Fantasia For Real 2 Recap – Episode 6 – Faces of Tasia



This week’s episode of Fantasia for Real is largely devoid of happy faces. Playtime’s over.

The episode starts on a grave note, as Brian meets with a lawyer in attempt to “solicit intelligent information” to help prepare for a potential legal battle with Antwaun Cook’s ex, Paula.


What Fantasia is looking at is what’s known as an alienation of affections suit, based on a law that is largely obsolete but for a few states (North Carolina being one of them). Basically, if a third party is involved in the breakup of a happy marriage, he or she can be sued. Brian compares the law to slavery and his lawyer friend corrects him, while agreeing that it is, at the very least, way behind the times.


Paula’s looking for a settlement. Fantasia and Brian aren’t down with that. Still, Johnny points out that Fantasia could be a target if Paula can prove that she was “willful and reckless” in her relationship with Antwaun. All of this seems so subjective and reliant on conjecture, but everybody’s really scared so yikes?

Everybody, that is, except for Tasia.


She has on a placid face as she embarks on her Back to Me promo tour in Chicago. She was served with Paula’s papers last episode, but she has bigger fish to fry. Namely: selling an album after a three-year lapse in releasing.


That’s three (in case you can only read fingers.)

(Also in that case, haha, you smell. I’m talking about you right in front of your face!)

Fantasia hits a radio station, where she emotes joy at the mention of her family from a listener call-in…


Fantasia’s answer: “Oh god, you can have him. What is your address? I’m bringing him right now.” We wouldn’t say that about Teeny, but it’s nice having someone around who can.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit story breaks online. “It appears that the fire has finally hit home,” notes Brian. But I mean, it always was home, right? It’s a domestic issue. It’s only hitting home just now if you live on the Internet. So I guess he’s talking to bloggers and various other geeks? I hope 4chan, at least, stays out of Tasia’s business!

It seems as though things are about to get tense with the word spreading. During Fantasia’s next interview, the DJ stars out saying, “Let’s talk about something real serious…” The music turns ominous and it seems like things are about to get extremely awkward. But then he continues, “…I heard you just got your GED.”


Yay! Having someone not entirely up in your business must feel great. Unfortunately, such triumphs are bound to be short lived. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to know how much Fantasia knows about how much the world knows about her situation, but it’s fair to say that it’s not very much. Watching Fantasia light-heartedly answer inane questions while everyone’s buzzing about her heavy life choices is kind of like watching a goat play in a pen right before it goes to slaughter. This is the most tragic kind of voyeurism.

And speaking of what people know, Brian tells Aunt Bunny and Diane about the brewing scandal.


Bunny is, in a word, scandalized. She places the blame on Antwaun, saying guys will tell you whatever to get you in the sack. “And guess what? When push come to shove, it be a lie. They be right there together, sleepin’, screwin, doin’ everything. Yeah, I said it.” She said it, all right. Always leave it to Bunny to say it. Diane is quieter and more devastated.


The two women take a ride to clear their heads, during which Bunny utters the common-sense redundancy we heard (and loved!) in the supertrailer for this season: “You could lose your life foolin’ with some foolishness.” I know that this situation is far from funny (and about to get farther), but if ever there were a time to laugh, it’s now. Bunny never stops bringing the quotes. Also, she is a prophet, as Diane points out that Bunny predicted this media storm. I mean, she’s basically an observer who put 2 and 2 together, but whatever — I don’t mean to take away from Bunny’s all-around superhero status.

When Fantasia returns from her promo tour, she can see what people are saying about her. How this affects her is, of course, written all over her face…



That’s her as she watches a reliably shrill Nancy Grace rant about her situation. “She had it all! Even her own reality show in the works!” shrieks Nancy who is wrong for a variety of reasons.


“Aren’t there enough men to go around, for Pete’s sake?” wonders Nancy, as if the entire situation were just a matter of uncounted inventory. What an animal.

Fantasia breaks down…


“She didn’t understand what all this meant,” says Brian. God, if that’s the case, sad just got sadder. She retreats to her room for three days, only to emerge for Zion’s birthday celebration organized by none other than our old friend…


He refers to himself as an “events stylist,” which I don’t think he did the last time we met. He was holding out on us, I see. What a title, though. And that’s a field that’s yet to be mined by reality TV. It’s gotta be next in line after flower-arranging. I smell a competition in the making.

Anyway, Zion’s 9th birthday is celebrated at a safari. Ah, the plains of North Carolina.



Fantasia says she worries that Zion’s friends have heard about her scandal (oh god, how awful) or if their parents are judging her (to be honest, if they are now, they probably always were). If anyone knows or is judging, no one mentions it. And that’s a good thing. For the first time in a while, Fantasia beams…


Everyone dances…


…Zion feeds a baby giraffe (I’m so jealous!)…


…there is a cake improbably shaped like a rhino…


Yes, that is a cake. For real! (And given the amount of over-the-top baked goods this season, That Is a Cake for Real could totally be a brewing spin-off.)

Zion handles a bunny that isn’t Bunny (and is almost as endearing)…


And it all seems to be going really well, until Fantasia gets sad.


Bunny takes her aside to prove her solidarity.


I think that the face-painting adds a layer of tragedy to Fantasia’s despair.


Ditto on the Porta-Potty.

Brian talks to Diane and Bunny about their next steps — he says that they can’t afford to have a comment not be made, and since Fantasia doesn’t have a full-time personal publicist to handle that, he’s going to have to. Meanwhile, she meets with her lawyer, Gena Morris, who immediately kicks the camera crew and Brian out of the room. But where there is a reality cameraman…


…there is a way. We, of course, can’t hear what they’re discussing, but just seeing Fantasia’s while they’re discussing it is enough (as usual)…




She looks destroyed. Apparently, Paula’s papers allege that she had taken trips with Antwaun while Fantasia was seeing him, which helps prove Paula’s claim that they were happily married. Fantasia contends, as she always has, that from what she understood, Paula and Antwaun were separated.



There’s no happy ending here, and judging by the scenes from next week…


…it’s only going to get worse.

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