I Love Money 4 Open Thread – Episode 1



We’ve been silent on the matter of I Love Money 4 in this space because of a greater call to move on from the franchise. The show has been shelved for over a year and, in fact, at one point, we thought it wouldn’t ever see the light of day. As it turns out, though, I Love Money‘s final season will play out on air. VH1 is airing I Love Money 4 as part of an ongoing test of programming ideas. The series has been tweaked slightly to better fit with our current programming focused on familiar faces in new formats.

As a courtesy to the fans, who we know are excited for the show, we’d like offer you this space to discuss the episodes. This may seem like the least we can do, but it is, in fact, the most. Have your say on the action in the comments below.

Our apologies for the technical error that resulted in the deletion of our previous open thread for the premiere. This one should be good and sticky.

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  1. xBlake77 says:

    The first time I’ve watched Vh1 in over a year. I still can’t believe they dropped us real fans for their “new demographic.” The new shows are horrible, which is why Vh1 RARELY has over 1 million viewers. However, I’m glad Vh1 finally did something right and is airing this show.

  2. Jim bo says:

    This was by far one of the best episodes of a vh1 show i have seen in such a long time. I have missed my of love shows soo much and the cast was amazing. Last night is what vh1 should be and it sucks that this is going to be the last season. But anyways go back to the love shows and raunchy charm school shows! People dont want to see chance and real hunting monsters! We want to see them acting like fools looking for women! Anyways so excited to see the rest of this season, I have finally seen a show on vh1 in a long time that i am excited and happy about :D. I LOVE NEW YORK 3 PLEASE

  3. Jay says:

    I have not watched a Vh1 show since I dont know….I Love Money 2? cant really remember but it was at least a year or more ago. And last night i watched I love Money and o how i missed the cast of characters on my tv every week. It was amusing and funny and just great. No other show on Vh1 right now makes me want to sit down and watch it but i will be watching I love money weekly that is for sure. And once it is over…i will go back to not watching vh1 anymore most likely.

  4. ilovemoneyfan says:

    Has it started playing on TV yet? If not when will it begin airing?

  5. JAYJAY says:

    Yeah. I don’t watch Vh1 much anymore. But I’m so excited ILM is back!
    Sad that they are treating it like crap but oh well. It’s better than most of their current shows.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I loved it! Rich they need you to recap because Mamacita was a mess!LOL

  7. Sean says:

    When did it air????

  8. Maya says:

    Will it be available to watch online?

  9. JoAnna says:

    About time Vh1 was smart with one show of their programming. Watch the ratings skyrocket for that hour and only that hour as compared to the rest of the week.

  10. Sean says:

    I found it. Its on 2night hell yeah! I was thinking about how much I dont watch VH1 anymore. Ill watch this. I guess I am not classy enough for thier new programing like Real and Chance go muppet hunting and broke down gold diggers hang around miami (also known as Basketball Wives). When Dr Drew and Real and Chance are the only ones left that werepart of the ratings success VHI had a few years ago it is a clear indication VH1 has given up on its old fanbase. The media ate them alive after the murder, so they decide to go to this new crap programing THE FANS WERE HAPPY. Why change. He took that poor girls life. Y did we let him take away the cool Vh1 too?

  11. Doug says:

    About the only “new” show I’ve been enjoying on VH1 is Scream Queens 2. I really want Tough Love, Tool Academy and those “Of Love” shows back. This show returning is like a return to greatness…

  12. Chris says:

    I LOVED I LOVE MONEY LAST NIGHT. I especially though Cheezy was way funnier in this show. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS BACK VH1

  13. xExL says:

    Haven’t watched VH1 until this show tonight…major step in the right direction! I really want to return to you VH1, but I can only do it if more shows like this are made. I know it’s tired, but bring back “of Love” or a comparable format for new shows, and the audience will be there.

  14. Katie says:

    I randomly caught the first episode while flipping the channels last night. While I don’t hate some of the new shows as much as other commenters, I did miss shows like I Love Money, Charm School, etc. that bring together some of the best personalities from the other shows together. I understand why VH1 wants to distance itself far from I Love Money, but if they could find a way to do similar shows in the future, that would be awesome. I always wondered why there was never a male Charm School/Tool Academy All Stars for the douchey guys from the female lead dating shows.

    It sounds like you won’t be doing recaps Rich, which makes me sad. Because half of the reason I watch most of these shows is to read the recaps, look at the .gifs, and laugh at the Showgirls references.

  15. brandyonmylips says:

    thank you vh1 i can now rest my fingers from turning the channel on your shows.that was step one step two is 2 more dating shows and more i love money. back to step 2, next dating show we need a rapper i am thinking amber rose, trina,lil kim, daddy yankee (remember him) can you say wow…. step 3 a show with sole and Ginuwine (they were both singers now married with kids. he wants his career back. and they have lots of famous friends. no more sports guys they are idiots. also everyone please watch money hungry it is very good. see you on ILM5 Phillip!! email me vh1 i got tons of ideas

  16. Robeana123 says:

    Thank-you soooo much for finally airing ILM. The cast is great and it was good to see “Mamacita” and “Cheezy” they were funny too bad they got the boot. I along with many others LOVE the “I Love..” dating shows and “Charm school” spin-offs and then look forward to see them on ILM and its crazy challenges. The new shows suck except for “Daisy of Love”,”Frank the entertainer”, “Charm School”,”Scream Queens”,”Tough Love”,”Jessica Simpsons Beauty”,”RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Chance and Real should only do dating shows as well as Brett Michaels.

  17. digitaleyecandy says:

    i know amber is not a rapper i just added her to lil kim and trina

  18. Robeana123 says:

    VH1 and 51 minds could rename ILM to “Money Games of Love” and have cast members from the “I love…”. Vh1 and 51 minds should have “I love FLEX” show, I love Daisy 2, I love 12-Pack” dating shows. I liked “Transform me” alot and found it informative. I enjoy the shows where people make fools of themselves in the “name of love” and then do wild and difficult challenges. ILM is great because of the location in MX where the viewer can feel like their on vacation with their crazy friends.

  19. Lane says:

    Thanks for vh1! make some more!

  20. Dominic says:

    So great to see this show back again!
    I understand that there has been much controversy, and I understand that ILM3 couldn’t air.. but I don’t see why there should be any trouble with ILM4 or for that matter with making new seasons after this one. The Ryan Jenkins thing is definitely sad and horrible, but it’s over with, and most casual viewers wouldn’t even remember him now. VH1 of love shows are the only reason me — and most other people I know — ever watched this channel at all. You are shooting yourself in the foot by throwing away hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential viewers.

  21. Adam says:

    Thanks so much for airing this! Its the BEST VH1 show ever! This season looks to be the best! You guys need to go back to your old “Of Love” days. And bring back Charm School and make more I Love Money’s! This show should have been promoted but oh well, Im happy its airing. If you guys keep getting more 51 minds shows like I Love Money, Charm School or more new Of Love shows like I Love New York 3 or some new Rock Of Love or Flavor of love programme, I will keep watching. If not, then I will have to stop watching after this again. But I love I Love money!

  22. Surfing says:

    I haven’t watched Vh1 since the last episode of Entertainer’s show. I missed my trashy vh1 shows and this definitely filled the void in my life. The shows that have been playing for the last couple of months have been absolute crap and I can only stomach about 5 minutes of each show. Thank you for playing ILM last night and I really hope you continue to move on with the franchise :)

  23. Lissa says:

    AHHHHH Mamacita was a HOT MESS!!! lol

  24. Daniel says:

    I wrote a long meaningful comment on the original post for this but it was deleted. I really want to praise VH1 for deciding to bring back this show. Many of the shows on VH1 are extremely tedious and the network has lost many viewers because of a change in demographics. However, with shows like I Love Money, they are competing with shows like Jersey Shore. The trashier the better. I Love Money incorporates trashiness with the idea of competition. It’s a great amazing show that needed to be brought back. LOVEEE. sad that there’s a lack of promotion though.

  25. foundthelove says:

    finally! This is literally Vh1′s best show this year there hasnt been anything as good as this episode of I Love Money 4. Ever since the RJ incident vh1 programs have been suckish and vh1 is even taunting and teasing basically slapping there old fans in the face by taking away our favorite shows and putting all these new “classy” shows but most of em are lame and have low ratings! watch this episode be vh1′s highest rated telecast this year cause this channel hasnt hit the 2 million viewers point since last year when real chance of love 2 i think. I Love Money 4!!!

  26. Black_Heart says:

    Hell Yes!!! My trash tv is back!! I agree with just about everyone else! These shows really helped re-make and reinvent VH1 in a good way and to have the “powers that be” completely disregard that is insulting to the fans who really helped re-vamp the network. Those old “Of Love” shows were perfect escapism! I watch CNN for my news, NBC for my sitcoms, and VH1 for my trash!
    PS…I love all the Megan Wants A Millionaire clips where we have NO freaking idea what’s going on!!! I think it’s hilarious!

  27. willie says:

    Its back, im like everybody else first time ive turn on vh1 in over a year.Why in the world would you have homerun programing then change it all?

  28. Adam says:

    Yay! I love this show, I will now watch VH1 again just for this! This is better than Jersey Shore and I swear if it was promoted it would be VH1s biggest show all year! We need more I Love Moneys. Im so happy this is back on YAYYY

  29. harbear61 says:


  30. harbear61 says:


  31. Lane says:

    I loved this show!!! Best show on vh1 in the last two years and if they keep on the track they are it will be the best show for the next ten years on vh1. Haha VH1! Needs to bring it all back!

  32. THANK YOU VH1 says:

    THANK YOU VH1!!!!

    Now, listen to all this positive feedback and KEEP the “Of Love” franchises going!!!

    This is the first time I’ve watched VH1 since the cancellation of MWAM. (Which, btw, you should re-film with her.)

    VH1, LISTEN: No one likes your new lineup. Your best ratings came with FOL, ROL, and the ILM shows….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

    Again, thanks for bringing it back!!!!!

