Celebrity Rehab 4: Catch A Special, Online Sneak Peak Of The First Episode On Nov. 26


Celebrity Rehab 4 is almost here! The show is set to premiere on-air on Wednesday, December 1 at 10 p.m., but we’re going to give you a sneak peak of the show’s first episode here on VH1.com next Friday, November 26. Yes, that’s right, as you’re recovering from next Thursday’s tryptophan-induced food coma on your couch, you can fire up your computer and watch the likes of Eric Roberts, Janice Dickinson, Rachel Uchitel and Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis quarrel even more than you did at Thanksgiving dinner the previous night with your uppity Great Aunt Bertha. Here’s a press release about the show and this special online sneak that just hit the wires…

Dr Drew’s hit VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew checks back into rehab for a fourth season. The series, consisting of nine one-hour episodes, is slated to premiere December 1 at 10PM*.

Season four of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew will follow the real-life experiences of eight diverse celebrity patients undergoing an intensive 21-day detoxification and treatment program at the Pasadena Recovery Center. As they each struggle with their own demons in their quest to get well they must also do this amongst some other very strong personalities who create more hurdles for each other than a helping hand. The cast, many who have been recent tabloid fodder even while they were in rehab includes: Eric Roberts (The Expendables), Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven), Rachel Uchitel (Infamous Party Planner), Janice Dickinson (The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Leif Garrett (Musician), Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s Mother), Jason Wahler (The Hills) and Jason Davis (Socialite).

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Returning to the show to help Dr. Drew are drug counselor Bob Forrest and resident technician Shelly Sprague who have each spent years on both sides of the rehab fence. Dr. Drew is also bringing in some additional prominent physicians to help him give the patients supplementary one-on-one care.

Dr. Drew is a highly respected practicing MD, board certified in internal and addiction medicine who will once again give viewers an unflinching look at exactly how the rehab process works and what it feels like for participants. Dr. Drew hopes to use his celebrity patients to humanize the process and show viewers that treatment is a viable way to break the cycle of addiction.

While most people know Dr. Drew as the host of the syndicated radio show Loveline and the MTV show of the same name, Dr. Drew is a medical doctor on staff at Huntington Hospital and assistant clinical professor of KECK USC School of Medicine. His book, Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again (Harper-Collins,) is all about what treating addicts is like from a caretaker’s perspective. Dr. Drew co-authored the first academic study on celebrities and narcissism. The study was published in the Journal of Research in Personality (Elsevier) in September 2006, and is the first systematic, empirical scholarly study of celebrity personality. Additionally, he is a New York Times best selling author with his work The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America (Harper Collins). Dr. Drew can also be seen as host of VH1’s Sober House and Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew along with MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant, Life After Labor.

Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the season’s first episode on VH1.com on Friday, November 26. Subsequent episodes will be available on VH1.com the morning after they air. Additional video content from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew including show extras and highlight clips from each episode will be available on VH1.com and on VH1 Mobile throughout the season.

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is executive produced by John Irwin and Damian Sullivan for Irwin Entertainment. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Howard Lapides and Joel Rodgers are also executive producing. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, and Noah Pollack are executive producers for VH1.

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  1. Brittney Cavallari says:

    You mean they finally found enough celebrities to do this show? If you even want to call these people celebrities.

  2. Mark G says:

    I would like to see this season.I wanna get myself turned on by Janice Dickerson.She looks all kind of sexy.

  3. Lisa Wester says:

    Half of these people are B-listers the other half are not even that,never mind celebrities.You should change the title to Rehab,skip the celebrity part.

  4. 1GreenEyes4U says:

    Why is Frankie on the show? She is not a celebrity she is nothing but an attention seeking embarrassment who wound up on television.

  5. Tess says:

    I am totally amazed that some one as abusive as Jason was continually allowed to abuse Janice. Unless you are only showing selected cuts of this show I believe this is professionally irresponsible!!!! and you know it Dr. Drew. Is it all for drama??????How disgusting.

  6. katieb says:

    Eric Roberts, really? Is this his last ditch effort for someone to hire him? He says he is a pot head what a joke this is all for publicity.

  7. Kristine B says:

    I turned on this show for the 1st time last night while I was flipping through the stations. I was so sad for Janic Dickenson and Leif, all of them actually. What a sad place to be at their age and what a horrible tragic beginning most of them suffered. Janic and Leif have been suffering all of their lives! Does anyone want real healing? Obviously rehab does not work for everyone as it still leaves them still empty inside and broken. What about real healing from Jesus; does anyone want to Jesus Christ? I personnally know MANY young people who are being healed from horrible things that were done to them as children and young adaults. There are so many testimonies you can watch on youtube if you look up “Student Awakening IHOP” International House of Prayer Kansas City. God is so wanting to heal what is happening to His people. Please Hollywood find out what a treasure you are to Him and how you can be healed and be a testimony to other hurting and broken people; a testimony of a REAL God. I am praying for Janic and Leif and all of them. What a happy ending for them to find REAL restoration. It is possible

  8. Bunch Fan says:

    You should get Vin Broccoli on this show. Ratings would be the highest ever.

