Follow 30 Seconds To Mars All Month Long With VH1′s Posted


We believe it was Billy Shakespeare who once said “Parting from Travie McCoy is such sweet sorrow.” Yes, that’s right, check your calendar, it’s October 1! As we wave buh bye to our September Posted Artist of the Month, Travie McCoy, we could not be any more psyched to say hello to 30 Seconds To Mars, who’ll be spending the rest of the month with us! Or, more accurately, with YOU.

Jared Leto and the guys are coming off one of their biggest months ever, a month that saw them play in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans and capture a Video Music Award for Best Rock Video for “Kings And Queens.” And as they continue to tour in support of their 2009 LP This Is War during the month of October, they’ll be giving us an inside look at their lives exclusively at

As we have done in past months, we encourage you to leave any questions you have for the band in the comments section below and we’ll be sure that they see them. So go ahead, fire away and enjoy spending October with 30 Seconds To Mars.

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  1. Susan says:

    First, thank you for sharing your lives with us!

    I study voice and sing opera. YOu guys inspire me to improve daily. Would you ever consider incorporating opera style vocals into the background of any of your songs?

  2. Christina says:

    Will 30 Seconds to Mars ever record and release an all-acoustic album?

  3. Denise says:

    For 30 Seconds To Mars:

    Love, love, love all 3 of you. As a practicing vegan I am constantly at war with the inner rock chick inside of me. I am having a hard time reconciling the need to not fuel the mass production of animal skins and the need to just don that cool ass leather jacket or gloves or shoes. AND PLEATHER IS JUST TOO DAMN ITCHY! How do you feel about this?

  4. Carla says:

    What is your favorite kind of cake and pie? I make great sweet potato pie and will gladly make and send some for you guys for all the fantastic music and cool friendships I’ve made because of the Echelon!

  5. Leslie says:

    Hi Guys!

    You are amazing live, and I wanted to know if you would ever consider putting out a Live album! It would be awesome!

    PS- My best friend and I are traveling to UK for O2 London show can you please play “Believer” for us? :)

  6. Sofia says:

    when you’re gonna come to latinamerica? VENEZUELA wants 30stm!

  7. Patty Germscheid says:

    Although you guys don’t have the fighting and conflict that became Pink Floyd. Jared you remind me of Roger Waters, in the need to control all aspects of your work. Super creative, talented, mad man. Although it must be exhausting, is it easier to handle everything yourself in order for it to be perfect?

  8. Emma says:

    To 30 Seconds To Mars.

    Thank you for creating The Echelon :)

    I have 3 questions :)

    1.Do you ever sit down and think about what you have created? (The Echelon, Your Music..)

    2.Do you ever listen to your own music?

    3. Do you ever wonder where about in the world your music is playing? Like I’m listening to Closer To The Edge in Scotland, when I am writing this :)

    Love you forever and thank you so much for everything :)

    Thanks for following me and Retweeting me Tomo and thanks Jared for the RT as well :)

  9. Tati says:

    Hello 30 Seconds To Mars, I wanna know when the band will come to Brazil, or maybe I’ll have to go to US to see you??? This is War is one of the besties LP that I ever heard, so I’m crazy to see you live, the energy is so awesome!!!

  10. Debbie in NY says:

    I’d like to ‘second’ both Christina’s & Leslie’s questions please??

    Will 30 Seconds to Mars ever put out an all-acoustic album & a live album as well?? (with ‘stories” too?) Please??

    (maybe a 2 disc set-one all acoustic & the other live?)

    Sorry, I know.. not asking for much, right? I just really enjoy your acoustic sets that I’ve been able to see on YT, and really enjoy the interaction with the crowd as well as the small stories/tid-bits that you sometimes include. Would love to have all that in one place to enjoy whenever wherever.

    Thanks for being such amazing guys and sharing yourselves with us the way you do when you can!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Northern Lights in Clifton Park NY in Nov!

  11. Giorgia says:

    Hy Guysssss!
    OMG I can not believe you’re now reading my e-mail, you have no idea how many times I tried it on twtter! xD
    You guys are great, seriously, every time you leave me speechless and you .. jared .. as well as being perfect you have a wonderful voice!
    I can not wait to see you live in Italy in Bologna, will be the happiest day of my life!
    I wanted to ask if a not too distant day you might meet in Turin, Italy!
    Would it be possible?
    For Jared: I made a necklace with the tab of the can corresponding to your name! is too cute! ahaha
    Please could you answer me on Twitter J?
    I love you guys, never stop nn support and let you know as much as possible!
    Lots of Love <3

  12. Ola and Maria says:

    will you become a bigamist and marry us both?

  13. Katja says:

    Hey. You are THE best band ever!
    I just want to know if you are planning some more dates in Europe. You’ve been in Europe many times but never in Slovenia. We really(!!) want you here. I hope you will read this and maybe come to sLOVEnia. Tnx

  14. JB_30stmArg2010 says:

    when you’re gonna come to argentina?? please comee!!!!!

  15. Melanie says:

    At this point, I simply would like to wish all the members of Mars the best of health! You guys have been going non-stop supporting “This Is War” and I know the fans and Echelon appreciate all that you do, but we want to see you guys alive and well when all this is over!
    Please take care, eat your greens, take your vitamins, and get some much-deserved rest! :)

  16. Krysta Woods says:

    When are yall coming back to oklahoma city and/or texas? What was your inspiration to write “Kings and Queens”?

  17. Mayte Salinas says:

    What is your favorite song to perform and what is your least? Do you have a ritual before you go on stage?

  18. Lisbetti says:

    Would you please come to Finland once more?!

  19. Amanda says:

    Jared, you said at the New Zealand concert you will be back and hope that will happen around Soundwave in Australia. Do you know yet if this is going to happen? We are all very eager to have you back with us, you just blew us all away.

  20. Amanda says:

    Is there a date in sight for the Live DVD? Also is there any chance you will record an acoustic album?

  21. chloe echelon says:

    u guys are amazing cnt wait to see u in november and jared will u marry me :D xxxxx

  22. Michael says:

    You have travelled the world and made thousands of people very very happy, including myself of course, but what are the hardest parts of such constant touring and what do you enjoy doing in your free time as a way to escape it all??

  23. Mark says:

    Thank you for making such great music. I don’t go to any concerts but would love to hear a live album.
    Who is your favorite artist?

  24. zainab says:

    Hello guys

    how r u??

    I have one question …

    u guys said that u r gonna make a mideast tour in some interview with zane lowe u said that u’re gonna go to Afghanistan Iran Iraq Turkey Is that true n if it was when it’s gonna be next year on 2012 when??


    Jared OMG Dude ur perfect!!I love u so much can i have a love too back?? :)

    shannon u r 40 but u r so damn HOTT! XD

    tomo Aww i really love u but would u please cut ur hair believe me it grows back!!

  25. ruth says:

    first, i think u guys r the best. jared, i read somewhere that u gave up sex for 2 months for ur requiem for a dream role and i am wondering why, i mean i can see giving it up for the chapter 27 role becuz if you do it right it can be a real workout and you were trying to gain weight, but why give it for the requiem role?