  33. Monique says:

    I LOVE MONEY IS MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER!!! Ever since, My frieds and I do not watch VH1. We watch MTV for our reality fix, but VH1 needs to think about what will make them money! And these tasteless reality shows do it for Americans! lol… I would rather was ILM than real world/road rules the challenge!

    So please bring back our favorite shows, your ratings will sky rocket!

  34. THANK YOU VH1 says:

    And even the Real Chance of Love reruns are great! VH1 stopped being my favorite, default channel long ago but you’re on trak to bringing me back…

  35. mamajava says:

    I thought, last night, when i saw ILM on my guide, that it had to be a re-run,I was so happy to see that it was not. While i was super happy that the show was back on, i am sad to hear Vh1 might not continue the show. ILM is WAY better than money hungry!!(if i wanted to watch Biggest Loser i would watch NBC) Honestly i havent watched Vh1 much since they cut all the shows that gave them ratings, and now that i hear that they are “re-tooling” ILM, i doubt i’ll stick around much longer after this show ends…..oh, if i could figure out when its actually on because Vh1 is doing zero advertising for the show and this blog is the only mention of the show on this website…..

  36. lamont says:

    Why are they only showing the episode at late night? Why isnt the show available to watch online and why didnt you do any previews to let people know the show was airing?

  37. Zeln says:

    yayyy I’m back now that ILM can air. I’ve been watching mtv since 2009

  38. NEW_NEW says:

    If I hadn’t been flipping through the channel I would have missed it and I actually thought it was going to be one from the past but I saw “new” and I still was like this has to be a mistake” and 10:30 came and there it was. It did kind of threw me off at first because its been so long that “colorful” and exiting, drama filled shows have been aired but I got the hang of it after awhile. Keep these shows going well atleast theres Money Hungry with the funny as hell gay dude

  39. Brandon says:

    Im from Chile, i can’t wait to see this season but i don`t even know if it gonna be aired in latin america, all my friends love ILM and for the moment the VH1 programs here are so bad, please air ILM here, many people want to watch the show :(

  40. ILM says:

    First time watching VH1 since Frank’s show…VH1 please realize we want better of love shows and of course ILM…The stuff you guys have on the air now a days is just plain terrible

  41. JJB says:

    LOVED it! This is what Vh1 should be about, not tierd old F-List zelebs and their day-to-day lives :P

  42. Big Suede says:

    Finally VH1 decides to air I love Money and they literally dump it with NO support at all…. VH1 is pathetic and I hope the guy who dreamed up the shift to redemptive reality gets the boot.

    The true irony is that MTV has hit a resurgence going with tawdry, outrageous, scandelous tv that VH1 dumped. And I just read how MTV’s profits are up.

    And VH1- just to let you know what the demographic is for the “I love” shows are. I am a 30 year old attorney who make 80+ grand per year and I typically watch mad men, breaking bad, Dexter etc. I also was a loyal 51 minds fan- because they understand how to insert humor and cast insane personalities. It is a fun escape. And trust me, at the law firm i work at- i was not the only one laughing about frank the entertainer’s antics.

  43. Mason says:

    Dear VH1,

    I am a college student and I must say that over the past several months your focus of attention has changed from a radical and obsecure behavior from young Americans to a more real, yet unsuprisingly boring dimension of reality television. I have had the resources due to popular blogs by viewers to keep track of your ratings. Assuming that they are true, I have noticed that your ratings have significantly decreased since this drastic turn of pure, mindless and eccentric behavior. We have PLENTY of other channels and programs to feed us the nonexploitative and boring drama that drags us to change the channel eventually. What made VH1 unique along with your conjuction with VH1 was that you were not afraid and had pride into presenting us with this reality drama that we craved every Sunday or Monday night. I was not obsessed with what you have done in the passed, but it was the first thing that I looked forward to and had made sure to record on my tivo. This letter is to inform you that we acknowledge and appreciate your attempts you clean up your channel, but the media and your own viewers have DEMANDED your previous work and it is something that I would hope you will consider returning to as I Love Money 4 continues to rise in ratings as your old loyal fans return to your channel.

  44. xBlake77 says:

    It’s great to see former Vh1 fans back & united with each other. Can Vh1 possibly ignore us now that we have a single, unified voice? I hope not. Vh1 is simply trying to be something that it’s not, and none of us appreciate that. Vh1, we’re your true friends, and we want to see you succeed. Jersey Shore is nothing compared to what you used to offer. We’re just begging to have our old friend back. The friend we used to know and love. Please, with as much attention as this blog has gotten (which is no small feat, considering this show has had zero promotion), can you please do another blog addressing us and our comments? It’s not fair to keep us waiting forever for something that will never return. Updating your fans is the least you can do, old friend.

  45. Chuck says:

    VH1 needs to take a hint, look at all these responses to the show.. They DEFINITELY need to do another season and then call it a day since we missed out on Season 3.. All these other shows that get blogged about usually have NO comments on them or a little bit.. This is what VH1 VIEWERS want..

  46. Mike Rand says:

    As with everyone else, this is the first time I’m returning to watch VH1 since “Frank the Entertainer…in a Basement Affair.” Your new programming has been terrible & further insulting: Demo of “upscale African American women?” Shame on you. You refused to air “I Love Money 4″ for no reason yet Fantasia, who is an admitted adulteress & tries to kill herself, is supposed to be a role model to America & her daughter? I would immediately yank this program quicker than a Ryan Jenkins episode. You are allowing a “train crash” okay and saying it’s okay. Most Americans DON’T attempt suicide. It’s the SAME as murder. Because it’s an African American woman VH1 is okay and understands? I do not condone Ryan Jenkins however we are all “adult enough” to understand what took place & would actually appreciate watching the conclusion of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” & “I Love Money 3.” You may think it’s poor taste, but you crossed that live with “Flavor of Love” years ago. You could at least have been a man, VH1, and get Megan Hauserman to do a special “wrapping up” with clips & commentary of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” so we are not all left hanging wondering who won.

  47. DS says:

    Im sooo annoyed with VH1 right now, I had no clue that I love Money 4 premiered this past Thursday. I LOVE all of the I Love shows, especially I LOVE MONEY. I was so upset when they decided to pull the plug on Megan Wants a Millionaire and I LOVE MONEY 3. I only found out about I LOVE MONEY 4 by reading about it on perez hilton. Finally, a reason to watch VH1 because they have had NOTHING worth watching on there lately. I hope VH1 realizes the HUGE mistake they made by getting rid of the programming that made it my favorite channel to watch. I will definitely be watching this show…even if I have to catch the replays at 3am!

  48. Amanda says:

    Do you know a website where I can watch episode 1 of this season? I’ve fallen asleep before I could watch the late night showing and I really want to see it.

  49. JayVegas says:

    Good job VH1. I used to watch a lot of VH1 about two years ago. Nothing lately, as most shows are a hot mess FAIL. But you guys know that. Do you remember even FREAKIN’ GEORGE CLOONEY said he watched Rock of Love Bus w/his girlfriend. Oh and so you know, my demographic thinks Fantasia is an effing scumbag so congrats on capturing that market FOR TWO SEASONS. Good luck – not since Eisner has there been such an epic disconnect and FAIL.

  50. Sara says:

    Finally VH1 makes a good decision again.
    Real & Chance, Fantasia, Lala?
    Looks like a less entertaining ripoff of B.E.T. =/

  51. usedtobeabigvh1fan says:

    Hmmm… the last time I watched vh1 the end of Real chance of love 2. I’ve been waiting for I love money 4 for a year already. Are you serious Vh1? The new shows suck. I mean I’ll watch Real and chance again because they’re a glimmer of what Vh1 used to be. The good ol’ days. C’mon bring back the good old celebreality shows.

  52. Chandal says:

    I’m so excited about a season 4 and hope that it will be just as great. I pray it doesn’t go off air half way through like, Megan wants a millionaire because that really crushed me. This use to be my all time fav show on vh1 and I’m just so happy it’s gonna make it to tv. fINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Chandal says:

    I hope their will be a continuos chain or pattern of the cool dating shows like: rock of love, ohocinco, real chance of love, etc etc to keep up the I love money seasons of the characters we grow to love and grow to love to hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love money is the most entertaining show on vh1 because it shows people we got to know from dating shows and it shows competitions for money and it has the drama that I love. And un expected things happen. It’s just the best!!!!!!! I have something to look forward to watching again. <3

  54. Mikeee says:

    I’m going to go along with everyone saying this is the first show they’ve watched on VH1 in a year. I Love Money is my favorite VH1 show, not just now, but even when the “Love” franchise was at its peak. VH1 seems to be under the impression that fans wants its newer programming, but the rating suggest otherwise. I suggest giving a little more promo to ILM4, because it could get great ratings. Sure, the ratings won’t be as high as ILM2, but you’d be moving in the direction of an upward spiral rather than a downward spiral.

  55. Lex says:

    Vh1 used to be my favorite channel – I could always depend on it when I was looking for something entertaining to watch. Now, I don’t even stop to look when channel surfing. I haven’t watched the network at all since Frank’s show went off the air.

    It’s no surprise that Vh1′s ratings have tanked ever since they changed their format to a low-rent, boring version of BET. Even though the network is treating ILM4 like a redheaded stepchild, I, for one, will embrace it with open arms.

  56. Colin Bennedetti the Urb Renaissance Man says:

    Man…I don’t even know what to say. I could believe what they are saying or realize WE as fans of the “old” just need to tune in and make those ratings explode. I have faith VH1 will bring back what we love. Just will take time to let the “ugly” fade from peoples’ minds’. I mean they brought back Real & Chance.. from what I hear..Megan did a VH1 special that should air in Oct. So I dunno..BUT ILM4!!!! Thank you VH1..even though I know this will be the ONLY time it was air. Don’t expect re-runs next year..I can tell..so tape it!! LoL. Anywho..love the cast..didnt know Francisco was a ILM heavie but more power to him as 1st captain! Knew BB would win..shes hot! Ihavent seen Cheezy since ILNY2 in 2007 so THAT made me happy! “Take the shot, Cheezy..CHEEZY!” Haha. Weird their is only ONE FTLORJ girl (Feisty). The battle lines are drawn…I can’t wait for the next episode.. green vs. yellow. paymasters…power outings…vaults…I LOVE MONEY! Sucks I am a fan and have sent tapes…so to hear this franchise is ending..sux. Guess I have to gain with now to be on tv. I mean…Id do it..hahha. Peace out Money LOVERS!

