My Big Friggin’ Wedding Cast Members Respond To UNICO’s Criticism



We just heard from My Big Friggin’ Wedding cast members Johnny Meatballs and Tammie, regarding UNICO’s recent criticism of their show (the Italian-American organization’s chief media executive, Andre DiMino, called it “racist” and said that it represents the “worst bunch of bad-acting, insipid individuals portraying themselves as trashy, drunken, low-class, bimbos and buffoons”).

Here’s Johnny’s take:

“Mr. Andre DiMino should find something to occupy his time with rather than calling for cancellations of TV shows which he feels are ‘racist.’ He calls me a ‘celebrity wannabe.’ Is heawannabe entertainment critic, a wannabe Italian Al Sharpton, or both? He should focus his efforts into actually making UNICO relevant within the young Italian-American community, instead of blindly bashing anything a young Italian-American does!!! I guarantee Mr. DiMino would change his tune about me and my family if he actually got to know us and what we are all about!!! Evidently he does not follow my blogs or my YouTube videos or know about any of the multiple, positive endeavors which I’m involved in—including my thriving self-made food business. Maybe if he did this, he might see that I actually bring something of substance to the table and am not just looking for a quick ’15 minutes of fame.’ OK, rant over. Back to cooking meatballs.”

And here’s what Tammie has to say on the matter:

“I think they’re bored and they need to get a life. I think they’re looking for another show to target, since Jersey Shore isn’t airing right now. They just need something to talk about. In the show’s defense, it isn’t like the Jersey Shore at all. The show isn’t all Italians. [Her fiance] Danny’s Haitian heritage is embraced on the show. I’m half-Greek. This show isn’t about Italians, it’s more about East Coast weddings. It’s not called My Big Friggin’ Italian Wedding; it’s called My Big Friggin’ Wedding. If they think it’s so Italian, obviously they’re not watching the show. I think if they saw it, they wouldn’t really be that offended.

I don’t think that we’re low-class. Everyone’s different on the show. I’m no bimbo. I’m actually a very smart individual. The show has only aired two episodes, so to judge it off of that is ballsy. Once you get to my wedding, you’ll see it’s very classy. Danny’s very classy. So, I guess what I’d say to UNICO is: watch the whole show and then we can talk. I would love to sit down with these people, whoever they are. Put me and UNICO in a room and we’d have a nice discussion. But they would never win with me.”

All things being equal, we wanted to show you a preview from Monday’s episode (premiering at 9/8c), in which Tammie drunkenly reveals that she may be pregnant at a party. Her rationale? “You can drink during the pregnancy in the beginning!”

Check out more clips from Monday’s show at the My Big Friggin’ Wedding video page (including one of Alyssa’s mom throwing up). And then ask yourself: does UNICO have a leg to stand on?

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  1. Gino says:

    I wish all Italians would shut up already! Fuggadaboutit!

  2. Why god allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

  3. Andy Pratt says:

    Italians can’t shut up..If you’re an artist you can’t listen to critics, or you wouldn’t do anything at all…blessings to all

    Andy Pratt

  4. Aly says:

    I am an Italian girl (half) from Long Island, NY. And because of these shows, people who are not from this area will ASSUME that I am no different than these horrible human beings. They are giving us a bad name!

    Tammie is actually from the same town where I grew up. I have known many people like her… They were made fun of in school because of how dumb they are! The thing is, everyone whos NOT like them, can’t stand everyone who is. And now they’re all over TV!? GET ME AWAY! (check out

    Most people from Manhattan, Long Island, and NJ hate the guidos and want them gone. They’re a big joke to us. They think they’re so great and that everyone is jealous of them, but they are the laughing stock of the metro area. However if you go to Brooklyn or Staten Island, they are everywhere! Hence, I avoid Brooklyn and Staten Island.

    These shows just heighten their cocky, self-centered, delusional lifestyle and glorify the behavior that makes the rest of us who live around them want to punch them all in the face. They don’t realize when they go on these shows that the rest of the country is LAUGHING AT THEM.