don’t watch TMZ. TMZ is always mean and rude. They try to make fun of very serious situations. Making fun of Fantasia’s attemped suicide is not humorous but what else is new. It’s TMZ, that’s how they operate!

  34. 4 Realz says:

    So Tired of her, Her voice isn’t that good.
    Her voice gets on my nerves. She trys to acta like a lil girl when she talks. She’s So Yesterday!

  35. Dezi says:

    So if it IS ‘what it is’ then why the hell r u crying about now?
    I agree w/ darknight.

  36. Laverne says:

    Fantasia, Just keep doing your thing, stuff happens to us all no one perfect. So keep it moving girlfriend.
    If we all were on TV we be talked about too so be it.
    Love you always.
    PS Teeny it get together. Your Sista can be a great inspiration to you grab hold of it stop your madness.

  37. manfoxxx says:

    I LOVE YOU TASIA. Whateva you do, don’t try and leave this earth too soon, you have much greater things to come. I wish I could meet her in person but it is what it is! I LOVE FANTASIA! After this season, I hope you drop kick Teeny in his mouth and cut his leechy butt loose, he’s a user and will bring you down, love him from a distance, kick him out your house NOW! Love you Tasia!

  38. Lindy says:

    @4 real…So why are you here??? There is something about her that draws you otherwise you and others who claim to be bothered by her would not have even wasted the time commenting. PEOPLE GET A F**KING LIFE and LEAVE HER ALONE. My goodness do you all ever, ever get tired. You know what…please keep hating on her and making your ignorant comments because when the Lord lifts her up, it will be so much sweeter. 4 real, darknight, vee and louie jealousy is so unattractive. Give her a break and maybe when you meet trouble someone will be merciful to you.

  39. Little Girl says:

    Fantasia, need to got and sit down somewhere. She claims to be so sorry about her action with Antwuan Cook. But in the same breath she turns around and moves him into her home with her. My question is if you fear GOD then why are you still doing these things with a still married man until he is divorce. I don’t understand how she can think he will not do it to her. Trust me sure as he did it to his wife, he will do to her as well. All the money in the world could not stop you from cheating. She need to remember she has a daughter, GOD only knows what cross she has to bare for sleeping with a married man. Remember in the bible generation curse. We must be careful about the things we do. Because there are consequences rather good or bad.

  40. amiwright says:

    She is right. F*ck TMZ, they are just another freak n tabloid.

  41. amiwright says:

    darnight, if you have listened to anything she has said, and obviously you have not, she did not try to commit suicide over a man.

  42. moniluv99 says:

    Some of yall never give up do you? If you dont like her,and cant stand her when you saw her name and her picture why did you even bother to post? And TMZ you have caused her enough pain can you leave well enough alone? Some yall hating probably will watch the entire season of her show. Leave her alone already!!! Cant you see this is the kind of stuff that drove her to harm herself not a man and for the ones speculating it is 2 sides to every story no one knows the real truth but her and him so give it a rest please. I guess all of yall are perfect,never went through anything? LEAVE HER ALONE,KEEP YOUR MOUTH OFF HER ,YOU CAN KILL A PERSON WITH YOUR MOUTH JUST LIKE YOU MURDER SOMEONE LET IT GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO PICK ON.

  43. Tina says:

    Fantasia you are beautiful cant let them hold a good woman down. These media folks like TMZ has been the cause of much madness for all entertainers..Hollywood killed alot of people, Princess Diana, Biggie, Tupac, and made a few crazy Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan they need to have a law. I know there is freedom of press but you shouldnt be in my personal space either, esp if i didnt bring you into it. All yall hating on Tay, you do need a better publisist babes. look at Alicia Keys, she really stole her man, at least he was seperated…you gotta investigate better girl, u kno how it be, makin them calls gettin all the info on a brother to make sure he right..please dont be makin no permanate decision for a temporary problem…u got to much to live for…jus keepin it 100.

  44. 4680962 says:

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