Bret Michaels’ Abs Of Steel Are Real



Sick of hearing about Bret Michaels’ naked Billboard cover yet? Too bad! The latest development in the story of the cover that inspired a generation is that it’s an adequate representation of Bret’s own physique. Billboard has provided a before-and-after comparison (above) of the untouched versus the touched-up shot and the picture’s photographer, Blair Bunting, also has weighed in: “When he took off his shirt, I was like, ‘This guy’s in shape for 47!’ It’s always easy for someone to cry ‘Photoshop,’ so I wasn’t too surprised by that…but he takes his shape seriously.” Billboard photo editor Amelia Halverson says the retouching the photo did have was “pretty standard,” adding, “I just don’t know if he’s more controversial, or if it’s just more of a shocker that he took everything off and happens to have a nice body.” Once again, Bret Michaels wins.

Meanwhile, on the topic of us upcoming reality show Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It (premiering Monday, October 18 at 10/9c), Bret recently told People: “[This] show is different because it is unprotected reality, proving how hard it is for me to balance my love for the girls and my work on the road. In the show, I learn both patience and negotiating skills from my daughters, and at the same time I talk to them about serious issues like life, death and protecting themselves from harm. It is totally fun!” Not only is he in the business of providing something to believe in, but he’s also giving us something to look forward to. [Billboard/People]

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