  26. ruth says:

    any chance of a south dakota concert? we would love to see you guys here! have any of you ever been to mt. rushmore?

  27. Serena says:

    I always wondered how all of you became musicians before you started 30stm

  28. Carley says:

    First off, I want you to know that you are my favorite band of all time. Second, a year ago I went through a traumatic sexual attack, (and I’m not just saying this) your music was the only thing that got me through it. It inspires me to no end. So thank you for making the most inspiring music on the planet. Would you ever consider making a video for trafficking women?

  29. Patty says:

    Do you guys ever get to spend time by yourself? Not another soul around or at home with you, just alone?

  30. Erika says:

    Are you guys gonna be adding Irish dates this winter? Please! Also, why don’t you play more of your self-titled album live?

  31. Stijn says:

    Coolness, you guys play awesome music and I’d love to one day make a record that even just comes near to what you guys made in the past years and probably in the years to come aswell…,

    Also a question to jared…
    HOW DID YOU KEEP THAT MARSHAWK UP!!! I’ve tried numerous times and have failed ever since^^, could you get me hint or 2?

  32. Mara says:

    Can you guys come to Puerto Rico? A lot of people here would like to see you live!

  33. Paola says:

    What was the worse thing that you ever see?
    How do you feel respect all the things that´s happening in the world?
    Does your inspiration for ideas for songs and videos?
    Mexico loves you guys :D

  34. Letizia says:

    Hi Jared, Shannon and Tomo,

    I really love your music very much, you guys just rock my world.

    Hughs & kisses from Germany

  35. betyfrommexico! says:

    i just want to know …WHEN you´re gonna COME TO MEXICO??we really love you so much …so …when you´re gonna come to mexico???PLEASE DON´T FORGET LATINOAMERICA!!

  36. Anna P. says:

    I traveled to Europe this past summer. I wanted to go really bad! So I went. But when I found out I couldn’t go to your concert at the NY State Fair in August, I was heartbroken. I didn’t even want to go to Europe as much as I wanted to see Thirty Seconds to Mars live!

    If I could trade my experience in Europe for a chance to see you guys live, I would do it in a heart beat.

    So my question for the band is:
    Can you please play a show in Rochester, New York? Please?

  37. Aimee Donahue says:

    Thank you so much for picking a really great group. Please let them know how much we love them and how they are the world to all of us.

    What are some tips you could give someone who wants to work for your band one day?

  38. Michaelle says:

    If you guys had kids, what would you name them?

  39. Jamie says:

    No questions just a huge love filled thank you for making great music. Can’t wait for the Indiana show! Keep up the awesome work guys!!! :) huggies~Jamie

  40. Vanessa says:

    Hola soy Vanessa!! I´m from Spain, Canary Islands. I love your music, it´s very cool. My english is very bad, but I try to translate our songsand I try to understand the message in the songs but It´s very difficul for me jejeje!! One kiss and I love you!!!!
    Enhorabuena por vuestro reciente premio os lo mereceis finalmente se ha demostrado que se puede ser un buen actor y un genio de la música, votaré todos los días a ver si tenemos la misma suerte en Europa, seguro que sí. Un fuerte abrazo y seguid así, gracias por vuestra música!!!!

  41. Victoria says:

    Hi Guys! OMG, I can’t beleive this is for real, I love you guys so much and you are all my role models, I saw you in concert with my fiends at Melbourne and I screamed so hard that I had no voice for aaages :) (It was worth it :P) So My friend saw one of the trailers of the This Is War music video that I posted on facebook and he thinks it would be awesome if you made a full-length movie called This is War, would you consider this for the future??? (When he saw the trailer he sayd it would make an AWESOME full-length movie :D ) ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxoxoxo <3

  42. Isabel says:

    When do you guys come to Germany after Oberhausen? My sister and me, we wanted to go to your concert but our parents didn’t let us go to your show…
    Our Echelon-sister told us that you’ll come to Germany in 2013. Is that true?
    We love you, but you probably know

  43. Selina says:

    What are your favorite songs from all your albums?
    I love you SO MUCH!
    Echelon from Germany

  44. Maike says:

    Hey guys!
    First of all:

    My questions:
    1. Have you ever thought of making an acoustic or a life album – or both :) ?
    I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!! And I think I´m not the only one!

    2. Will there be any possibility to join the Hurricane video via internet – just like the digital summit?


  45. Henrika says:

    Hey guys! God you’re awesome! I wonder one thing.. are you gonna come to Finland (again) any time soon? ;)

  46. Melissa says:

    What is the “ordinary life thing” you guys enjoy most, when you are back at home? I mean, life on tour as rockstars is so far away from an average everyday life.

    I can`t wait to see you live in Oberhausen and Barcelona.

  47. Joanna says:

    I wanna thank you for show me that I can reach everything if I believe and if I realy try.
    My question is: What do you feel when you hear the crowd singing your songs in a one voice?

  48. courfeyrac says:

    If you had to pick one musical instrument you have no previous experience of, which one would you want to learn?

  49. Christine says:

    I am planning on taking my 10 year old daughter to the Illinois show you added yesturday (thank you for that). Other than you saying f*@#’n, is there anything else I should be aware of at your live shows in regards to a young child? And why are all tickets on sale except that one? Good things come to those that wait, I’ll wait.

    FYI-I would also buy an acoustic and live album if you made them.

    I also sent you a message on myspace (I refuse to join facebook for several reasons), please read it.

    I played some of your songs to my friends last night after I told them I’d be missing our Halloween Party to go to your concert instead. They didn’t get it. I guess you were right, This Is A Cult, you either understand or you don’t. Who would have thought at 32 that I’d belong to a cult. Since I’ve only known of your band for a month I’m not sure if I’m considered an Echelon, but so far I’m definitely a fan. Keep writing lyrics, you’re a great writer.

  50. Alison says:

    Hey guys, firstly, Jared Leto you are my hero!!!!
    secondly im sooooooooo upset that i won’t get to see u live when you come to South Africa:( Wish you were playing in the eastern cape (and maybe not in the middle of exams!) but il survive…just.

    1 question.Jared what was with the blonde/pink mohawk? yes you can rock ANY hairstyle and still look goergeous…but why?

  51. lilly says:

    i luv u i will post ever week

  52. Kris says:

    Hello! I was wondering if there is anything that helps you guys be creative? Some ppl listen to music, some ppl like to be alone and some ppl develope little rituals like always drinking hot tea or something. Anything you guys do to help keep the creative juices flowing? Thanks! I love you guys, you and your music is amazing!!