  9. PATTIE says:

    JANICE. you can do this, DON’T GIVE UP. we are rooting for you. YOUR CHILDREN NEED YOU . AND YOU NEED THEM.

  10. Mad says:


    Please hang in there. Just take one day at a time. You know the rules. I believe in you. I think of life as a poker game, you’re given a hand and it’s how you play it out. Be strong.


  11. chellebell says:


  12. Cindy says:

    OMG…I just finished watching Episode 1 and 2 and my only thoughts are when is Jason Davis going to die? I knew his brother was an asshole, but I see it is something that runs in the family. Who in the hell raised you dude? Eeeewwww what a gross human being you are. Thank God you are as wealthy as you are, you really have nothing…and I mean nothing to offer this world as you currently are.

  13. robert k says:

    anybody wanna guess how long it will take me to find the damn message board?

  14. Candy Ortega says:

    I have wondered for years what happened to Eric Roberts. He has been my favorite actor forever. I know his sister gets all the credit, but he is so much more the better actor. I have loved everything he has done. Keep hanging in there Eric, you can do it, you are so good and a pleasure to watch. Rehab must be difficult and to do this on camera, darlin is your best role to date. The entertainment industry, as any other career will use you up if you let them, and granted they are much more into making you an addict, but with your talent and your heart….I have always seen that, you can come out of this on top. I am praying for all of you, but Eric….you have a special place in my heart…God Bless…you can do it!!!!!

  15. DMason says:

    Jason Davis your a queer you dont even deserve help. Someone should punch you in the nose way to blow all your family’s money you crack head

  16. Candy O says:

    I just read what some of the comments are. Do not listen to the creeps that come on here to hurt people. I look at all of you on Celebrity Rehab and know that I am blessed not to be in your shoes. I had alcoholic parents, an alcoholic brother and a brother who is a heroin addict. I have no clue how I remained sober, but it is a horrible way to live, and I commend you all for your bravery….even smartassed rich boy. Eventually dear you will realize that treating people like you do, gets you nowhere, and only makes you lonlier than you are. I hope you realize it sooner than later. You are probably so lonely you are an addict to kill that pain. That is so sad. You could probably be a really sweet guy. I grew up wealthy….nothing like any of you….but I know money never buys what we all need…real acceptance, love, and hope. All of you…hang in there….it will get better….this IS your life….do whatever you can to make the choice to be happy….it is a choice….I watched my parents choose to be miserable. It is not easy but you DO have the ability to make the right choice. OK, so you screwed a bunch of stuff up….haven’t we all…choose to change and do it right!!! You will all be in my prayers….God Bless you all!!!

  17. jack s says:

    What a pack of hopeless wonders

  18. Oinkette says:

    Rachel-I was prepared to not like you and pretty sure I didn’t want to. But after watching just a little bit of this season with you in it, I have changed my mind. Which illustrates how shallow many of us are. Misunderstanding a first immpression of anyone is common. But I can truthfully say you are worth a second chance. I hope you can see your way through this public perception problem. And I hope you can find the courage to see it through.

  19. Oinkette says:

    Hey Eric- Good to see you! Now get back to work. You have a lot to give and many people want to see more from your particular perspective. Your courage and heart have not gone unnoticed. And neither has your absence. If anyone can see you through its gonna be Dr. Drew. He’s a peach, just love his work and effort.

  20. Oinkette says:

    Janice- Hope you keep working on your program with Dr. Drew. Your story is very important and I am very glad that you have the courage to share it with everyone viewing this show.

  21. pulling for you says:

    I am really understanding jason and feel like i actually have things in commonn with him. I did not like him at first but now i am seeing were he is coming from and i am completly pulling for him. I hope he can move on from this and stay sober i think he will appreciate life so much more and see that his grandpa would want him to take care of himself. I am pulling for him and will pray for him.

  22. pulling for you says:

    I think leaf looks great and his eyes look so clear when he is sober. I can tell in this episode he is really agitated but look how healthy he looks sober compared to the first day

  23. Pat Dorty says:

    This is the worse show I’ve ever seen! Just a bunch of spoiled rich “celebrities” threatening to leave over and over. I’m amazed it’s still on the air.

  24. Susanfro says:

    it is great to see Rachel on this show. She is just a real person trying to get better! She proves the tabloids do not portray the real person in their pictures!

  25. Heather says:

    Janice Dickinson is such a drama queen on this show.

  26. JetsFan16 says:

    This Post (for the most part) to Jeremy London but to the rest of the cast, I know as most of the fans do, this not a game or a publicity stunt! I wish the people who are tryin to take you guys down&”The scabliods,”would get that it’s your lives& families they are hurting! Like your son Jeremy. We’re all capable of making wrong choices even The stars! We’re all human & should try to be more understanding of each other. Sometimes good people get mixed up & need to find a way to numb their pain. They may take the wrong path but at least they are seeking help foremotional, physical pain, or Abuse. To Jeremy London (My Griffin! PO5) I’ve missed you! You,re very talented!! Please hang in there! You do have alot of fans who didn’t forget about you! & I hope No one’s drama will affect Leif or Anyone Else’s
    chance of getting welI. That would be a shame!
    Love to All of you great Talents! Baby~you’re all Fireworks!

