The Slenderellas Reek Of…Soap


Despite their repeated attempts to stay in the game, the Slenderellas ended up getting bounced from Money Hungry this week (leaving Grading Curves, Mission Slimpossible and the Regulators as the Final 3 for the finale). The Slenderellas’ failed strategy involved kissing up to Grading Curves (this week’s big heavies) and maybe sharing a bath with Mission Slimpossible’s Joe. In the extended take on the latter scene above, what would normally be private time is made public, thanks the the presence of cameras. It’s hard to say what the Slenderellas were going for here — did Jackie and Kaitlin attempt to endear themselves to Joe via the three-way bath to persuade him to vote the way they wanted, or were they just hanging out, being goofy and doing what they do? If it’s the latter case, it clearly didn’t work. If it’s the former, it’s proof of why it sucks that it didn’t work. It’s not every reality TV contestant who’s willing to get into a hot tub fully clothed. Clearly, we’re losing something special.

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