  53. Kate from Poland says:

    Thanks for playing at Coke LMF 2010 and coming back to Poland!!! That REALLY means a lot for your polish fans. I wasn’t at the festival and won’t be at your show in December unfortunately ;(((((, but still: THANK YOU!!!

    and my qustion is: what do you do when there comes a moment when you can’t find a solution to a big problem? how do you guys handle this kind of situation??

    e.x. I listen to your songs then- THANKS A HELL LOT FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!!! you don’t know that but there where like a billion of times when you REALLY helped me and I’m so freakin’ thankful for that, there’s no way to put this in words, so I’ll write once more: THANK YOU!!!!!

    have a nice day and a nice gig in Poland
    because you deserve the best from life!
    Katarzyna (Kate for short ;])

  54. Emelie says:

    This gonna be so bad-assly awesome!! I’m gonna ask a question that Scandinavia really would like an answer one: Will you guys come back to Scandinavia 2011?

  55. Marina Giordano says:

    Hi Jared! I want to say:

    U are amazing & lovely person..

    Thank u for sharing Jared! I missssss.. too..

    And peace and love

    marina ^^

    And questions.. hmmm..

    1. What is the most interesting gift what u got from Echelon.. ?
    2. do u believe in fate..?
    3. the most memorable thing in your life..?
    4. do u remember the firs kiss.. ? :)

  56. Sara says:

    Hi guys:) For the begining thanks for your music its really amazing and always makes me feel better after stressful day at school. I also want to thanks you for coming back to Poland,I’ll be on your concert and I can’t wait it also I want to invite you here to Poland for the next concert;) any time you want;)) Now my question to you Jared: What are you doing to be so confident and what have you done to go so far? Because I have a plans for my future but time its going so fast and there is always some of obstacles.I doubt that I’m going to realize them. So thats all from me:) Love you guys, kisses from Poland.

  57. isabella says:

    hey so this is my question:

    30 seconds to mars, where did the name come from? a movie? song? does it have a special meaning to you?

    anyway thats all, loveeee your musik.


  58. seharish says:

    To Jared, I know that you’ve already done some pretty crazy stuff but what is the most ultimate craziest thing that you want to do?

  59. Alison from South Africa says:

    Ok im a huge fan but….Whats an Echelon? and once again YOU ROCK!!!!

  60. elody says:

    I spend a great year together with 30 seconds to mars was the first time I saw you in concert and it was huge for me I’ve followed all your concert in France and Switzerland. You guys are really great and you deserved all the rewards that you had big kisses. Elody

  61. Patt from Poland says:

    Guys, your songs are amazing. When I heard “From Yesterday” or “The Kill”, I have tears in my eyes. You’re the best! I can’t was at Coke Live Music Festival, but I will be in Warsaw : )
    And my questiom is: what do you do, when you’re upset?

  62. KennyFromtheChick Department says:

    hey guys! love you & your music my questions are : Why the word “Echelon”? What was the inspiration behind “Night of the Hunter”? & is Bartholomew Cubbins still mad because you didnt thank him at the VMA’s?

  63. Dari says:

    hi guys!!
    every echelon of Venezuela want to know if it will come to Venezuela!
    please just want to know if it will come, but come no matter when!
    I expect answers!

  64. Aura Rosa says:

    First of all, I wanna say thanks to you guys for always be in contact with us (your echelon) and not create a wall between you and us like many other artists do, and I wanna say thanks to Vh1 as well, for all this that they’re doing.

    These are my questions:

    1.- I know you said that you’ll come to Latin America but will Venezuela be part of that tour??? We really want to see you live!
    2.- What is the best part and the worst part of being on touring for so long??
    3.- You’re a big inspiration for too many people around the world (include me), how do you feel about it?? Have you ever thought that you would become in such important part in the lives of so many people??
    4.- How do you feel about all the female attention??? and according to you, which of you 3 get the most female attention???

    I hope you can come to Venezuela really soon and I wish you the best of the success because you deserve it, not doubt of it!!

    MARSHUGS from Venezuela ;)

  65. Dari says:

    This Is War Deluxe Edition will be sold in Venezuela??? :D

  66. Bethel says:

    Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening.
    My infamous 5 question interview:
    1. Jared, when you stage dive, how do you make your way back to the stage? I would think over excited fans wouldn’t allow you to make it back.
    2. Do you all remember what it’s like to be “normal”? As in before the music, acting, and fame.
    3. If something happened that you three couldn’t create and sell your music, what kind of a skill could you fall back on to pay the bills? What type of a job would you have?
    4. Jared, you have stated that when acting you appreciate a challenge. What was the challenge in playing a horny teenage boy in Highway? Seriously.
    5. Shannon, Jared is your “little” brother. Why is it so easy for you to let him do dangerous things? Stage dive, climb high above the stage and hang over the audience, stand right at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I feel concerned and I don’t even know you people.
    6. Shannon and Jared, do you think often how blessed you are to have Tomo in your lives?
    Thank you

  67. Chivonne says:

    Hi Jared Shannon n Tomo I hope use are all well before i ask my questions i just wanna say that i think use are great I love use all soo much and cant wait to see use again in Aberdeen :D.

    Q1 – As use are all aware u are up for 3 nominations at this years Mtv EMA Awards and as use prob have guessed us your fans are going mad at voting for use as use deserve to win But what id like to no is if there was no 30STM and use were at home by you computers on the Mtv EMA’s Site Who would use vote for more than once and why ??

    Q2 – Now i myself and every other female out there will all agree that u are 3 very attractive men and every femal out there would at least love to have 1 date with one of use But my question is What for u would make your Perfect or Dream Woman ? And if you could choose any Celeb woman to go out with Who would it be and why ?

    I hope use enjoy my questions and will be looking forward to seing use on Dec 3rd Take Care Lots of Love xxxx

  68. Debbie says:

    hi guys :D just wanna say how obsessed i am with 30 seconds to mars, you guys are so inspiring and honest it just blows my mind! everything in your music is just spectacular; the blend of vocals, synths and sounds and my gosh the vision in the videos are absolutely genius and creative:D i could go on and on but i woulds wanna bore you guys haha..
    i have never been to a concert though i really really want to. and i guess i never can, seeing as im underaged and live in a barely-there-on-the-map teeny tiny country called Brunei.
    so my questions are:
    1. Are you guys ever going to come to Asia to perform?
    2. Where do Bartholemew Cubbins’ visionary ideas come from during the process of making the band’s short films?
    3. Jared, will you marry me? XD
    4. Tomo, how do you come up with those amazing riffs? What inspires it all?
    5. Shannon how much would you charge for drum lessons?:D teehee..

    Thank you for reading:) i love you guys and will follow 30STM religiously:D i am definitely voting until my fingers go sore for you guys for the EMAs and i really hope to see you guys perform on the EMAs:D Jared’s stage presence is just electrifying <3 you should take your shirt off more oftenXD teehee.. Certainly my favorite rock band ever!! thank you for the perfect music!

  69. Auris says:

    Hey guys!! thank you so much for take a few moments of your time to answer all our questions, you’re awesome!!

    I would like to know, what do you think about marriage and kids?? can we expect MARS Babies in a few years??? :D

    Jared: I think you’re a great actor, I’ve been a fan yours since I was 9 years old and I’ve watched all your movies, ALL OF THEM! and I wanna know if we can expect a new movie soon?? and if you would have the opportunity to be Kurt Cobain in his biographic movie, would you do it?? I love Kurt and I think you’re perfect for that role!