  57. MELROSE says:

    I’m glad I Love Money is returning with some of our favorite “love” show rejects! Hopefully this will be a great season, and finally something worth watching on Vh1 again! That Fantasia show looks like B.S. It’s Vh1 – home of the classic POP-UP VIDEO!!! Not BET!!! Also, agreeing with some of the comments posted, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled 1/2 way through the season because of some murdering psycho!! Get back to the roots of your awesome celeb-reality shows!! What happened to The Surreal Life?! That was my favorite.

  58. Tyler says:

    yeuhhhh finally a show thats worth watching!

  59. Leslie says:

    Why on earth is the “most” this blog can do is putting up but not recapping or promoting season 4 of ILM? That makes no sense.

    To be frank, I haven’t watched much if any VH1 since the last round of For The Love Of Ray Jay. The “of Love”, Charm School and ILM shows were just awesome in their entertainment value.

    What on earth is so much better about the Lala show (I never really got why she was always the host of the reunion shows – she is a worse host then Andy Cohen is on Bravo and that is saying A LOT) or that Fantasia thing. I mean again – who cares.

    Don’t be embarrassed of a totally mindless, sleazy yet TOTALLY entertaining TV franchise YOU CREATED VH1. Give us MORE of it. It’s freaking hilarious.

  60. Fred says:

    I love money is the best game show that VH1 or either MTV has ever produced. This is truly a smart move from VH1. To be honest I haven’t watch VH1 in about 10 months or even more, I’m sick and tired of all Real Chance of love, T.O. show, Ochocinco, Fantasia Bullcrap! We want ligit original & entertaining shows such as I love money. Please just let us know when is the next episode?

  61. Nick H says:

    I have never been more bothered by the fact that VH1 is giving up on I Love Money. Reality TV shows that are about “For the love of” are all known to be fake and acts by the participants. I Love Money is the true American show. These contestants may not be the best quality, but it is a brutal fight for the cash, which is the working class in America’s daily lives. I live for I love Money and the characters that it brings, and Craig is the man.

  62. Len says:

    I don’t understand why VH1 is burying this show. It’s not even listed as one of its offerings on the official website. “I Love Money” was much more entertaining than the celebrity dating shows because the contestants didn’t have to pretend to like the celeb. Instead it’s just about every hardworking American’s desire for cash. Now I can’t even find the first episode online. Try harder, VH1!

  63. mamabear says:

    A friend of mine actually clued me into this being aired. I would never have noticed otherwise, since I haven’t watched VH1 for months (your line up has been horrible!!!). I’m glad it’s on, since it’s a favorite of mine, but I feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. You say you will not make another I Love Money, sad, but I guess good for now since I wouldn’t recognize a face on it. Please stop ‘tweaking’ shows, looking for new programming ideas and go back to what works! I used to watch VH1 all the time! My friends and I would chat about the shows. My husband would make fun of me lol. I miss that. Nobody I know watches your channel anymore (my friend found I Love Money channel surfing). I have gotten to the point after the kids go to bed, the tv goes off or to the food network since thats more interesting than VH1. Well, except for thursday nights at 11 now! Oh, and at least let us fans enjoy our last season of reality tv by releasing a more information and access to the show on your site (with full episodes available). Come on… is that really too much to ask?

  64. Kiley says:

    Thank you vh1!!!!

  65. toogie says:

    I had so much fun watching this late last night. Vh1 and Cris Abrego what is up??? Apparently reading these comments a lot of fans are missing the dating type shows you had. I can hardly believe this show isnt even marketed or has its own fan site like the other shows. I loved new york, flav, daisy, frank, etc. all the dating shows. They are fun and present a lot of new personalities. Please return to dating a la rock of love format. I love watching scream queens also. Instead of a date to win a role in a movie is pretty cool. The reunion shows were great and sometimes more exciting than the show, why were they deleted? My 2 fave shows on vh1 will be this one and also scream queens. Listen to your fans Vh1!

  66. RunAwaySaint says:

    I’m stoked its back..I love this show..

  67. carmen black says:

    1st of all, I love money is one of the best vh1 reality game show ever, I watched all the episodes, Fantasia 2nd best, her real life story, alot of women can relate to the same issues. Vh1 you did it again,keep up the good work. Yeah boooooooooy…

  68. JoJo says:

    Yay I can finally watch VH1 again. Like most of you I quit watching VH1 some time ago, I couldn’t even watch Frank’s show, you could tell they tried casting “classier” girls even Frank knew it sucked. I saw this flipping through channels and thought it was an old season, I was sooo excited it was a new season. I wonder if they have to show it for legal reasons reguarding the cast, that’s the only reason I can think of why they would air it but not promote it, and why it took a year to air it. I hope we get to see the whole season, and more to follow! I’d much rather see TO and Chad on ILM then their own shows.

  69. Mike says:

    I was flipping through channels a lil bit ago, and I seen the new I Love Money, I heard it was canceled a long time ago, but when I seen this new season on tv I got so excited! It’s the only good show that is on VH1 right now, I mean c’mon, that Fantasia and T.O. and Ray J and all that crap. Also they need Mr Boston in I Love money again.

  70. dee dee says:

    vh1, 1st of all vh1 PLEASE listen to the viewers and bring back celebreality!!! im glad you have brought back i love money but i just wish i knew it was coming back. you didnt advertise it at all and im confused as to why you didnt i think it came on last night. i would have watched it but i didnt even know it came back until this morning. i think you guys should bring back celebreality. i know ALOT of people feel the same way.i never understood why you got rid of those shows if everyone loved them and they were doing so well. i dont really watch vh1 anymore because of that. the only shows i watch on vh1 now is celebrity rehab,basketball wives, roc docks and behind the music. the other shows are so boring! i tried to watch ochocinco but it was just awful and chad isnt very entertaining. i never figured out why t.o got a show. the new brandy and ray j show is incredibly boring as well. their music careers suck so why did they get a show? i used to LOVE the celebreality shows and never missed episodes and i know alot of people were hooked on celebreality as well. PLEASE vh1,will you listen to us and bring back celebreality? we all want those shows back and i think you guys should listen to the viewers.

  71. jake says:

    where can i find episode 1 of season 4 on the internet. Is VH1 not going to put the epsiodes on their site??

  72. Jesanina says:

    I’m just glad Mamacita got booted off the show.I couldn’t stand another minute of that fugly ghetto trash talkin biotch.And her voice sounds like a decrepit cat stuck up in a tree coughing up a furball.She makes Latina women look bad.A real Latina would have class and wouldn’t carry herself in that manner.Not saying she doesn’t come from a Latin background,she clearly does.Only must be that she’s inbred crack baby that’s maladjusted and gives dysfunction a new meaning.She really needs to be medicated or someone please just stick a sock in her mouth.

    Brittanya,should have camera time…whoever is editing the show needs to give her more screen time.

    I’m glad I got this off my chest and that eye sore got the BOOT

  73. ILOVEMONEY22 says:


  74. jason says:

    serously vh1?! you finally let i love money be seen but you dont tell anyone about it and only air it late night?! whats the point of airing it if your gonna keep it hidden???!!!!!! you know, theres alot of people who have been waiting for you to bring back ilm and its really unfair that you dont let them know its back. you lost alot of viewers over a year ago when you decided to go in a “classyer” direction with your programing so can you plese get it togrther and bring back those shows we loved!!!

  75. Ricky III says:

    Last season? Really? Aside from the dating shows you guys make, this has to be the best thing you have ever made! So why in God’s name would you want to end it?

  76. Lyndsey says:

    Finally VH1! your making good choices again! I have been waiting for 2 years to see I love money its the best show you guys have! I really really want to see i love money 3 as well as I love money 4. I am disappointed in see this will be the final season for it I hope this is not true. We need to get back to the shows that played before the tragedy with ryan happened. These salt n peppa, chili wants a man, fantasia forreal, T.O. Show, and the Ocho Cinco shows are LAME! I WANT my love reality shows back especially I Love Money!!

  77. Q.Lo says:

    i have to wait until late nights to see this show and i cant do that . ive waited for i love money FOREVAAAH ! the shows about fantasia and all the other shows are boring and not entertaining at all . e and my friends used to bet on the little game shows all the time and see who would win the big money but now i cant even see i love money on the VH1 website . now come on . why are you gonna air it if nobody can even see it ? im just sayin .

  78. Colin Bennedetti the Urb Renaissance Man says:

    Ah…a small victory is OURS, money lovers. TVByNumbers reports that the I Love Money 4 premiere last Thursday pulled in 731,000 viewers. More than Money Hungry & Scream Queens. NO PROMOTION! Touche’.

  79. Dominic says:

    The fact that this show, with no promotion and being on at 11, still got better ratings than plenty of other shows airing at primetime is pretty telling. Get a clue VH1.

  80. gaby says:

    you need to keep showing i love money and all the previous shows before this, like daisy, charm school, rock of love, etc etc now vh1 is getting boring.

  81. Kee Kee says:

    this is so whack…why arent you guys airing I love Money 4? YOu guys did this with the Meagan show. vh1 is becoming a disappointment and I think Im going to stick with MTV and Oxygen for my reality shows. YOu suck Vh1

  82. Evan says:

    I’ve been excited for this show ever since I had seen the trailer! I’ve been turning my roommates onto past “of love” shows by downloading them on itunes. We talk about how it was such a better era for VH1. I Love Money was by far our favorite series, and if it’s around for even a 10 week stint, I’m more excited for this than I’ve been for all VH1 reality shows in the past year combined. (Which isn’t saying much.) I’d love to see VH1 go back to the shameless tawdry format. As a roommate of mine said while watching ILM4′s premiere episode, “Wow, this is such an awesome mental escape.”

    Vh1, it’s been a year…we forgive you… the victims’ families forgive you… hey, maybe even Megan Hauserman forgives you. It’s time for you to make us laugh again. Watching Fantasia cry (again) is just pathetic.

