Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips


On Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby, Mario and Courtney learned the value of compromise…

…regarding their potential son’s foreskin.

On My Big Friggin’ Wedding

…Tammie learned the value of her wedding, should it eventually terminate:

(The answer: with Danny’s proposed prenup, nothing!)

And on Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It, we learned all about what’s going on with him downstairs, in the undergarment department.

The more you know!

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  1. Stephanie Garrett says:

    Last night I was shocked to watch a rerun of Mr. Lopez’s show. He wants his baby to be a girl but is scared because she could be born left-handed as it runs in his family. He said women that are left-handed are “masculine” and made clear it disgusted him. He even made a hand gesture mocking how SOME left-handed people write. First of all, not all left-handed people write that way. Second, left-handed people are more likely to have high IQs. In fact, more people with IQs of 140 or more, those considered a genius, are left-handed. Please look it up for that is true and has been backed by research. There is a higher rate of left-handedness in our Presidents compared to the total population. Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and Obama are left-handed. I am a beautful, intelligent and accomplished women, who also is left-handed. Being left-handed is not an impairment or something wrong. I recognize that Mr. Lopez is an entertainer and welcome to his opinion. Perhaps he should focus more on raising a healthy happy child and not how they write. I have never blogged or written in to anyone before. This was however so ridiculous and ignorant I felt compelled to respond. I do wish the Mr. Lopez and his family the best. I also hope his daughter Gia is left-handed. Then perhaps she will be more intelligent than her father.

  2. Zelie B. says:

    Of course Mario is entitled to his own opinions, but he should also be aware of the fact that he is a role model. With the male audience in mind, I was horrified by his typical, macho attitude about neutering the dog. First of all, it is unfortunate that he hasn’t realized that owning your masculinity means being comfortable enough with it to adopt, or at least consider, points of view that could be labeled “feminine” (ie compassionate). Second, this hypermasculine “protection” of dog testicles by owners has largely contributed to the massive numbers of homeless and euthanized dogs. Almost four million dogs are euthanized in kill shelters every year in this country. PLEASE spay and neuter. Thank you

  3. Legal Music says:

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