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Gabby won the very first skills test on Scream Queens 2. And that win saved her from becoming the first elimination, according to the judges. Those ups and downs would repeat for several episodes, until she actually started to believe she could win. Below Gabby talks about her Scream Queens victory, filming her part for Saw 3D, and her relationships to the other actresses and her mentor on the show, John Homa. Acting and self-confidence in her skills are still works in progress for her. In fact, after all the praise, she still worries that her final scene on the show doesn’t look as good as she hoped. “I’m so nervous to see it, I have no idea!” she says. If only there were some sort of title or award to show her how good she was.

Congratulations on your win! What have you been up to since you won Scream Queens?

I have been working on a few things. I did a pilot for CBS, but it didn’t get picked up. I have a manager now, and an entertainment lawyer and a commercial agent. So I’m just doing business stuff, really. It’s going to be easier once next week is over.

Once everyone knows, and you can tell casting agents that you won the show and booked that role in Saw.

I mean, it’s definitely been kind of agonizing but also exciting. It’s a big secret.

I don’t want to spoil anything about your role in Saw. But how was preparing for that?

It was pretty hard. I actually had to get a body cast made. It was pretty freaky doing it. They molded my entire face, and basically my entire upper body after my belly button. They put layers and layers of different materials on you and you have two straws in your nose so you can breathe. It was so scary! They put so much of it on, you can’t see and they put it in your ears so you can barely hear anything. That was part of the prep for the film, which was really cool, to have a dummy made of yourself. But scary.

Do you think Scream Queens got you ready for working on a genuine film set?

Everybody that I worked with was really amazing and welcoming and totally made me feel so comfortable. It was really enlightening to be a part of something like that. It was certainly different than anything I did on the show, because we’re on real movie time now. There is no room for mistakes. You really have to be on your game, and it’s part of a huge, huge franchise. So I just feel honored to have been a part of it and to have had such an amazing experience with people on the movie. It was definitely a little intimidating at first, but I was made to feel at home with them. They made me feel so comfortable.

Let’s talk about your time on Scream Queens. You seemed to have a really tough time in the house.

To be completely honest, it was really difficult living in a house with a bunch of girls. Everybody’s vying for this big prize. The vibe is competitive 24 hours a day. For me, some of the time I really took on too much of what it is the other girls thought, and I think I absorbed too much of everyone else’s opinion. It was hard! We didn’t have TV, we didn’t have Internet, we weren’t allowed to talk on the phone. And I’m really close to my family – they’re very supportive of me. It was really, really difficult being completely shut out from the outside world.

It seemed like a lot of the other women had a lot more acting experience, and sort of felt like you didn’t deserve the praise or wins.

I think at the end of the day, like you said, I had my struggles, but I know that I’m talented and the bottom line is that I was competition for the other girls just as much as Jessica was competition for the other girls.

The judges had a word for when you would struggle with a scene. They called it “Gabbyland.” What was that, to you?

To be honest with you, it’s not really something I want to talk about. I guess that’s what their name was for me, not being focused and being in my own world. Gabbyland is me being in my own world and not being a part of the present moment. I felt like I needed to protect myself all the time and I spent too much time trying to shield myself, and I think it just kind of took its toll.

Well, withdrawing was self-protection for you. But it took you out of your work.

Yeah, that’s a really good way of putting it. That’s very true.

At some point, about halfway through the competition, you really changed your focus and stopped making mistakes. What changed for you?

I just know that I’m born to be an actress, and I just decided that I cannot let these outside influences bring me down. In the real world these things exist anyway. Not in such a concentrated environment, but it exists. There’s always going to be competition. And there’s always going to be people that don’t want you to do your best. I think that, for me, I just needed to remember that it’s not something I just wanted to do. It’s something that I’m going to do, that I’m going to continue to do. I think at that point something snapped in me, that I just felt ready to show how much talent I have and that I’m really willing to do all the work and that I’m really willing to step up and shine, instead of just being so closed off. I feel like there were times that I was just so afraid to perform.

Maybe it was just seeing the other girls getting eliminated that made you realize you had a shot at winning.

For sure. The fewer girls that were there the more real it became, and I was just like, okay, it’s on. Let’s go!

One thing that really fascinated me was your relationship with John Homa. Before the last Director’s Cut, you told the camera that you were most scared of disappointing him, which was so interesting to me, that you didn’t say that you were worried about losing. It showed how much you respected him.

