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  1. Kim says:

    I was blown away by Chanita’s statement that there is no other job that lowers your life expectancy and how she went on about their sacrifice…really??? I will try to give her the benefit of the doubt, that she just was not thinking clearly. We all love our spouses and get emotional and I am sure her life is not all bliss and champagne and I am sure George has aches and pains etc., but come on, I am sure he is doing something he loves and was also going for a shot at millions of dollars. My husband is a police officer and so obviously does not have a shot at millions. In less than a month last year, 5 police officers were murdered and one injured in our area alone. I had to worry that he was a target for murder every single night he went in to work. Does a football player have to worry about that on the job? Do they have to worry about being bitten or spit on and getting HIV/Aids or Hepatitis? Not to mention being stabbed or maybe ganged up on and beat up and kicked in the head repeatedly with no pads or helmet? An officer friend of ours had that happen and will never be able to work again. He needs a cane to walk now and suffers from permanent vertigo among other issues. Oh, and they had to change the law because they cut him off disability. Luckily they changed the law. Officers can’t even say what they do for a living when asked by someone they just met because no one ever says “Thank You” or “great job” or asks for your autograph, it is always complaints about the cops and how they suck. Then you have to worry that some cop hater is going to follow you outside when you leave and try to hurt or kill you because of your job. The media doesn’t help at all. They twist and report incidents in the most unfavorable light to the officers and amp the public up to dislike police. Officers work insane shifts and if you are lucky enough to have a fixed shift at night, then you have to go to Court during the day and with little or no sleep, go work your next shift the next night with your life and the lives of the public at risk. Believe me, they have a shortened life span if they do survive until retirement. Then there are firemen/women, anyone in the military etc. These people don’t have a shot at the big bucks and fame. Their lives are in danger every single night they work and that is year-round. Chanita insulted every hard-working individual who puts their health and life on the line (those mentioned and many others not mentioned).

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