Mario Lopez’s Save The Penis Campaign


Has foreskin ever, in the history of television, provided the centerpiece of an entire episode of programming? Well, it has now. It was all Courtney and Mario (and their families!) could talk about on this week’s Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby. (Should they have a boy, she says “Circumcise!” He says, “Don’t!”) In the scene above, this “bone of contention” (those are Courtney’s sharply chosen words on the divide) gets the dinner-conversation treatment with absurd results (“I don’t understand why you want your thing sticking out there like that!” Mario blurts out at one point). Since Mario is pro-foreskin and Courtney is anti (which clearly hurts Mario’s own uncut manhood), they at last reach a compromise — and it’s not of the half-on-half-off variety that you may be expecting. In the end, they decide that if they have a boy, he’ll remain uncircumcised and if they have a girl, she’ll get to name her. No genital harm, no foul.

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  1. Patty1050 says:

    Just watched the show for the second time, not sure I want to watch anymore. Can you say control freak! He’s not nice to his wife, her thoughts don’nt even count.Like she said ,was it only you that made this baby. I don’nt see that working out too long, that is if shes smart.Now I see why that dancer dumped him.

  2. Lourdes says:

    For future reference….this time, Mario, mama does know best. You both have valid reasons re: circumcision. I hope the following unites the divide.

    I heard you mention God when referring to His original anatomical design. So I respectfully forward you the following.

    This scripture would be a great beginning in researching the scriptures relating to this subject. This would be an enlightening bible study for you both. There’s nothing more intimate and strengthening than reading scripture with your mate. Enjoy!

    Can start with Genesis 17: 9-14. And use a concordance as a study tool for all references for “circumcision” (circumcise, circumcised, etc).

    P.S. When studying scripture always consider content, context, etc. Scripture is literal and at times symbolic. For example, Deuteronomy 10:16 says “So circumcise your heart, and stiffen your neck no longer”.

    As for your marraige, my prayer is that God bless it and is always the only One that comes between you.


  3. Julie Anderson says:

    I’m with Patty! I can’t watch this train wreck anymore. I never knew this side of Mr. Lopez until this show and quite frankly, I’m appalled. He is a control freak. In TWO episodes (a total of one hour) I can’t stand to even look at him. I’m not sure how this beautiful girl stands living with him. In one hour he pointed out that HE hates her name (he calls her by her last name), HE didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, HE didn’t want the child circumcised, HE wants his shirts folded a certain way….YIKES….I’m glad the baby is a girl. Courtney, I’ll pray for you.

  4. Nancy says:

    I guess we all saw the other side of Mario. He does seem a little self centered. Truthfully, I dont know if I could live with him, its mostly his way or nothing. He proved that with the circumcised debate. He doesnt seem to care about Courtney’s feelings at all. Like with the clothes, c’mon Mario light’n up..I think I would of pulled them all out and dumped it on the floor, let him put them the way he wants to. If this relationship is going to work, its got to be 50/ Countney, dont take any more chit from him…c’mon girl, you can do it!!

  5. CandyCo says:

    Your are pretty gross Mr.Lopez. I think if I saw your penis I would scream! Don’t you know what a turn off a uncircumcised penis is?

  6. Maria says:

    Who does this woman think she is? Most men in the world are uncut and no one has the right to circumcise a baby. Why is she with Mario if she is pro-circ?

    It is the boy’s body, not hers. Leave him alone.

  7. Hugh7 says:

    Great compromise! Hell, I’d say it’d be worth it to let her name a daughter OR a son. Better yet if she would leave his body alone for his own sake. Is she saying she doesn’t like the [euphemism] that gave her the child? That’s not good.

    @Lourdes: Gal 5:2 “…if you become circumcised Christ will avail you nothing” and many more in that vein.

    @Nancy: he DOES care about the BABY’s feelings, and the bottom line is they’re the only ones that really matter.

    @CandyCo: more proof that an intact penis is a great airhead repellant.

