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Dawn Neufeld of Football Wives has agreed to blog for us, giving us weekly behind-the-scenes insight and dishing on each of her show’s episodes. Her take on Episode 4 is below…

Tutu much…

This week’s episode of Football Wives covered a mélange of different situations from runway rascals to eternal damnation. Just my opinion (and this is my blog): but there seemed to be too many issues wrapped into one 22-minute episode and I wouldn’t be surprised if some viewers were left saying, “What the H?” If it were up to me, I’d be telling a different story. But here is a little behind-the-scenes information that might help fill in some of the blanks:

One aspect of my life that hasn’t really been featured on Football Wives is that I am an experienced television host. For nearly two years, I co-hosted The Bite, a weekly entertainment television show broadcast in restaurants across the country. I am also host of D210 TV, a local sports and entertainment show. If there’s one thing I’m comfortable doing, it’s getting up on stage with a microphone, interviewing celebrities and hosting events.

When Chanita told me a few days before her Rock Star Rascals fashion show that she’d asked Pilar to host the event, I was upset and felt slighted. I knew she only asked Pilar to emcee because Pilar’s name is more recognizable and having a big name associated with your event can draw a crowd. Because I’m not a “celebrity” (in air quotes), I was relegated to modeling duty with my mini-me Bryn that day. We were ready to rock the runway when Chanita informed me that she hadn’t heard from Pilar and she needed me to host the event. My first thought was, “Oh heck no!” She should’ve asked me to host her event in the first place and I didn’t like being her plan B. I knew Chanita was stressed out and in a bind so I eventually agreed to help – that’s what friends do. But make no mistake – I was mad.

Pilar showed up “on time” minutes before the fashion show began. Truth is we were probably running about an hour behind schedule. In Pilar’s defense, she was hosting a gathering at her home that afternoon (that none of us had been invited to), but she did make the effort to make it to Chanita’s event to fulfill her hosting commitment. Chanita might as well have slapped me across my face when she informed me that Pilar would be emceeing instead of me. We’ve talked a lot about the “haves” and the “have-nots” in the football world. Being made to feel like a “have-not” by a friend was a bit much for me. My issue was not with Pilar that night – it was with Chanita. But I took one for the team and did what I had to do to make the event a success. And I think Chanita learned a big lesson.

Funny story: the fashion show was held at Celebrity Bakery & Café in Dallas. Someone had the brilliant idea of using the shop next to the café as the holding area for the models (aka kids). Problem is – it’s a fur shop! I spent two hours before the show started telling Bryn “stop it” or “don’t touch” because I was afraid she was going to destroy some of the merchandise. I hope the shop owner had insurance because with all of those kids running around with candy-covered hands and glitter-sprayed hair, I’m pretty sure we left some damage behind. I also found it ironic that it was probably 110 degrees outside on a sweltering Dallas summer day and we were surrounded by winter coats. Heat, kids and fur coats don’t mix.

For what it’s worth, I think the fashion show was adorable and the kids were amazing. And it was so much fun to have NFL standout Tim Brown and Dallas Mavericks star Jason Terry sitting in the audience supporting their kids who were featured in the show.

Moving on to Chanita being rushed to the hospital at Amanda’s event – can you say drama?!? Apparently Chanita had a headache most of that day and had been going, going, going as usual. At first, I didn’t realize the situation was so serious and even joked about it when I got into the makeup chair but when Chanita said that her feet were numb, I panicked. You see, we have a fellow real-life football wife who lost her husband this year after he suffered a brain aneurysm. It was the first thing that crossed my mind as Chanita fell to the floor clutching her head. My next thought was to get in touch with George – I called Ryan because I knew he’d know how to get in touch with the team trainer in Omaha, and the trainers always know how to get in touch with the players. When Ryan asked me if I was OK, I lost it because I wasn’t. I was really scared. It was hard seeing Chanita being wheeled away on a gurney. Make sure you tune in next week to see what happened once we got to the hospital.

Another behind-the-scenes funny: Chanita is a commando girl and has no qualms about telling you that she does not like VPLs – visible panty lines (a huge fashion faux pas – VPLs are so not cute). The dress Chanita wore that night was a little tight, a little short. As Chanita was lying on the ground waiting for the paramedics, all I saw were Spanx. I joked how glad I was she decided to put on undergarments for a change or we would’ve seen all of her business. It might’ve made for good television, but I’m glad we were spared.

