Teeny Unveils “Space Age Riden” Video


From the looks of Joe “Teeny” Barrino‘s recent video for “Space Age Riden” (above), his sister Fantasia has indeed cut him off, as suggested in this week’s Season 2 premiere of Fantasia for Real. Of course, its apparent cheapness is part of its charm, and there’s a lot to love in “Space Age Riden” (that’s “riden” as in “ridin’,” by the way…I think).

Teeny’s voice isn’t bad at all (albeit, it is shrouded in Autotune) and, at the very least, his choice to sing instead of rap over the production’s Southern griminess is bold. And then there are the lyrics (“I’m sittin’ on Jupiter ’bout to drive to Pluto / Sittin’ real stupid-er, ’bout to drive to Pluto,” goes the chorus). And then there are the wardrobe choices (Teeny’s whited-out contacts are straight out of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, and we’re treated watching him get his giant braid done by a girl sitting behind him, a la “Gin and Juice” on steroids). And then there’s the inverted affect that makes his white suit look black. And then there’s his claim that “ladies love me” being supported by two (two!) girls running up to his car and snapping his picture with their cell phones. This, people, is a classic in waiting. In the words (letters?) of a title that flashes on screen at one point: WTF? [via Crunk & Disorderly]

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  1. Amanda says:

    Teeny needs his own show!!!! He is so entertaining to watch. I just love him!!! I think that if you can give Chance and Real a show(not as funny anymore) Teeny desire a show. As much as I love him music is not his passion. Acting is! Maybe this will allow him to have a voice as his sister and brother already do but Teeny’s could go in a whole new direction. Teeny is a must see person. I watch Fantasia just for Teeny!!! He make me laugh and smile! :)

  2. Corey D says:

    Yo, all I wanna know is who is dat amazon wit da phatty wiping down Ricco Barrino in the club scene?! All I see is ass!

  3. chahtawoman says:

    Sick of Teeny I watch the show for Fantasia and her issues not to see a grown man who should be able to take of his self without his sister. VH1 if you think he’s got talent and draw then give him his show, he gets way too much air time on Fantasia’s. If I want to see a hustler I can just walk down in urban street. The bikini car wash to sell cds was ridiculous

  4. Pat says:

    I don’t know what to say about this!