  27. Heather says:

    Its so sad to see Leif Garrett who I thought when I was growing up back in the day, was so hot. LOL and to look at him now. He’s nothing but a hot mess, and already wanting to leave the show. Being a Celebrity? living life on high speed, getting all the attention, cameras, Ha! just to end up in REHAB? No thanks!

  28. NANCY LEON says:

    i spent 9 months in residential and 7 mths in outpatient and 4 days into it i was still kicking meth there is no way i would be at the beach

  29. Vivian says:

    Hang in there Rachel, I think that you’re doing great to seek help. I hope all of you do well. I think that you all seem like spoiled brats when you’re on there and I could never handle dealing with that. I think Dr Drew is great and his staff handle the situations really well. I don’t know the success of all the patients but I hope that it works for all who want it.

  30. billh says:

    Rachel, Please please it is a matter of your life and death that you stay in REHAB through its successful conclusion. I am over 35 years clean and sober having entered rehab at age 26 in 1975 without a single relapse in all of these years. There were many people even some professionals within the Rehab Center who never expected me to remain sober for any period of time after leaving Rehab. You cannot empower others to define you nor to determine your recovery. Don’t you know that those who are “lynching” you in the tabloids have no investment in your recovery and are but parasites feeding off your celebrity. Please do not rent space in your head to those who would revel in your failure. Do not give them power over your life to which they are not entitled. This is your Life and Recovery, Rachel, you alone have ownership of it. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS PROGRAM.

  31. Wilt2020 says:

    I am recovering myself….everyday…from PAIN meds….have had 4 back surgeries and always in pain
    To ALL of the celebs, YOUR WORLD IS TOUGH…..I am fairly well known in my surroundings….but not by any means a celeb….it sucks to admit you could not do it by yourself…I know. But, YOU ALL HAVE SO MUCH TALENT AND STRENGTH if not you would not be on the show in the first place.You are special people with special talent. USE THAT STRENGTH to lead you to be clean.
    NEVER be afraid to ask for help…even from everyday folks like me. Those who care and have been through it, those people will help you..and be glad to have the chance. I have watched this show all 4 seasons, and I worry about the “celebs” in the previous shows….I PRAY THEY ARE CLEAN!!!
    Our love and support is with ALL OF YOU…every last one!!


  32. alwaystrusted says:

    I don’t do the fan thing because I feel celebritys are no more special than i am. I hate how people throw themselves at famous people and worry about what they are doing! who cares its no ones business. I taught my kids to never ask for an autograph from another human being i make sure they will never be obsessed with another person! With that being said Rachel Uchitel was worried about her fans accepting what she is doing I say who gives a sh$t! She is a human being who should be able to get help the same as anyone else. She is a beautiful woman and shouldnt worry about anything but getting help for herself. Don’t worry about these crazy people that can’t seperate reality from tv! Get the help that is needed and live your life!

  33. vanessa granda says:

    hey jeremy how are you. it’s been a while. remember cali man that was great. anyway just checking in. love, vanessa.

  34. tksinclair says:

    Jason, I like you very much. I see so much potential in you and I don’t know why but I can ‘feel’ and I see the real person under this facade you’ve been forced into as preservation. Come on over sometime and I’ll give you the lowdown on doing laundry, making a tuna sandwich, you know, “stuff.” I’ve been where you are and would hate to see you make the same mistakes. There’s so much out in the world for you and and I hope you see this one kind of stupid post as encouragement. You have so much to give and so much to offer. I think you’ve been used most of your life and it makes me sick but that’s sometimes what happens when you’re starving for love. You family sort of set you up. I’m sure they love you very much but they didn’t “prepare” you properly or give you the tools you needed to have a functioning, fully operational life. The good news is it’s not too late. I hope you are better. I hope you can heal. You are in my thoughts and I mean this very sincerely.

  35. Joy Lonf says:

    From the tabloids I thought you were someone one looking for their 15 minutes of fame…happily I can say you are a gracious woman and most deserving of a positive feedback from those tabloids. I’ve never written a post before and so I hope my comment to you is of a small help to your recovery. God Bless.

  36. Joy LONG says:

    Oi! Name spelled wrong and that message was for Rachel.

