Mario Lopez’s Save The Penis Campaign


Has foreskin ever, in the history of television, provided the centerpiece of an entire episode of programming? Well, it has now. It was all Courtney and Mario (and their families!) could talk about on this week’s Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby. (Should they have a boy, she says “Circumcise!” He says, “Don’t!”) In the scene above, this “bone of contention” (those are Courtney’s sharply chosen words on the divide) gets the dinner-conversation treatment with absurd results (“I don’t understand why you want your thing sticking out there like that!” Mario blurts out at one point). Since Mario is pro-foreskin and Courtney is anti (which clearly hurts Mario’s own uncut manhood), they at last reach a compromise — and it’s not of the half-on-half-off variety that you may be expecting. In the end, they decide that if they have a boy, he’ll remain uncircumcised and if they have a girl, she’ll get to name her. No genital harm, no foul.

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