    Shannon: I think you’re an amazing drummer… What do you think or feel when you’re playing your drums??? ’cause you do it with such a passion that it’s really inspiring.

    Tomo: How do you feel about being the youngest member of the band?? do you feel like the little brother??

    Is there something that Echelon Venezuela could do to make sure that you come to our country with your tour??? we want you! REALLY!

    Venezuela Wants Mars :D


  70. Zandra says:

    Hey 30 seconds to mars :)

    Will u guys be coming back here in Asia? If so, Please come to the PHILIPPINES! We’re waiting for u out here. Thousands of echelon are waiting.

  71. EcheloNicky says:

    Hey Guys!!!

    Here are my questions:

    First: -Would you like to come to Colombia? :)

    - All Band: Would you like to get married and have kids some day?

    - All Band: If 30STM wasn’t the great band we all know and love… what do you think you would be doing right now?

    - All Band: Who is the shyest?

    - All band: Who have cried in front of the others?

    - Jared & Shannon:What say your mom about what you do on stage? She worry about you 2?

    I really love You, you’re awesome!!! ?

    Stefany Torres

  72. kayleigh says:

    how do you guys manage to to find time to yourselves even though you’re so busy?

  73. Martyna from Poland says:

    Hi guys, I’m also from Poland. I know you heard it so many times before from the others, but I love you so much. I can’t imagine a day without your music. I’m very lucky one because I’ll go on your gig in December :) Every my friend would say to you that i’m crazy about 30 seconds to Mars. I’ve shown your music to some friends and they started to like you too.
    My questions:
    x Jared, will you play in more movies?
    x Jared, any ideas to new hairstyles? :D
    x Shannon, in what age did you learn to play drums?
    x All band: do you miss polish pierogis? :D
    xoxo love Martyna

  74. Ghazaleh says:

    Hi guys! I have one question. Or two!
    1. Do you believe in ghosts n stuff? (OHO DEADMAU5). No but seriously, have you ever experienced something scary, involving ghosts?
    2. Have you guys found the fountain of youth or something? Cuz seriously, you’re not aging!

    Come back to Sweden soon!(you owe us one since hultsfredfestival was cancelled heheh). Hugs from Gothenburg
    - Ghazaleh

  75. Melanie Arndt says:

    Will you be bringing the tour anywhere near Philadelphia, Pa.? We live in a small rural town about 2 hours from Philly and my 11 year old son as well as myself would love to see you perform live. We love your music!!!

  76. Marta from Poland says:

    I was wondering… You guys prefer to play in a big stage or something small?

  77. Skinny Jeans says:

    The ILAA meet and greets have been removed from the changed concert dates. Will you ever do signings at small venues again,or do signings in record stores in some cities that you visit?
    The fans love seeing all of you, it is nice to be able to thank you for a great show and get a chance to say Hello.
    Good luck at the EMA’s.

  78. Nina says:

    Just wanted to know if you’re coming to norway anytime soon.It’s about time that a really good band came over here and blew our socks off! :)

  79. April says:

    hey jared shannon and tomo i really just wanted to say that i love u guys. many years ago i met jared at a concert we talked to eachother for a long time. Jared you were the nicest guy EVER!!! My real question is when are u going to come to Seatlle i would really love to meet you again. sorry about how this is written im used to txting,

    love all of u


  80. _GiorgiaEchelon says:

    Guys ..! how are you?
    I have already written, I know, but I find this a fantastic idea so why Do Not exploit it?
    Very often in the texts you are speaking of dreams, hope, war, evil and the good … and there are also important words and meanings … What inspired you? (personal experiences, life lessons learned)? Why write about this?
    Thanks for the music and thanks to you!
    There are no words to describe you, because you are different from everyone else, you love us as we think we want you to … you are special here!
    I wish you the best in life!

  81. Natalie (from mars) says:

    you guys are amazing!! i wanna say thanks for cheering me up whenever im down and without you guys i probly wouldnt still be here now!! i cant wait to see you at brighton in november and i hope one day we will meet so i can thank you in person!! xxxx =D

  82. S.J. says:

    Hi Guys – As far as you can tell is scheduling for the UK leg of the tour in Nov set in steele? I am trying to get to one of your shows from Bermuda!

  83. MaryHil says:

    Hello guys! greetings from Venezuela! i hope you are doing great and my question is: would you consider to add a female Echelon bassist to the band? i count on it xD

  84. Maria Guerra says:

    Hi guys! thanks for being such an amazing artists and persons, hugs and kisses from Venezuela! i have a question for each of you:

    Jared: do you think that age diference can be a problem when it comes to love? why?

    Shannon: what’s the most important thing for 30 seconds to mars besides music?

    Tomo: what’s the sweetest thing that an Echelon can do for you?

    thanks for be who you are!

  85. Dariana says:

    hi guys!
    seriously hope you answer my questions!
    would make me happy!

    Tomo: Tomo when is your wedding?
    vicky looks like a good girl :D

    Jared: “Tell me how you write all those songs so great?
    not as you think of but are great

    -Hey as I do or what I do for you to follow me on Twitter or RT?
    nothing is impossible! so how?

    Shannon: “You’re great on drums, are all an animal, you already have this but hear it again is not bad!

    “Hey you should talk to us over twitter, no?

    and please please come to Venezuela the Echelon we are waiting for here please would be a dream come true for us

    and just to mention my birthday 07/10 I would love that I can say happy birthday, best gift!

    Echelon Venezuela are always aware of everything, always vote and more!
    please send greetings to Echelon Venezuela would be great!
    and come visit us there is much that can be seen here and eat!

    bye! Greetings from Venezuela! xoxo

    I love you guys

  86. Ray says: i have a q for Jared! how does it feel from going to being an actor to being an amazing singer and in an amazing band?

    and what does the Echelon mean to you? because you mean family to the Echelon

    2. Tomo would you ever shave your jesus beard or is it permanent now? because i like it :)

  87. Brittany says:

    What is the worst injury you have seen happen in the mosh pit at one of your shows?

  88. Marta says:

    I have a lot of quetions and that’d be interesting to talk with you.
    For now my question is: Can I be your guide and interpreter,when you’ll come to Moscow,Russian as I’ve been for many american bands?

  89. Marta says:

    I have a lot of quetions and that’d be interesting to talk with you.
    For now my question is: Can I be your guide and interpreter,when you’ll come to Moscow,Russian as I’ve been for many american bands?
    (That’s interesting for me because I’m a musician too=)

  90. Marta says:

    I have a lot of quetions and that’d be interesting to talk with you.
    For now my question is: Can I be your guide and interpreter,when you’ll come to Moscow,Russian as I’ve been for many american bands?
    (It’s interesting for me because I’m a musician too=) )

  91. Sandra (netherlands) says:

    Hi there, I’ve got 2 questions:

    1?. I’m wondering what is the one thing you miss the most when you are on tour?

