Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters Has A New Day And Time


Just a heads-up if you haven’t heard: Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters is moving to a new time slot. Its weekly premieres will air Wednesdays at 11/10c. It will be preceded by something you are probably enjoying very much.

This means the episode that was supposed to air Sunday will now air four days later, and it also means a slight delay for Whiteboy’s return to VH1 (he’s the episode’s special guest). Have no fear, though — if you’re jonesing for him, check out the episode preview clip above and some more at the Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters video page.

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    Loving this show, maybe real or not but it is so great.
    Question: Which brother is carrying the Andaconda(Biggg Snake)?


  2. brooke says:

    Does anyone know when new episodes will come on?????? Help I miss it.

  3. 3725623 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3725623! SCK was here