Dawn Neufeld’s Playbook: An Introduction



Dawn Neufeld of Football Wives has agreed to blog for us, giving us weekly behind-the-scenes insight and dishing on each of her show’s episodes. In advance of Sunday’s premiere (at 10:30/9:30c on air — it is also available to watch online now), she has prepared an introductory post on the making of the show. Below, Dawn gives you the scoop on what to expect from the varied personalities and situations the show portrays…and what it all means for the dynamic of the group.

Reality TV – Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Thanks Erin)

Hey everyone! It’s Dawn from Football Wives. I’ll be blogging throughout our premiere season on VH1. I look forward to giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the show and what it’s really like to be married to or dating a professional football player. From black-tie events to game day fireworks, there is a little something for everyone!

I recently conducted a poll on a few social networking sites – I asked, “When you hear Football Wives, what comes to mind?” One person said “50-yard line front row seats.” That would be a great perk if it existed! Actually, front row seats aren’t always the best if you’re sitting right behind a bench full of 300-pound offensive linemen. It’s a little hard to see the action on the field.

Some of the responses to my question were a little more personal and negative. To some, football wives are “stuck up, gold-digging, baby-having, money wasting females.” And that’s a quote. This is the perception, or maybe misconception, many may have about being in a relationship with a pro-athlete. People who know me and who know what my husband and I have been through over the past 10 years have a different perception of our reality. A good friend of mine from law school recalled how stressful it was to watch me endure Ryan getting cut from various teams. My mom talked about how often we moved around. Another friend said that football is a life of privilege with great risk – injuries, constant transition. This is the prime reason I decided to sign up to be a part this reality show – I wanted to show what our lives are REALLY like.

I can promise you the drama is real – with a cast full of dynamic women, there are bound to be arguments and disagreements, shortcomings and misunderstandings. We aren’t always going to get along. There may be some yelling, cussing and fussing throughout the season and I can tell you it was authentic and unscripted. The tears were real – the conflict often continued once cameras stopped rolling. And while some may say that they would never act a certain way on camera, you never know what will happen until you’re in the heat of the moment. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Here’s a little bit about why I think you should watch our show: You’ll get a glimpse of the good life! Amanda Davis is married to one of the highest paid linemen in the NFL and she is ballin’! Everything about her life is over the top! You’ll also see the not-so-glamorous side of the NFL, from Melani Ismael dealing with her husband Rocket’s devastating injuries to my husband’s difficult transition out of football. And here’s something interesting – most of our significant others participated in the show. You’ll get our perspective of football life, but you’ll also hear what our superstar husbands (and boyfriend – shout out to David Buehler) have to say too! Tune in this season and you’ll see that we are a diverse group with different football and life experiences.

And yes, most of our cast members are actually married. That’s a good start when the title of your show has the word “wives” in it, right? There are two unmarried cast members. Mercedes Nelson is the ex-girlfriend of a prominent NFL running back. Initially, I didn’t understand why an “ex” would appear on a show about wives but as production continued, I understood why Mercedes’ story was relevant. And Cowboys kicker David Buehler is dating Brittany Pigrenet. She’s just another girlfriend, right? Not so fast. I can’t tell you why their story is so intriguing – you’re going to have to watch the show to find out. But most of us were girlfriends before we married our husbands so having a girlfriend’s perspective is important.

Before you judge our reality, make sure you check out this dynamic and fun group of ladies when Football Wives premieres on VH1 this Sunday, October 24th at 10:30/9:30c. As the season progresses, make sure you respond to my blog with comments and questions and I’ll be sure to try to get back to you!

Follow Dawn on Twitter and check out her official site.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Dawn, I watched the preview and I knew by what I saw this show would be different from a similar show. I like the fact the majority of you are “really” married and we see a good part of everyone’s family life. Looking forward to seeing more and learning about the “pro-athlete” lifestyle. Many wouldn’t admit it but they are intrigued too!

  2. LynnC says:

    This show is far from “REALITY”..
    Bravo to VH1 for making these women look like SELFISH, UGLY, MONEY HUNGRY DIVAS!!! As a NFL wife, I want to say that this show ALREADY does a very very poor job of portraying anything right about being a REAL wife in the NFL. My husband has been in the NFL for 9 years and this is NOT what “MOST” wives are like or their lives. Also I am so embarrassed and ashamed for these ignorant women and their husbands. Editing is a beast and no matter what your heart looks like inside.. Reality Tv has a sure way to make ya look real ugly real fast. Ya’ll Just sold your souls to the DEVIL for some ugly tv time. Hope it was worth it!!

  3. BincaB says:

    Ok stop the presses who the Hell said they like Chanita, she seem like that Natalie on Bad Girls. Pilar let her have it. I didnt know she had some hood in her. She on a different level then all these females, well may Malani and the attorney. I never even heard of George Foster. VH1 yall be trippin with these shows. But I need something to laugh at am I am certain this show will provide it.
    Dawn dont be scared to post the truth, thats what blogging is about. If it dont happen here then it will come up elsewhere.

  4. DHL says:

    My favorite was Melani! She’s definitely the most real and down to earth. That Chanita is a piece of work. I like Dawn too. It’s great to have an educated wife on display actually using her education. And we needed subtitles to understand the two big guys talking in the kitchen> all I heard was uuuuu….aaaa..ggg.. How inarticulate can one be? Way too many “head-on car collisions.” Good luck with that when your football career ends!

  5. TFREEMAN says:

    I really like the show. It was very rude for Pilar & Melani to leave bible study. Pilar should’ve stayed & prayed for a new stylist because she looks a mess. Chanita is great. She speaks her mind & a lot of people mistake that for being ghetto. If Pilar had a prior engagement she shouldn’t have gone to Amanda’s bible study.

  6. Marenda says:

    It’s interesting how people can watch just one episode and form such strong opinions.

    It takes courage and thick skin to be part of a show like this because people are so quick to judge and tear down others.

    Dawn, I appreciate and respect your willingness to show that being a wife of an NFL Player is multifaceted (not all glitz and glam). I look forward to watching the full season.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Chanita was so upset about Pilar leaving bible study early, but then said she wanted to punch Pilar in the face. Chanita needs to attend ALL of the bible study courses

  8. RevLaLa says:

    I don’t if she was kidding or she hit her head, but I just read a wkipedia about Pelar and she is not 28. It read she attended Syracuse University from 1992-95. So even if she was only 18 in 92 that would make her 36 is believe.

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