    2?. When will you guys sit down to do the live video chat? due to technical problems last time it didn’t worked. You’ve promised soon so I’m curious soon in soon or Jared’s soon:)

    Thanks for the music and for who you are.

    Also stay healthy when I see pictures from the last shows you guys did I got the feeling that both Shannon and Jared are not feeling fine, you both looked very tired and to thin to much cheekbone.

    So take care and take it easy.

  92. Marianna says:

    Hi guys!! (I hope you read my message but I know I’ll never get an answer but I try the same!)
    I’m your fan for almost a year, but I seem to always know you. Your music, your words and your intentions resonate in my mind every day. I hear you and I feel alive and I feel that there is still something good and something to “fight for” nowadays . Anyway apart from all these things that you have read and reread thousands of times in the messages of your other fans, here are my questions:

    1. I’m Italian but I will come to see you on December 7 in Basel with my boyfriend. Since December 8 you will be in Italy you would be kind enough to give us a lift? I would be very happy! :)
    Seriously, stop dreaming, the next question:
    2. What you feel to turn around the world and found almost every evening in front of so many people?
    3. Have you ever been a disappointment and if so which one?
    4. Jared: I read of your passion for art. (one thing that binds us together because I am a
    art historian) artist and favorite work?

    Thank you so much!!you’re just wonderful!see you in Basel!!

  93. Brigette Liberto says:

    You guys are awesome! :D
    Any chance on doing a side concert in Melbourne, Australia when you’re here for Soundwave? :)
    Really hope you do, me and my friends missed tickets to Soundwave :(
    Keep up the amazing work! :)

  94. Angie says:

    You guys are wonderful.

    How long have you been a vegetarian and how do you get younger looking every year? You guys skin is wonderful. I’m fourty now and i would really like that secret. :-)

  95. Kerstin says:

    Hey guys first i have to thank u so much. Your music means a lot for me, it changed my life. On dark hours, when i feel down and lonely i find my faith and my strenght in all those beautiful songs. Also you keep me believin in my dreams. So, can´t thank enough for just beeing who you are. ;)

    Now a few questions:
    # Jared i am wondering why your hair still looks so healthy, you dyed it so many times. Do u use any hair care? What kind of?
    Seriously you did not aging, didn´t you? Tell me your secret please.
    # You get a lot of tweets every day, how do you choose the ones you´re replying 2? What should i do, to get any replys of you? I tried so hard…
    #Do you believe in fate? Or do you think everything in our lives depends on fortune?
    # Tell me the meaning of all those ‘War’. It is about fighting, just inner fights? What is the message of ‘This is War’ for you? Do you support war, coz actually it is such an ungly thing. So is it just symbolic?

    #Shannon i heard u quit smoking? Great dude! My mom is trying to stop it since many years. Any touts for her?
    Shan you have a favour for red socks is this true? Why (red)socks? I will bring you a pair 2 Oberhausen ;)
    # i just found out, that there are the letters L E T O in the First of the Mars glyphs. Notion?

    #Shannon&Jared Who is more willfully of you both?
    Is it sometimes hard 2 be in a band with your brother?

    #All of the Band

    What would you do on the last day of your live?

    When you was young, was you still crazy Mofo?
    Your best decision in ur entire life?
    Your worst decision?
    What was the weirdest thing u ever did?
    # will you play your own songs some day? Would be epic, to hear you sing.
    Tell me about your proposal of marriage. How did you made it? Went down on your knees before Vicky?. Shes such a lucky girl btw.

    See ya guys in oberhausen :)
    Good luck on the emas. I vote my ass off for you

    Love you <3 Hugs from Germany

  96. Jessie says:

    Well, first off – I love you guys and your music. It means the world to me, I listen to it when I wake up and when I go to bed and any opportunity I get in between.
    And PLEASE come back to Australia for a concert (I know you’re here for soundwave, but due to my some restrictions I can’t go :( ) you should come back to Sydney and do a concert in 2011!!!!!

    And I do have a question, my question is:
    Does every song have some kind of meaning to you? Or do you just write them because you feel like it?


    - Prohevito.In.Altum -

  97. Megan R says:

    Do you sign autographs for fans after or before shows?? I’m coming to your show Oct.8th and would love nothing more than to get a picture with you guys XD!!

  98. A.G. says:

    Hi guys!!! I think you’re really awesome!! I know that maybe everyone always tell this but it’s true, you changed my life, I love you and I’m so proud of being your Echelon :D

    well, I have 3 questions for you and I hope I could get an answer from you ;)

    Q1: If you were part of the Echelon, would you like your own music??? what would be your favorite song??

    Q2: What is the craziest thing that an echelon did for get your attention??

    Q3: Jared: If you were a tv host and your guests were Shannon and Tomo, what questions would you like to ask them??

    Love you guys, I wish you the best!!

    P.S.: Please come to Venezuela when you come to Latin America, don’t forget us!!

  99. Shaz says:

    Hey guys, love the music and CAN’T WAIT to see you next month!! You are AMAZING!! Thank you for bringing your music into our lives!!

    Just want to ask, when you work on your next album, will you be trying to reach the same unbelievably high standards as the last or will you be trying to better it (if that’s possible)?

    Also, how many tattoos have you all got and have you ever regretted any or had any removed?

    Love you all!!
    :-D xxx

  100. Ali Rae says:

    Wow, this is really cool to see something like this happening online. I absolutely love your music. I only have a couple of questions.

    1. You guys seem like such a family unit together. I just want to know which family roles you think every seems to play?

    2. How did you each get inspired to play instruments growing up? Did you have family that played music or was it just from hearing it on the radio?

    3. And, for Shannon, how do you feel watching Jared do crazy stunts on stage? Do you ever feel like you want to stop him so that he doesn’t get hurt?

    Thanks so much, guys. You’re my heroes.

  101. Kerstin says:

    @Shannon Ups i meant Shan you have a WEAKNESS ( not a favour) xD for red socks is this true? Why (red)socks? I will bring you a pair 2 Oberhausen ;)

    (that was a failure in my mind) Haha xD Sorry

    And another Question 2 you all:

    Do you read fanfictions about you? What do you think about fanfictions? And how good is ur german? Do you understand a lot?

  102. Marta says:

    Guys, is it what you wanted from life?? what were your dreams in childhood when you thoght “Who Do I wanna be?”???

    And I also heared you’re christians, is it true?

  103. Jack says:

    Hey guys just wanna say I and the rest of Australia love your music you guys are awesome! and i have 2 questions…

    1)When will we finally get to see the This is War music video???? You’re killing me here guys!!!!!!!

    2)After this tour what’s next? Will you guys release an acoustic or live album, or go back into the studio?