  37. Jean Moore says:

    hope all is well but this is for

    Janice and Jason Davis

    I have hope all are doing well. I want Janet to know I love her just the way she is and that’s with all the issues that came or comes along with her. I would take her in and protect her from whatever bothers her. Its everyone else honey that have the problems. (LOL)You are working with the tools you had wrong or right you used what you had. She has not or is rarely been recognized for all her efforts. Love Ya Janice! As for Jason Davis, he needs to come to my “real Life” rehab and only be responsible for his medical and I will and could use the challenge around my house and he can learn what real life is like and like it. I have many things that I need a man’s hand with but don’t have. Not your money just someone to help move a TV hold a board while I nail it I can teach you things like that. . Someone else I can teach life lessons as I did my daughter-who is in her last year if medical school and has the become so independent she still gives me credit but also forgets to call. So Come on down to Ky. I grew up with money and married money and I have walked away Happier than anyone will know. I am my dad’s worst nightmare because if that I would rather have him then everything I ever wanted. He tries now but also knows I have sat with no electricity and not ask for help run out of gas and walked caring a child and not call Jason, I will do more for you than what your money could buy. And more import ally what the people you pay You would have you own room and a mother figure that even gets the father’s day cards from my daughter. I work for a living and you would much needed here as you much need someone real and always present for you. You would only need your medical covered I work but can’t afford to the additional 560.00 monthly bill to add you to my insurance.

    Anyone and I mean anyone working for you can say ok I have a place its xxxxx amount of money but you will learn this or that and it’s not real life. You can go to a camp or place but until you walk in the realize of the a genuine home you will and should always stand back and say what is the cost of this , who will benefit the most me or the place they placed me. Here you will go unnoticed unless you spill the beans, because my family and friends will think I have a new friend that is in need of a place to stay and I won’t write a book I can barely write this email. I will only smile after you leave (if you ever do-lol) and you will when you know what is real and what isn’t and who is real and who isn’t. I am offering you this because while watching rehab and what you said about your family. And I have always heard from many people I know and that know me is that I am as real as it gets and I also say up front I many not have money to offer but I can offer things that money can’t buy and that’s honesty and real and true life things their own parents still lie to them about. If I have a nickel we all have a nickel and that’s the way we (my daughter) live and what so many appreciate… Maybe you can teach me how to turn what I will be getting in the future into this big fortune (that I don’t think it is going to be as much as I have been led to believe…..see money makes a family lie cheat and steal from each other. Some family won’t speak too others because they have more money or whatever I am sure you know all the money stories you care to hear. Means nothing here if you would like to come give us a real life try. It would be like MTV’S strictest Parents. Your one or two outings would be to Kneenland and there you would be on our budget, and when you are feel ready , need to escape , do runaway there is the KY DERBY IN MAY. Then you can spend to your hearts delight and I will put my money on you that you may even think about what you bet. Love to converser email or by phone. I am not a crazy person to put on the watch list just someone that really thinks the help you may now need is what money can’t buy.

  38. jean moore says:


  39. Robin Marquardt says:

    Dear Jason Davis,
    I relate to your situation, on a smaller level.

    Listen to me, and you will thank me someday, which you can follow my instructions below.

    1) Join Tae Kwon Do; very finesse martial art & cardio.
    2) Say only positive things, like: “God, please give me the strength to be positive and strong.
    3) Learn to figuratively kill negative thoughts.
    4) Get off drugs; I quit cold turkey after 23 years drug addiction battle, trying to escape embarrassing situations when I was younger.
    5) Do 25 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, 2 squats, and 1 hand stand 3 to 5 days per week.
    6) Serve others in the name of whatever higher power you choose to believe in.
    7)Watch CNBC; positive business discussions.

    If this helps you get off the track of lazy weakness, feel free to thank me by visiting my construction company website, and look at the INVESTOR link.

    Good luck with better physical & mental health.
    Robin Marquardt
    Roma Construction Company

  40. Sue says:

    I think this is a great show, celebrity or not its a serious illness. Its good to see the real side of this business- it isn’t always pretty and one should never say this would never happen to them.

    What is horrible are all the “bad” being said about the cast. Show support for the them – this is a real battle for them for so many reasons. And this show is showing the real side of abuse.

    I personally commend every member of this cast for trying to find sobriety and to find themselves. I wish each one of them much success and I would say to each one..don’t listen to what people that do not know you are saying. Hold on to Your true Faith, true Family and true friends…find out what the word “true” mean’s to each of you. And remember – you are never alone in your battle. God Bless! Dr Drew and staff – keep doing what your doing!!

  41. Captain says:

    I can’t believe Shelly Sprague is still allowed to be a part of this. I wouldn’t make it past the first day. She’s so damn cold and condescending. I can not fathom how Dr. Drew thinks she’s helpful in any way. Still needs intense therapy, herself. I hate every second of her.

  42. THESVELTE says:


  43. Dymond says:

    What kind of racist mess is this? I know Frankie can be loud and a little irritating to people, but darn! I’ve heard Frankie take up for people on the show and I see nothing but all the white men(with the exception of Eric Roberts). Could someone please intervene!

  44. Jen says:

    I just finished watching the new episode of Celebrity Rehab 4. I have to say, I have been in and out of this show since it has first aired. Tonight completely changed the way I look at this show. I believe the breakdown of Frankie Lyons and the follow up with Dr. Drew was intensely profound. Her realization of her feelings and reaction to her feelings touched me to the core. It really brought to light what great work is being done here and perhaps someone watching will be tempted to deal with their addictions because of this show. Thank you for this awesome service!