  8. Chiquita says:

    I never knew that he was uncircumsized. With all the beautiful women he has bedded, you just don’t know. Quite frankly it is right to talk about this issue but it is also importnat that if a man is uncircumsized, cleanliness is important as Coourtney put out it there. How can a woman be turned on giving him pleasure when it looks like a faucet with a sweater on it and all you see is a leaking faucet (stuff coming out) that is unappealing. Too each his own as long as the man is clean and it doesn intervene in his partner giving his pleasure. With regards to Mario’s control issues, he needs to calm down, remember guys he had to chase her for a month. You can see that he loves her, not like Ali Landry he chase and then left her holding six years of infidelities. How long will this last, who knows.

  9. Christy Boleware says:

    I just want to say that I used to think Mario was so sexy but now that I can picture him not being circumsized, I am so very turned off. That is just discusting and the thought of it makes me sick. I can’t even watch the show now without thinking of his ugly penis. Go get it cut Mario because you have lost alot of fans now!!!! YUCK!!!!

  10. Julie says:

    I just wanted to say my husband is uncircumcised, but have to say sex is so amazing if you never been with a man that has not been circumcised how do you judge what is best for a baby boy and less you know personal. When it’s hard they all look the same.

  11. buc webb says:

    mario is not the sharpest tool in the shed…remember three years ago when he wanted a dog?…he ignorantly wanted votes for pure breeds when so many shelters have great dogs…i followed the comments on the web…he was bombarded with people like me, proposing shelter dogs (and not supporting puppie mills)…so once again, i am not surprised by his “my way or the highway” attitude…he is a gifted host, with good looks, but more than once, he has pulled many a paris hilton

  12. tlav says:

    My son has all his boy bits, and I’m glad he’ll have a little airhead detection. Seriously though, what grosses me out is that women say they are grossed out by a normal penis. Did you realize that NOBODY else in the world does this for nonreligious reasons? Are you that sheltered that a normal penis is a deal breaker? Seriously ladies who are grossed out… just be glad you aren’t from Egypt or Sudan, because guys would be holding their noses and making gag noises at your disgusting, stinky uncut girl parts. Mario’s girlfriend is annoying, and he’s absolutely right to stand up for hypothetical future baby’s right to a normal penis.

  13. broncojoe67 says:

    All I have to say is I’m at my pc and the show I was watching went off and I didnt change the tv cause the remote is in the livingroom. This is the first and last
    time I will EVER watch this . Mario is a total ass . He acts like he is the only person in that relationship . Thats one thing I cant stand , A CONTROL FREAK !!!!!

  14. NurseBecky78 says:

    I just watched all of the most recent episodes yesterday, and I’m in shock at what an ass Mario is. He shows absolutely no respect for the mother of his child and always seems to expect her to stand back and let him have his way. This is going to be her child as well. I applaud men who want to be a part of their childs life from the beginning, but this goes beyond doting father into the realm of dictatorship. As far as circumcision goes, Courtney is among many people who believe that it is cleaner to have a boy circumcised. However, as long as the new mother is educated on the proper care of an uncircumsised penis (which is simple, actually), there shouldn’t be any issues. I can see each side of the debate, and am not offended either way…what DOES upset me is how Mario treats Courtney, and that is what the REAL tragedy is here!

  15. kempis says:

    Mario, (I’m reposting this in the right episode section), I am watching your show(s) for the first time tonight and I totally agree about the issue against circumcision. If and when you ever have a Son I am with you 100% – as is the research – as is Dr. Dean Edell who has said all along that an infant’s foreskin should NOT be cut!!! In fact, a baby’s foreskin shouldn’t be forced back in any way and should be left alone INTACT. The only washing needed is outer and the seal should be let to be, just the way it is – INTACT AND NEVER FORCED BACK. The only time a foreskin should be pulled back is when the boy/teen himself starts pulling it back — himself — usually in puberty.

  16. Kevin Kopelman says:

    Thank you, Mario, for defending humans’ basic right not to have their genitals mutilated.

