Bunny Meets Boy


Between the fighting and reconciling on this week’s Fantasia for Real, a ray of hope spread out for Aunt Bunny, as she speed-dated and actually found a dude (Jason) that she dug. And from the looks of the extended scene above, he digs her back. How great for her. I worry about Aunt Bunny, so it’s nice to see her doing well in the field of romance. Teeny likes to reference Waiting To Exhale a lot, but this is straight up How Bunny Got Her Groove Back.

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  1. sweet_d81 says:

    I luv aunt bunny makeover and she look so chic and I believe Fantasia should been up front with her aunt and told her she didnt want to go but to make her wait then have a attitude when she’s taken her is out of control. As far as her “affair” if the man is separtared or divorce its no one business not even the ex-wife.

  2. denez stallworth says:

    fantasia i am such a big fan yours im also a big fan of your tv show & your aunt bunny is a mess lol she is too funny reminds me of one of my aunts .