La La’s Full Court Wedding Recap – Episode 3 – Dress Distress


La La Vasquez’s wedding is just a week away and with most of the wedding prep behind her, it’s time for her to wrap up a few tiny details, starting with one huge detail: the dress. As we learned the first week of La La’s Full Court Wedding, La La already has a custom-made Vera Wang dress, but she’s found a pink dress she likes even more…

The first stop is lunch with Ciara, who laughs at the idea of walking down a red aisle with a hot pink dress, but tells La La to just go with her gut. So La La goes back to the store to meet with friend Lyn Price, who is siblings with Venus and Serena Williams (if you couldn’t tell by her well-defined biceps). Price is a little more blunt in her assessment:


But even Lyn’s look can’t sway La La in either direction. So La La puts the decision on hold for something a little less stressful: her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Throwing her party are Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian, who promise her a low-key weekend of spa treatments and dinner, since lots of her friends couldn’t make it out. In the clip above, Kim and Kelly surprise La La with her real bachelorette party, complete with all of her friends, an emotional dinner, and a trip to Tao nightclub, where they finish out their fun, (and to La La’s relief) stripper-free weekend. She’ll have to answer to her personal trainer Gunnar about everything else.

Back home La La must finally make her decision. With her cousin/maid of honor to help, she tries on both dresses one after another. Dice sees La La in the second dress, the Vera Wang, and starts to tear up thinking about how that’ll be the way she will look on her wedding day. It looks right to her. Dice hasn’t worn a dress in nearly ten years, so while her taste in dresses is up for debate, her love for La La isn’t. Looks like Vera wins.

Check out this week’s La La’s Full Court Wedding at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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