  17. Anna says:

    Thank goodness someone has the nerve to stand up to idiot women and their paedophiliac obsession with the cutting of infant’s penises to match their sexual preference. Ya’ll are NASTY. In other cultures, an uncut clitoral hood is considered dirty, and infant girls are cut for sexual preference for their future lovers. Holy hypocrisy, Batman. It is YOU who perpetuate rape and sexual trauma onto infant men, so that later on they turn and take their rage back out on the female population.

    Please stop breeding. The world needs less paedophiles, not more.

  18. A.B.P. says:

    I love you, Mario! Thank you SO much for speaking your mind & standing up for little boys & their junk! Thank you for being brave enough to try to inform people far & wide of the harms & risks of R.I.C.!

  19. Rachel says:

    I’m so proud that at least one celebrity has their head on straight. Too often do I hear shallow excuses for parents mutilating the genitals of their infant sons, and I’m Jewish! The day that the American public grows out of its immaturity the better. If I’m ever blessed with a male child, I’ll be sure to welcome into the world with love and affection… not a cosmetic surgical procedure because ‘I might prefer it’. Grow up America and stop being sexist and making excuses just because remaining as God made you is ‘out of your comfort zone’.

    I honestly don’t understand why so many people can’t wrap their heads around this concept. Have you all never traveled before? Feel free to check out “Cut: the film”. It was created by Eliyahu-Sargon, an orthodox Jew from Chicago. He is pretty hard-hitting on both sides of the aisle, but doesn’t sugar coat the procedure.

    In the end, most people who believe that circumcision is ‘a parents choice’ have never seen one being performed ;) I challenge you all to watch the following documentary. The abridged version is available online…

  20. Jackie says:

    To all the women who are saying “Its disgusting” You only think its disgusting, because you are used to a penis that has had reduction surgery (circumcision). A Intact male has 30,000 nerve endings that a cut male loses during circumcision. Women did you know you clitoris only has 9,000 nerve endings. When you circumcise your baby boys in the name of what you think looks better you are robbing them of all those pleasure receptors! Why would you want to deny your son of that? It is his body, and it is HIS penis NOT YOURS!!! I think it is not your right to choose. NOT ONE MEDICAL ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD RECOMMENDS IT!! The rest of the world thinks the USA is crazy for this barbaric procedure, and it needs to end! How would you feel if men were saying your gross because you have all of your vagina there? Men know how to shower, and a Intact male knows how to wash himself, it is insulting to men to say they cant clean themselves. I think a lot of you women have some growing up to do. THAT IS HOW A MAN IS BORN THE FORESKIN HAS A PURPOSE IT IS NOT A BIRTH DEFECT!!

  21. P3283 says:

    Uncirc’d is the BEST kind! Yay for Mario, standing up for his child. No medical association in the world, including ours, recommends this barbaric practice.

    Having sex with an uncirced man is so nice. You all have no clue what you are missing. SAVE THE PENISES!

  22. Jackie says:

    For all you women who are saying that a Intact penis is “gross” I think you need to do some research. The only reason that you think it is gross is because all you are used to seeing is a penis that has had Penile reduction surgery (circumcision) Did you know your clitoris has 9,000 nerve endings in it? Did you know that the foreskin has 30,000 nerve endings in it? When you circumcise your baby boy you are actually robbing him of A LOT of sexual pleasure, you are permanently changing his genitals because you THINK a cut male looks better. Why would you do such a thing. It is not your penis to change! You dont have the right to cut off parts of a baby boy strictly because YOU think it looks better. How would you feel if men were walking around saying you were gross because you had all of your vagina. I think a lot of you women have a lot of growing up to do, and some research to do. The rest of the world thinks the USA is crazy because we are the only country that does this to little baby boys. Did you know it was perfectly legal to circumcise your baby girl until the year 1997? Im bet you are happy your parents did do it to you. The foreskin is the for a reason, and not one medical organization in the world recommends it!! I dont know why so many people are scared of a foreskin. GET OVER YOURSELF!! And stop complaining unless your going to get circumcised yourself!

