Basketball Wives 2 – Watch The Supertrailer


Be excited for what you are about to watch — and I’m speaking both to people who haven’t yet and have already watched the extended preview of the second season of Basketball Wives above (since the latter group will undoubtedly want to watch it again). I don’t think you’re ready for this drama. Seriously, everything I’ve seen from Basketball Wives 2 (premiering Sunday, Dec. 12 at 8/7c) has topped the first season in every way. I’d go as far as to call it a masterpiece of misery and conflict. Tami Roman (returning to reality TV 17 years after on her stint on the second season of The Real World) is a complete blessing to this cast. Good TV comes out of this woman’s pores. And rage! Check out the fist fight between her and Evelyn Lozada that closes out this supertrailer. Check out Evelyn’s new-found rivalry with Suzi (ignited by Star Jones’ ex Al Reynolds, of all people!). Check out Evelyn’s…interesting walk up the stairs with love interest Chad Ochocinco (the rumors were true!). Check out the disgust on the faces of Evelyn and Royce at a bullfight in Spain:


Check out Shaunie joining the group full time (and fitting right in!). And Jennifer’s divorce drama! Check it all out, let it all sink in and seriously be excited for December 12.

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  1. Why says:

    All I want to say is Tami and that foolishness is so NOT needed to add to the show. All its doing is taking away for me… I mean i thought the show was supposed to be about class and TRASH! Seeing black women fight for a rating is NOT cute to me!

    It’s too late now…but Shaunie let’s continue to show there’s more to us than constant bickering and backbiting.

    Don’t just show up but represent!

  2. Mimi says:

    Wow, I can’t wait!

  3. mesmerized says:

    i can not wait for the show to come back on. i never cared for evelyn she seemed very phony and self absorbed. shaunie is about as real as a $3 bill nuff said. royce is my absolute favorite, i think i will like tami she seems real and does not put on airs. oh and i forgot i thought evelyn said she would never date another athlete…hmmmmm

  4. Tom says:

    My guilty pleasure of wathching this. I don’t recommend violence but Evelyn thinks she’s untouchable and she threw water in that girls face last season It’s karma. Does she really think ochocinco really wants to marry and have kids with her, I know how he thinks. He wants a sexy latina for a little bit. Who would want a woman who doesn’t have any ambition and lives off what their ex husbands had. High class promiscious women, it’s just they’re with athletes instead of regular men.

  5. Tanga says:

    Wow – I can’t wait for the new season. Evelyn is about as phony as phony can get. If I see her chew another stick of gum……..LOL She really irks me! I like Tami and Royce. I feel sorry for Jennifer – why is she even discussing anything with her husband? He could care less about her. This is going to be good!

  6. sukenta smith says:

    So much drama on this show, and then she brings Tammy here as well, we all know how she was on MTV’S THE REAL WORLD….wow, I can’t wait for the season to begin

  7. dade county says:

    Ladies this is off the chain.@ Evelyn all that sexy stuff with Ochocinco leave that for behind close doors. Ughhh I adore you but keep some things private ma. Jen WAKE THE F UP AND LEAVE YO LYING CHEATING HUBBY. LET THAT GO AND GET YOSELF WITH A REAL GUY THAT WILL TREAT YOU AND DO YOU RIGHT!!! Keep up the good work ladies.

  8. Slim Lewis says:

    Why is this show calleed Basketball Wifves when only supposeldy Jennifer Williams is married? I think all of them make any wife regardless of whom they’re married to look BAD! They’re all fake and have no-class. Shaunie you could have done a better show. Never thought I would say this but Kobe and Lamar have class acts for their wifves. Jennifer you are in total DENIAL! Gloria you did right by leaving this trashy show!

  9. qttpie says:

    I hope Jennifer reads this! Jennifer is my favorite person. I hope Jennifer builds a life at her husbands expense before she divorces him. She need to talk to Shaunie, I saw Shaunie at the movie here in LA with a heart throb! Jennifer you are so pretty, I hope you find inner joy regardless of the situations. I figure you are going to leave soon, make sure you get millions for all the lonely nights!


    The fighting is out of control, its making us look bad as women. You do not have to show fighting to get ratings!! Your cast are beautiful women and that is enough to get viewers. Women watch pretty women on television and as long as they are well kept, ppl will keep watching. The drama is over kill, degrading to women

  10. Over It says:

    I saw this show for the first time and I was so disgusted by it that I had to actually had to comment about it. I will never watch this show again. Its a disgusting display of insecure women who have a show about them but somehow has every subtext related to their men. These are not strong women these are stupid women who give women a bad name. I mean they are trashier then the real housewives. Thats pretty bad.

  11. QueenTelissa says:

    Somebody help me out? What happened to Tami’s 5.8 million dollar pre-nup reversal she was rewarded AND her $8500 a month child support from her ex . . . license plate says “HISCASH?” Don’t get me wrong- can’t wait to watch her drama, she was great with that on the Real World but come on . . . food stamps? Really?!

  12. ms.Alston says:

    How can Rafer’s girl be on this show….he has to have at least 5 girlfriends not including Ashley, who he refers to as his housekeeper not a fiance….bahahaha No ring….just another gold-digger! smh

  13. Nee Nee T. says:

    It is very obvious that Tami has been through a lot since her sorry ex did not take the necessary steps to take care of his children or the mother of his children. But Im really shocked at Shaunie. I can’t tell if she has Tami on the show to make everyone else look better or to help Tami and her girls. It seems as if they have had a hard and difficult life and to put her in the company of “I’m to good, like to start crap, evil, hootch, Jennifer and Evelyn is truly just for show. Be different for once and help Tami like you helped Royce. It is only by the grace of God that they are were they are right now. They could have been Tami! Keep it real ladies!!!

  14. Mrs. Cee says:

    These women are so messy. I really don’t understand why they are doing a television show together. They all whine and complain too much. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen,that’s what I was always told. They all seem to be sooooooo insecure, their self esteem is shot. They’re so narcissistic, that’s why they can’t get alone with each other;so why do a show together. You all are making yourselves look like a bunch of fighting wolves that are still in junior high school, maybe elementary. I will not be watching the show, too much drama for your mama. Peace out!!!

  15. ann avent says:

    Just Got finish watching Basketball wives all these women or trouble maker this season every last one of them. I know the show want rating but I don’t know if I am going to keep watching it. Royce is been two facing and I don’t like it all the women is acting GHETTO! This show is going down no class what so ever.

  16. Nicole says:

    Just Got finish watching Basketball wives all these women or trouble maker this season every last one of them. I know the show want rating but I don’t know if I am going to keep watching it. Royce is been two facing and I don’t like it all the women is acting GHETTO! This show is going down no class what so ever.

  17. J says:

    Difference bwtween Evelyn and Tami!! Evelyn talks a big game but doesn’t do anything, Tami does something. haha Can’t wait to see Evelyn get beat