He definitely was an amazing mentor. The thing about John is that he can get the best out of you. To an extent it was like looking in the mirror. When you’re in class with him, you can’t hide from it. The expectation that he had for me was also what I had for myself. It was almost like he made me raise my own bar. That’s by far the most influential thing that he did for me, was recognizing the level of talent and the level of acting that I needed to commit to.

One very memorable moment to me was when you told Homa that you couldn’t make yourself cry, and he told you that he was the one man who would never hurt you.

The thing about John is that he intuitively knows things about each actor. On our show, he knew things about each of us that really struck chords. Obviously, by saying that, he found what it is that has affected me so deeply in my past. He calls that “where you live,” where my emotional life is. He just honestly, intuitively knew what it was. There wasn’t a lot of time for discussion, for me to be like, “This is what’s happened in my life.” I think that’s his gift as a teacher: Somehow knowing where it is that you live, emotionally, and then demanding you to let everyone see it. Because that’s what an actor does. It’s very exposing.

After seeing that, and how he worked with all the actresses, I can’t imagine you not working with him again.

I have, actually. I’ve taken classes with him. It’s a bigger collective of people. The dynamic is a little more universal. Scream Queens is about horror, so it’s very specific emotions. There’s TV that’s worked on in the class, there’s film scenes. There’s also the full range of different genres of film and television, so there’s comedy and drama.

So it’s a very different experience.

It’s tough love. That’s what I am talking about when I say the expectation and the riches that an actor has that the world wants to see, and that some people are naturally given or just have. He just demands it out of you, and when it doesn’t come out, he’s like, “No. Why are you hiding it and where are you hiding it? I know it exists in you.” He really means it. He just cuts right through whatever it is that you’re hiding and it just exposes everything.

When it came down to the final episodes, and especially to the finale, I realized that you and Jessica have opposite ways of approaching a scene. Jessica made very deliberate choices going into a scene, with motives behind each choice. But you seemed to like to get into a scene before you made your choices. You went on instinct.

I totally know what you mean. Sometimes there were actions that I would plan, but I really feel like I have to put myself in that situation, because I think a good part of acting is placing yourself in these situations and asking what it is that you would do. I think that’s what sets people apart from other people.

Do you think that sums up your approach to acting?

I guess, for me, right now, it’s a process. And Jessica and I are different because she had two years of training at a really great acting studio. Jessica is naturally talented. She’s an amazing actress. She’s really f***ing good. Bottom line, she’s really good, really solid, and she’s gorgeous. She’s extremely talented. For me, I feel like I’m definitely really talented, I follow my instincts, but right now where I am in my life, I’m trying to develop a process. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. I think Scream Queens helped me to understand that that’s what I need to do, is find my process. And I’m still developing my process.

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  1. jane doe says:

    how did she win over Jessica, when Jessica worked hard and nailed every role.Jessica was the best all around. Everyone clearly SAW who the winner was. I know this is not the last of jessica

  2. jane doe says:

    good look gabby wish u the best u are talanted also

  3. Dawn says:

    You deserved it Gabby! Can’t wait to see you in Saw 3D!! Don’t listen to the haters.
    Best wishes for your acting career.

  4. tiffany says:

    Come on, Mark! Man up…shall we get you a tissue?

  5. Kim says:

    So glad Gabby won!!! Stunning girl, beautiful face without any makeup whatsoever. A natural beauty. She was the perfect fit for this type of movie role. Jessica had the most annoying voice. She reminded me of a JLo clone, and one of those is quite enough. She was too snug and seemed to rely on acting sexy too much. What a bore. Gabby was original. So glad she beat out all those others that thought they were so much better than her. Guess they found out different now. Good luck Gabby!

  6. jessica says:

    I hate the show…it was not wat i expected from sorry but white people dont want to admit that latin women are great actresses aswell.jessica was the top leadind lady 4 times gabby was always in the ballroom because of her bad acting she will always baby cry on the judges thats why she got the role everything of hers was fake even what shes said at this interview ….jessica was the best no matter wat anyone elses say and am for sure not watching that saw 3d movie i hope no one goes and no oscar for them :)i got your back jessica

  7. Laura says:

    It is not about race. If you’re not going to see the movie now because you are certain that the choice was based purely on race then good. No one cares if you go anyway. If you don’t like that Gabby won, that’s fine just please stop being ignorant.

  8. Sara says:

    Gabby is a class act! She seems so humble and sweet…and basically spent her interview talking about how great Jessica was. How could you not want her to win?