  83. did i miss something says:

    dude why the hell cant i watch the damn episode i dont have cable just internet!!!! I need to watch this!!!!

  84. cAmErOn says:

    Was tonight’s episode (9/23) the first episode? Or did y’all see the episode with Mamacita on it? Am I the only one who missed it? PLEASE let me know!

  85. Red says:

    There’s been ZERO promotion for this show whatsoever but you’ve got the crap that’s known as Real & Chance Legend Hunters, the OchoCinco show and Lala’s wedding show? Seriously? Those 3 shows suck balls. Get back to the shows that people actually WATCH and LIKE. Give this show the attention it deserves.

  86. cAmErOn says:

    Did you guys see the first episode?! I missed it, where can I watch it?

  87. Mike P. says:

    I’m glad this is airing and it’s great.
    I love that with only word of mouth promotion it’s destroying the lame shows. I hope this is a wake up call since it says they are “testing programing ideas”. I hope the rating show that it was better to be the top dog of cheese & sleaze than B.E.T. light.

  88. jake says:

    dude seriously, VH1 better and needs to revive this show. unfortunately because of the dramatic events of last year and Ryan Jenkins, they cant promote the show but can air it on TV? Really, Lets get over it now. That guy was an idiot, straight up. Start advertising the show and show full epsiodes/highlights on your website cause not everyone has cable television. Do the right thing here and make it back to the old VH1. Not only will WE be happy but, lets be honest, your ratings will blow the chart!!!

  89. melissa says:

    I love this show hopefully they dont take our show off the air !!

  90. Amanda says:

    Yeah, these new Vh1 shows are absolutely awful!! ( Fantasia, Legend hunters, Lala) NOBODY CARES! I cant believe I love money got absolutely no promotion. That is outrageous!! Bring back the good shows, or shows in similar formats to I love New York, Flavor of Love, Entertainer of Love, I love Money- Those are the kind of shows that made VH1 good!! Not this crap that’s on there now.

  91. Sam says:

    I have had more fun watching the ILM4 premiere than any other show this year. I wish Vh1 would reconsider making this the final season because it’s such a fan favorite and it’s one of their most entertaining shows. Thanks for airing it Vh1, please make more seasons!

  92. Marisol says:

    I agree w/ everyone, bring back the good shows VH1! I could careless about the ones you have now! I Love Money 4 is one of them! Damn reply the episodes, I missed the first one!

  93. steve reyes says:

    when does it come on?

  94. Bethy Lu says:

    I am a big fan of I Love Money 4, but I dont understand why you cannot show it 20 times a week like you do with all the other reality shows? And why not during a decent part of the day?? I have to stay up extremely late to watch it, and unlike all your other shows, Icannot find it online to stream and watch =( It tears me up inside, vh1.

  95. tara says:

    glad show is back! chichi is an idiot, but you cant blame him for being so soft

  96. Linda says:

    I turned on VH1 at 5 am this morning and found ILM4 – was I ever happy — finally a good show to watch on VH1 again. No offense to anyone but I did NOT like Brandy & RayJ Family Business and the other shows they have had lately really stink IMO (esp.that Tool show). I am happy to see some old faces and I think ILM is a really great show. Now I am going to go find out when it’s on.
    PLEASE VH1 – don’t squash this show – and how about some promo on it??????

  97. liz says:

    hey guys when does the show play. i have been catching it on my dvr like at 3 am but the last 5 minutes are cut off….. whats going on with these horrible shows that are on now? i even tried to look it up online and nothing

  98. A.Schneider says:

    I have been waiting!!!!

  99. Joe Lapati says:

    I love money 4 is on fire right now. Always loved the original show and the second, before the crazy incedent on 3! I was looking forward to it also. The cast right now is all classic cast members on their own shows, plus it’s cool to bring back a former ILM loser. Like season 2 with the entertainer and 20 pack this year. So keep puting out “love shows” Even find a new celeb former actor/actress to match up with and you will have a great franchise….Well Ill watch.

  100. toni says:

    I LOVE MONEY is VH-1′S “Challenge” series like MTV’S real world vs. road rules series only WAY BETTER!!!!!
    You can not let this be the last season!! It’s not VH1′s fault some psycho was on 3rd season…. we need I LOVE MONEY!

  101. She-ra says:

    Nooooo! I love this franchise!!! My husband and I were stoked when we stumbled across this season!! Don’t let it go!! PLEASE!!! I do not care about TO, Lala, Ray J, or any of the other crap you have put on! The funny kitchy stuff is awesome!! LONG LIVE REAL AND CHANCE AND MONEY HUNGRY!!!!

  102. Getz says:

    I don’t understand why this Franchise is being terminated. ILM is far more entertaining than other shows currently being aired on VH1 in my opinion. There seems to be a faithful fan base for this show and from what is evident ILM is not the most expensive show to produce. ILM is the only show I’m watching at the moment but I was also a fan of Flavor of Love, The Surreal Life, Rock of Love and Real Chance of Love. I also must include I Love New York.

    VH1 needs to re-asses their decisions regarding this franchise. I thought I have my say and express my opinions. I hope there are more ILM’s in the pipeline because the are many “Money Lovers” out there.

  103. Michelle says:

    My husband and I LOVE this show!!! I cant believe that it is not going further. It is tremendoudly better than the rest of the shows on VH1 right now. I am also surprised they would take it off considering it is the only show with a different format- a COMPETITION!!! Thats what made it interesting. WRONG MOVE VH1!!! and can anyone tell me why it is only on in the middle of the night? How do you expect to get ANY ratings? And it’s not even promoted by VH1- they dont advertise for it and it is not even on the list of shows on their website! I had to SEARCH to find this! Yet Real and Chance have a prime time show about looking for mythical creatures!?!?! RIDICULOUS!

  104. Michelle says:

    Also- I have to agree with everyone that we dont really watch VH1 anymore bc all the shows s*ck!!! We used to roll from one show into the next- now everything is garbage! It seems that every show is about following someone’s life, rather than the week to week competitions/love shows that got us to to be avid vh1 fans and watch practically EVERY show on the channel. Not anymore! rehab is sooo depressing (and unethical if you ask me). T.O., Fantasia, Lala- BORING! Ray J was great looking for love, but BORING just working with his family! It is the ONLY competition show they have- why not keep it simply to offer some variety? What idiot is running this channel?

  105. Ppika168 says:

    What day, time can I see the new I love Money in NY. I cannot find it.

  106. Janice Hill says:

    Love the games played on the show as well as the commentary of the contestants… Please keep it going…

  107. Michele says:

    when is the next episode coming out???

  108. Michele says:

    Ok I really agree with some of the comments.As someone said there is nothing good on VH1 at this point..I use to watch VH1 all the time from one show to another..everyday practically there was a good show on, and now nothing..boooring. ILM is the greatest show ever!! So please do not make it the last…

  109. chelle says:

    the only time i will watch vh1 is when i love money is on otherwise i will not watch this channel. the shows that are on there are crap, boring and unappealing. vh1 ratings are dowon because of this. the i love series are fun to watch especially i love money which brings together all of the shows. i love the competition and behind the scenes drama. i have barely watched vh1 at all this past year because of the boring shows that have been on there. im glad that you all put i love money 4 on the air and grateful but seriously can we get just a little bit of advertising for it? anway i love this show but i just with there were a couple more black people on it like season 1 and 2.

  110. Shershel says:

    My Boyfriend and I love I Love Money!!!! We are soo bummed that it’s only on in the wee hours of the night. We both work at 6 am so we can’t stay up late to watch. We will never be able to catch the re-runs because they are not airing them any time except the am. Please make it so we can at least watch them online or air them during the day. Vh1 can’t let one person ruin a good thing!!!! Please VH1, bring it back at a reasonable time, 9pm would be awesome!!!

  111. james says:

    To be honest im really quite obsessed with reality t.v. I watch other shows too but over the last year ive been watching basickly the local new/cnn whenever i need to watch tv. its sad cause with i love money coming back i feel all the good memories of the love show and charm school. seriously its so depressing to know that i used to watch vh1 all day and now its so boring that watching the same crap for hours a day on the news is MUCH better than watever is on vh1. after the whole i love money 3 incident, i never looked at vh1 ever again until now, and i hope they add to it. i have serious doubts though so i guess ill stick with amazing race and survivor

  112. elle says:

    VH1, you make-a my dreams come true.

    please consider at least posting episodes online!

  113. dawn says:

    when does this program air?

  114. Jill says:

    The shows now on VH1 are hardly appealing. I couldn’t even stand the last 5 minutes of watching the annoying LaLa show before ILM at 11:00!

    What happened to the entertaining reality shows that made me laugh every week when I actually tuned into VH1. Your station is nothing but boring shows about peoples lives I couldn’t care less about! At least the contestants on the ‘I Love’ shows had more of a personality than the dull ‘celebrities’ that are on now.

    You had lost me completely as a viewer before I realized that ILM was back on. If you actually promote it rather than being ashamed of it, I’m sure you’ll find more viewers on it’s one and only spot on Thursdays.

  115. Iluv51minds says:

    Who here would go out and buy Megan wants a millionaire or ILM3 if VH1 released it straight to DVD?

  116. Erica says:

    OMG. I need to know where I can find the Obama shirt Francisco had on…can anyone tell me?

  117. lolo says:

    I really like I Love Money- I was also enjoying Megan’s show. The heinous events that caused that show and I Love Money 3 to be removed from the air did not kill the desire of your viewing audience to watch. I only stumbled upon this blog because I was searching for the full episodes to I Love Money 4′s most recent episode for my boyfriend to see what he missed while at work- please post this season! I prefer VH1′s reality programming to ALL reality programming. The dating shows do get old but THIS challenge show is enjoyable compared to MTV’s RealWorld/RodeRules obnoxious casts. There are people on this particular season that I’m happy to see fighting for the price and there are others that I’m sad to see weren’t included. KEEP THIS SHOW! Shows like this are my guilty pleasure on breaks from writing papers and studying for exams and trust me I need the break!

