Really, Though – What Is Bret’s Problem?



On this week’s Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It, our hero searched far and wide for a reason why he’s yet to pop the question to Kristi. Well, that’s an overstatement actually — he talked to his father and a life coach and did some just-below-the-surface level introspection. The results? “My problem is I don’t know what my problem is,” he admitted. Also: “It’s great to know that I’ve finally addressed one thing in my life: I’m f***ing nuts!” I guess the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it? If, in fact, we can consider the Kristi situation a problem at all? Plenty of guys would probably call an on-again-off-again situation with their children’s mother a solution.

In the end (as seen in today’s Last Night’s Bag O’ Clips post) he referred to his and Kristi’s status as “almost engaged” and “superior level boyfriend/girlfriend.” The words, the words, what do they mean? I get the feeling that his feet-dragging to way beyond his desire to stretch out intrigue over the course of this season of his reality show. The real question is: just how terminal is his fear of commitment.

The greatest moment of the night, though, involved Bret and Kristi working as a unit to solve a problem posed by Jorja: how to spell diarrhea. Check out an alternate version of the scene below and do not be surprised if Leave It to Jorja hits VH1 very, very soon. It’s almost eerie how well such a young person can make such good TV.

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  1. KIngFish999 says:

    Bret, as a fan I’m thankful that you are feeling better,but I must admit I love this lady of yours. Kristi is awesome! She has proven herself time & time again. Personally, I believe she has your back. Let go of the past relationship and savior the blessing that is standing before you in Kristi. I feel her spirit, she is real, she only wants one thing your Love! I’ve noticed that you’re attracted to blondes; Bret, please don’t go for looks only this time. This time you need a woman like Kristi. She is strong, yet she has gone through disappointments in relationships just as yourself, yet she is ready to try love again, that’s why she knows how to appreciate you and the girls. Bret, don,t let her get away, she will never hurt you or the girls!

    One of your Fans; Martin.

  2. nama says:

    o dat’s nut her kids?

  3. Rosemary hooper says:

    Bret , I am only a fan and I can say that there is always two sides to a story as per why you haven’t gotten married to Kristi . People can tell you till they are blue in the face to get married but if something is bothering you it isn’t going to happen .I know that you love Kristi and she seems to be pretty patient about everything because of her love for you. Sometimes you need a little spiritual help to clear things up , it’s never to late to get some counseling to get rid of things that are bothering you both . In the end Love conquers all . Like I said I am just a one fan out of thousands of people that give their advice. Pray about it and ask God to guide you . Jesus Loves You Bret and your family so don’t you forget that!

  4. Rhonda says:

    After watching one episode here’s my take on Bret Michaels…..MAN UP!!! After 15 yrs. and 2 kids if you can’t marry Kristi then move on down the road buddy. Personally I think your pathetic! This woman loves you, stands by you (puts up w/more crap than most women would!) Like the commercial says, “Why don’t you go over to mamby pamby land and get a cup of confidence. Ya Jack Wagon!!!” If you put as much energy into your relationship as you do trying to be a cool “rockster” that is what would be really cool! Don’t be a shimp Bret.

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