  23. Liam Hunter says:

    I’m with Mario 100% on this issue. The foreskin is a normal, functional part of the penis. An intact penis is just as clean as a circumcised penis, and there is absolutely no special care required. The health “benefits” of circumcision are questionable and ruled out completely if safe sex is practised. There is just no valid justification for removing a functional, normal part of the human body. I’m glad to hear that if they have a son, he will not be circumcised. If only more famous people would speak out against circumcision.

  24. Lindsay P says:

    So….all women should go and get breast implants, right? Because *SOME* men find that attractive? Or, should we be perfoming genital mutilation on baby girls, too, since *SOME* other cultures find that attractive to not have a clitoris? Seriously, it’s neither Mario’s nor Courtney’s right to choose to cut up their child’s genitalia for cosmetic purposes. The ONLY person who maintains that right is THE INDIVIDUAL WHO IS ATTACHED TO THE GENITALIA! Mario, I fully support your stance, and even like you more knowing that you don’t needlessly cut your babies.

  25. Jessica says:

    I don’t know if Mario Lopez is a control freak or not, I’ve never watched this show except for this clip. What I do know is that only about 33% of baby boys in this country are circumcised these days, so if their son is going to be teased, it will be for not being intact, as circumcised is now the minority.
    Second, it is not more hygienic. That’s the same logic as saying that it’s more hygienic to pull out all of one’s teeth to prevent cavities. Teach your child to bathe, don’t cut off a functioning body part.
    Third, I don’t know what kind of work is supposed to be involved for having sex with an intact man. I’ve been with both, and in my opinion, intact is far better. Foreskin was no more work, I didn’t even notice it. I just notice when it’s gone. It’s like having sex with a broom handle. Gross.
    Mario is right that we are one of the only countries that does it. Only about 15% of the worlds population is circumcised, most of whom are Muslim. Most Christians do not circumcise, that is a Jewish tradition. Circumcision was introduced to western society in the Victorian era as a means to prevent masturbation (obviously that worked). It did not catch on in Europe. It was not routine here until around WWII, when it was touted to prevent the spread of STDs. Obviously that worked too, seeing as how we have no STDs today.

  26. Arthur says:

    If their relationship doesn’t last long it’s because that woman is an idiot. SAVE THE PENIS! Stop cutting your babies PLEASE, it’s THEIR body, not yours!

  27. Sarah says:

    Sweeping negative comments about normal male anatomy just make you look like a provincial sexist ignoramus. If the tables were turned and these were men talking about female anatomy (have you looked at yourself lately girls?) you would see the outrage and would wonder what was wrong with these men that were repulsed by the opposite sex. Women the world over have no problem loving their mates (and their babies) just the way their DNA coded them to be.

  28. Cyn says:

    Thank goodness for people like Mario and the countless intactivists out there who are trying to be a voice for the child when no one else will heed his screams.

    It’s insane that this practice continues; it’s even more appalling to read some of the pro-cutting comments on this board. America truly lost its mind on this issue. Fortunately, that is changing.

  29. KalamityKristen says:

    To everyone claiming Mario is a “control freak”:
    So the woman who wants to cut up her baby boy’s genitals is NOT a control freak somehow? That is totally backward. Mario has every right to want to protect his son from genital cutting. A person who puts his foot down against child abuse is a HERO.

    Here is what you don’t know about circumcision:

    -It kills around 200 babies in the U.S. every year (hemmorhaging & infection)

    -It is PAINFUL for infants. This has been proven by MRI scans.

    -Circumcision is not “cleaner.” Female genitalia is MUCH “dirtier” than an intact man. It takes 2 seconds in the shower to clean an intact penis.

    -It causes painful erections, tearing of the penile skin, keratanization, numbing, scarring & erectile dysfunction.

    -It does NOT protect from disease.