  104. Xeniya says:

    Hi dear Jared, Tomo and Shannon! At first I’d like to thank you for unique creature, talent, kind relation to your fans. Thanks to your boundless energy and unbending belief in yourselves I’ve learned how to overcome difficulties, to follow my dreams.
    So…I have some questions to you, guys. Jared, have you ever regretted about anything in your life, have you had such moments when you wanted to come back into the past and change something?
    Tomo,what situations are the most stressful for you?
    Shannon, have you ever had a desire to give up everything?
    Question to the band: If you had no chance to create music, what kind of profession would you choose and why? Please, call the most unimportant things for you.
    Go on working, do your best! You’re geniuses! Forever yours=))

  105. Agne says:

    Hello, you are the best band in the world! I like all the films with Jared and I want to ask you, Jared, what is the following film with you? Do you have any suggestions to act somewhere? And the following question: When do you guys will go to Lithuania? There is so many fans and we are waiting for 30 seconds to Mars :) Sorry for my mistakes, my english is not very well. Love you :)

  106. Sarppa says:

    Hi guys! First of all, you are the best band in the world. Your music is really inspiring, i’m Finnish-echelon, and i hope that you will not forget us.
    The first question: When you come back to Finland?
    second question: I heard somewhere that maybe you could do a music video here, would it be possible?

    It could be awesome!

    Now, i wait This is war music video, maybe i can see it soon.

    Love you! :D

  107. Charline de Sainte Maresville says:

    Do you want make another album after “this is war” or not? Or have you got another plans? And I would like to know another thing: Do you come back in France?
    Thank you!

  108. tiffany says:

    my question is does Jared leto ever get scared something bad could happen when he goes into the crowd for the kill? i beileve at one point he broke his toe and i no i was at the webster in CT when he got his tooth chipped… also will Shannon and tomo ever decide to jump into the crowd of family fans

  109. Simone says:

    When will you guys (30 seconds to mars) shoot your music video? you have the open casting and i don’t know if i will still be in there.

  110. Alexa Ringley says:

    Hey 30 Seconds to Mars! I was the one in Oklahoma City with the life size cut-out of y’all! And I gave y’all the book filled with all the pictures from 30 days for 30 seconds.

    My questions are:

    To each band member: Who do you admire the most?

    @Jared: What can I DO to get y’all to come and headline in Dallas(not a “fest”)?

    @Tomo: Have y’all ever played a show in Croatia?

    @Shannon: What do you love most about touring?

    @The band as a whole: Would y’all ever make a Mars themed music video?

    And congrats on your VMA. I voted for Kings and Queens. :)

    Provehito in Altum.
    ? ø lll ·o.


  111. Kristin Peabody says:

    My 22nd birthday is October 14th and since you guys changed your October 9th Michigan show to an Ohio show (that was to be my birthday celebration), can you guys wish me a happy birthday instead?

  112. bree says:

    @Tomo: What was it like joining a band made up of two brothers?

    @Shannon: Do you ever want to get back into acting?

    @Jared: Do you think that your past influences the bands sound?

    @The Band: When will your video for ‘This is War’ be premiering?

  113. Sarah says:

    question: how do you celebrates your birthdays? any ideas, its mine today and im 19. :D


  114. Joanna says:

    Jared you said once that you were ready to perform in Poland for free just because you wanted to meet PolishEchelon. Are you still ready to do this? We will be very happy

  115. Anastasia says:

    Hi, guys! First of all let me thank you for all that you do from the bottom of my heart. Your music means so much for me. I can’t imagine my life without it, it really helps me every single day, helps me to cope with difficulties and inspires me!!!
    I have two questions. First to Jared: what do you think about when you look at the full moon?
    And the second to the band: you said that you like touring, but were there any situations you did’t like?
    Lots of love!
    Anastasia Russian Echelon

  116. sash hewagama says:

    just wanted to say your an amazing band, i am a VERY PROUD Echelon, and always will be :)
    you’re music has this amazing magic to it, you capture the feeling and make everyone one else who listens to feel it to. i listen to your music religiously haha :)
    i saw you at the sydney 2010 concert with my friends, and it was by far the best day of my life and not much can change that. i have nearly all your merch, magazines, ive stuck of posters and everything to promote you :) (even though id like you guys to be all to myself) and i have your symbols all down my arm :) i really love you guys and vote all day (which usually pays off) i think your amazing and i love everything about you guys :) you’re nice, smart, fun, and just amazing people who are so talented
    love sash

  117. JEN says:

    Hey guys.! just wanted to say that you guys are a great band with a unique vision and personality. You have inspired millions of people (including myself) to do great things and achieve their dreams. thank you for your music and for being yourselves.

    -> you guys are the most perfect people. are you perfect? or are you constantly trying to cover up imperfections and weaknesses?
    -> I have never been to any of your concerts, I live in Puerto Rico, but I am a huge fan. Will you consider someday coming to Puerto Rico?

    ***Jared your personality and the way you speak remind me so much of a cousin of mine that I love and miss, because I haven’t seen him in three years. Its really weird.

  118. ?Chely® says:

    Hello guys

    I have Four questions:

    Jared, you said that everybody should know the Jean Michael Jarre (my mother loves), his songs have inspired you to write Stranger in a strange land? is an incredible song, I do not know how to describe. This song have a video too?

    You took everyone by surprise with the movie Closer To The Edge, when everyone was expecting This Is War. The Hurricane will come before the video for This Is War?

    And one question I have to do because I’m really looking forward to it, Into The Wild tour is coming to Brazil? We are very excited to welcome you.


    ? Chely ®

  119. cris says:

    Hello i hope see you guys in dec 16 and i have 2 questions;
    Do you (band) feel that you haved achieved the highest point of you lives when you got nominated to mtv music awards and won ?
    And did you feel the adrenalin crossing through your veins when you heard the name 30 SECONDS TO MARS?
    ( sorry this question, his is how i felt when something happens to me).
    Thanks for the amazing music :)

  120. Faraz says:

    Hey just wanted to say you guys are amazing! I’m all the way from Pakistan, and 30 Seconds to Mars is and always will be my favourite band! I’ve been dying to see you live for years now! Hopefully one day I’ll get that chance.

    Just one question for Jared:
    1) Have you ever taken any professional vocal training?
    I personally think you’re one of the best vocalists out there, atleast in this genre, and was wondering if your technique is through training or just trial and error.

    Also, you guys have to make a music video for Hurricane! The version with Kanye West if there aren’t any issues with rights etc. That song is HOT!

    - A member of The Echelon

  121. Elizabeth says:

    love Love LOVE you guys!

    Please, PLEASE tell us when the “This is War” video is coming out… i’ve been on the edge of my seat for months! Just give us a date… a week… anything!! Can’t wait to see it!

    And can’t wait to see you guys live again- best show ever!

  122. HollyMay says:

    hey guys,
    just like to say I admire you and your music, its absolutely brilliant! thankyou for creating it and the Echelon <3

    @Tomo are you going to be writing something unique for the band soon or for the next album?

    @Shannon I adore your photography and the songs you have written, I’d love to see more!

    @Jared what kind of hats does Bartholomew like to wear?

