Your Money Hungry Winners Are…


Drum roll, please…

Mission Slimpossible!

Proving that underdogs don’t always finish first, consistent challenge victors Mission Slimpossible went on to win the whole of Money Hungry. It wasn’t without its challenges, though — Mark, for example, was seeing spots early in the finale. The spots quickly changed to dollar signs, I guess.

The final weigh-in (described as both “the Super Bowl of all weigh-ins” and Super Bowl Sunday meets New Year’s Eve) was close. The Top 2 — Slimpossible and the Regulators — went head-to-head over the percentage of weight they lost over the entire season:



And just to put everything into perspective, here are the show’s only before and after shots (these would’ve been nice for every other team that went home — just saying):


Dave lost a total of 88 lbs.


Po lost a total of 70 lbs.


Joe lost a total of 46 lbs.


Mark lost a total of 56 lbs.

Throughout the game, Mission Slimpossible were portrayed as the diabolical bullies, while the Regulators were almost entirely likable (Dave did rescind a supposedly alliance-forming handshake with Slimpossible early on, but that’s about as close to shady behavior as we saw from the Regulators). Mission Slim, however, were able to win back some character points by passing on to Grading Curves the $10,000 entry fee they got back as a result of making it into the Top 2. See, Grading Curves’ chances for winning the game were severely diminished during the final challenge, when Tricia wiped out on the tricycle they were made to ride. Her spill is nothing short of spectacular, as you’ll see in the extended bonus clip below:

Despite this disadvantage, Grading Curves pushed through in an attempt to make it to the Top 2 but were out-lost by the Regulators. Still, everyone left with something — thanks to Mission Slimpossible’s generosity, Grading Curves got back their $10,000 entry fee and so did the Regulators (thanks to their own hard work and no one’s generosity). And of course, Mission Slimpossible left the show with $100,000 to blow in Vegas. So in the end, none of the Top 3 teams were left empty-handed. How often do you see that big of a happy ending on reality TV? Then again, if it weren’t big, it wouldn’t be Money Hungry.

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  1. Lucy says:

    My family and I watched the whole season and we loved it. The only thing that we would change is the way of elimination. We believe that it should have been based on the number of pounds lost and not on the percentage. It would have been fairer to the teams who started out at a higher weight.

  2. shannon says:

    that is so ugly

  3. John says:

    GO MISSION SLIMPOSSIBLE way to show everyone who the men of Ny are.

  4. lauren says:

    that sucks they won they are just going to gamble it away!

  5. Jo says:

    Actually, Lucy, it’s fairer to do percentages because that puts everyone on an equal playing field.
    Did NOT expect Slim to win…wow…any word on how Tricia’s doing?

  6. GC says:

    Tricia completely tore her ACL and miniscus and required major surgery. She is almost fully recovered at this point! It was a nasty spill!!

  7. Nanilokelani says:

    …well, The bullies won (Don’t like it at all) .. but this is a show and after all the show must go on.. The only satisfaction that I have is that The Regulators got their money back.. Which was totally fair!

    Wish you good luck guys and keep losing weight!!!

    BTW!…. Someone haves any pictures of Phillip’s reaction in the final?? I bet he got drunk!!
    Sorry Phillip… Love you too! Stay Flabulous <3

  8. Pattie says:

    I feel if you walk off a show like the Mission Slimpossibles did , they should not have won!!!!

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