Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


We’re introducing a new quick-hits-style feature, in which we’ll be posting the best moments from the previous night’s shows on this blog with minimal commentary. This is for both the in-case-you-missed-it crowd and for those who want to relive the previous night’s programming again for the first time (but can’t seem to find the remote, because you know that the shows are inevitably repeating right now).

In last night’s Fantasia for Real, our star proved naysayers who mock her literacy wrong by finally nabbing her GED (doggone it!) and becoming valedictorian of her class in the process. “I mean, there was only three people with me that took the test, but that doesn’t matter!” she explained and…yeah! It doesn’t matter!

Meanwhile, on the finale of La La’s Full Court Wedding

…lots and lots of famous people helped her celebrate her love for Carmelo Anthony. This proves once and for all that no matter how lavish of a ceremony you put up, it’ll never be as good as La La and Carmelo’s unless you are famous, too.

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