Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters Micro-Recap – Episode 6


At last, we reach the ostensible point of Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters (well, the ostensible point besides screaming in the name of comedy always, I suppose): the yeti. I don’t know if the above clip of this episode’s climax is proof that Bigfoot exists, but it’s proof that Real and Chance tried to tell us they had proof that Bigfoot exists. It’s something?

This week’s hunted legend: Yeti, Harry, Bigfoot, Sasquatch. Whatever you want to call it while making weird noises and screaming.

Where: Wrightwood, California

Risks: Getting killed (if you are a man), stolen (if you are a women) and eaten (if you are a child); face-eating grizzly bears; being tempted by the yeti bait (which includes full pumpkin pies).

Choice quotes from Real and Chance:

Real: How does their language sound?

Chance: Suddenly, I’m shakin’ in my furs.

Real: Sometimes when you’re pimpin’ international, you need your furs.

Chance: If I was a yeti, I know I’d sure hide from a damn chopter. [sic]

Real: Damn, I feel like I just walked into Narnia.

Chance: Everything’s a race in my book.

Chance (on a tent they set up): That’s good. Made it homely.

Real: How much further? My butt’s starting to itch.
You might have a case of pinworms.

My butt’s funky from the sweat.

Chance: I’m mad at Rip, man, ’cause you know, he tellin’ me to shut up and move back and you’re talkin’ too much.

Real: You sure this thing ain’t black, man? You put chicken out, you put watermelon… (Rip assured him that yetis just have good taste)

Chance (on the perils of drinking too much Patrón): We’ll be tearing each other’s furs off!

Real: What the hell are we doing in the middle of the forest walking like this, man? Are we stupid?

Real: I’ve never felt as lonely as I do now.

Chance: I am scared witless.

Oh, and here’s a special one, coming at you scree-cap style:


Choice quotes from the people they encounter:

Randy Miller, bear trainer on bears: They don’t have that long foot. Bigfoot has a big foot.

Rip Lyttle, Bigfoot expert: I’d rather face a Bigfoot than a grizzly. A hundred times out of a hundred.”

Rip Lyttle: Hope ya like Sasquatchin’.

Rip Lyttle: They don’t like a lot of spice.

Did Real and Chance succeed in their hunt? They heard sounds. The end.

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  1. Dee says:

    this is the most horrible show EVER

  2. Elizabeth says:

    the one you just did with the cougar. In Hennessey, Ok there is one bigger than that one out northwest of town. where my parents live in the country it use to sleep in the back of my truck at night.

  3. BOOBOO says:

    I tried 2 watch this show n it is the worse show on VH1. Between this Frank the Entertainer yall goin b bankrupt like Blockbuster. Stick to the dating/”real” celebs reality.

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