Basketball Wives 2 – Watch The Supertrailer


Be excited for what you are about to watch — and I’m speaking both to people who haven’t yet and have already watched the extended preview of the second season of Basketball Wives above (since the latter group will undoubtedly want to watch it again). I don’t think you’re ready for this drama. Seriously, everything I’ve seen from Basketball Wives 2 (premiering Sunday, Dec. 12 at 8/7c) has topped the first season in every way. I’d go as far as to call it a masterpiece of misery and conflict. Tami Roman (returning to reality TV 17 years after on her stint on the second season of The Real World) is a complete blessing to this cast. Good TV comes out of this woman’s pores. And rage! Check out the fist fight between her and Evelyn Lozada that closes out this supertrailer. Check out Evelyn’s new-found rivalry with Suzi (ignited by Star Jones’ ex Al Reynolds, of all people!). Check out Evelyn’s…interesting walk up the stairs with love interest Chad Ochocinco (the rumors were true!). Check out the disgust on the faces of Evelyn and Royce at a bullfight in Spain:


Check out Shaunie joining the group full time (and fitting right in!). And Jennifer’s divorce drama! Check it all out, let it all sink in and seriously be excited for December 12.

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