Did anyone notice that Pilar seemed to strut her stuff on the catwalk with the rest of us? Or that she was standing around looking on while Chanita was being carted off? She made the point several times over the last couple of weeks that she didn’t know what was going on with Chanita that night but from what we saw on the show, it sure looks like she should have because she was apparently there. I’ve made the point before that the cast doesn’t see the show until everyone else does. Hours of footage has to be cut down into a 22-minute show and it is always interesting to us to see how our story is told. We can be as real and authentic as possible while the cameras are rolling, but we’re all susceptible to good old fashioned television editing when all is said and done. While I do believe Pilar knew or should’ve know what was going on that evening, she was not as involved and present as the show made it seem.

Things have been arguably calm so far this season on Football Wives. Some have even criticized the show for being a little boring. After watching the preview for next week’s episode, I have a feeling that’s all about to change…

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  1. kpeterson says:

    Oh my goodness…Dawn needs to stop hating…okay you have made it clear you don’t like Pilar…shut up seriously. I honestly believe she is a hater…why would you spend half of your dang blogs talking about this chick if A. she is not important to you. B. You don’t like her. C. You don’t want her coming to your events. Get over it and move on. Why would she want to invite you over when all most of yall do is talk crap about her. I wouldn’t want to invite you my house if I’m not that close to you and you don’t like me. Get a life Dawn.

  2. ORTEGA says:

    I watched the first couple of episodes…okay I guess. I have to admit that the last episode I watched truly offended me. Some of the wives talk about how they are living check to check and don’t know what their futures hold while at the spa and drinking it up in their mansions! They cried because their husbands were going off to training camp for 3 months a few states away and how this “game” could kill them. Possible? Yes, I guess. However, I being a military wife of 15 years now has sent my husband to WAR not training camp for a total of 3 tours in Iraq. And it was for a lot more than 3 months. They could always gas up the private jet and spend the weekend with them. Military wives don’t have the luxury of flying around the planet to make sure our husbands haven’t been killed by insurgents, car bombs, suicide bombers or an IED. So boo hoo football wives, you take yourselves way too seriously. You aren’t important and VH1, shame on you!!!!

  3. Silina says:

    @ kpeterson OMG!! YOU TOOK THE WORDS OUTTA MY MOUTH!! You are so spot on!!! That is all I see too. I have been saying the same thing as well. In ALL of Dawn’s Blogs she dedicates at least two negatively charged paragraph’s to her favorite girl…(drum-roll please)….PILAR. One would think with all her schooling, opportunity bestowed and life experiences that she would possess a broader view of understanding people that might not be like her. She comes across as very self righteous and judgmental that it is such a turn off. No matter how Pilar may or or may not be, Pilar becomes angelic compared to this evil manipulator. She talks about ALL her woes on national television, claiming it is her “reality”. Wanting the viewer to drudge up sympathy and if you do, she is happy because that means you understand. If you don’t, to her that means you don’t get it. I believe we all get it but not all have sympathy because many are going through financial, medical and life transitions – THE SAME THING!! The issue is that Dawn is not humble. Your not humble if you have time to throw salt. If Pilar “has” you should have befriended her. Why would to say on every blog how much you don’t like her?? You are not in any position to dislike anyone! Why talk about someone you worked with that has done nothing to you. I don’t see it. All I see is you complaining about Pilar and you have not been in any scene with her to complain about. I won’t even mention episode 4, cuz u didn’t leave Chanita’s fashion show like you said you were going to, but you stayed and complained. Now in this blog you wanna you are typical form and reluctantly admit that cuz of editing, Pilar wasn’t there, but you believe she should have known. OMG! Chanita ranted you backed her up and said Pilar was there when she was on the gurney. Are you a liar too?? This leads me to how you look real cross and evil. You act jealous, and that doesn’t mean you want something that Pilar has.. that is called covet. Jealous is hostility toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage. This is how you look. With much self reflection I am sure you will be able to find the root of such conflict within yourself. Maybe an unresolved childhood issue needs attention. Please help yourself you are leaking and all see it.

  4. Jenny says:

    It’s painfully obvious that there is a lot of jealousy on the show. We all know who its directed towards. It’s discouraging to see the division so early in the show. The premise for football wives is supposed to be the daily lives of the women with a little drama of course but instead its turned into cliques betwern the “haves” and “have nots”. That being said let’s stop focusing on everyone’s financial status and learn from each other. I love Pillar Sanders. She is beautiful, intelligent, and an excellent mother and wife. No one is perfect, but she is close. She is the type of woman every average woman aspires to be.

  5. Dawn says:

    I was nice to Pilar in this blog – even defended her and addressed some editing issues that I’m sure we probably would both agree with. And her admirers still come out to trash me and my work.

