La La’s Full Court Wedding Recap – Episode 2 – In The Red


There’s a poignant moment in this week’s La La’s Full Court Wedding where La La Vazquez and her family talk about growing up in the Marcy Projects and where they are now — celebrating La La’s lavish upcoming wedding in a nice restaurant. They toast the fact that she’s still humble. It’s sweet, but more telling is the $6,000 worth of red Czech-made glass that La La is having flown in for the wedding reception. But back home, she and her friends toast her fiance Carmelo Anthony’s birthday with red plastic Solo cups, 50 for $5.

Of course, talking about where you save money isn’t as fun as talking about where you spend it, so most of the second episode of La La’s Full Court Wedding is devoted to going over the wedding’s details. La La and female friends and family visit New York’s Cipriani, where her wedding planner and designer have staged a mock reception, complete with red flower arrangements, red candles, red place settings, and a red dancefloor. All of this is way over the budget. But La La seems unconcerned because there are more pressing matters at hand: planning and executing Carmelo’s birthday, and losing weight before her wedding. The party — which is all red, just like the wedding — goes great, with guests like Eric La Salle, Ciara, Tyrese, and Christina Milian stopping by. You almost wish La La was a little less humble and drama-free. Or, as her personal trainer tells her when she stresses about all the party planning: “What do you think would happen if you had a real problem? Because that’s not a real problem.” Good to know that if her family’s not around, she’s got her sarcastic personal trainer to keep her grounded.

Check out this week’s La La’s Full Court Wedding at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. tellin it like it is says:

    Why is vh1 giving that funny looking la la vasquez a show. Nobody cares to see her. Have you ever seen someone on tv and wondered how in the hell….. well this would be la la vasquez. Personally I thought Carmello had much better taste than her, but as we can see he doesn’t. Not hating, I’m just saying… La la is funny looking,and irking in every way, and she always has been. I don’t see how “M-e-l-l-o”, as she so obnoxiously calls him can stand her, and for as long. (smdh) How much longer? It almost didn’t happen, and I’m shocked that it actually did, and believe me I am definately not alone in this. Even your so called “friends” are saying WTH? But,of course they’re not going to say it to your faces…. What a darn shame. smh

  2. lilyah says:

    this show is boring.

  3. tellin it like it is says:

    Always believed that la la belonged to the hurry up and get knocked up by a baller, or an equal value entertainer club, and “waa laa” It was correct…..
    The members of this club are women who are, or have been in the business, and their careers aren’t going any where, so, they hurry and get pregnant by a high ranking actor,athlete, or musician in order to secure finances, and ensure that they will receive a steady income…. smdh….. this is all too sad, and trifling women like that give all decent women a bad name, and look. Fellas, you’d better wake up, because after you’ve been got, now your mad at all women, and your so busy being angry, and vengeful that you miss out on a good woman when she’s right in front of you. “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. “How cold and cruel is the man that paid too much for what he got.”

  4. 4438044 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4438044! SCK was here

  5. 364118 says:

    What a lovely day for a 364118! SCK was here

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