    @band what have your previous or current pets been and what kind/breed were they?
    trying to be unique and different with the questions :)
    take care

  123. Stijn says:

    Hey I just popped by to ask when you guys are comming to belgium again? I saw you guys planned germany, the UK and france so why not Belgium? I saw you guys @werhter and @vorst nationaal in brussels and just had a blast seeing you guys live so I was wondering if you guys are planning to come back any time soon…

    @Jared: Your singing, does it come naturally or did you take lessons? I’m just curious how you can get those extremely high notes since I don’t know many male singers who can pull it off live the way you do…

  124. Dominika says:

    I can’t wait TIW video !!! and Hurricane of course ;d
    I don’t know whether You know but tickets for Your concert in Poland are already sold out!;D This will be madness! To see You in Poland!:)

  125. angelica says:

    have felt like people on tour and as has been the work of the new hurricane video? thanks

  126. kiki says:

    come to lisbon, portugal more often, please we love u guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Taneka"Frenchie"Poarch says:

    This question is for all 3: If You could no longer play music what career would you pick and why? THANK YOU

  128. MichelleO. says:

    TODOS queremos saber sobre el domcumental “ARTIFACT”, ¿va a salir el proximo año?
    Y el video de THIS IS WAR… ¿Cuando lo piensan sacar?

  129. Talisa says:

    Hello my dear guys,

    First of all I wanted to say how much I love you, guys!
    Your music helps me to get trough difficult times.
    I really have one question:
    Actually it is not a question:


    Haha, Cause that’s where I live.
    And wouldnt it be great, to shoot a clip in Amsterdam?
    I see the whole idea, right now in my head.
    Maby in the big park, we have, in Amsterdam!?

    The music you make is so.. incredible!

    Sorry for my bad english, Im a simple dutch girl.;)


  130. Victor says:

    Loved the last video for Closer to The Edge. Can’t wait for This Is War and Hurricane.

    Hope Hurricane has Kanye on it.

  131. Kristel Vermeulen says:

    Guy’s is there ever going to be a unplugged album?? ANd are you coming back to Belguim one day i’ve mist both concerts in Werchter and Brussel ( work ) good luck with everthing else you guy’s going to do love you Thirty seconds to mars . xxxxx

  132. Astrid says:

    Hey guys! Your band is the best in the world, the best that has ever existed! Shannon,you are the best drummer ever, you’re truly talented; Jared, i love your voice, and you’re a great actor, i’ve seen almost all your films,you are like the definition of perfection, i just love you!! :);Tomo, you’re an amazing violinist and guitarist :)!

    Ok… my questions are: Are you going to make another album?
    And to each band member: Are you a cat or a dog person?
    To Jared: Why did you get a tattoo of the Echelon symbol, The X symbol, why is it important to you?

    Love you all!!!

  133. Kerstin says:

    You guys should produce an accoustic album. Jared your voice is incredible awesomely awesome. Every time i listening to it it kills me in a wonderful way <3 So will you fulfil my wish and do an accoustic album please? :)

  134. Chelle says:

    Hey guys! First of all, I love your music, I think you’re the best band ever :)

    - Are you planning a latin american tour? If you are, are you going to stop in other place of central america that’s not Mexico, like: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua? Do you even know we LOVE you here? :)
    XO from Latinamerica!

  135. PreshussMeddle says:

    Jared, I like the way you pluck your strings.What do you usually do with them when they break besides throw them away? Some rockstars auction them off, with fans buying them to wear as bracelets while proceeds go to the charity of the artist’s choice. I would love to wear your spent strings knowing your fingers and sweat has been all over them.

  136. Niina says:

    Hello gyus!!

    First I wanna thank you for your amazing and inspiring music. I don’t honestly know how I have survived without it. When I had hard times, your music kept me going on and it still does. So thank You<3
    And second. When you are coming Finland again?? I haven’t got a chance to see you earlier, so it would be great. One of my many dreams is to see you live=)
    Keep rocking!!!

  137. Niina says:

    Hello gyus!!!

    I wanna thank you for your amazing and inspiring music! I honestly don’t know how I would have survived without it. When I had hard times, your music kept me going on and it still does. There are times when my friens don’t understand me, but I feel that your music somehow does. Your lyrics give so much strenght. And it may sound stupid but I kind of think that you gyus and your awesome music are my best friends=)

    I wish that you could come to Finland again, ’cause I want to see you at live. Haven’t got a chance for that yet.

    And then question: How you get your ideas for songs?

  138. Katy Tarpley says:

    To the band:
    I would first like to say thank you for creating amazing artistry! Your music is helping me through a really rough time right now and I really appreciate it. Now for the questions. I might have missed the tour date, and if I did I apologize, but why did you not stop off anywhere in Georgia, USA? Second question: what song that is your own, is your favorite to perform? Lastly: What bands are your favorites?

  139. D J Davis says:

    PLEASE WATCH and you must show Jared this awesome You Tube video!!! I think he will be floored by the tranformation and amazing efforts this girl has gone to in creating this look! And please show us his reaction to his new FEMALE GENDERED TWIN! View it on You Tube under…Jared Look | Cosplay. She certainly would have fooled me!

  140. chloe echelon says:

    sadlyy i wont be coming in november :(

    when will u be coming back 2 london apart from november???

    love u xx <3

  141. moriahmlg10 says:

    1. Next year will you guys be doing another USA tour?

  142. Madi says:

    i have question to you all, what kind of fan you like the most?

    i know there is no way to know you and don’t love you so my question is: do you ever thought to make film or dvd about you?

  143. mariya says:

    when will you come to Bulgaria?

  144. Giorgia says:

    Hy Guyssssss <3
    I’ve already posted but i would like to see to jared that I’m worries for you, because I saw some of your photos lately (for example, while you’re doing the advertising Bross) and I saw you was thin and pale. Rest and eat! Please You make me worries otherwise!

  145. Chera says:

    Hey guys!
    Just want to say thank you for doing what you do and for putting yourself and your music out there for all us to enjoy and experience. I have been ‘Into the Wild’ twice, once in Seattle and then in Vancouver BC, and both times were absolutely amazing! I’m damn proud to say I’m part of the Echelon!!!

    Since you have been all over the world, do you guys have a favorite place to visit and/or play? Is there a city you’ve been to that you did not like and/or enjoy playing at?

  146. ShariGW says:

    Hi guys, first of all: I love your music, lyrics and musicvids. And I am very curious about some things (aren’t we all). I have a few questions for all of u: How many instruments do you play and at what age did you started playing them? What is your favourite instrument and why?
    Another question for Jared: why did you choose the photograph with the shark on you twitterprofile? Do you identify yourself with this beautiful and powerful creature? I hope for an answer. Please don’t ever stop making music! Big XXX from Holland, Sharita.

  147. Carla Wingfield says:

    I just want to thank you guys for doing such a great job at the DeLuna Festival down here in Florida.. I totally enjoyed every sec of it … YOU ROCK!!!!! Hope to see you again soon…..Good Luck with your travels may you sell out everywhere you go…..