  118. Ally Z says:

    Please please please keep the ILM franchise. I have to say, I have not been tuning into VH1 much since the loss of Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I love NY. I missed the first few episodes since there was no promotion of this season…so could you please put them ON DEMAND or at least on your website for viewing?

  119. Addy says:

    I love this show. Super excited its back. Cant wait to see what girl gets a show nest to replace I Love New York other than Daisy. These are real people like me no actors. I love it because of that. The drama helps too. Can we see a charm school with guys in it?

  120. Mimi says:

    Couples love this show. Your decision to not air this show earlier caused me and my boyfriend to break up. Thanx VH1 :(

  121. jeremy williams says:

    i like i love money 4 bt i really thnk yall shud air da 3rd season cuz from da rumors i heard i love money 3 was a gud season so yall shud also let dat season air dat situation wit ryan iz ova and i dnt get why da dudes from da megan show r on there anyway they alrady rich bt bottom line I LOVE MONEY 3 shud be aired

  122. Courtney says:

    please dont cancell the show, i dont care what one stupid guy did. i i love thiss show &; ive seeen every episode since season1 i beg you to reconsider

    - <3

  123. NancyGrew says:

    I love I Love Money!

  124. Anastasia says:

    I LOVE “I LOVE MONEY” Im really upset about the possibility of termination. These are pretty much the only show i watch. I was really excited when i saw season 4 on, and had no clue why i didnt see any adv for it. Just because some crazy bastard was on air doesnt mean you have to punish your viewers!!! Keep that in mind.

  125. Sam says:

    I can honestly say this is the first show on VH1 I have watched since Real/Chance, Daisy or Love, Rock of Love Bus etc. stopped airing. I understand that one crazy person did a heinous act but you shouldn’t kill your channel as a result. Better screen your reality stars and bring back your dating shows. P.S. Ray J and random football players are NOT interesting and neither are the lack-of-personality women you pack onto their shows.

  126. stephanie says:

    I have always been a fan of i love money it was my favorite show every season i just stumbled on it yesterday night while flipping channels why was there no commercials about it please dont take it off the air…

  127. alec says:

    Can you at least tell us who were the contestants on I Love Money 3? Sheesh.

  128. mamacita says:

    No way VH1!!! you can not make this the last, I try to get home from college just for this, those love reality, and watching celebrity and their past what ever, But I love money it is real, fun, and enjoyable to watch, please VH1 keep it going, How about casting people who have not been in reality shows, give us the apportunity to win money:) I hope you will concider that amount of fans you have for this show and keep it on.

  129. street from true status ent. says:

    This is show is off the chain for real!! I had seen the show on t.v and realized it was new people. I was like hell ya they made another one!! It is too entertaining to let go. The new reality shows that are coming out seem okay. Who would be on I love money five if they had one? Man it would classic to bring back some of the original cast to see the enternainer, real, chance, new york, 12 pack, megan, all the originals this would be tight now that was entertainment. I watch the first episode and it all ready caught my attention.

  130. Bob says:

    I can’t understand why they bury this show and have no issues promoting junk like Real and Chance anything… put the episodes up online, advertise it and you will see how well it does in the ratings.

  131. Megan says:

    It’s hard for me to stay up and watch this show at 11pm but I do It every week because I’ve always loved the “i Love” shows. These shows put VH1 on the map. These shows are the only reason I watch VH1. Please don’t end this show!

  132. Heaven says:

    can anyone tell me what the eposide # for the premiere of I love maney 4 is I didnt know it was on and have missed it on would like to try to catch up on it

  133. Robeana1 says:

    Thank you soooo much vh1 and 51 minds for airing ILM4!!! As a courtesy to the fans, Please let the fans get to watch the entire final season at a consistent decent time 10 or 11pm EST on Thurs. Why don’t you re-name “I love Money” to “Money games of Love”. Please return to the format of your dating competition shows and ILM format. “I love money” is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!When are ILM series going to be available to purchase on DVD. “Daisy of Love” was funny, Frank the Entertainer” was funny. It would be hysterical to watch “NY” on “I love Money”.

  134. Lena says:

    I just stumbled across this show on my DVR. My son told me that there was a new season and I was surprised that I didn’t know about it. I have spent the last hour and a half trying to bring myself up-to-date, but am unable to do so. Don’t let one monkey spoil this show. Ryan Jenkins was a nut – no other way to put it – but this show should not suffer for it because of him. If nothing else, since you are airing #4, at least make them available on the site so that true fans can catch each and every episode. I’ve apparently missed alot, because the only one I’ve seen is when Alex has been eliminated. I don’t know who the other eliminated contestants are and I need to know. Please, please bring this show back on at a decent time and make the episodes available for viewing on the VH1 site.

  135. Joel says:

    please dont end the series
    I dont think it is a good idea to end one of your fans favorite show

  136. Brian says:

    I LOVE the ILM Franchise! Season one and two were fantastic and the ratings were there for you guys at VH1. I think if properly marketed again, you could see a return of good ratings for this series. It is your Bachelor Pad, RW/RR challenge! Its very fun and sleezy and incredibly entertaining.

    I do hope you reconsider your thoughts, These Aspen shows, Fantasia, Brandy and Ray J shows are trash.

  137. kkl says:

    Vh1 has really gone downhill. I don’t see why you can’t improve the vetting process rather than hide your best shows and try to replace your signature style with ridiculous shows about boring people. Why can’t I at least watch ILM online?

  138. Handymike says:

    Where I can see the show! ONLINE PLease……i had to fire my cable company and NEED to see I LOVE MONEY!!!!!

    someone let me know!!!! PLEASE

  139. Robeana1 says:

    If any vh1 reps are reading this PLease download full episodes and bonus clips of ILM. All fans would be eternally grateful. Please keep this franchise and re-name it “Money Games of Love”. It would be awesome to see “Daisy of Love” guys and “Pick-up Artist” guys and “Rock of Love Bus girls” Farrah and Ashley, Lacey and NY all compete on ILM 5. Please make DVD’s available for purchase of ILM 1, ILM2 and ILM3 (if you can’t air it). ILM is the BEST show on your network:) Please go back to the Dating shows programming.

  140. Marko says:

    This is the time I’ll watch VH1, is to see I Love Money 4. The rest of what VH1 shows is utterly crap. The other shows are amazingly boring with people no one cares about. I Love Money has the best and most interesting characters currently around. I’m not sure why VH1 will not advertise or put this show in a descent time slot. If I have to, I’ll watch ILM @ 3am, if that’s the only time VH1 will air it and the only time VH1 will get me to tune in. This show (w/o advertising) has one of the highest viewing numbers! VH1 has no love for their best and ONLY descent show on its channel.

  141. Jessica says:

    Unfortunately, I missed the first two episodes. I’m not even sure if this show was advertised, I just stumbled on it by accident. This is an awesome show, I love everything by Cris Abrego(sp?). Don’t end it. Ochocinco was okay, but I miss the old school shows- Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Charm School- all those shows are awesome! Don’t change the format. Aside from Money Hungry, all this new stuff is BORING!

    ps- Please give 12Pack a dating show. He’s hot and sweet, and after the way Daisy broke his heart, he deserves it!

  142. Mai says:

    Who cares what happened on Season 3, it’s all done and over with. DO NOT CANCEL I LOVE MONEY!!! :D

  143. Jeehae says:

    It’s a real shame because I Love Money is your best reality series. It’s like Survivor but a lot more juicy with more back stabbing and drama! How fun is that? Let’s face it, all those contestants were never on the other dating shows to find love – they wanted fame and or fortune. On I Love Money, they could openly pursue both! PLEASE air season for more often and at more a reasonable timeslot and PLEASE don’t end the series!!!

  144. DS says:

    I love money was airing every Thurs night at 11pm east coast time….but VH1 has now moved it to a more reasonable time at 10pm on Wednesdays. Of course I didnt know this…luckily I caught the new episode last week when it aired at its new time last Wed. Maybe VH1 is finally listening to the fans of this show!

  145. Rachel says:

    What I really want to know is where can I watch episodes? It plays late and I do not own a DVR. I always watch my missed VH1 shows online but I cant seem to find them anywhere. Also they never play re-runs so it is very difficult to watch a show that I love. It is by far the best show on VH1 and I cant even keep up on it.

  146. Carol says:

    I LOOOOOOVE ‘I Love Money’, so much that when you guys switched the time and day to Wed. @ 10pm est, I had to cancel watching MTV’s The Challenge Cut Throat at that same time slot and i’ve NEVER missed that show before. I Love Money is just WAY better! I’m super sad that Chi Chi went home…I mean SUPER sad, but i’m still gonna watch. Pleeeeeease DO NOT cancel your I Love Money series and bring Chi Chi back next season for redemption.

  147. Steve says:

    VH1 wake up and realize that I Love Money is the best show you air. Please continue to film new seasons, the viewers clearly want more.

  148. Maureen says:

    I was such a huge fan of the show, and i’m disapointed that the guy from the Megan show ruined it all. No one knew about this, so i had to spread the word to my friends to let them know it is being secretly aired. We already had to accept the fact that season 3 will never air. This show should never go away! Ever!!

  149. Robeana1 says:

    I LOVE MONEY is on Wed. 10pm EST. THANKYOU to Vh1!!!!ILM is AWESOME cuz its cut throat competition and most outrageous challenges with the BEST characters we grew to love. My fav. challenge “Thrown under the bus”. After seeing ChiChi and Punisher get into it I then realized why Punisher sent him home. ChiChi is sweet wanting to share the $$ with “Make-A-Wish” and Sinister. He really was a good competitor. I want Mindy to win. Mindy should get her own “Dating” show with 12Pack, 20Pack or new Hot and Buff guys. I was scared for “Feisty” and “CornFed” when they fell of the ledges. LOVE THE DRAMA!!! Craig’s the Man!!! PLEEEEESE Download these Episodes and Bonus Clips and Make “I love Money” series available to ALL FANS!!!!! Thank-you Vh1.com!!!!!

  150. Jennifer says:

    Please film I LOVE MONEY 4! It’s the only show on VH1 I watch!

