Mark McGrath Talks Up Don’t Forget The Lyrics With Wendy Williams


Anyone else out there feel like they suddenly need a second DVR? With all of the new shows that have debuted in the last couple of days — including Fantasia For Real, Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters, and La La’s Full Court Wedding — our DVRs have been working overtime. Speaking of new shows, have you caught our updated version of Don’t Forget The Lyrics with host Mark McGrath yet? We’ve got new episodes airing at 7/6c and 7:30/6:30c all this week, and Mark stopped by the set of Wendy Williams this morning to talk about what he feels is the best part of the show: Channeling your inner rock star!

And lest you think the only thing Mark talked about with VH1 alum Wendy Williams was Don’t Forget The Lyrics, he also told this charming tale of why you should never, EVER get a neck tattoo:

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