CNN Clutches Pearls Over Fantasia Promo


In this clip from Monday’s Showbiz Tonight (on CNN offshoot HLN), host AJ Hammer reveals himself to be positively scandalized over the inclusion of Fantasia‘s suicide attempt in the supertrailer for the second season of Fantasia for Real. “I find this so disturbing to use such a traumatic event in someone’s life to promote a reality show!” he shouts. “Take it up with our culture and its tendency to over-share everything!” I shout back (from my blog).

The counter argument seems like a no-brainer, and so, here are the steps to duh: 1) Fantasia signs up for a reality show. 2) Fantasia attempts suicide. 3) Since the show is about her life, the suicide attempt is included on the show. 4) Since the promo reveals what’s coming up on the show, the suicide attempt is on the promo. This is the way previewing works. The end.

In other news, Fantasia recently told Vibe that she might not be so much of an “open book” in the future. She says:

“I think that after going through of all of this I’m stronger and I’ll do things a little differently moving forward. Maybe with my personal life in the future I’ll keep that information more to myself. Because who I’m sexing and kissing on ain’t nobody’s business. But expect to hear what’s going on with me in my music, because it’s my therapy. I guess that’s what makes me who I am.”

Voyeurs, have no fear — even if she closes herself a little, there will still be plenty of Fantasia’s life on display.

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