  151. Jennifer says:

    Correction: I meant I LOVE MONEY 5, lol!

  152. SOgood says:

    i just saw the first episode, and it did not disappoint…it was goooood!hilarious,i hope the ratings get better…u kno its just that the time slot is horrible.

  153. sandy says:

    I love this show please keep it going i am very disappointed that i happen to find it flipping channels
    at 1 am in the morning and ran across it i was so excited i cant wait to see it again please donot stop.

  154. Madd says:

    I LOVE this Show sooo Much i looked forward to it every week. This is the best Reality Show Ever I’m so serious please keep it going I will start a petition if you take this off please entertain me I never blog but i need to I love this show not kidding thank you soo much to the creators of this show!

  155. VickDawg! says:

    How SAD the best part of REality Television its tHats its REal!!!!! they should just quit being Fake and promote the show its probably the only 1 people even watch!!!!

  156. Juliana says:

    I absolutely love this show and is your best show. You should reconsider continuing with the show, after all it still is a hit show. I do have to say, with all due respects, that you shouldn’t let what happened with the R.J. tragedy effect the show. It is sad, but at the same time you can’t control what happens off-camera and shouldn’t punish the show for the incident.

  157. andee says:

    Just some things to think about…

    1. Has “Punisher” had a stroke?

    2. Is Brittania a tranny?

    3. Is Garth retarded?

  158. Renee says:

    i’m so glad this show is back!!! i missed the first 5 episodes tho. since there isnt much on vh1 for me to watch lately. n the few times i do, i didnt see any commercials for it. thank you so much for airing it finally. bring back the dating shows. they were the best tv to have. where can i watch the episodes i missed?

  159. Jen Jen says:

    Yes, I agree with everybody. I Love Money is the best show on VH1, period.

  160. TERRI says:

    I too stumbled across the new I love Money last night waiting for Bret Michaels new show to come on. I dont know why they are secretly viewing it, they are making it out to be a bad thing? It isn’t at all. I want to watch the missed episodes as well, where can I find them? They aren’t even listed as a show on VH1 website. Keep filming and we will keep watching!

  161. dust says:

    Season 1 & 2 & any future season that you advertise will do over 2 million an episode. Bret Michaels’ uninteresting new show couldn’t even get a million viewers. People are sick of shows that just kiss celebrities’ asses. The I Love X universe it he best thing VH1 has ever had going for it. Quit trying to copy Bravo.

  162. Sarah says:

    VH1 please continue to play I Love Money. I watch every season and if ther isnt anymore that would be very horrible because thats the only show i watch on VH1, matter fact thats the only show me and my friends watch and we talk about the day after it comes on. Our favorite on this season and I love money 2 is probably 20pack and it horrible he left so early this season and it would amazing to see him next season if you guys one. So i really hope you do

  163. Jess says:

    I’m so frustrated that I’ve missed every episode so far. I hate all the shows on Vh1 now, and had no idea that I Love Money was in fact going to air. This was my favorite show ever on Vh1, but I’m still upset that I’ve missed so much. Does anyone know where I can watch the episodes that have already aired?

  164. lisa parham says:

    why won”t u show all episodes on demand. i’m always asleep when it comes on and I love all reality shows.

  165. craig says:

    I have been a fan since first season. I think it is a shame that this will be the last season. I found season 4 by accident there was no advertisement and it comes on later than before. The best show you have and this is the final season. Hopefully with enough feedback they will continue the show.

  166. NaniDiamond says:

    I sure hope that they bring some of the people that were in Money 3 back to compete in Money 5…especially Deelishish and Buckey!

  167. Lana says:


  168. dust says:

    VH1 is too busy trying to be Bravo. The last thing I’ll watch is some garbage that attempts to make me feel bad for some uppity millionaire. Also, airing Fantasia’s show after her suicide attempt/publicity stunt is despicable and disgusting.

  169. Dean says:

    when does I love money 4 error? i lovedd season 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. bigHomie says:

    VH-1, dont cancel the show, best show u got!!

  171. Crystal says:

    I Love Money is a great show but they didnt air a trailer or anything leading up to it and you cant even watch the previous episodes from season 4 on the website. I didnt even know there was a season 4 except that I was flipping through the channels but I’ve missed a few episodes already, they need to post the episodes online for viewers to watch.

  172. Rosalyn says:

    Seriously? VH1 was going to shut off this gem, but there were 2 seasons of Brandi and Ray J? That show was terrible! Dad Camp? Worse. I want more Celebrity Rehab. If I have to see another Real and Chance show I may stop watching VH1 for good. That Fear show is absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Why can’t we see more of Secrets of Aspen? At least that was ridiculous enough to be entertaining. I’ll be watching Bret Michaels for sure.

  173. Mai says:

    So who do you guys think is gonna win this whole thing? I’m hoping either Cisco, Mindy, or Sassy.

  174. Derrick says:

    NO MORE RAY J or Flavor Flav! More I love money! More Mindy, Brittanya, Hot wings, etc! u know the beautiful women

  175. Katey says:

    I’m SOOO happy this is back on!

  176. shanna says:

    where can i watch the episodes i missed?

  177. Jeff says:

    I remember seasons one and two of I love money, and was surprised to see I love money 4 air without any advertisements. I’m glad my DVR caught it because of all of the reality shows around I love money is definitely in my top 5 for entertaining. This show helped launch Frank the Entertainer because after I love NY noone really would’ve watched Frank without the added airtime of I love Money 1 & 2. Now 20 Pack was on Season 2 and 4, time for a show since he got his heart broke by Brittanya? or Punisher cause of Brittanya? or ChiChi? I mean she actually creates story lines to make VH1 shows from.

  178. Matt Mayhem says:

    I love this show and hope it sticks around a few more seasons. “I Love Money” is the only show on VH1 I watch.
    If you need to cancel a show I suggest whatever that crap is with Real and Chance. Without all the hot and or crazy women I don’t understand why anyone would watch those two dumbasses running around for an hour each week. Even with the women I couldn’t watch the last season of Real Chance for Love. Face the music Real and Chance your 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

  179. rae says:

    i love this show, i think it is one of the best reality shows out there. please bring it back.

  180. Cmon Man says:

    Cmon, y’all. You know that I Love Money is a hilarious show. I laughed so hard when the first season came out and the title was “I Love Money.” I was like, “finally, they’re admitting what these dating shows are really about.” I watched the show and it was funny. I love Real and Chance. I want the franchise to continue.

  181. T Steward says:

    I will watch I LOVE MONEY no matter when it airs. Thank goodness for digital video recording though because it’s been airing late! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. It is the best and most entertaining show you have out there. Plus, it’s really good to be able to see former cast members of the infamous ‘of love’ shows. I’m already geeked to see I LOVE MONEY 5 with some of Ray-J’s girls!

  182. Nikkole says:

    my hole family watch i love money :(
    its a family show for us and now that i saw it
    on tv the other day my mom was so happy and now i had 2 tell her yall dont want to play the new ones she was hear broken :( we all where

  183. jodi says:

    Brittan-ya is stupid. why wouldn’t you get the strongest competitor out of the game?

  184. jules says:

    I love the I love money shows! I’m rooting for Mindy! I can’t wait for Punisher and Garth to get eliminated

  185. Faith says:

    I love money is one of the best shows on VH1. I’m disappointed that we missed season 3. Can’t wait to see more!

  186. Maya says:

    Please don’t end I Love Money! It’s the only good show VH1 has now.

  187. Tee says:

    Agreed, I love Money for some reason is an addictive show, i think it being the final season is actually disappointing, as of now thats the only show i watch on VH1
    i hope that this will NOT be the final season!

  188. Jennifer says:

    Best reality show ever…keep it going very entertaining and real!

  189. nancy says:

    VH1 needs to film more seasons of i love money! This is by far the best show on vh1

  190. netino says:

    they should make a “i love britannya” show so that they have enough guys to make another i love money show with the girls from ray-J 2, real chance of love and franks basement affair, it would be the best show on TV!

    MTV has their Real world and the their Real world/road rules challenge, and vh1 has their i love X and i love money challenge shows!

    would MTV ever cancel the real world or real world/road rules challenge?? i dont think so!!!!

    vh1 didnt turn that guy into a murderer so i don’t understand why the show is being punished for it! we’ve all accepted that ilm 3 was cancelled and it had its reasons, but that’s more reason to make us forget and make newer and better i love shows

  191. JT Hopper says:

    I Love Money Season 3 Outtakes!!!! I’m sure millions of fans would watch just a seasons worth of all the 15 or 16 interesting OTHER people on that show who weren’t involved in the tragedy. Lacey surely must have been awesome, love me some Bubbles, and I’ve always been curious as to who else was really on it… allegedly Weasel and Marcia… among others seemed interesting. Even with out the Megan program having aired, Garth, Cisco and Punisher have proved to be extremely unique characters and have been a staple of season 4 so far.

    I <3 Money all the way!

  192. Angie says:

    This show is the best one on VH1! In fact, I was getting fed up and had to switch to HGTV! (Yes, the home decorating channel!) because there’s only so much Ray Jay, Lala, and stupid football players housewives one person can take. (Just stop with the d-listed celebrities- nobody cares about their lives) The shows you should promote more are I love Money, Celebrity Rehab (because everybody loves a train wreck) Money Hungry, Celebrity Fit Club, Jessica Simpson Price of Beauty, and You’re cut off. and for the love of GOD…Please, no More TO! Jesus Christ..are you guys trying to spork my eye out? Love Angie

  193. radonna says:

    who got eliminated punisher, sassy or 6 gauge by brooklynn my tv went out please let me know my e-mail address is radonna21@yahoo.com i am real fan of this show and i am so mad my tv went off when he was elimating it’s aggravating does anyone know?

  194. Tee says:

    ^ Agreed, lol MTV cancel the Road Rules challenge, there not stupid, they know what brings ratings. not to mention what netino said, the show should not be canceled because of that guy, what does this show have to do with that, um nothing! so now the best show gets cut for a retarded reason. once the show finishes, we should all just never change it to VH1, they dont get any airings on anything xD

  195. Jenny says:

    More I love money! It’s the best show on VH1 ever! Please keep making them!

