Teeny Delivers The Most Energetic Monologue You Will See All Day


You know that scene in Trainspotting when Spud takes a dab of speed before interviewing with a travel agency for a job that he doesn’t want? That’s kind of what the above bonus clip from this week’s Fantasia for Real is like (minus the speed, presumably). Above, Teeny motormouths a description of his excitement over recording “Space Age Riden.” Apparently the song is autobiographical, as Teeny points out, “Right now at this point in my life, I’m feeling real space age” (sample confessional lyric: “I’m sittin’ on Jupiter ’bout to drive to Pluto / Sittin’ real stupid-er, ’bout to drive to Pluto”). Involuntary hand tremors, descriptions of kids with candy on their faces, plans to build a castle and a reference to the opening of Duck Tales ensue as Teeny talks nonstop for two minutes. If you’re going to an audition today, it might be smart to transcribe this and reinterpret it. Just saying: it’s a real roller-coaster ride of emotion.

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