    Fans of Jessica, you’re right, Jess was a more consistent actress…but Gabby was simply a more NATURAL one. Her scenes just came to her, and that is an ability that is much-needed in horror actresses. As well, Jessica always seemed to play sexy. Although that can be beneficial in some instances, it is not what Saw is about-can you remember ANY character in a Saw film being sensual? The series is about being raw and emotional, and Gabby displayed said aspects more than Jess did.

    At all of those people crying racism-the decision’s obviously not based on race, because an African-American woman won last season’s “Scream Queens.” Did you not watch that one, or are you simply discounting it because your “maligned race of choice” didn’t win then? As a woman who is half-Caucasian and half-Latino, your dichotomous assumptions regarding race are incredibly offensive.

    Gabby’s simply more what the Saw franchise is looking for, and that in no way takes away from Jess’s ability. Both are strong actors and should have great careers, but I see Jessica doing a romantic comedy role or an action role a la La Femme Nikita. Instead of hating, why don’t you all just wish them both the best, because they both seem like they deserve it? Food for thought.

    Anyways, congrats, Gabby! And, Jess, way to handle defeat with grace and dignity :). So proud of you both!

  9. RJ says:

    WOW…when things don’t go someones way, they always try and play the race card. Give it up. If you had a single brain cell in your head you would stop thinking everything is about race. Nothing in life is free, work hard for it and earn it and stop blaming others for your short comings. Now, if you paid any attention you would realize that the first scream queen winner was black, so there goes that argument, and second not all Latin women are great actresses, look at J-Lo. Congrats Gabby

  10. Josh Ploof says:

    She’s opening kill, what a waste. It was SUCH a good show, and they give her opening kill. She dies 8 minutes into the movie. I thought they would have given her a GOOD role considering she worked so damn hard for it.

  11. Scalper says:

    Where did you hear she was opening kill? That sucks, because she’s a great actress. They gave Tanedra quite a meaty role (she survived the last film and will be back again in Saw 3D), couldn’t they have given Gabby the same treatment.

    Regardless, congrats, Gabby! You’re a talented actress, and during the entire show you didn’t have to cut others down to prove it!

  12. sarah says:

    I’m so happy Gabby won! Way to go Gabby! To all the Jessica fans, suck it up! Just because Gabby won don’t mean that Jessica was not good! She just didn’t fit the role in Saw! Even Jessica said so herself that her thing is really not scary movies. I see her more in a romantic comedy! Gabby definitely fits the role more than Jessica! She has the stage presence for a scary role! Just like a game, no matter if you had your high or lows, at the end, the best performance wins! Screw all you Gabby haters!Yal are just like Tai and Jessica!

  13. Mai says:

    What’s with the race comments? I’m asian & I loved Gabby! Clearly the panels are more experienced and can truly see who’s more qualify for the role. We can’t compare what we see & what the directors see. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! GET OVER IT!! YAY GABBY!! :)

  14. Cinema says:

    I hate how every time a white person wins, or starts to take the lead on one of these shows, SOMEONE always tries to say it’s racism.

    There is no racism on a network that gave a show to a black transexual. You people are retarded.

  15. April says:

    Why is there so many racist remarks made about this season? Everyone outta be ashamed of their selves! Do you guys actually think the judges did not recognize Jessica’s consistency nor Gabby’s performances when she wondered into “Gabbyland”? The judges clearly stated during elimination that Gabby’s best performances overshadowed all her bad ones. That was the key! Jessica was like a robot, remaining consistently good through out the whole show. Her performances were neither bad nor amazing, just good. Gabby on the other hand, had bad performances, but had amazing performances! When the judges talk about her performances, their eyes light up! Jessica is a good actor, but not right for the role. Gabby is a great actor and perfect for the role. Everyone be supportive for the inspiring actresses! They both have worked really hard!

  16. flavia says:

    Sigh, Jessica was a more consistent actress and had Gabby not been there, certainly would have won. However, when Gabby was on, she was really on. Her performance is just so natural it doesn’t feel like a performance. The technical problems can be fixed but acting is really an innate skill. I do look forward to seeing both her and Jessica in more things.

    No one from season 1 but Tanedra (you know, the African-American girl who won the first season of this racist show?) has gone on to anything since. Hopefully some of this cast will have better luck.

  17. Jason says:

    Congrats Gabby! I was in your corner the whole time. You’re not just another pretty face. You have the edge and the raw talent. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Saw 3D next month and also other projects you will be working on in the future. All the best to you!