  196. JW says:

    It’s really a shame that no more ILM shows will be made. Its the only show that interest me on this channel anymore. Ignorance on the part of VH1.

  197. Ally says:

    I love, i love money. I’m so excited the show is back. i agree that it is the best show on VH1 and the next best shows are the other ‘of love’ shows. I just happened upon I love money 4 and now i’m hooked on VH1 again.

  198. Beth says:

    I am so glad to see this on the air. I would love to see another I Love Money season or a similar competition type show with former reality show contestants.

  199. Jace says:

    man you guys really suck I love this show// after hard days work its the only thing I look forward two every week while its on, man I hate reruns but I love watching reruns of this show

  200. New to VH1 says:

    This is a great franchise you guys have with I love Money. I’m not usually a big fan of TV reality shows, especially the fake looking for love types. But this one, this one I love. If you guys end this franchise, you don’t jack about entertainment.

    I recommend that you guys continue airing this season, and do some future enhensement a the next.
    1. Promote the show (I only learned about it while flipping channels, now I’m hooked).
    2. Run daily new episodes.
    3. add enough for 1 more team, to a sum of 3 teams or even 4.
    4. Learn to know when you have a good thing going. This show can only get better.
    5. Cast a mix of the season 1,2, 3, and 4th season contestants with some new blood for season 5. veterans, against veterans, plus the rookies. 3 teams.
    6. Add an extra mix, new obsticals to season 5, think fear fact (Bon appetit).

  201. elizabeth says:

    I just started watching this the other day, i watched the other 3 I love money shows, people sure get ugly over money. I thought i missed the end of this i love money 4, but i guess not. Has it ended, if so who won, anyone but the punisher…what a manipulative snake. i can’t believe that he is able to make all of them do exactly what he wants…..are they stupid or what?? I think Mindy is the only one who deserves the money, she is honest and doesn’t stab anyone in the back like some of the rest of them. I hope she wins the money!!! Can’t stand the dark haired girl with the jewels in her cheeks either….she will sleep with anyone to get what she wants. The Brit girl, she slept with the tiny little dude and his best friend for Gods sake….now i am sure she is gona sleep with the punisher, they just did a show with her laying in bed next to him…….HELLO, dumb B…..have you no dignity at all??? If punisher wins the money, do you really think he is gona give you any…..she puts a whole meaning to the word STUPID!!!

  202. Jen says:

    I love Money and the “for the love of” shows are my favorite shows on VH1. I honestly haven’t watched any of the “celebrity” based shows except for celebrity rehab..

    Please please PLEASE bring back I love money and the similar format of “regular people” situations.. these “real” people are so much more identifiable than celebrities.. thanks!!!

  203. LisaV says:

    You have got to be kidding !!!!! I love this show and even my husband who does not like reality shows has gotten into this show. We watch it faithfully !!! I was soooooooo happy with Garth got the ole boot LOL

  204. Barre says:

    please please please let there be an I love money 5, or a I love money all stars! please please please!

  205. DARLENE says:


  206. Brandi says:

    I love this show, and almost everyone I know who watches reality shows love this show.
    To be honest I have not watched VH1 since the “I love” shows went off the air. They are fun to watch, I am not much on all the new shows they are to much like some of the other networks.

  207. majorie says:

    i love dat show so very much.

  208. Elijah says:

    I would simply like to say that the episodes need to be uploaded online. This is in fact my favorite show of all time, and I have no cable so the only way I watch my shows is online. It would be highly appreciated and it sucks for me that I can’t watch a show that I’ve been waiting around almost a whole year for.

  209. Monika says:

    when does is come on?

  210. Brad Handlogten says:

    The show is really fun. But it’s a fairly easy formula to predict week in and week out. The person you think is most safe always goes home.

    Sort of like the WWE writes I Love Money.

  211. Mrs. Spencer says:

    I would really love to see season 3. i do not think it should have be cancelled..i think it would have been the best season with the highest ratings. Season 4 is not that good because of punisher and the idoit puppets helping him win the money…please reconsider and play season 3…that cast was a great line up. And as far as season 4 being the last NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….make a season 5 of all star i love money contestants

  212. Jeremy says:

    Ridiculous that you aren’t producing anymore of I Love Money or any of the “of Love” shows.

    Your other formats have bombed, it’s time VH1 wakes up and goes back to what actually had people tuning in before VH1 has to close up shop. Or you know, play music videos.

  213. rachel says:

    so whats going on in episode 4??? im so lost cuz i never know when it’s coming on!!! so far i got to the episode where they had to hang tight on the pole..

  214. Tommy Wright says:

    I love money is the backbone of your network. I love all the seasons. All of them period. Your reality shows turned television upside down. They were fresh and different. People got into it and dropped whatever they were doing. Its just not smart. Hell I would’ve loved to watch the season you erased because of the murderer. Real and Chance also put you a step ahead of the competition. Nothin else on t.v. even comes close to your line- up. I dont know if we just didnt scream loud enough, but we sure are screaming for these shows now ! You were on top. Then you had Megan’s show. What are you thinking ????? p.s. Where are the last episodes because I missed Garth getting the boot.

  215. Vinnie says:

    Well I have been hooked again on VH1 since ILM reaired.
    What I want to know is if VH1 will sh*t a brick when there ratings go back down when ILM(4) goes off the air.

    Will we get our ‘Of Love’ shows back? Will we get our ‘competition spin-off’ show back?

    VH1 the a**hat that did what he did knocked VH1 ‘Of Love’ reality shows out (so to say) but don’t let him kill the shows. I’m not holding my breath on any future ‘Of Love’ shows but as for myself and many others I ALWAYS tuned in at 9PM and 10PM on Mondays for the ‘Of Love’ shows. Seriously consider making new ‘Of Love’ shows. Think of the ratings! I need my fix on ghetto trash tv!

  216. dan says:

    i am so sad that this show is ending i loed it so muh. i am crushed. please vh1 find something similiar to show us.

  217. Addys Mommy says:

    Please,Please don’t pull it!I love this soooo much more than,Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet/Inferno/Cut-Throats,and these MTV shows have been on almost 10 years.I Love this show so much more and believe it could have similar longevity,if given the chance.

  218. Angie says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Please continue the franchise.

  219. Stace says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where i can watch all the episodes from Season 4??

  220. Realwoman says:

    I couldn’t be happier with Punisher , I begin to like Punisher because he did not send Hot wing home. I respect Punisher and I admit that he’s very smart. I Hope He or she will win the money.

  221. Troy says:

    I watched the show tonight which is the show before the seasons final episode. And wanted to watch some of the earlier episodes but can’t find them anywhere on Vh1′s website. Are they available?

  222. jenny says:

    Who won on the 11/24/10 episode? I missed it and can’t find the full shows…

    BTW please bring the show back!!!!!!!! I heart I love money!

  223. Danielle says:

    I do not understand why Season 3 never aired unless the family requested that it not be shown. Far as Season 4, since it was not advertised and I do not really care for any of the newer shows on VH1, I did not know it was on until my DVR caught it. It was bad enough when you took the reunions away so please reconsider pulling away from all the great shows that put you where you are today.

  224. Ashley says:

    After reading about the craziness involved with season 3 I can understand why it was never aired, but I think vh1 should still be able to air I love money 4 openly considering it has nothing to do with the people in the last show. I was so excited to see that “I love money 4″ was on the air one day late at night (especially considering I had no idea there was a new one coming out), and I was even happy to see repeats of I love money 2 on. This show was one of my absolute favorites, and I was sad to see it wasn’t on for a long time. If this show isn’t brought back I really hope you guys do have another show similar at least. I hate the new types of shows that have been on. I was alot bigger fans of the “I Love…” shows, and I hope to see either more of them or something at least close to my favorite show “I love money” coming out in the future.

  225. bob dra says:

    wat happened to i love money 4 did they just stop showing halkf way throughhh its never on and the last one i saw was wenn garth fell from the pole

  226. Cher says:

    VH1: I Love Money is by far my favorite show of yours. In second place: anything with New York. Now you’re done with IL$, and NY is MIA. How sad on both accounts. :( I will greatly miss the comedy and drama from the VH1 reality stars whom I have come to admire from back in the day: Becky Buckwild, 20 Pack, Hoopz, Whiteboy, Chi Chi, Heat, 12 Pack, Entertainer, Saaphyri, etc., etc., etc. You’re killing us, VH1. Withdrawals will be painful. Ouch.

  227. shanko says:

    why did u keep thiz quiet its my favorite show

  228. Tolk says:

    Producers: Don’t forget about the viewers who prefer online viewing rather than traditional tv.

    I haven’t had cable for over a year and don’t plan to ever use it again. I hope it will be released on dvd so I get to see it.

    Excited to watch Celebrity Rehab…not much else looks appealing.

  229. ldfj says:

    punisher is THE creepiest person ever with his sideways mouth. if you have money, fix your ugly grill, creepo!!

  230. Smiley says:

    This show is the only reason I watch VH1 anymore.

  231. outsideUS says:

    It is a real shame that VH1 has decided to change the format of their reality shows :( it’s not the viewers fault if your contestants aren’t properly screened. I think it sucks!!! I think that there needs to be more Daisy and more Megan and more I Love Money. I can understand why VH1 does not want to air the third season as it would be quite distressing for the families and friends involved and it would be pretty creepy to watch knowing what was to happen but they could at least put it out as a non-advertised digital download for the die hard fans that just want to see it!!! Like they could do with Megan Wants a Millionaire but I’m not going to hold my breath and it would be very creepy. I’d be funny about watching it but I probably still would. We need more Garth too!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. Kim says:

    This is for mindy congrats on your winning. now this is for punisher im glad u were out u try to out beat all the competitors but i am so happy to say this i do not like you. this is for hotwings u r a sore loser.

  233. ERIC GAGNE says:

    I Love Money is hilariuos and a nice escape from stress and depressing days!We love the characters and enjoy the mindless entertainment. It is a BLAST !! Everyone wants more!!! Bring on the FUN

  234. Jon says:

    Great show… it was the only reason i watched vh1! Please make more. Vh1.com only series?… now that would kick ass!!