    If Pilar disagrees with what I say, she has the same right and privilege that I do to post a blog. And I say Bring It! Might be a good chance for the cast to get some explanations…

  6. Silina says:

    Dawn you are seriously a silly woman.

  7. GeRod says:

    Dawn, this has been your best Blog to date. It’s obvious that you are trying to be as honest, fair and impartial as you can be. However, your statement that it looks like Pilar should have known about Chanita because she was apparently there and then giving YOUR opinion by saying that YOU believe that Pilar knew or should’ve known what was going on, is not being nice. Please don’t fool yourself, because to admit to something after the facts have been shown for all to see, doesn’t make you nice.

    Admittedly, you could have tried to continue to paint Pilar as this villan by going with VH1′s edited version of “reality” but I’m sure that you realized that that would have been a hard sell, especially with Chanita leaving during the day and Pilar leaving Blinc at night. I commend you for not trying to insult the viewers by treating us as idiots!

    The point that @Silina made regarding jealousy vs. covet is right on point. It’s painfully obvious that you are targeting Pilar. You compare yourself to her i.e. you said that Pilar has a banging body and that you too have abs, then you post a picture of yourself in a bikini as if to say…”stop looking at her, I have a nice body too!” Dawn, you ARE a very attractive woman, no one can honestly deny that fact! But to compete against someone who, just ain’t thinking about you, is sad and pitiful. Stop this childish behavior! What makes you think that Pilar is reading or has read even ONE of your Blogs? To invite her to Blog in response to YOU is simply ridiculous! I don’t believe that anyone of the responses that you have received have come from her, so then why challenge her? If you don’t care for Pilar then why not exclude her from your Blogs altogether and just concentrate on your cast mates that you do like? It seems as though you’re using Pilar to make yourself relevant and to get your name out there. The more you call out Pilar the more press you’ll get, admit it…you and Chanita both need Pilar. I guarantee you that once you quit saying Pilar’s name out of your mouth, no one will care what you’d have to say, but I’m sure that you already knew this.

  8. Angie Bell says:

    You seriously need to get a life and stop hating on Pilar. It’s obvious to the viewers who the trouble makers are and it’s definitely not Pilar. Take care of your insecurity issues and then maybe, just maybe you’ll feel better about yourself. Oh, your really looking like your stiil in junior high…not a good look…ok!!!

  9. Team Dawn says:

    Before I say anything, I am so happy that Chanita is ok and it wasn’t more serious than it was. It was still scary to watch and I was very concerned about her. I pray for her continued health.

    Now getting to the show today, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! Before the show I had a different perception of Pilar. I had only seen her on christian tv and the reality show that she and her husband were on. I am speechless!! I am So surprised at her attitude. If Pilar reads this and her comment to this is, “You don’t know me.” My response is, I know that I don’t know you, but I know what I see and that your attitude is completely different from what I think that a christian should have.

    Since seeing the show today. It is clear that Pilar lied. When Pilar was told that Chanita had to be taken to the hospital, her response was far from anything than I expected. It’s in living color for everyone who watches the show to see. Pilar even made the comment that her husband had called and that was more important. Why even say that? Backing up, Pilar’s response to the person in the boutique was almost like she didn’t believe Chanita was seriously ill. I don’t get it!! Pilar acts arrogant like Deion, which is a turn off especially when you get on christian tv and want people to believe you have something more. I’m not confused with arrogrance and confidence.

    I love all of the ladies and I think that all of you are beautiful. However, it takes more than a beautiful face to be about something. You have to have something on the inside. If you say something, OWN IT!!! I hate for someone to lie about something and when confronted they want to make you look like the bad guy. I pray that there is resolve with all of the issues. I’m not one to kiss a@@ and will never subject myself to anyone who treats me like I’m not an equal. Who needs friends or acquaintances that bad? It doesn’t matter about how much money you have, the person you are is what is important. Also, Amanda (not hating on Amanda, I like her) had no right to tell you to shut up or be quiet. You’re not her child and issue was fair game after Pilar’s response.

    I don’t blame you for calling Pilar out. She wants to be part of the show and when she is in a group setting with you ladies, she acts like she feels that all of you are beneath her. What’s with that??? I’m not a Pilar hater, I’m just calling it like I see it. I am very puzzled by her attitude. Christians are suppose to be loving, caring, kind and concerned about the sick….I’m just saying. I’m not bashing christians but this who she has portrayed herself in the media to be and we’re seeing something else.

    Take care and I hope that all is well with your husband.
    One more thing, I read some of the other comments, don’t be phased by them. You’re not hating on Pilar. How? By telling the truth vs a lie about what’s going on. It would take a very naive person not to be able to see what happen on the show today.

