La La’s Full Court Wedding Recap – Episode 4 – The Univited


On La La’s Full Court Wedding, we’re down to four days before La La Vasquez’s huge New York wedding to Carmelo Anthony. With less than a week before the big day, La La should be relaxing, maybe going in for a final workout with her personal trainer, and hanging out with Tyrese again (why not?). Instead she’s whittling down her guest list and rushing to find her best friend, cousin, and maid of honor Dice a dress to wear. Why all the last-minute stress? Because it seems like everyone forgot their Emily Post.

First stop for La La is wedding planner Mindy’s office. She and Mindy have to uninvite people to the wedding. Really, they have to just be firm with people who weren’t invited in the first place, because, as Mindy says, some friends and family have RSVP’d with two, three, even seven guests. The invitations say “Your Name + a Guest” for a reason — and because no one respected the etiquette, the wedding is now $100,000 over budget. They have to cut off the list somewhere, though they make an exception for LeBron James, who hasn’t RSVP’d yet. That guy loves to keep people waiting.

La La’s longtime friend Ludacris has RSVP’d, and he’s around to give La La some wedding advice while Carmelo is on the road. Unfortunately, La La — whom he calls his little sister — can’t ask him any questions about a) Why men don’t like getting married b) What men are thinking c) what Carmelo might be thinking about. Apparently it’s bros before little sisters.

Later, Mindy’s sister Dana, who is a stylist, stops by with dresses for Dice. As La La points out, Dice hasn’t worn a dress in over ten years, and while La La says she can wear a pantsuit for the wedding, it really seems like nothing fits her as well as t-shirts and jeans. But she struggles and frowns through several gowns all for La La’s entertainment:




…. before finally settling on a silvery Grecian gown. Later Po checks out the dress and notices that it’s a bright shade of white — kind of a wedding faux pas, wearing the same color as the bride. Maybe La La should have picked the pink dress, after all?

Check out this week’s La La’s Full Court Wedding at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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