  235. Jeff says:

    I know everyone hated punisher, and in the beginning he really bothered me. But when you look at how he played the game, although he manipulated his adversaries, he kept his word to those in his alliance. I would’ve eliminated Brooklyn when it was going to be down to the last four, but he kept his partner, and expected reciprocation. I think it was pretty low of Brooklyn to do it, but at the same time the show is about winning. I think Punisher showed intelligence, and loyalty, I thought mindy and punisher would be in the finale but at least mindy won.

  236. Lucas says:

    vh1 please keep i love money best show you got !

  237. Adelade says:

    Why is there like no information on this show? They usually show the eposides on vh1 and they don’t, and plus it stopped playing on tv? What happened?

  238. Lisa says:

    Why hasn’t I love money been on this week?

  239. Evette1 says:

    VH1 is crazy if they dont do another season of I love money!!!! bring back the losers from the previous seasons giving them one more change to win money.. Or do a casting call to regular people who need the money.. But please please please do I love Money 5!!!
    What do the fans need to do to bring this show back????

  240. Phyllis says:

    you should do an I love money Show with the stars of the dating shows and the people they chose

    Flava Flav , meagen, daisy, brett, chance and real and new york with all the winners and second runner ups of those shows

    that would be fun to see

  241. callie says:

    I love this show and I think its a shame that vh1 didn’t stand behind it. I did not know that the finale time was change from 10 to 9 so I only saw the last minute of the program. I have been searching and searching for it since and it is never on. The night the finale aired I waited up for hours and all this program did was replay celebrity rehad 3 times.. REally? is 3 times in a row necessary? but showing a finale only 1 time at a different time that was not advertised. I think its a shame that you think no one watches this stuff, so you disregard it. If you didnt want people to enjoy it and want to watch the finale, then maybe you shouldnt of aired it in the first place

  242. Anthony Garcia says:

    Before ending the franchise, you HAVE to have a “I Love Money” Allstars season. Bring back veterens and fan favorites, and let them go at it one last time. Please, please, please VH1!!!!!!

  243. Melanie says:

    I missed the final episode of the season and I am wondering if I can view it anywhere. I have searched the internet with no luck. I really want to know how it all ends up!


  244. naya edwards says:

    omg when is the finale gonna come on again.

  245. delthea c says:


  246. miranda says:

    Can you people not finish a show before you end it..I will never start watching a show you air again,because i know i will never get to see the end…like ilove money,megan wants…im not the only one who is no longer watching vh1 more loser…

  247. miranda says:

    who won????vh1 forgot to air the end of the show or they are just to sorry…

  248. Rachael says:

    I did not get to see the last episode either :( Just as the others i also love all the old vh1′s love shows and it would be a shame not to have them anymore! I dont even like real world or any of their shows on mtv compared to vh1′s love reality shows. im so dissapointed in vh1!

  249. kelley says:

    Can anyone help me……..I missed the finale since they changed the times weekly, and I cant find it replaying on vh1 or on the internet…….and please vh1 bring back some of your guilty pleasure shows like rock of love, daisy of love, charm school, i love money……..something!!!!! Please!!!

  250. Kelley says:

    Where can I see the finale??? And please VH1 do another season, or like I saw someone else write……..put back on the love shows………..It is my guilty pleasure

  251. Stephanie says:

    I know I just posted, but I looked it up and for all the people that missed the finale*myself* here’s a link summarizing it, among with all the previous episodes, and for the love of god VH1, don’t cancel ILM


  252. janet says:

    i think you should keep this show on. it is very entertaining. i think it is bullcrap to let it go, you have a great show here and now you want to give it up. we like seeing people act and eat crazy stuff on t.v.. come on who really wants to see celebrities go through rehab or stuff like that. i do not understand why you are not going to make more of these shows. the least you could do is explain why you are giving it up. i think you should rethink your decision and look at your ratings on it before you make this decision final

  253. Alyssa Elyce says:


  254. Susie says:

    I absolutley love I love money. I have watched every single show and cant seem to find the final episode. Please dont let this be the final season all the other shows that are on vh1 are lame boring crap. This is the best reality show i have ever seen and dont understand how this can be the last, when they have so much dumm shows that i or noone i know even bothers tuning in to vh1 anymore unless jersey shore is on which is getting lame also.

  255. susie says:

    Please vh1 fire whoever is giving you the corny ideas for tv shows. Nobody likes the corny shows you have on they are for old boring people.

  256. G-money says:

    Brooklyn wins the first paymaster and sends Punisher home. Pun acts like a complete ass in one of the funniest, if not the best, moment of the season. Score one for Brooklyn.

    Mindy wins the end race and the money and she 100% deserved it. Always liked Mindy, she seems like a decent person, should have easily won her season of RoL.

    Brooklyn surprised the heck out of me by being an incredible gracious and classy loser. Thumbs up for him, score two for Brooklyn.

    Hot Wings acts like a complete fool sore loser because she didn’t win and refuses to offer up congratulations or be an adult.

    great season, I really do love this show. and much like everybody else I cannot stand the utter garbage VH1 shows anymore. I mean really, it’s awful. I loved my trashy dating shows, they were a great way to escape your worries for an hour. I really wish VH1 would listen to it’s viewers and go back.

  257. Skeet says:

    I was really into this season!! Then all of a sudden there are no more recordings on my DVR. I was a lil upset until i researched and found out that Punisher did not win CONGRATS MINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!

  258. Karla says:

    This is my guilty pleasure as well! Keep the I Love Money shows!!

  259. cindy johnson says:

    When my daughter told me Mindy won, I was like “WHAT? How did I miss it? When did it air?” With any other show, VH1 will play it 5 or 10 times thru the week but I’ve been watching VH1 schedule every night for two weeks and have never seen it. It sounds like at least half the followers didn’t see it either! What a shame… I have to say these kinds of shows are far more entertaining than some of the other stuff VH1 is showing. I like seeing “regular” people on TV – you can keep all the celebs as far as I’m concerned! VH1 – can yoU PLEASE put the finale on your website for those of us who loved the show and want to see it? I dont think you even advertised when it would be on and I still can’t believe I missed it!

  260. NATYJAH says:

    I have been utterly disappointed for the last few weeks because I have not seen the last ILM 4 on VH1, or anywhere else for that matter. Why? VH1 your programming sucks now and I have not tuned into the network since. Big mistakes canceling shows like this. I will not be tuning in for the lame reruns of SNL and Entourage or any other of your shows this season, I have not interest in any of them.

  261. Daren69 says:

    Yeah why wouldnt you (Vh1) show the last few episodes.. You ppl need to get a new job.

  262. Kenneth says:

    Winner –

    Mindy Hall

    Runner Ups –

    Hot Wings

  263. maria says:


  264. kimberly says:

    wtf happend i benn waithing for weeks to see the final show mannn yahh suck man i love money wazz what keeep me whaching this channel……..

  265. kimberly says:

    uhh is ther gonahh be a reunnig or what??

  266. Todd says:

    FINAL SEASON! Did you see all the fans who really want a fifth season this is the best VH1 show and my personal guilty pleasure. personally i don’t even care about all the Ryan Jenkins controversy I would still love to see season 3. Maybe you guys could release the old seasons, including 3, on DVD. But there are to many fans of the series to see it go yet. So please make a new season.

  267. rb says:


  268. kia says:

    I can’t believe this… what the hell am i supposed to watch now. vh1 i need some entertainment. i love the reality shows!!!

  269. Tony Jenkins says:

    I love the show. It gives me a chance to see the Mexican sunlight and atmosphere. The show is always exciting. The women they pic who parade in two pieces are always awesome! The challenges look fun and they encourage me to continue to workout and be fit! I thought it was me. I wanted to know who won as well. What happened to the end of the show! I have been trying to check for a long time.

  270. Tony Jenkins says:

    Noooooo! How did Punisher loose. It always happens like that. I want to see him loose. I want to see the rest of the show. I definitely want to see Hot Wings sexy ass compete in a two piece on the last show!

  271. Sharita says:

    OMG i really wnt 2 c the last episode of i love money vh1 can u plz let the viewers c it we are the reasons yall r gettin paid so gve us back i love money…..

  272. Alex says:

    this was the last season!?!?! crap i wanted to be on this show now im ganna hafta be on the fricken real world boo

  273. Robert McCleery says:

    VH1 honestly you need to wake up. This was your most popular show. Look at your ratings now! There in the toilet. Everyone loved I love money and most of the I Love shows. Bring your old programing back… No one cares about fantasia or chilli.

  274. jessica says:

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  275. cindy says:

    i think if they would have put the show on at regular time slot instead of moving it around, they would have realized that it was still going to be very successful. i along with many of my friends tried to watch but we couldn’t keep up with the flip flop. I believe that it was done on purpose though. The network wanted to take the heat off and what better way to do it than not giving it a viewable time slot.

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  279. Harry says:

    The final four were Mindy, Brooklyn, Hot Wings, and Punisher. In the last paymaster challenge, Brooklyn beat Pun’s time by one second and became paymaster. At elimination, Brooklyn voided Pun’s check, saying he didn’t need money as bad as the rest of them did. Pun went off on Brooklyn, yelling “This is my game! Beat me!” Brooklyn casually replied, “I did.” In the house afterward Brooklyn felt terrible about sending his friend home, so the girls tried to console him. In the final three-part challenge, CJ asked Mindy how many challenges she won so far. She said, “Zero.” CJ asked if she planned on winning this one and she responded, “Absolutely, this is the one that matters.” After the first stage (finding a coin in three tubs attached to a rope) and the second stage (identifying ingredients in a disgusting cocktail), all three competitors made it to the final stage at the beach (a 16-piece puzzle of their own faces to be placed on a platform). While Brooklyn and HW tried to assemble the puzzle on the platform, Mindy outsmarted them by assembling the puzzle on the ground before placing it correctly on the platform. Mindy won ILM4, and Brooklyn was quick to congratulate her while HW sat in the sand crying and pouting.