  45. debra bergert says:

    Have watched your show since the begining Dr Drew. For some reason really felt Eric Roberts break thru, truly felt pain for him. He always plays these tough guys in movies, perhaps to hide his pain inside huh? Want you to know Eric that this is one fan that is pulling for you man and wish you could find some happiness. We all have pain and agony in our lives, people all over the world,, rich and more people that are poor ya know, so try to find a happy center for yourself, get rid of the devil and ask God for help. He is always there for us. Faith is a strong feeling and you will feel a higher feeling of worth withh it in your heart. I will pray for you, pray for yourself Eric. God loves us all. :)

  46. Lady Jane says:

    I believe I have seen Leif on other Rehab Shows. This seems to have become his career. Gee, I wonder if he has thick hair under his head scarfs. Maybe if he showed himself for who he is he would not need so many drugs to hide from himself. A wash-up and I don’t think Rehab Reality Shows owe him any additional exposure.

  47. Lady Jane says:

    Janice, no matter how much surgery will always be a witch. She is evil, vicious, nasty and hateful. Thank God she is so miserable – she deserves it. When she hosted her “Super Model” TV shows, she was as nasty to her models and agents as she is to everyone at Celebrity Rehab.Is is a washed up old lady with too much plastic surgery. She looks worse every time I see her. When I see her, I want to get high to avoid her. She is so vain and selfish yet is a mess. I am sure her son soon will be on this show.

  48. Lady Jane says:

    I hope Eric’s sister Julia gives him an allowance – otherwise I can’t imagine him having a job.

  49. Lady Jane says:

    Jeremy – Now exactly who are (were) you? You look a little familiar but much fatter. Accept your show biz career is over, stop doing drugs and get a normal job. I hope Dr Drew is echoing my sentiments!

  50. Erin says:

    VH1 needs to update their blogs more! This is pathetic. Anyway, I’m appalled by that Jason Davis! He acts like a 12 year old…and an evil, slovenly one at that! I’ve been blown away by the scenes of him attacking Janice Dickinson (who of course is no angel), and the incident where he threw the lighter in the bushes!! What a horribly immature, vile, unproductive person. Being wealthy did him absolutely no favors. He needs a hard fall off that high horse.

  51. NotmyPlas2say says:

    Jason, you really could be on the treadmill rather than lighting up smoke after smoke. Janice, listening to others as they have ended up in rehab. for multiple reasons, may increase your awareness in others’ vulnerability. Frankie, behaving like a parent is harder for some adults, your reactions to each and every comment shows you haven’t acted like a parent to your daughter. Lief, we all got stories to tell, I want you to be stronger. You have it in you.

  52. Phil Punter says:

    I’d like to direct this comment to one of the courageous persons I’ve had the pleasure to call one of my favorite actors, Mr. Eric Roberts. You sir, have great courage to not only face your powerlessness and confront your addiction head on, but to allow the public to view the process while you undergo this monumental task. I shed tears with you as you did a one-on-one with Dr Drew and felt your “humaness” through the medium (tv). I have demons of my own that I battle day to day. It’s unfortunate for us who have been exposed to this lifestyle, and I wish I had the option of getting Dr. Drews’ method of maintaining sobriety with you. But I’m not a celebrity, just merely human and this society has a way of letting you know “your place in life”. Mr. Roberts I’ve been viewing your work for quite some time and due to your honesty and bravery regarding your private battles, of which YOU did not need or have to do regardless of what the public posts in the news, I will make it a point to exalt your work even more. I love you for your openess and fearlessness of showing us YOU ARE HUMAN. I enjoyed your performance in the “Best of the Best” and “The Expendables” immensely.

  53. jennell alexander says:


  54. esther l. says:

    i think jason davis needs a daily massage, it would help him greatly. it helped bob hope, he was almost 100yrs. before he died. massage is healthy n relaxing

  55. Phil Punter says:

    This comment is directed to the ex-supermodel Ms. Janice Dickinson, I believe her name is. I honestly don’t remember cause I am not impressed with individuals who pride themselves on their beauty and others lack thereof. Which is pertinent in this case with the “ex-model” who appears to dispel the fact that its no longer about her. I constantly hear from Janice about “her” and “him” and “they” when it comes to complaints, but she scarcely says “I” especially in reference to her addiction and her sobriety attitude and behavior. I don’t know if she is aware of the “I” program and keeping the focus on “you”, and not on others that you rely on as your support group. She really irked me when Shelly conducted the morning group about “powerlessness” and “la Model” had the gaul to point out “Rachels” inability to come to terms with the 1st step. As if SHE has already. Then Janice went on to keep addressing, after Shelly’s statements, whether Rachel understood this concept and that, as if SHE was on point with her issues. In summary, what is needed of the attention hungry past dated model is to confront HER issues and come to terms with what motivates her addictive behavior. You can stop “using” and still be an “active addict”. If your attitude and behavior persists as it did when you were using, … where’s the CHANGE. And some words for ALL OF YOU. “GOD GRANT ME THE S E R E N I T Y TO A C C E P T THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE, (WHAT PEOPLE SAY, THINK, DO OR DON’T DO)… C O U R A G E TO CHANGE THE THINGS THAT I CAN (YOUR REACTION TO THE ACTION, MEANING: MAKE IT POSITIVE OR NON-ACTIVE), … AND THE W I S D O M TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. KEEP THIS AS YOUR MANTRA AND YOU JUST MIGHT MAKE IT TO GRADUATION. WE’LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS BEYOND THAT POINT WHEN WE GET THERE.

