Fantasia For Real 2 Recap – Episode 1 – Faces of Tasia


Fantasia’s back with a new arsenal of situations and faces to go along with them. She’s as animated as ever…


…except when she isn’t:


This face-hiding may seem like a rare occurrence, but given the promised drama of this season, it may become all too common.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We resume this season with a triumphant face:


Why? Fantasia’s mom and Teeny are both out of her house and have moved into their own!



She says, “My wishes came true!” to describe the situation, which I guess just goes to show how the weight of familial burdens can really affect your aim. On the subject of Fantasia’s hunky brother Ricco, she says, “I really don’t know where Ricco lives…


…but he doesn’t live with me!” Never look a gift transient family member in the mouth, I guess! Fantasia explains that with only her daughter Zion and her dog Diva living in her house, she felt it was time to remodel. She’s taking charge of her own life, which apparently includes a lot of spinning in a chair…


But you see, it was her choice to spin. Anyway, it’s nice to see her so happy. The glee continues as we watch her photographed for the cover art of her latest album, Back to Me.


This face is one of more vibrancy and texture, a direct response to the “dark” look of her last (and totally underrated) album.

All the happiness spills over into the discussion of her career. Here’s her face of optimism…


…that accompanies a list of goals for this project: “I want Grammys, I want magazines, I want covers…I want it all.” And here’s her still-hopeful-but-with-an-undercurrent-of-uncertainty face:


It is with this that she says, “I expect a lot from this album. Better do good or I’m in some trouble.” This makes her look positively realistic compared to her manager Brian, who prays aloud that her next album will go triple platinum.


In this market, Jesus Christ would have a hard time shipping 3 million units, but whatever — aiming high is a nice alternative to the aforementioned aiming low, even if Fantasia herself can’t quite wrap her head around it.

Next up, Fantasia’s reunited-and-it-feels-so-Bunny face:


Yes, Bunny has hopped back into town with a lighter step. Fantasia compliments her aunt’s new hair and slimmer figure…



In fact, the degree of Fantasia’s surprise could almost be taken as insulting (as in, “What are you implying about how she used to look?”)…


…except that as she’s making this face, she’s saying, “Aunt Bunny? She’s hot!” So, yeah, no insult there. Kind of.

The next set of faces belongs solely to Aunt Bunny. Fantasia takes her to a pole-dancing class…


We’re treated Fantasia’s take on the Fish Tail…


…but more entertaining is Aunt Bunny’s…



…and more entertaining than that is Fantasia’s spread eagle…


…and the most entertaining thing is Aunt Bunny’s near constant stream of incredulous looks. If she’s this aghast at women pole-dancing for fitness (or whatever…), I can’t even imagine the conniption she’d have if she saw women pole-dancing for dollars.








I am amazed at her amazement. After the class, which Fantasia signed up for in order to shape up for her upcoming London show, she says, “I feel good, I look hot, London here we come!” Well, that was easy. I didn’t know if you pole-danced once, you were good when it came to fitness. And here I’ve been hitting the gym several times a week. I just need to swallow my pride and start swinging on a pole. I’d free up so much time.

Before Fantasia jets to London, we see her hurt-feelings face:


This comes as a result of her mom and Aunt Bunny confronting her about certain media allegations, ahem…


“I come from a home that’s wrecked. I wouldn’t go around and wreck nobody else’s,” is what Fantasia says after being confronted by her relatives. “If these rumors are true, we don’t like it and we don’t condone it,” interviews Aunt Bunny, standing her ground. Fantasia ends up fleeing the scene, crying into a pillow (as seen atop this recap), talking about the trouble she’s had with love starting with having her child at 17-years-old and proclaiming, “I’m just not ready to talk about it.” I really think that might be the first time this open book of a celebrity has ever said that in public. The revelations, they start here.

We take a brief detour to Teeny’s new house, where he explains to Aunt Bunny that he just redid his fireplace to go with the otherwise “feng-shuiness” of his house.


He is also the proud owner of chinchilla rug:


And here he is, the proud owner of chinchilla rug closer:


Also of note: he buys toilet paper. Reality stars: just like us!

Our final face of Tasia is one of bottled-up stress…


She has arrived in London, despite the promoter threatening to cancel it as a result of low-ticket sales. “I was worried if the people would accept me, if they would like me, if they were gonna show up. If they knew who I was!” says Tasia, sounding as endearing and humble as a celebrity whose livelihood depends on self-investment possibly could. She’s “freaking out” and “wigging out” for naught, for you see…


…the crowd is huge, rapturous and aware of songs that were only released in the U.S. In the age of laziness, that is love. Fantasia is so taken that she cries while singing “Even Angels.”


It’s a touching moment with a face that proves that if you’re looking for a show, Fantasia will give you a show.

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