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In the second part of our recent chat with Fantasia (read the first part of the interview), the R&B diva talks about the new season of Fantasia for Real (premiering Sunday, September 19 at 10/9c). Below, she discusses the changes in her living situation, the humility that comes with performing overseas and why she won’t be watching her own show…

When we resume on your life at the beginning of this season of Fantasia for Real, you’re living in your house with your daughter, Zion and your dog and that’s it. Everybody else has moved out. What happened between seasons?

You know I love my Mom, I miss her so much. The house is so lonely. I’m not gonna lie, it’s very quiet. Part of the reason why I wanted to do this show in the first place was to let everybody know in the world what was going on with Fantasia, where she’s been. There were so many rumors out about me and I wanted everybody to just get the truth. But the main, main reason for doing that was for my family. I wanted my family to see themselves. I wanted them to see what I was talking about. A lot of times you can talk and talk and talk and it goes in one ear and right out the other and nobody really understands. They say, “Oh you’re changing,” or, “Oh, you’re just trying to fuss about something,” or, “What’s going on with you?” So we would all just sit down and watch this show, the episodes, as a family. When we would watch it, even I learned some things about how I would go about them or how I needed to change some things. They were like “Oh.” They don’t get to go on the road with me a lot. They don’t get to see all I go through. And I think it just began to wake everybody up and realize, “OK, she’s not just fussing. It is hard for her. I see what she’s going through and I see what I could be doing.” After the show was over, everybody began to do their own thing and then I was like, “Wait a minute! where are y’all going?” Teeny moved probably about 10 minutes away from me and my mom probably lives about 10 minutes away, too, so I get in my car and go see them but I find myself now calling them like, “Oh so y’all can’t come over?” Remember when Teeny was like, “You changed, ever since you went on the Idol you changed”? I called him not too long ago like, “Ever since you moved you changed. You don’t even come over no more.” He’s like, “Man, I’m on my grind!” I’m like, “That don’t mean nothing, y’all could get in your car and come over here.” I found myself calling my mom begging her to come cook. Things have changed, but at the same time everything I wanted for them, which was for me to move out the way, and stop standing in the way of their destiny, everything that God has for them, it’s happening. Teeny has an album he’s about to put out. You know, he’s doing so many great things, even for all his crazy ideas — cause they’re always crazy. But he goes for them and they end up being something great and he pays his own bills. And my Mom is traveling, preaching. So at the end of the day, I’m happy that they’re out doing their own thing but I really do miss them. I really do.

You say on the episode that you don’t know where Ricco lives. How is that possible?

Ricco’s always been like Casper, he travels. He’s in Atlanta one minute. One minute he’s somewhere else. He doesn’t have a set place where he lives, he’s always on the go. He’s cool with that. I think at times he gets tired like, “Man, I’m tired of living this way.” But he put all of his focus onto his grind and all of his focus into his music. And it wasn’t happening for him at Greensboro, it wasn’t happening for him in Charlotte, so he spends a lot of time in Atlanta. And thank God he has some good friends of people that allow him to stay with him. When he comes, he comes and when he goes, he goes. This season he’ll be able to look back at himself and say, “I’m tired of living like that and I need a place,” and he’ll choose a home. I hope that it will be Charlotte so he’ll be closer to us. And a lot of times my Mom calls me saying, “Have you talked to Ricco? Have you seen Ricco?” And I could tell she misses him. But I think that he’ll probably choose Atlanta. But it’s OK as long as he chooses a place and has a home like Teeny, a solid place to stay in.

My favorite part of the premiere is when you talk about being scared that no one would show up for your concert in London or that no one would know who you are there. That’s so honest and raw. What other celebrity would say something like that?

I mean, it’s the truth though. I never been to London. It was my first time. And this is the first time my album has left overseas, this album, not Free Yourself, my Fantasia album. So I’m thinking, “Man,” ’cause when I perform I love to feel the crowd’s energy. Something about the people and being able to feel their energy and see them move and see them smile, and sing and rocking with me. I was afraid that wasn’t going to happen to me in London but God stood up and showed out the people. The people were like, “We follow you even if we have to YouTube it!” So you know, it turned out to be really good. I would actually live in London to be honest with you. The shows, the way they receive the music — they love music.

Is it going to be hard for you to watch this season and kind of relive all the drama that has happened?

Probably. I will watch what I wanna watch. For a while, though I don’t really wanna see that. I don’t wanna relive that. I know what happened and I know how it went down and I don’t wanna watch that. And thank God I’m about to go on the road with my album and kind of move on from it. To be honest with you, and I’m being very honest with you, I probably won’t watch it at all.

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