  56. Wendy Keith says:

    Jeremy, We are all praying for you we have faith you will have a full recovery. You have many people that are proud of you! We are sending you love! From your biggest fans in Hooker OK!!!

  57. Christiane says:

    It kind of makes me sad all of the comments that are negative about people on the show this isn’t a popularity contest these are addicts, there are issues that made them that way to try and self medicate de-toxing isn’t pretty it’s real and raw so to make nasty comments like we are in high school is rather ignorant. Sometimes people find pleasure in another persons pain so they don’t have to deal with their own issues it puts the other person in the spotlight or in this case the drama seat…compassion goes a long way but for addicts that isn’t always an issue they can deal with or handle it’s easy to get on a negative bandwagon it’s called re-hab for a reason.

  58. Nikki says:

    Hi i just have a question for jason…i saw on one of the episodes your legs..my boyfriend has the same exact thing and no doctors knows what it is, i saw you are diabetic and he is too..i just wanted to see if you knew what it was called or if its just something from the diabeties i can say that when he was younger he didnt take care of himself..could it be that

  59. Toni Spain says:

    Shelly is clearly aneorexic and Dr. Drew and other
    Staff appear blind to her conditon.

  60. chuck49 says:

    What a joke. These people aren’t dealing with their addictions as long as they are sucking on those disgusting, highly addictive cigarettes.

  61. Yasmeen says:

    Dr. Drew,

    I was really moved by the reunion of Eric and his stepson. Eric is such a awesome artist. ( I have a crush on him) He is so totally handsome and understated. I am especially following his progress…he deserves to be well and live a full life. His son is so handsome and willing to have a relationship with his dad. I was so happy that Eric is surrounded by the love of his family. I wish him well. He may never have the recognition from his peers in hollywood but the important people in his immediate family are true fans of him and his professional accomplishments. Y. Abdullah

  62. tina says:

    I typically dont feel sorrow for celebrities. I see people everyday with troubles. They have been abused and been through more trauma than any celebrity out there. But I see Janice Dickenson and I have watched her modeling shows and I feel so sad for her. I think she is an amazing woman and I am gonna pray for her. I pray she comes out out her addictions and is stronger than she ever thought she could be. I think she can be a great role model for women all over. I want her to know that she should feel no shame as a mom. She is very courageous for going in public and accepting and feeling remorse for what she has done. I wish my mom could do that. Maybe some pain i have gone through and battle daily would go away. Hang in there Janice!!

  63. Susie Six says:

    After every episode it says go to VH1 and talk to the clients. HOW? I really want to chat with Jason because I knew has grandparents. I was a secretary for Martin Freeman who was Marvin Davis’ best friend. I work with Barbara Davis in Denver when the carousel ball started there. I want they guy to know that I think he’s funny, bratty, a is so very special. I’m addict too, in recovery but it is a rough road and I was hoping to be a support to him because he would know I’m serious and not out to be anything but a supportive friend. (Since he’s still so superficial, I may be in my forties but I look damn good, but I work one day at a time remaining sober. Could someone pass this message to Jason Davis for me?

  64. Shannon says:

    I love Leif Garrett. I am pulling for him so hard. I wish I knew him personally so I could be there for him. Stay strong Leif, stay strong. I believe in you!!

  65. tracey says:


  66. colleen says:

    i am so sad that leif has let this get so bad, i remember growing up with him…………he has so much to give to us, i myself a recovering alcoholic, wanted my father to see me clean, at least once before he died, i was sober for 3 months, when i lost him……drinking now would only be a slap in his face………….its what keeps me sober.

  67. joe loomis says:

    hi my name is joe loomis i just want to say i know what your going threw ilost my son 2 years ago to drugs i dont drink or do drugs but i been arouned people who do it is sad i been playing music for 35 years and seen alot but when my son past away it killed me inside i wish he was here with me i miss him so much. you guys are doing great docter drew is great man i wish i could come on there and talk to them people and show them pictures of my son what drugs did to him well hang in there .

  68. Wade says:

    I have always wondered how effective a public rehabilitation program could be?

    doesn’t seem to work with my beliefs that for sure. Addiction treatment should be a private affair. If someone wants to talk about it after they are clean, thats great and could potentially help others not go down the same path. But really how open is someone going to be in a counseling session when they know that they are being recorded?

