Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters Micro-Recap – Episode 5


On this week’s Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters, the boys were on the lookout for werewolves. Guess how it turned out! With major breakthroughs in science, of course. In the clip above, Real undergoes a dog attack to prepare for his forthcoming dance with wolves. He’s wearing padding, but you can always pretend he isn’t if you’re looking for a good time!

This week’s hunted legend: The werewolf known as the Skinwalker

Where: Lucerne Valley, California (or, as Real says, the “doggone dessert”)

Risks: Mutilation, not knowing whom to trust since anyone could be a werewolf in people’s clothing, getting your arm taken off in one bite.

Choice quotes from Real and Chance:

Chance [on meeting with the cryptozoologist Nick Redfern]: Why we ain’t meeting with the Crypt Keeper? I don’t like that “crypto” in there.

Real [to the cryptozoologist]: You sure you ain’t a werewolf? I see it in your eyes.

Chance: This ice cream is so good man, I feel like just…meltin’ in it, man.

Real: Real…[whispered] is what they call me. [in a sign of reverence to the self-proclaimed lycanthrope they encounter, Tonya Littlewolf]

Real: Chance. Shoulda called you Lance. From NSYNC. [He said this when Chance refused to undergo the dog onslaught above. Because with his long-flowing hair and butch mannerisms…


…Real is obviously the picture of masculine heterosexuality.]

Real [regarding a gun he just shot]: Hey man, this is a deadly weapon.

Real: Sweat lodge means we’re going to be sweating?

Choice quotes from the people they encounter:

Tonya Littlewolf: I do shape-change…into the wolves. People have watched.

Doc Bones: Shoot ‘em like a man!

Doc Bones: I know they’re gonna go out and look for a werewolf. I hope they don’t find one. It won’t turn out right.

Did Real and Chance succeed in their hunt? They saw a wolf from afar and tried to tell us that was significant because there were no wolves in the area, even though they had visited a wolf sanctuary earlier in the episode. Their Amerindian guide claimed it was a Skinwalker, but it didn’t maul them. So if it really was a werewolf, he was terrible at his job. That means he gets a spin-off, right?

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