VH1 Posted: 30 Seconds To Mars Drummer Is Glad To Be Back In The U.S.A.


We just received an email from 30 Seconds To Mars drummer Shannon Leto, so we wanted to make sure to get it in your hot little hands as quickly as possible. Don’t forget, we’re constantly grabbing updates from Shannon and the rest of the guys all month long and putting them up over on our VH1 Posted site. Enjoy!

Hello all, just landed in NYC from London, slept the whole way! We were over there to do Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show, and it was amazing, one of those times where you’re challenged with all sorts of things the whole day and then it all works out at the end. It’s kind of how it is when you try to do the best you can possibly do. Anyway, I’m here in NYC for a couple of days, where we will focus on the production aspect of our sold-out arena tour in the UK and Europe. Of course, we have nothing in place yet, and the tour starts in six weeks!!! Yeee haaaaw!!!

[Photo Credit: Shannon Leto]

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  1. Alessandra du Chasseur says:

    oh wow nice pic shan as always;) we’re so excited about the U.K. tour*_* lots of italian echelon will be there with me…ready to rock:P it will be amazing…till that moment wish you all the best!!! many kiss from sicily sweetheart.*

  2. Emma says:

    YAY!! Can’t wait for you to come and see us in the UK :D this will be my first time seeing you live!!! can’t wait!! roll on 03/12/10!! Love the picture! Lots of love from cold, wet, freezing Scotland! x

  3. Julia says:

    yeah, the picture is amazing!))
    can’t wait for the concert in Kiev on 12/12 =))

  4. Jacks says:

    Love Shannon and his yeehaaaaws so much!! :D
    i feel so sad because i haven’t been able to go out of the country to see 30STM, not even to denmark, so i’ve only seen them twice this year in sweden. i want to see the upcoming shows so badly!!!! :’(
    to everyone going: have fun and please think of the poor suckers like me who will just be sitting at home and be jealous of you all…!

  5. Elizabeth (RedPlanetwoman) says:

    So glad you got some sleep on the plane–gotta grab it when you can while on tour! And I’m really happy you are back home in the States! I will be joining you on your UK tour (yes the entire tour!) & I am so looking forward to seeing you again Shannon!:)

  6. Valentina says:

    everytime I see one of your pics the only thing I wanna do is take a plane! you guys have a wonderful life, and you deserve it!^_^ see you in november in UK, italian echelon will be there shan!!!

  7. Echo says:

    And no word about the rescheduled shows you’re about to play. Gee, thanks.

  8. Vikki says:

    Hey Shannon, You can’t be in NYC for a couple of days you play at The House of Blues in Cleveland tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you guys.

  9. Natali says:

    My friends and I are looking forward to you on December 12 in Kiev, Ukraine!

  10. lena steinberg says:

    Wellcome home Shannon!Hope you enjoy your days in NY city and relax somehow! Greetings and lots of love from Germany and me!

  11. maddie says:

    I <3 YA’LL

  12. Sharon Bembridge says:

    Thank you, thank you for coming to Lincoln UK for one night, it was amazing.First time I have seen you live and I lost my voice from all the singing I did. Love you guys! xx

  13. Vehiarii says:

    Love ya^^ the picture is amazing and I so very sad because can’t go to your live, I leave in Tahiti snif snif BUT I watch your video ^^


  14. Gwendolyn1476 says:

    I know I was glad that they came back to the states!!! I had my cherry popped cuz it was my first time at their concert on 10/23!!!!! My body still hurts from all the activity…psssst…Shannon looks even sexier sweaty….Man he has some guns

  15. Elzzon says:

    Do not forget ! Your must come and tour of Poland! We are waiting! I love U! Justine

  16. elzzon says:

    What?! Sweaty Shannon? Oh yeah! Hot man and sex monster! :) I waiting for naked pictures ! hahah! xd Really^^ xdd
    30 Seconds To Mars ! Do not forget and come of Poland!
    oxoxoxox! Justine

  17. 1054585 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1054585! SCK was here

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    What a lovely day for a 1221222! SCK was here

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    What a lovely day for a 2072531! SCK was here

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