    Alcohol Rehab

  69. Curt says:

    I am an avid watcher of Celebrity Rehab as it is something that I have dealt with in my personal life. Most of the time that I have been in rehab there has been a certain comradery between the clients that I do not see on the show. It seems to me that this Jason Davis(whoever he is) is a chubby little child with a terrible personality that brings out the worst in all of everyone. I know that Janice DIckinson is a diva but she is totally not used to not having her way and people need to take that into consdieration when dealing with her. I personally love her because she doesn’t take anyone’s BS. This Frankie persona isn’t even a celebrity and she has a bad attitude to begin with. I wish you the best Dr. Drew because as you said this group has been extremely difficult for you and I am a fan of yours as well. I am going to school to be a counselor in drug abuse addictioin as it is a road that I have been down an eventually becoming an addictionologist. I know that it is going to take a lot of work but it is something that I am passionate about and I believe that to be an important part of choosing one’s career. I mean after all a person has to love what they do or it becomes a mundane job that you eventually don’t wan’t to go to. Anyway just wanted to put my two cents in and I wish everyone there at the Pasadena Recovery Center the best of luck. Patients and staff alike. You are the man Dr. Drew. I hope to have the same degree you have one of these days

  70. Jane Cronin says:

    Janice Dickinson has obviously been betrayed and abused at the deepest level a soul
    can be betrayed. I pray that she will find the space within herself to allow for the
    development of a true compassion for herself. She’s bright, beautiful and extremely
    talented. However, the world she has been connected to with her history of abuse
    has compounded her difficulties and has overshadowed her ability to trust. When she’s
    ready to surrender to her higher power, only then will her transformation and healing
    begin. She’s courageous beyond most and to allow the world to see her wounds speaks
    volumes of her sincere heart to want to get well. It’s only with a sincere heart that one
    can approach true healing of emotions and I believe that all things are possible to
    them that believeth. Sincerely, Jane

  71. felon says:

    you got a lot of direction

  72. phil says:

    you need to quit acting like a child towards people on the show, if it was me on their id put you in your place and thats TKO’d pal, you need to grow up and quit acting like a child, your a grown man, do what grown men do, act mature k

  73. Sarah S. says:

    I can’t stand this season of celebrity rehab. As a recovering addict I feel that the show and Dr Drew reinforce the deadliness of addiction. But with all of the bickering this season, especially Janice, it is extremely hard to focus on recovery. Despite it’s positive message I am afraid that I can no longer watch this show.

  74. ceecee says:

    This season seemed extremely short compared to the others. I’m pulling for everyone to take recovery serious and for their opportunity to live healthier and happier lives. And for Jason Davis, I’m hoping he changed his playmates and his playground to give his life a chance. Good luck and blessings to everyone. Keep up the good work, and thanks to Dr. Drew, VH1, and the important members of the staff @ the treatment center.

  75. Melissa Jenkins says:

    I watched 2 episodes of the show for the first time. AS a retired Social worker with 22 years sober, I can honestly say that I am stunned. I have never seen a more ineffective treatment program-particularly with this group of patients. Staff is split; lack of consequences including immediate discharge make it unsafe for those in the group who want to get real and to get sober. Dr. Pinsky, right now, you are the biggest co-dependant and enabler. This group is getting what it is paying for-which is nothing. How special!! I used to be special too but in 22 years I have weathered much, despite my celebrity, I have never needed to hand in a bar. Last year my mother died and one month later I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer-I am still sober. it works if ya work it and it is a WE program. Get rid of the trust fund sociopath, Lief (he knows what is going on) and the black chick (BPD and staff splitter). Yes, they will likely die, but give the gift of life to the others. That is your responsibility. Best of luck! or make it happen!

  76. islandgal1988 says:

    I just watched my first two episodes of Celebrity rehab. it is clear that when money talks, appropriate clinical assement, treatment planning and clear referral WALK!! Good LUCK-you all will need it-or ANOTHER RELAPSE or two if you live that long! BTW, this comes from a wealthy (but not longer special) 22 year sober retired social worker and former media star! I quit my job in the media spotlight for a better life without drugs and alcohol!

  77. ShortnSaszy says:

    I have read that Eric Roberts is going to be on E! discussing Kate Gosselin. How is this going to be a productive part in his rehab, trashing a mother of 8. This man should not be allowed to do this show while in rehab. He should clean up his own life before trying to tell someone else how to do theirs. I have no respect for him at all.

  78. Anastasia says:

    Dear Dr. Drew
    I am writing because honestly Shelly’s lack of compassion and her hard nose superiority complex is detrimental to your clients… watching her say f*** you f*** you f*** you behind a closed door because her abrasive manner with Frankie disgusts me. Frankie may have her reservations by not deleting the numbers from her phone but she was correct in saying that just because Shelly has 14 years clean and Frankie has 18 days makes her any less capable of relapsing is crap. My sponsor who had 18 years clean not only relapsed but is dead as a result. My other sponsor has 3 years less clean time than I do today.
    Shelly needs to check herself. Her attitude stinks. If she is tired of working with addicts GET ANOTHER JOB!!!

