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The La La’s Full Court Wedding finale is filled will tear-worthy moments. You’ll see the big one in the clip above. It’s the moment La La and Carmelo say their “I Do”‘s in front of family and friends like Trina, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, Amar’e Stoudemire, Brittany Gastineau, Kenyon Martin, Angie Martinez, Spike Lee, Ludacris and Lebron James. But there were plenty of other “awww”s between the start of this hour-long episode and the married couple’s first dance together:

– La La’s cousin transforms from Dice to Candice
As La La mentions a few times, her best friend, cousin, and maid of honor Dice hasn’t worn a dress in nearly 10 years. La La says she can wear a pantsuit if she wants, but Dice is determined to put on a dress and makeup for the wedding. So she goes for a few painful dress fittings and an even more painful eyebrow and lip wax during her makeover. The result?

Easy, breezy, beauty.

– La La’s mom gives La La her grandmother’s ring
Family is obviously important to La La. And at her family’s celebratory dinner they talk about how close she was to her grandmother. So when her mom gives her a ring handed down from her grandmother, who also received it from her grandmother, La La is very touched. She’s less touched by her family’s suggestion that she hurry up and have a daughter so she can have someone to pass the ring to.

– La La and her dad talk about walking her down the aisle
It could have ended badly — since the first episode, La La’s mother has mentioned how unfair it is that fathers get the spotlight at their daughters’ wedding. So La La was considering having her mother or even both her parents walk her down the aisle. But then her brother Diego reminds her that it has some significant meaning for the father — La La will no longer have her father’s last name. So La La decides to have her father walk her down the aisle alone. The news — along with the significance of the event — almost brings her father to tears right there.

– La La and Carmelo’s son Kiyan carries the ring
Before the ceremony, Kiyan hangs out with his father, taking a nap while Carmelo gets dressed and styled for the wedding. And his strut down the aisle makes it seem like he may not understand why this is a big day for his parents. But La La does reveal that Kiyan asked why his last name is different from his father’s. The name change may be just symbolic, but it’s something he’s been looking forward to as much as his mom.

– “You may now salute the bride.”
This is how Reverend Michael Eric Dyson lets Carmelo know it’s time to kiss the bride. The big kiss is always a big moment during the wedding, but there’s something sweet about the Reverend acknowledging that the bride puts in the most hard work before the wedding.

– Friends and family honor Carmelo and La La
After the wedding there are the tradition wedding party speeches, but then friends of the bride and groom also come up to say a few words. The sweetest? Dice telling Carmelo that she loves him for the way he loves her cousin, and Serena Williams telling La La that she always keeps it real. Not so sweet? Kim Kardashian telling Kiyan to hurry up and get older so he can be her boyfriend. Kelly Rowland takes away the microphone before she can say anything else.

– The first couples dance, plus one
The first dance is always significant. But the moment takes on a little bit more meaning when Carmelo and La La’s son, Kiyan, runs up to join them for the dance. After showing just how adorable they’re collectively capable of being, they should have no problem all living happily ever after.

Check out this week’s La La’s Full Court Wedding at its video page and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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