    -90% of the world is intact. (“Uncircumcised”)

    -Female circumcision is THE SAME THING. Yes, there are more horrifying versions, but the VAST MAJORITY of female circumcision is simply the removal of the clitoral hood, or a snip of the labia, which is done for the EXACT SAME REASONS (it “looks better,” it is “cleaner,” it is “safer”).

    -Female circumcision has only been illegal in the U.S. since 1997, before that it was perfectly acceptable for parents to get their daughters cut & there are women alive today who are circumcised & horrified! Men deserve the right to be horrified & they deserve the SAME protection.

    -It takes away the rights of the man that child will become.

    So, you want to circumcise an infant because you think it looks better? How sick is that? I know plenty of grown men who wish they had their foreskin because they are already having issues with erectile dysfunction. Why weren’t they allowed to choose? Because their mothers were selfish dimwits?

    Don’t bother arguing any of this; it is well-documented, proven medical fact. There are several organizations of Doctors Opposing Circumcision & plenty of medical data to back it up. The only reason circumcision is still done in the U.S. is because doctors make a LOT of MONEY from it & foolish people somehow rationalize cutting up a baby’s penis. Sad, sad madness. Educate yourselves, sheeple.

  30. Pear says:

    You go Mario!

    Mama does NOT know best!

    There is NO MEDICAL REASON to circumcise!
    NOT. ONE.
    The reason circumcision started in the USA was that doctors in the 1860s thought it would stop masturbation.

    NO medical organization in the world recommends it.

    The USA is the only country that perpetrates this mutilation on their boys on a mass scale and thankfully the rate is dropping every year. It’s down to 33% now, so all you people still claiming that intact boys are freaks – they are the MAJORITY now.

    Circumcision is genital mutilation! End of story.

  31. Joel says:

    I hope the people who have written incredibly discriminatory, venomous things on this comments section will reflect on it with shame in several years, when they come to realize that they have seriously insulted some very respectable people – and for what, having a healthy, sensitive, functional, and valuable part of their penis still attached?

    I agree that Mario could have approached the situation better, explaining that he didn’t feel it was his or anyone’s right to cut off a healthy, valuable part of his child’s body. There is plenty of research out there to prove that the foreskin IS a healthy, sensitive, functional body part – medical organizations around the world DO NOT recommend the practice. the foreskin protects the head of the penis and the urethra – not to mention it contains thousands and thousands of highly-specialized fine-touch nerve endings like those in the fingertips and lips! It also has sexual functionality due to it’s mobility.

    It’s really frustring to hear people using really poorly-thought out rationality to justify the procedure, which they refuse to apply to ANY body part other than the foreskin (try cutting off any part of a baby girl because you think it looks better, or to make her look more like her mother).

    Please, people, allow yourself to be a LITTLE more critical about this procedure. Just because it happened to you, or your friends/family/partner doesn’t mean we need to keep doing it over and over when we know better.


  32. moonmommy says:

    While I do agree that Mario can tend to be a control freak, his unwillingness to bend on the issue of circumcision is NOT about control. He clearly feels it is wrong and that it is not mom or dad’s decision. It’s not about getting his way, it’s about protecting his child.

  33. Kathleen says:

    You are a well informed young man Mr. Lopez. INDEED, the foreskin is NOT a birth defect! :)

    It’s reassuring to know that you would protect your future son from your uninformed girl friend.

  34. Jimmy says:

    It’s just a preference. Many families have their babies circumcized because of religious reasons. He’s probably Catholic, but the whole God doesn’t make mistakes thing is ludicrous to say. Jews did it because it’s in the old testament as a covenant between God. I’m a gay man and I prefer cut. Most Americans are cut while Europe is not. I’ve read that it does cut nerves so the sex is not as good, but if you don’t clean that thing, you will have problems. I’ve witnessed this by a British guy I knew who had some problems and had to lie down and I don’t know what else, but had to be physically removed from a shower because of problems. If you are a baby when you get it done, trust me, you won’t remember it. I don’t and I know nobody else does if they were babies. It is safer to get it done to avoid HIV infections. Still, it just boils down to a personal preference. For me it’s a turn-off for uncut most of the time.