Courtney Mazza Is Fantastic


Courtney Mazza’s position as a comic foil to Mario Lopez was immediately apparent upon first viewing of Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby. On this week’s show, though, she went above and beyond impressing me when a stranger in public pointed out how lucky she is to be with Mario. Her retort? “Oh, he’s lucky too!” Sassy! For an actress such as Courtney, it’s probably a little tough to negotiate her husband’s obviously higher level of fame, and it’s great to see her nonetheless standing firm in her own self-worth. She recounts the incident in the scene above and also talks about the attention she receives by virtue of her association with Mario. “I don’t like that type of attention, but I also feel like I didn’t earn it,” she says. That is some humility right there. Of course, sometimes people can turn displays of modesty into public spectacle (not to point any fingers but…), but Courtney seems completely sincere. And even if the alternative were true and she were somehow being disingenuous here, it only goes to show how great of an actress she is.

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