Mark McGrath Talks Up Don’t Forget The Lyrics With Wendy Williams


Anyone else out there feel like they suddenly need a second DVR? With all of the new shows that have debuted in the last couple of days — including Fantasia For Real, Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters, and La La’s Full Court Wedding — our DVRs have been working overtime. Speaking of new shows, have you caught our updated version of Don’t Forget The Lyrics with host Mark McGrath yet? We’ve got new episodes airing at 7/6c and 7:30/6:30c all this week, and Mark stopped by the set of Wendy Williams this morning to talk about what he feels is the best part of the show: Channeling your inner rock star!

And lest you think the only thing Mark talked about with VH1 alum Wendy Williams was Don’t Forget The Lyrics, he also told this charming tale of why you should never, EVER get a neck tattoo:

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  1. Lanevthompson says:

    Don’t worry besides I love money 4 my DVR will not be set on Vh1. :)

  2. Rebecca Sobler says:

    This show is awesome! It seems like it was made for me cus Im always that jerk thats singing to every single song in the car, at home, at the club, even in elevators! I want to be on this show sooooooooooooooo bad!!!! People think i know ever song coming from a musical family and i wanna prove to them they are right!!! How do I get on this show?

  3. Mark says:

    Interesting about Mark McGrath.

  4. ComicOzzie says:

    Mark’s the man! We both hit it off really well! Every interview I’ve seen him do about the show, he’s had my clips! Great guy to hang out with!

  5. Kristina Garcia says:

    How do you get on the show??? Please I am dying to know. I love this show and I love to sing and I know a whole lot of songs!!!

  6. jim beau says:

    This has to be the cheapest show on tv. I watched a entire hour (2 shows) and not one cent was given in prizes. Man, what a money-maker! When contestants achieve $5,000 in winnings, they should be allowed to go for $10,000 while keeping the $5,000. Cheap, cheap cheap.

  7. hsibley says:

    I really loved this show when Wayne Brady was the host. He was hillarious. I was really disappointed when I heard that it was cancelled. Then I heard it was back on and I watched a few with Mark McGrath and I have now deleted it from my DVR! Mark is really not funny. He has a very dryyyyyyyy sense of humor. Don’t get me wrong, he is an awesome musician, but as a host/comedian he stinks. And I hate that the music is done by Myspace now. Really went downhill this season.

  8. Dorothy Finch says:

    I watch Don’t forget the lyric everyday and i love the way Mark Mcgrath start the show from beginning to the end he is wonderful

  9. 1642914 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1642914! SCK was here

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  11. toogie says:

    Sorry I dont like this show much. I used to like Mark but he came off so nasty on the apprentice to Gary Busey, I feel he comes off fake .

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  13. Donna says:

    Mark, please throw you’re hat in the running for co-host of Kelly & Regis, you are the best candidate – you have got it all, you sing, you are the best dancer and you’ve got a great presence.
    Love Ya