  18. Dana says:

    I was rooting Jessica from the beginning, but I can see why Gabby won. Jessica is a more solid, and more professional actress for sure, but Gabby just has this “it” factor that none of the other girls had. Like Tanedra in the first season, she was one of the more inexperienced actresses, but when she was on, it was clear that she has raw talent. Also, though it took her a while to find her courage and stand up for herself, Gabby never got cocky and overconfident like so many of the other girls did, which made her likable, despite her ditziness. I think she needs more training and experience, but I think she has the potential to be a great actress. Jessica started out really strong, but she didn’t really show a lot of growth as the season progressed, and started to get a little overconfident. I still think Jessica is a good actress, but she needs to dial down the sexiness a little and step outside her comfort zone. And the race card comments are just silly. They picked Gabby because they thought she was better for the part. If Jessica had won, Gabby fans would have said she only won because she was a member of a minority.

  19. Maggie says:

    Very disappointed that the best girl did not win- Jessica. It was so apparant who the real actress was, that when Gabby was announced as a winner- I was shocked. I will probably not watch any future episodes of Scream Queens, since it’s deceiving. In the end, the girl who won, was the girl who auditioned for the director and won- what’s the point of going through the whole sharade? Jessica was far superior to Gabby yet she lost. Next time just have one episode of Scream Queens where the contestants audition for the actual part in front of the director. The show was a complete sham!!!!

  20. debs says:

    omg im soooo happy gabby won. jessica was also a good actor, but wasnt right for the role. Im black so all these racist coments are silly this is 2010 come on people get yourselves together. the best person won gabby was humble and jessica started getting cocky after a while we all should congratulate them both. I know its not the last of jessica.furthermore cant wait to watch saw 3d with gabby in it you go girl and god bless you hope to see you in other movies as well !!!

  21. Natasha says:

    Hey Gabby!!!!! I can’t wait to see you on BIG SCREEN! You are sooooooo Awesome! Congrats Girl, hope to work with you someday.

    and………… TAKE THAT TAI!

  22. Natasha says:

    ……BTW, I am a latina. I loved Jessica’s work, but she was more worried about her aperience than doing a better job. There’s no racism people.. It wasn’t Jessica’s time.. I bet we’ll see her soon.

    Great Job Gabby, well deserved ;)

  23. Toni says:

    Although, I think Jessica should have won the role for Saw 3D, I do wish Gabby lots of luck with the movies and future endeavors. Both actresses are good and will go far in this crazy business. The business is hard and sometimes it can make a person go wacko at times, so they have to be sure that they are strong in mind body and soul. Good luck to all and congrats to Gabby. I will see you in Saw 3D, just like all the Saw movies I love my horror films.

    Peace & love

  24. Kimberly says:

    I picked Gabby from the very beginning. I think she just has the perfect look for a horror Scream Queen. I think the other actresses just got a little too cocky and that’s why they all blew it. Good Luck Gabby in everything you do!! Like I said, she was my first pick from the beginning and I was so happy to see her win.

  25. Cristina says:

    This was set up from the beginning. Jessica had it the whole time. I feel like it was already Gabby’s but they made it seem like she won. She slid by with her tears and horrible acting and still won! other girls did better but were sent home for the smallest misstep but not her! Definetely not watching Scream Queens again. Not watching saw 3d either.Jessica should’ve won. I’m sure she will get noticed.

  26. Vidion says:

    Congrats to Gabby! She was the best. Jessica was good too but she wasn’t as interesting as Gabby. And she had no “it” factor. You people blaming racism and saying you wont watch the show again or the movie really need to grow the hell up. It happens. The person you want to win doesn’t always win. I wanted Gabby to win from the start but if Jessica had won I would have been ok with that. It’s a damn talent show people. I love Scream Queens and really hope they do a season 3!!!

  27. Dalanna says:

    Jessica is a great actress, but I agree with their choice of Gabby. I feel Gabby is much better for the horror genre. She was great.

  28. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Gabby! :’D You’re a wonderful, talented actress and I’m sure you’ll go very far in this genre and hell, maybe even some others. And I’m sure Jessica will get noticed and some great roles as well, though like someone said, she seems like more of a romantic comedy actress than a horror one. Either way, you both were great.