  148. Max says:

    30 Seconds To Mars !

  149. Max says:

    01. Escape
    02. Night Of The Hunter
    03. Attack
    04. Vox Populi
    05. From Yesterday
    06. A Beautiful Lie
    07. This Is War
    08. 100 Suns
    09. L490
    10. Revenge (acoustic)
    11. Echelon (acoustic)
    12. The Kill (acoustic – 1-?? ?????, ????? ? ?????? ???????)
    13. Buddha For Mary
    14. Closer To The Edge
    15. Search & Destroy
    16. The Fantasy
    17. Hurricane (acoustic, 1-?? ?????? + ??????)
    18. Kings & Queens (with the Church of Mars)

  150. Max says:

    Jared Leto !

  151. Jared says:

    Favourite Jared, Shennon and Tomo!

  152. John says:

    You are the best! ;DD

  153. Christina says:

    ?Favorite Jared, Shannon and Tomo, I from Russia, from the city of St. Petersburg and, therefore, I beg your pardon for my bad English! I love your music and everything you do. Affects your love and respect for the fans in every song you can find something for themselves. A concert in St Petersburg, which was March 14, 2010 years has been just wonderful!Soon you will give one more concert in Russia, but this time in Moscow, unfortunately I can not go so very worried about. Did you come again in St. Petersburg? I would really wait for your next concert in Russia!

  154. Jeniffer says:

    Hi! My name is Jeniffer and I’m currently living in Puerto Rico. I absolutely love 30 Seconds to Mars! You guys have many fans here and I was wondering if you’re planning to visit Puerto Rico for a concert anytime soon. Jared, you are so talented and you’re truly one of the most handsome men alive!!! You guys are great and I wish you all the best!!!

  155. Jeniffer says:

    Hi! My name is Jeniffer and I’m currently living in Puerto Rico. I absolutely love 30 Seconds to Mars! You guys have many fans here and I was wondering if you’re planning to visit Puerto Rico for a concert anytime soon. Jared, you are so talented and you’re truly one of the most handsome men alive!!! I was watching an interview with you and you seem like such a nice and down to earth person. You guys are great and I wish you all the best!!! Sigan hacia adelante chicos!!! Exito siempre!!!

  156. nadine says:

    Hi Jared…..tell me my dear – how do you smell? which perfume do you take?

  157. Megan says:

    Ooh, my. Jared, you are much more attractive and incredible in person. How on earth are you 39??? I truly miss you and can’t wait for the next 30 Seconds to Mars concert. You are the most talented human being I have ever seen. Giving credit to Shannon and Tomo, too. Ah, I love you all so much! Thanks for the best night of my life…

  158. Lida says:

    Favourite Jared, Shennon and Tomo!

    In advance we ask a pardon for bad English language because used the translator on the Internet :) We from Russia, from a city of St.-Petersburg. Us call the Lida and Kristina. Your music has turned all our life. On March, 14th, 2010, within the limits of round Into the wild you have given a concert in our city. We through much have passed to get on a concert. This day we won’t forget never in life. Show was simply fantastic. We never thought that the concert can be so sincere. We are amazed with your love and your respect for fans. In one of the most frank interviews you have told – “These people – our family.”, and it means that the love of fans to 30 Seconds to Mars is mutual.
    And now you plan to give in December, 2010 a concert in Moscow. We have done the utmost also impossible what to go to Moscow but as to us of 16 years, parents caring of us can’t release us in another’s city. It very much a difficult period in our life, but all your songs help us with this hard life. Every day we struggle for a freedom of expression. 30 Seconds to Mars it is possible to find something in each of songs for itself. We hope that you not once will arrive to our city of St.-Petersburg.
    You very well speak Russian, we were convinced of it at your concert in St.-Petersburg. Us too the question ” ? ????? ???? ????????!” ???????????????????:D
    Very much we wait for exits of new clips “This is WAR” and “Hurricane”, and necessarily new songs, a new album and new round in which frameworks you will visit Mother – Russia :)
    We can’t present till now to ourselves, as though we lived without your creativity, all songs so sincere that listening to them a difficult minute, it would be desirable to live.
    We very much LOVE YOU, SHENNON and ????!!!
    We hope that you will know that in far Russia live the Lead and Christina.
    And now we want to ask you the question:
    “If before death God would give you chance anew to live
    One any day of life what it would be day?”
    We hope soon to meet you
    Yours of the Lida and Kristina. We miss, we love and it is kissed!!!:*

  159. Lida says:

    Favourite Jared, Shennon and Tomo!

    In advance we ask a pardon for bad English language because used the translator on the Internet :) We from Russia, from a city of St.-Petersburg. Us call the Lida and Kristina. Your music has turned all our life. On March, 14th, 2010, within the limits of round Into the wild you have given a concert in our city. We through much have passed to get on a concert. This day we won’t forget never in life. Show was simply fantastic. We never thought that the concert can be so sincere. We are amazed with your love and your respect for fans. In one of the most frank interviews you have told – “These people – our family.”, and it means that the love of fans to 30 Seconds to Mars is mutual.
    And now you plan to give in December, 2010 a concert in Moscow. We have done the utmost also impossible what to go to Moscow but as to us of 16 years, parents caring of us can’t release us in another’s city. It very much a difficult period in our life, but all your songs help us with this hard life. Every day we struggle for a freedom of expression. 30 Seconds to Mars it is possible to find something in each of songs for itself. We hope that you not once will arrive to our city of St.-Petersburg.
    You very well speak Russian, we were convinced of it at your concert in St.-Petersburg. Us too the question ” ? ????? ???? ????????!” ???????????????????:D
    Very much we wait for exits of new clips “This is WAR” and “Hurricane”, and necessarily new songs, a new album and new round in which frameworks you will visit Mother – Russia :)
    We can’t present till now to ourselves, as though we lived without your creativity, all songs so sincere that listening to them a difficult minute, it would be desirable to live.
    We very much LOVE YOU, SHENNON and ????!!!
    We hope that you will know that in far Russia live the Lead and Christina.
    And now we want to ask you the question:
    “If before death God would give you chance anew to live
    One any day of life what it would be day?”
    We hope soon to meet you
    Yours of the Lida and Kristina. We miss, we love and it is kissed!!!:*

  160. PreshussMeddle says:

    Happy Halloween Guys!

    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, too much candy in your tummies?

    Since you enjoy wearing costumes in your videos, did you wear anything out of this world today or did you keep it simple?

    Good luck with the rest of your touring schedule.

    Rock On!!!

    P.S. Jared , you should be ‘arrested’ for being so f#%k&@^

    BEAUTIFUL!!! and that’s no lie.

  161. PreshussMeddle says:

    Happy Halloween Guys!

    Since you enjoy wearing ‘outlandish’costumes in your videos, did you wear anything out of the realm of reality today?
    Good luck with the rest of your tour.
    P.S. Jared’Wet’Oh! You should be ‘arrested’ for being so f#@k%& BEAUTIFUL ! and that is no lie.

  162. crystal says:

    i have been dieing just to ask u guys something what happend to the other member of 30 seconds to mars thier used to be 4 now their is 3

  163. crisytal says:



  164. crisytal says:

    who i meant was matt watcher

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