Hey Guys, Nice Brets!



The response to our call for Bret Michaels/VH1-inspired Halloween costumes has been nothing short of insanely awesome. Right about now, it seems like it’s Bret Michaels’ world, we only dress like him in it. We’re going to wait till Halloween passes to post all of the Bret drag we’ve received (so don’t sweat it if you don’t see your submitted picture here), but we thought we’d offer you a few examples as a last-minute call to get your photos in (submit by sending your photos as email attachments to vh1blog@vh1.com — we won’t be following links and signing up for accounts to download your photos — directly sending them is the way to go).

The shot above comes from Jennifer Vernon, who says her softball team in Michigan all dressed up as Bret for an Oktoberfest tournament. I can’t even imagine how thrown off the other team was. More examples of costumes we’ve received below…

We have received…


…dudes dressed as Bret (that’s Larry Kinder via Shelly Kinder)…


…girls dressed as a post-hemorrhage Bret (that’s Randa Bebout)…


…dudes dressed as Bret with Rock of Love girls in tow (that’s Rachel Wallace as “Mexican Heather” and her husband who’s wearing, in her words, “the finest extensions Europe has to offer…or Walmart has to offer, in our case”)…


…kids dressed as Bret (that’s Jake via his mom, Carrie Conley)…


…infants dressed as Bret (via Keri), and finally, our favorite…


…dogs dressed as Bret. This last one comes Dr. V, who tells us: “I try to come up with something super awesome every year for my dog to dress up as for Halloween, and this year I decided there was nothing cooler than Bret Michaels. So here’s Brody the Golden Retriever as Bret: We take our rock very seriously around here.”

Let us see how seriously you take your rock. Think you can top dressing-your-dog-up seriously? We’d love to see you try…

Meanwhile, for a scarier bit of Halloween fun, check out VH1.com’s online reality show spoof from a few years back, America’s Next Top Zombie Idol

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  1. Christy says:

    the pic of Larry Bret is awesome. He is a great guy he does his job of being Bret very well. LB you ROCK

  2. Rachel says:

    Yay that’s me up there! I’m famous! Thanks for posting Rich – you totally rock.

  3. tracy says:

    i swear i saw larry at a show in liberyville….had to do a double take! :) very cool!

  4. Linda says:

    I just love your 5 year old, Jorja, she will be the drama queen in her teens. She’s so grown up when she thinks out loud. She’s the cutest little sweetie. I think Raine is more like her mother, quiet and common sense.

  5. walt says:

    lol doggie is awesome baby is adorable first bret look almost reel

  6. Teresa -VA says:

    my friend Larry Bret of course he is awesome…like bret he is inspired by friends, fans,family, the music and the Man him self. Rock on LARRY BRET. Teresa- Richmond Va

  7. Shannon Michaels Fan says:

    I don’t see all the other Bret Michaels that I know sent in pics…. Are they gonna be?

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