    Now, onto the more serious stuff. All this people being hateful and racist…please, get OVER yourselves. Jessica lost not because she was a Latina, and not because anyone thinks she’s a bad actress, but because she wasn’t perfect for THAT ROLE. Again, like someone said, Saw is more about raw emotion, not sensuality and torture p*rn like so many other horror films today. Also, I really don’t like being called ‘trash’ for being white. You make it seem like I had a choice, like just because I’m white I instantly think I’m superior to any other race (which I don’t.) This is 2010. We’re not in the 1900′s anymore, people. Gabby won because she’s a very real, emotional actress and even though she fell down a few times, she always picked herself up and when she did, she was honestly the strongest actress, and I think the judges really saw that.

    ASDFGHJKL I hope she isn’t opening kill, goodness! D: I mean, the girl who won last season is even returning for the last film, and Gabby’s getting killed in the first few minutes? Hmm. I hope that’s not true. Either way, I’m SUPER excited to see Gabby in Saw 3D!

    Okay, one last thing. All of you haters who are threatening to stop watching the show and boycott the movie, grow up. I’m pretty sure the producers of Saw are glad you won’t show up, and they won’t be missing the fifty bucks they didn’t get because you were too busy mulling over the fact that you didn’t get your way to see it.

    So again, congrats to Gabby, Jessica, and even Christine, who’s absolutely ADORABLE, haha. Great job, guys! x)

  29. doggiemiommy says:

    I watched every episode with anticipation and knew it would come down to Jessica and Gabby. These 2 ladies are talented. Congratulations to Gabby. From day 1 it was quite evident the judges had you as their fore runner. While you do have a natural talent your inconsistent performances and technical deficiency made it difficult to watch. I found it quite annoying that you were given more opportunties to get it right which for me was the clue that you would be the winner. Jessica, you were consistent and showed great range. Continue honing your craft I am confident there are great things in your future! And keep in mind that more often than not the runner up in reality shows (ex: Idol) have a brighter and longer career than the winners.

  30. Housecat says:

    I never thought I would say this but…THIS SHOW WAS RIGGED! If you go back and watch the show (not that you would want to) Jaime King favored Gabby over the rest.

    This was the first time watching the show, and I loved the concept, but I don’t think I’ll watch the next season. Unless they get another female host because like I said it was Jaime’s choice that got the win.

  31. Elle says:

    Gabby is an awful actress. The only time she showed and proved was after the teachers had to push her. Her tears were what got her far. The fact that she seemed on the verge of killing herself because the pressure was too much was what kept her around. Jessica was an all around great actress. She could play any part put before her. The only parts Gabby played well were ones that centered around being a psycho and that is probably because she’s kind of a psycho in real life. Her look was obviously what got her the part. Everyone always goes for the blonde haired damsel in distress when it comes to scary movies no shock there. Even Gabby was shocked she won because she felt Jessica was better. Hopefully, she will work on her craft because it was pure luck that got her the part, I don’t care what anyone says.

  32. Pony says:

    What a bunch of whiny, immature, foul mouthed children we have here. I can’t believe some of you are blaming, race, rigging and luck to explain why Gabby won. You guys really think so highly of your own opinion that you can’t even fathom that Gabby might have won on talent alone? What a bunch of cry babies. Gabby had her down moments but when she was good she was REAL GOOD. Jessica was good all around. Just good. Not great not bad. It is obvious they wanted someone who was going to do more than give a good performance. They wanted someone who would stand out. Gabby stands out. Jessica does not. And as for the judges giving Gabby second chances and blah blah blah. You guys must not know how TV works because there is this little thing called editing. We didn’t see every minute of every challenge. You ever think that maybe JUST MAYBE the show was edited to make it a little more controversial so people would watch and talk about it? You guys sound so dumb with your race talk, conspiracy theories and whining. Give it a break. Gabby won. The JUDGES, they are called judges for a reason you know, decided she was best for the role. Man I would hate to see how you guys handle things in your own lives when things don’t go your way.

  33. Melanie says:

    I totally agree with Pony! We sure have immature children in here. Both actresses have worked really hard, and we should congratulate both of them. Jessica is not out of the spot light, she has gained many fans throughout this show! Yal say that the judges has favored Gabby from the beginning, but the judges just saw the potential in her. She just stands out, though she has her bad times. I agree that Jessica is consistent and versatile, but I don’t think she has ever really blown me away with any of her performances or had one that was memorable. All her performances were just good. Gabby had bad performances, but like Tim said, her best performances were so amazing, it overshadowed all her bad ones. Gabby has the stage presence and totally draws you into her acting when she is focused. I’m glad and so happy she won, cause it shows that it’s all about how much you have learned and grew. I don’t think I have seen any growth in Jessica. All her performances were predictable.