  10. kpeterson says:

    @Dawn…No one is trashing your work…they are just calling you out on your mess like you want to put certain people on blast. I’m in no way a huge Pilar fan or admirer as you want to put it..just calling it like I see it. Write your blog, but at the same time expect people to respond to what they see of you on TV…which to me is more time than what Pilar is getting and you and Chanita saying she is bringing the show down when all I SEE every week is you two bashing her. Write about you and what you are doing…but wait a second that would mean no one would listed as GeROD wrote because you are creating drama with Pilar to get your name out their. Grow up and take care of home instead of worrying about other people..do you before trying to put others on blast.

  11. ASeriousWife says:

    Dawn, I truly feel for you because you are under a lot of stress given your situation. However, you guys praise how you have 3 hour bible studies and love & support each other. Why do you create ‘rules’ or conditions for others? Pilar obviously has ‘more’ material things and ‘more’ of a life because she does not exhaust herself with the drama you ladies create. She beats to her own drum. I find Pilar to be a down to earth woman with nothing to prove to any of you. I respect her for that. You do not realize how ridiculous you appear on the show. YOU ARE SUCH AN OBVIOUS HATER. I pray your life gives you what you want. I hope this is all ‘drama’ for the cameras an to keep the show going. I pray you and the others are not this way. It is distasteful.

  12. Melanie says:

    OK so I just watched the last episode of Football Wives on DVR and like all of you are saying Dawn is just a straight up hater. I don’t blame Pilar being guarded or just plain not associating with the rest of the ladies much because they make it a point EVERYTIME to make a negative or catty comment about her on EVERY espisode. Get over it, Pilar is fly and her money is not funny. Is that why you stay hating?

  13. Miss Jai says:

    You are straight up a ghetto loud mouth. You and Chanita talk so much junk BEHIND people’s back. You are not a nice person nor are you a good Christian person. You are as fake as a $3 bill and you are truly truly JEALOUS of Pilar. You are a mother of a daughter, is this how you are going to raise her….to be jealous of someone else’s success and hate instead of taking it upon herself to be a positive person and making a good life foe herself. Perhaps all this negativity is the reason why you are not getting the blessings that you deserve. Think on that.

  14. MsWandaRose says:

    Team Dawn I couldn’t have said that better Kudos to you!!!

  15. Kim In Uptown says:

    Wow.. how can one say “Dawn get a life”? How much more of a life can she have? She’s an attorney( took the bar in two states and passed the first time), mother of two children,does modeling on occassions, and is a hostess on a local Dallas television show. All of which can be justified with the touch of finger on any smart phone.
    Hating on Pilar, come on; Pilar is just “Deion’s wife” in a cropped top. Where is the Pilar from her first reality show? It’s amazing how she totally shifted gears while on Football Wives.
    I admire Dawn for sharing a her personal life on air with all of us. Dawn’s story is REALITY television. How many of us know a mom in her shoes? According to the show she’s her kids playmate, her own house keeper, and her hunky hubby’s biggest cheerleader no matter what.
    Bravo to DAWN NEUFELD,one of the REAL wives on the show!

  16. Team Dawn says:

    Ms. Wanda,

    Thank You for agreeing with the truth. I had to say something in defense of all of the nonsense that is being written about Dawn. I know that she doesn’t need me to take up for her. She’s doing a great job in putting the truth out there. I had to say something because I can’t see how anyone in their right mind could not see how distasteful Pilar’s attitude is and has been on all of the shows. Why would one call Dawn a hater? What is their to hate on? Come on – I just figured it out. Those comments are from a few and select small group, possibly the same person. That’s it. The same person is sending comments trying to make it seem like Dawn has haters out there. If so, we have some people who are scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for something that is not there against Dawn that will be an offset to Pilar’s bad attitude.

    There, I figured it out.

  17. Seriously says:

    If you want to know why people are on board with “TeamPilar” as you put it, just mute the TV and watch Pilars demeanor vs. yours and Chanita’s. Pilar is perceived to be calm, cool, collected, with a sense of humor. You and Chanita, on the other hand, seem to be petty & jealous. So either you are in denial or DENIAL. You would come off as the bigger person, if you actually acted like the bigger person. Take Melani, for example, she doesn’t get involved. Let’s keep it real, you’re not always going to make friends with every one you meet, but WHY are you so concerned with what Pilar is doing? It’s pathetic. Grow Up. Be confident about you and your family — that should be enough, right?

  18. sherri moses says:

    Just re-name the show , How can I be jealous of Pilar Sanders show, because thats all its about.