Fantasia’s Suicide Attempt For Real


Everything was leading up to this point. On this week’s episode of Fantasia for Real, we got to see her much talked-about suicide attempt from her perspective. This was reality TV’s version of a very special episode, complete with a help-resource screen:


Due to the serious nature of this show, it’s better that I don’t write a jokey recap. There were no jokes! It’s all sad! (Bunny proclaiming, “Welcome to the information age!” as paparazzi swarmed Fantasia’s house after her hospitalization was as close to comic relief as we got). And really, it all speaks for itself, so I’m just going to share a few thoughts on the show, starting with the clip above.

Finally, we got to see Fantasia’s remorse over how the suicide she attempted could have affected her daughter, Zion. In the clip above, they’re reunited and even though Fantasia says Zion had no idea what was going on, it’s clear that this little girl knows something’s up. It’s heartbreaking, but I’ll take heartbreaking over the devastating alternative any day. Mostly, it was great to see Fantasia show such concern for her daughter, because people got that part twisted, thinking that Fantasia thought nothing of abandoning her daughter via suicide. Wendy Williams was maybe the most vocal person, admonishing Fantasia on television (Fantasia would later tell us that she found that situation awkward).

We’ve talked a lot about Fantasia’s status as an “open book,” and it was to this episode’s merit that it followed suit. The curtain was pulled back more than ever…


…as we were given a peek into the making of the show. “We’re just gonna let you talk. It’s just you telling your story your way about what happened,” we heard a story producer tell Fantasia as she prepared for her interview. He told her that it was going to be “a little different than the rest of the show.” And so it was. Fantasia told her story in a plainspoken manner — how meeting with her lawyer regarding Paula Cook’s lawsuit put her in a tailspin, how ingesting the pills that she did was an effort to drown out the noise and how after she took them, she thought, “If I don’t wake up, that’s OK too.” The imagery that accompanied her tale was nothing short of iconic:




The bangs, the ruffles, the tendrils, the makeup, the tears. If there is one image of Fantasia that will stick with me forever, it is this one.

We got to see the call from Aretha Franklin (it was actually shocking how much Fantasia revealed in our September interview with her — I had no idea I was printing what amounted to spoilers!). We also got a sense of suspense, as the media storm swirled and Fantasia’s family acted accordingly.


It was good to hear her set the record straight, that this wasn’t all about Antwaun, but “six years of s*** on me.” She came out of this episode more sympathetic than ever, and of course there’s the matter of reuniting Antwaun, too, which we’ll get to see next week, per the preview. This episode was not without it bit of juiciness to satisfy our most voyeuristic tendencies as viewers. For example, here are some private texts from Antwaun for our viewing pleasure…





Thrills, chills, tears and gossip — all shows should be this packed with content. (Just hopefully, you know, not at the expense of the health of their stars.)

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  1. Hannah says:

    I love u, and I want you to stay positive and keep God first. Let God be your lawyer in the courtroom. I will never judge you because that’s for God to do on your exit date (no time soon). You have a great team of people behind you, lean on them. Keep doing Tasia and forget what the news says. My news says all men are dogs, and they tell women they are separated and they not. This can happen to anyone, but long as you know you are still my American Idol.


  2. Goldie says:

    Ms. Fantasia i just watch your show 10/31/10 you made a comment that you was broken you are not broken you may have been bent. in relantionships some men try to break you,i have been there I came to realize after 21 years of marriage of being abused on and off, he thought he broke me instead he was building me up.We can be bent but not broken. when you are broken it’s hard to be used if you are just bent you are still useable. God kept you here for a reason. Be Bless and keep on keeping on.

  3. Ida says:

    I love this girl. Stay strong, love.

  4. Cindy says:

    I know how you been thru this situation Fantasia. I almost took my life last November in this similar situation. Life wasn’t that easy that it felt overwhelming around everything that I have to suffer. Now its been almost a year that I got many resource help but most of all is the people around me that cares. Fantasia, everybody loves yous no matter what; Brian, Bunny, Diana, Zionne (Sorry for the spelling), Rico, Xiaver, Teeny, and all your fans (including myself) do love you and want the best for you. I would have a hatred towards Antwaun (a message to him is I hope you go to hell for what you did to her and you wife you douchebag) for this mess. As a old saying that I live by and hope you stick with this message is “Be happy what you bless for, life is full of celebration. No matter what the days are hard but celebrate life and bring happiness.”

    God bless Fantasia.
    Remember, everybody (including myself) cares about you

    your number #1 fan

  5. dust says:

    This is disgusting. I wonder how many fame-hungry pukes like Fantasia will be “attempting suicide” to get some attention now.

  6. ajdarby says:

    Fantasia your strenght come from God and in the name of Jesus you will get through this keep God first and remember he is control and he will send you that person who will be your mate and a father to Zion. You have something to do in life I am waiting on the gospel cd, christmas cd and also that movie color purple musical. continue to serve God and keep your head up. No one is with out sin because we were born in sin. It is ok, let people keep hating because he will open their eyes to the truth. Love those who hate on you and keep smiling. peace

  7. christopher says:

    my comment was place by mistake on luenell mocks tasia. but IF GOD BE FOR YOU WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU. LOVE U & PRAY FOR U TASIA. GO TO THE TOP TASIA WITH GOD.WE IN CAIL GOTCH U. BLESS YOU

  8. Shelia Dawkins says:

    Love you girl. Men can take you there but we cannot as women let them destroy us. When I was your age i was in love with a man who decided to marry someone else. Within a few months he came to me saying he made a mistake and he wanted me not her. For months i dealt with the roller coaster of emotions until finally I had to acknowledge I had been lied to. Only a person who has been there can describe the hurt, pain and embarrassment because I should have known better but emotionally I was not strong enough to break it off. Looking back I learn to forgive myself and go forward and you will learn the same thing. Best wishes my sister and keep strong

  9. ERICKA says:


  10. ndmetal says:

    why another season about an american idol loser

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