  34. Pao says:

    I thought Jaime King was great as a host! Who do you think would’ve been a better host? I bet even if it was a different panel of judges, Gabby would’ve still won. Plus, I’m sure that the producer of Saw was in the decision making of choosing the winner. Everyone suck it up! Like any of you could’ve done better. Acting is harder then it looks. Honestly Jessica was kinda boring to watch. She is like J-Lo. Neither amazing or bad.

  35. Burke says:

    Jessica was not that great of an actress. She was not good nor great! Gabby had her moments of awful and great! I thought her bad days out weighted her good days on the show. But, hey! She looked the part. I would have given it to her too!

  36. Bogus says:

    This such a phony show. There were clearly better actresses than Gabby. Christine was terrible and Gabby was even worse. It should have come down to Tai and Jessica. This show is totally bogus!

  37. Clint says:

    The TRASH won the TRASHY show!

  38. Starr says:

    All ten of these ladies will go far in the business. All of you need to shut up and support each of them. Even though I am a Tai Fan, I am proud of all of these ladies.

  39. Gibson says:

    It is not the last that you will see of many of these ladies. It is the beginning of their careers.

  40. Liza says:

    Jessica deserved to lose. She was sneaky and conniving. Ha! Ha!

  41. Mario says:

    Take a bow Sierra, Allison, Tai, Jessica, Christine, Gabby, and Sarah, you all are the talk of the town. You all did good. Real good!

  42. Reese says:

    The actress that looked the part won. PERIOD! Jessica was really not that good. Give me a break!

  43. Denzel says:

    The show would have had more viewers if it came down between Gabby and Tai. Both of them were electrifying to watch!

  44. Callmewest says:

    The space cadet actually won. Unbelievable! If that was the case, Lana should won!

  45. Miu says:

    Who ever told Jessica that she was a good actress? She is not!

  46. Billy says:

    It does not matter whether you are 1st runner up, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, you are not the winner. You are a LOSER! LOL!

  47. Pete says:

    I would have liked to see Gabby and Tai in the final. I was disappointed.

  48. Lee says:

    The girl who looked like a hot mess deserved to win. She certainly looked the part!

  49. Wendi says:

    There was no way Jessica should have won this competition. She was completely predictable. Her acting range was obviously limited. She acted the same in every scene presented to her. Sorry honey, you were not worthy of the title of SCREAM QUEENS! You were out of your league!

  50. Emily says:

    When Tai got the axe, I started rooting for Gabby to win. Tai was the obvious choice to win this competition. She was a good actress. I know this will not be the last we will see of her.

  51. Cliff says:

    Now the poor white trash can pay her bills. I am glad she finally got a break. Good for you Gabby.

  52. Seal says:

    I would have preferred to see Gabby and Tai in the final. What a showdown! I knew Jessica would not win. Christine should have gone home a couple episodes ago.

  53. Bobby says:

    Ten ladies, with unbelievable opportunities ahead of them.

  54. lisa says:

    emily r u high? tai was terrible

  55. Katie says:


  56. Tay says:

    i think tai should have won and if not her then Jessica..Gabby was a mess and she was completely lost for more than half the show..every episode she was critiqued for her dumb little mistakes..she didnt have any type of skills

  57. Dawn says:

    Why is the final episode not viewable. I’ve been checking in every day for about a few now and they still haven’t put it back up. I was busy the week they had it up and then the next thing I know, it’s gone.

    Also, they took all the other episodes off the same day. So what, we have to wait a week after it airs until we can watch it and then we only have a few days to watch it?

    I don’t get that. You’d think after the show is over that they would leave all the episodes up for a few weeks so that they could make sure everyone gets to watch them.

    Don’t they make money everytime I come on here and watch their videos and use their website??

    What the heck, VH1? I waited FOREVER for Scream Queens 2 and then I have a few days to watch the finale?

    I really hope these episodes are viewable again soon.

  58. Oksana says:

    I watched SAW 3D movie and was absolutly dissapointed. I tried to find Gabby in the movie and then realised …. HER ROLE WAS 1 MINUTE !!!!! She went throu all that competition in Scream Queens 2 for 1 minute in the movie????? Shame on you !!! Gabby , you are great actress and deserve better then that HA, HA, HA role !

  59. 1825049 says:

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