    I have lived in a recovery house 1 year the first time after detox then at 3 and a half years relapsed for 5 months before returning to the same recovery house for 10 months. My story is just as ugly as everyone else’s..started with pot…graduated to cocaine with mda, mushrooms lsd etc. At 40 triggered by my mother’s death I became a heroin and crack addict. I spent my 42nd and 43rd birthdays in prison. Up until the age of 41 I never had a criminal record and went from 0 to 53 charges. I distroyed my life, my daughter’s life and my family endured the humiliation of my face on crime stoppers amonst other things (my thieving lying etc.)

    I worked in a mens recovery house, I have worked in a womans recovery house. When I was no longer able to deal with the constant needs of the addicts in my care I stopped working with addicts. In the last 10 years in and out of recovery I have lost at least 10 friends to the disease.

    Shelly disturbs me. She really needs to check herself. I have 4 years clean (I should have 8 but I relapsed for 5 months watching my father die) Does Shelly thing she is any safer in her 14 years of recovery than I am in my 4 or how about is she better than my dead first sponsor who had 18 years?? NOT!! Her attitude towards wanting to kick Leif out was another show of her inability to show compassion and or empathy for the addict or for the disease. She makes me sick. Sorry I think the work you do is amazing. Your results speak for themselves. I find the celebrities that come on your show extremely brave for going public with their disease and the raw feelings that come in early recovery.
    I would be lying if I said the thought of using have completely left my head. There was a time I could not watch your show without being triggered, but today I can watch, I can empathize with the disease and I am grateful each and everyday for something…especially not using.

    Please consider removing Shelly. If I was in treatment with a holier than thou counselor I don’t think I would be clean today. Shelly makes you want to use. As far as removing those numbers from your cell….well I kept that reservation for quite some time. I deleted the numbers when I was ready. I knew it was a reservation, I was taught that. But I believe like Frankie said..the numbers won’t get her loaded… if she wants to get high nothing will stop her from getting new numbers. I had numbers in my head I thought I would never ever forget because I called them so often each day for years. But even those numbers get erased from your mind …when you are ready. Just like your cell phone.

    Get rid of Shelly. She even disgusted me when Jason needed to have his arm tended to and her unprofessional grimacing and drama of having to lie down after tells me she needs to leave the show. Where is her empathy? If she can’t handle the heat without her controlling attitude she should not be there. Even walking out on group sessions because Rachel challenges her or Eric. Having 14 years clean does not give her a degree or make her any better that anyone else. You know who has the most clean time? It is who ever woke up first this morning

  79. paige says:

    i would just like to give a shout out to all the recovering addicts on the show.. it takes alot of courage, strength, to really overcome the thing that has taken over your body. i give props to all of you on the show. the whole time i was watching tonight i really wanted to just shout and hope that’d they’d hear me especially jason davis that we love you! we are here on the other side cheering for you and waiting for you to come to the greener grass. you are loved and we do care, all of us all around the world has a spot in our hearts filled for you.

  80. tami from seattle washington says:

    Mr Jason Davis,

    I understand and relate completely about the need to be nurtured, but in my experiance as nice as it is to be nurtured, it is even nicer to be the nurturer.

    God Bless


  81. Renee says:

    Celebrity Rehab is a good thing! I believe it is succeeding for the talented & bright light individuals who so graciously share it.
    Today the reason I watched the live show was to see is Leif Garrett,had made it this far on to the stage??My heart went out to him.I have my own glimpse of what the mind and other fragmented pieces can to ones living breath even,glad to see him sitting there. He must get insight to how much support he has,even if it is not seen. Power of more is strong!
    Thanks Dr. Drew for how you take care of your clients and all others that have been on the program you are all wonderful and thank you for who you are.

  82. PEGSTER P. says:


  83. Clean Is Good says:

    I agree with Anastacia that Shelly is ineffective as a counselor and needs to go. Her tactics and “techniques” are counterproductive. She plays right into the dramas of the residents. She is like a big whining baby. How is that helpful to the recovering addict? We need to see more of Loesha, who actually has boundaries and a much better sense of self than Shelly, making her much more effective. Shelly may have 14 years clean, but she has the maturity of an 8 year old. What was up with her “passing out” when taking care of Jason? Why does Drew let her get away with bad mouthing and goading the residents? She is the weak link in the team. Frankie hit a nerve when she called her out about their difference of opinion about deleting phone contacts, and actually, if you listen to what Frankie was saying, she was right. Shelly lacks empathy, is clearly burned out, always looks exhausted, and seems to be wasting away physically. She seems unwell on many levels. I was surprised to read that Bob Forrest would team up with her to start their own counseling center. He seems so much more grounded than her. Shelly needs a permanent vacation. Just sayin’