Probably Not The Last Word On Fantasia’s Suicide Attempt, But Maybe The Best?


In this extended interview outtake from this week’s episode of Fantasia for Real, Fantasia talks about her mindset during her suicide attempt. Basically, she felt that the world had turned on her and that everyone hated her at that point. Pretty fascinating glimpse into what it’s like to be a public figure after the honeymoon period ends.

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  1. Minnie says:

    Fantasia, I know that I am a complete stranger and you maynot ever meet me in this lifetime because we live in too different worlds. However, my heart goes out to you. I am blessed to be apart of the world in which you live. I want you to know that what your going through is just a season and there are four. Your summer has just past now get your blanket and get ready for winter. And I am not sure if your understanding what I am trying to say but I am relating to the turbulant times that you’ve been through and or is going through. We aren’t perfect we are entitle to mistakes. I am only 30 years old and for me to sit and observe your pain on national TV is torturous because you are our theraphy.. you cure us (fan/people) with the sound of your voice. So I feel the need to let you know that you are loved and you are not alone. Keep you head up girl. And do you.. You have to date!!!! and like are said before some people are seasonal literally.. It’s just a process of elimination (next). Stay sincere to yourself young lady and live, laugh and love… Minnie

  2. Minnie says:


  3. nique says:

    this is just my opinion.. i am a widow today because of suicide. my late husband committed suicide in november of 2004. i dont exactly know what was going thru his head but we were on the brink of a divorce. he was only 34 years old when this happened and our son was only 3 1/2. for the longest i felt angry because i thought how could you do this to your only child forget about me but what about his son! well im not angry anymore but i do pray for his soul because i know what the bible says about suicide. our son has suffered because of this in school and on many other levels in his life. our son was so disruptive in school that he had to repeat the 1st grade,so one day at his school we had a meeting with counselors and principal. after the meeting i asked my son whats wrong just tell mommy, he broke down and said i miss my daddy!! my heart dropped!! all of this is to say suicide is being selfish,dont think of yourself think of your parents, siblings,spouse, children that need you..thats all i have to say.

  4. nique says:

    BE STRONG… fantasia…what my son has experienced i would never want that for your baby..

  5. Ann says:

    I love your music,stay strong and focus on your career and everything will work itself out. God know the truth.Love ya!

  6. Alyeshia says:

    Fantasia my prayers go out to you in your trouble times. But after watching the episode tonight I feel no sympathy for something I don’t uphold. It seems that you were literally jealous of a man going on a trip with his wife. As a married woman, I don’t think its fair that you or vh1 bring this married man into the picture.And I know your love life is crappy, but being a sideline hoe is tacky.It seems to me he does love his wife and he adored the trips and finer things you can offer him. A suicide attempt would have been the most stupid thing to do because he was never worth it. If you would have wet through with that,you would have deprived your daugther of having a mother.No man is worth your child, of course if you put him above your child.But I don’t buy that seperated sh$T and I have to ask like Nancy Grace why do you want somebody else husband? Nobody think your stupid, but why are you still running behind this married man? Is sad and I think it will get more worst than better.

  7. Alyeshia says:


  8. taylor says:

    Fantasia you know they say trials only come to make you strong, and God want put no more on you than you can bear, so obviously you must be a soldier. A man once said your set backs are a preparation for your comebacks; and your new album is awesome. Do ya thing girl.

  9. Kim M. says:

    I’m glad that you are recovering. Like so many, I’ve loved u since American Idol. Your talent is undeniable. You are by far my favorite female vocalist. I won’t name names, but not many of the popular female vocalists can compete with u. I was very disheartened to hear about the recent “man” drama. As I’m sure you realize, God has a special call on your life, and certain things/people have come to derail that call. I pray that you will draw closer to God by reading your Bible and developing a Bible-centered self worth. Please don’t let the media, people, or a “man” define u. Only God is qualified for that job, and u will never be at peace until u realize who God has called u to be through his word. As a Christian sister, I love u, but God loves u best.

  10. Kim M. says:

    There’s nothing new under the sun. U are not the first or last woman to be fooled by a man. EVERYBODY plays the fool sometimes; there’s no exception to the rule. However, not everyone has been blessed with your tremendous talent and celebrity. You have an opportunity to reach millions for Christ. Therefore, I hope u learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Remember, there’s a special little girl watching!God is waiting for u. Will u pursue him as sincerely as u did that man? Unlike like the man, God has promised not to leave or forsake u. God wants to husband u right now. He wants to help u realize how much he loves u. He wants to teach u. He wants to define u. He wants to provide for u. He wants to give u peace and lighten your burden. He wants to use u to reach millions for his sake. Will u let him? I dare u to pursue God as sincerely as u have pursued any earthly lover. Then, have a show and tell us about that experience. Tasia – rise and fully accept God’s call! He wants to do awesome things in and with your life.